How to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Offspring Season 7; Episode 9

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (season 7; episode 9)

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Love it or hate it, Nina’s new wardrobe silhouette is here to stay. Yes, she’ll throw in a jeans and flowy, boho top combo to satisfy the diehard Nina style fans among us but her new signature look continues to dominate.

That look – midi skirt or culotte with a fitted top, often a knit, a small neck scarf tied and suede high-ankle boots, is one that she feels quite at home with.

I think, symbolically, it’s Nina growing up a little. It was the wardrobe step-up that she hoped would be matched by a promotion at St Francis.

More on the plot below but first let’s recreate the first Nina Proudman look from last night. This was Nina’s Season 7  signature style to a tee.

It’s not a look that everyone will feel they can try, let alone pull off, but respect to those who can.

I think a tall person with a long torso is perfectly suited to the proportions in these outfits. For the rest of us, it’s all about looking at one or two elements in the outfit and taking those to style in our own way.

One thing we can agree upon is Nina’s jewellery collection. This season has blown me away in the number of gorgeous and mostly accessible pieces that Nina wears. Scroll on down to see how one Styling You reader could win a prize pack of three of Nina’s faves from Linda Tahija Jewellery.

{The earrings below are by Fairley but aresold out}

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Offspring Season 7; Episode 9

1. Najo studs $59 @ Birdsnest | 2. Gregory Ladner scarf @ David Jones$27.96 | 3. Nicole Fendel cuff @ Birdsnest $119 | 4. Country Road belt $69.95 | 5. Django & Juliette boots @ Styletread $199.95 | 6. ASOS mid skirt $76 | 7. Katies knit $49.95

Offspring Season 7; Episode 9

Top (not current) is Isabel Marant – black colourway here | Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans 

Nina trotted out a top from Episode 5. I do love that she does that. It’s something that we’ve seen in Nina and Billie since the beginning – like real life, they’re up for re-wearing old favourites. 

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Leave it to the Offspring writers to make us laugh as much as they made us cry this week. Billie’s dramatic romantic revenge had me laughing out loud, belting out Total Eclipse of the Heart and strongly resisting the urge to break into an interpretive dance routine not seen since Blue Light discos in the ’80s. We’ll just leave this Facebook video right here, shall we …  

Billie wasn’t the only one dishing out romantic gestures. Will the consummate planner spontaneously booked a trip to Fiji for him and Kerry. AND they got married while they were there. Oh and don’t tell me you didn’t find something in your eye when Zara walked in from her first day back at med school to Jimmy welcoming her back with a banner and light show that would have made Chevy Chase proud.

What should have provided some romantic moments for Nina, didn’t.

She found out her “mentor/professional crush” had been appointed to the position she thought she had in the bag.

Nina also came on the receiving end of a dirty tricks campaign being waged by Harry’s sister and ex-girlfriend (“they make me feel so temporary). I would have lashed out too, Nina. And I can’t say I would have handled it as controlled as you did.

As for dealing with Harry’s parents. Ain’t nobody got time for that rudeness. Even the dastardly Phil D’Arabon doesn’t sink that low.

But are you really leaving St Francis, Nina? Where does the show go if you’re not delivering babies?

I’m not sure we’ll get the answers next week – it looks as if it’s the last episode of the season. Tell me what you hope will happen?

WIN Nina’s Linda Tahija jewellery

Styling You has teamed up with Linda Tahija to celebrate all things fabulous about Nina’s wardrobe and one very lucky Styling You reader will win these three Linda Tahija jewellery pieces for her own wardrobe.

Win Linda Tajiha Jewellery as seen on Nina Proudman, Offspring Season 7

1. Linda Tahija Seventh Star earrings $129 | 2. Linda Tahija Protector Amulets necklace $189 | 3. Linda Tahija Eclipse necklace $169

To enter:

  1. Head over to Linda Tahija, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and sign up for Linda’s email alerts
  2. Leave a comment below, answering this question: how would you style these jewellery pieces and make them your own (with or without a little Nina inspiration)? You’re welcome to add a photo to your comment.

Entries open Thursday, August 24 at 5am (AEST) and close Tuesday, August 29, at 5pm (AEST). Australian only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. All photos included in the entries below may be used in future blog or social media posts. If you do not want your photo to be used elsewhere, please email [email protected]. The total prize value is $487 + postage. Full terms and conditions here.

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Comments 52

  1. I’m all about simple Sunday style, no matter what day of the week it is.

    Linda Tahija jewellery is ridiculously beautiful in it’s simplicity, so I I would wear either the earrings OR the necklaces with jeans and a soft white / pastel shirt for a tousled weekend look.

