How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (season 7; episode 8)

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Boy oh boy, talk about keep a girl guessing. For those who don’t know, I usually watch each episode in advance so I can write these posts and have them ready for you bright and early Thursday morning.

Not this week. There was a total media ban on previewing last night’s episode. Scroll on down for the debrief. No spoilers up here at the top.

What I will talk about here are some of the outfits Nina wore in this episode – without the prep time I usually have, I don’t have a “recreate the look” outfit for you. What I do have are some links to some of the beautiful jewellery pieces and as I find out more about the others, I’ll add those in.

I’d like to also congratulate Carlie Wiltshire from New South Wales. Carlie is the winner of our Primness jacket competition. Thanks to all those who entered – this sueded silk jacket is SOMETHING ELSE.

Nina wore it again last night – over this outfit.

Nina Proudman Season 7 Episode 8

Nina Proudman Offspring Season 7 Episode 8 Linda Tahija Jewellery
Fairley earrings | Linda Tahija necklace (short) | Linda Tahija necklace (long)

Nina Proudman Season 7; Episode 8 - feature bag

Oran Leather bag (contact the company direct for a stockist) | Fairley earrings

Linda Tahija earrings

Nina Proudman's Feliz Home bedding

Feliz duvet cover (I have this one and love it!)

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

That was some episode, yes? I do feel that Network Ten should have provided a warning at the beginning, though. 

As Nina said to her patient, Shanti, after telling her her baby didn’t have a heart beat: “There’s no good side to this.”

The stillbirth scene was handled beautifully – and it is a topic that SHOULD be addressed and talked about more often – but I think for parents who have lost their own children, this would have been incredibly tough to witness. There was a notice at the end of the episode about how Sands can help but I think notice should have been given upfront, giving people the chance to opt out. My thoughts, what say you?

And just like the rollercoaster of emotions that Offspring generally brings us, the downward drop was replaced by a lofty high.

You. Me. Chemist. Now | Offspring Season 7; Episode 8


That was the big secret that put a media ban on previews of the show. And here was I thinking/hoping that Darcy was coming back from the “dead” (he’s still in the opening credits #justsaying #imholdingoutforamiracle). Over on the Styling You Facebook page, the money was on Dr Chris coming back on the scene.

But there you go, we’ve got another Proudman baby on the way. What will cheeky, yoghurt-throwing Zoe have to say about that.

Meanwhile in other Offspring developments …

Cherie has been pushed into a new side career, that of an erotic fiction writer after Clegg sent off her steamy writings to a publisher. One in the Bush. Two in the Heart … coming to all good bookstores soon.

Billie runs into her ex-boyfriend, Hugh (played by Vince Colosimo). They go out to dinner and in a full-circle-of-life moment, Billie realises “the people who we were don’t exist any more”. She also realises she stuffed it with Dan and that she really likes him.

Billie Proudman Offspring Season 7

Will doesn’t let Jimmy off lightly on the party pash and a prod situation but comes around after Jimmy sticks it to Marjorie during a round-table intervention, an intervention required because Marjorie wiped out Will’s business bank account to bribe her drug suppliers.

So tell me, what was your highlight from last night’s episode? Favourite outfit?

Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten. 

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  1. Love the large silver earrings in the first photo when Nina is wearing the black and white striped shirt, do you know where these are from.

  2. Oh my goodness. I have 2 beautiful healthy daughters and I bawled my eyes out watching that. As a Mum I can’t help but think, what if that happened to me? And, how lucky am I? As always, Offspring delivers a sensitive and heartbreaking subject perfectly. Agree that a prior warning should have been forthcoming though.

  3. Look at this great article ‘That Offspring Episode’ – Rose Crane writes