    To complete the look – simple brown heels, a brown weathered leather hobo bag, tortoiseshell sunglasses, a messy bun, bronzed cheeks and a natural lip colour.

    And a smile.

    (Not sure I would pull this off as well as Nina, but I’d be feeling awesome!)

  2. I’m all about simple Sunday style, no matter what day of the week it is.

    Linda Tahija jewellery is ridiculously beautiful in it’s simplicity, so I I would wear either the earrings OR the necklaces with jeans and a soft white / pastel shirt for a tousled weekend look.

    To complete the look – simple brown heels, a brown weathered leather hobo bag, tortoiseshell sunglasses, a messy bun, bronzed cheeks and a natural lip colour.

    And a smile.

  3. I would keep my clothing simple, allow the stunning jewels to take centre stage – a classic white silk cami or cotton boho blouse would be ideal… hair should be relaxed too – soft beach waves or a messy bun… and fresh faced is key – wearing very little makeup, with a natural, dewy complexion…
    Nina is the perfect modern Mum style icon for me – nailing the boho-chic styling to a tee…Winning these gorgeous Nina-esque jewels would be a dream come true!

  4. I believe that investment pieces never date.Navy pants, black flats and a white shirt show off the accessories, your clothes should be the background to your picture and the frame your accessories.

  5. I’m a dark jeans and white top kinda chick,
    And with a statement piece it’d go fantastic!
    Even paired with a little black dress,
    I’m sure to impress!

  6. These necklaces and earrings are perfect simple statement pieces! I would wear them with a basic white tee and distressed jeans and a pear of tan espadrilles. If its cool I would throw a mint leather jacket over the top. Linda Tahija jewellery would be the perfect way to uplift my current wardrobe and still make use of the pieces I already have!

  7. I would wear these gorgeous pieces with a simple top and a long patterned skirt and team it with a strappy handbag and flat shoes.

  8. I would style them with a cute casual outfit so the jewellery stands out more. I am thinking a white or black tee, some ripped jeans, flats and a cute jacket (not done up) and a fedora hat. Perfect look for a summers day!

  9. Each week I admire Nina’s style and I love how Linda Tahija jewellery polishes off her look! So I’d take this inspo and wear these stunning pieces every day with jeans and long winter jacket or a neutral dress finished off with a kimono. I’d want to make these pieces the focus of any outfit.

  10. I’d definitely wear the gorgeous earrings with some of my Nina inspired boho maxi dresses or skirts when going out with friends, and the necklaces I’d use to bring some elegance to my Nina inspired (in this life Nina is a primary school teacher not an obstetrician lol) work ensembles.

  11. The necklaces would be perfect to add some individuality to workday black – and the earrings to liven up my Friday evenings!

  12. Id match these with my black maxi dress, tan colorado bag and belt. The perfect amount of sparkle to finish the look!

  13. I would let the Linda Tahija jewellery speak for themselves and use my neckline as a blank canvass for these elegant pieces. Pairing them with a lovely natural tan, a high ponytail a simple off the shoulder dress to stand out from the crowd would be my go to.

  14. I love glamorous statement pieces that are still elegant like Linda’s pieces! I would style them with a classy little black dress for my upcoming birthday but also with jeans and white top like Nina for everyday wear!

  15. I would style these signature jewellery pieces with Nina inspiration; creatively part
    Amidst a kaleidoscope of harmonious expressionism felt deep at heart
    Uniting collaborations – love and beautifully intrinsic, fascinating art.
    Thank you for an opportunity to win and good luck everyone!

  16. I would wear a beautiful black strapless dress, just above the knees, wearing open toe style ankle boots. My hair would be in a single pony tail, slightly teased out, at the back and slightly messy in the front. The Linda Tahija “Seventh Star earrings” would be perfectly featured from my ears and the Linda Tahija “Protector Amulets” and “Eclipse necklace” are all the statement pieces that I need to wear to look ‘hot’ at the pub to stand out from the crowd.

  17. I would wear the Linda Tahija Protector Amulets necklace with a little black dress. Simple but would make the beautiful necklace stand out.

  18. Stormy and cold here – these pieces would add some sparkle and glamour to my winter wardrobe which is consisting of turtle necks, jeans and high heeled boots!

  19. The necklaces and earrings remind me of happiness and sunshine 🙂 I would wear them with any of my clothes to have the ambiance of happiness and brightness. They would certainly be attending special occassions!!

  20. I would style the earrings with a geometric pattern top to match the geometric pattern of the earrings. The two necklaces would be worn together over a solid colour top so they stand out. I’d go with jeans, ankle boots and a flowy cardigan, ala earlier seasons Nina style. Fab!

  21. I would style these gorgeous pieces of Linda Tahija jewellery with a pair of jeans, plain coloured tee and one of my favourite boho jackets. Nina definitely wears these so well and it is very easy to be inspired by her selective style and feel so good wearing them

  22. I would wear the earrings by themselves, with my hair up and an off the shoulder top so they are the star of the outfit. The necklaces I’d wear together over a simple higher necked tshirt to correct my necklace and add shape and balance

  23. The gorgeous jewellery would be the icing on the cake of any outfit! I would tie my hair up to truly show off the stunning earrings and necklaces….and I’d channel a bit of Nina by wearing one of my favourite boho dresses.

  24. These beautiful and stunning Linda Tahija Jewellery piece would be perfect accessories to match my favourite Swing Hem Dress and Blue Illusion and Olivia Peep Sling Espndrille shoes from Blue Illusion in this summer season. I love simplicity and effortless style. Nina Proudman’s style gives my ideas to create my personal fashion statement and solutions. I am enjoying to read Styling You blog about Nina Proudman’s style and trends.Thank you.

  25. Well I would wear these beautiful pieces layered most likely with a scarf as I’m not seen without one in the cooler weather. Pop on some denim, a lovely floaty boho top & most likely my adored Frankie4’s on my feet…perfect!

  26. I would make these pieces of jewellery the statement pieces they deserve to be. I’d wear them with a navy, white or black outfit.

  27. I would style this beautiful jewellery with everything I wear except my nurses uniform. Unfortunately I can’t get away with it at work.

  28. I’m a classic early seasons Nina; jeans, boots, and I own enough scarves to tie around the world so I would go for a nice dark denim jean, brown suede ankle boots, a tan belt and the tigerlily tambour jacket that I am currently in love with. Hair in a nice top knot and gorgeous Linda Tahija jewellery as the cherry on the delicious bohemian cake.

    My email address is [email protected]

  29. With everything. This would become my ‘signature’ jewellery the same way Nina wears a signature scarf. From white tee and jeans to a blazer and dress. Love it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. These earring would go amazingly with my new spell top and blue jeans! And those adorable necklaces would go perfect with a plain white tank and my black ripped jeans and ankle boots. Simple style and elegance. Beautiful!

  31. The beautiful earrings with a flowing summer dress and hair pulled back in a low ponytail/ messy bun. The necklaces with simple jeans (blue or black), t-shirt, waterfall jacket combination.

  32. I love the beautiful contemporary designs within the Linda Tahija collection. I would want these beautiful pieces to be the focus for my look, so I would keep my outfit nice and simple. A flowy white top, ripped skinny jeans and mink/tan boots. Simple, casual style with a touch of contemporary charm.

  33. Linda’s gorgeous peices will styled with my vintage jeans and shirt, highlighted with a touch of weetbix and possibly a little snot: styling courtesy of my two little Offsprings.

  34. Oh goodness… Linda’s jewellery is simply divine! I am lucky enough to have purchased 3 earrings from her website this year!! I wore her beautiful shield rose gold earrings to an awards night!! They must have brought me luck as I surprisingly won 3 out 3 senior netball league awards.
    Linda’s beautiful jewellery makes people as simple as me feel so special!! I can wear them with absolutely anything and they look so elegant. Whether ur love to dress up or ur just in ur favourite pair of jeans Linda creations make u feel beautiful. Good luck to all who enter. Thank u for the opportunity/chance to possibly own more of ur beautiful jewellery. Many thanks Cloe marr x

  35. I have just made my first purchase of Linda’s jewellery. Can’t wait to wear it with my boho gingham top and jeans and then pairing them later with a simple flowy LBD.

  36. Red shirt (and denham skirt) topped with multiple strands of simple and elegant amulets and eclipse necklaces. Not easy to choose, but these earrings are my pick. Timeless beauty.

  37. Linda’s jewellery is so dainty and pretty,they would fit right into my existing wardrobe with pretty bohemian tops and jeans,and being the percent accessories for my dresses for Spring and Summer.Beatiful timeless pieces.

  38. Linda’s jewellery is so versatile I would style with a simple v neck t shirt for the necklaces right through to a lovely flowing dress. My girls even wear some of Linda’s dot earrings(studs) to school with their uniforms.

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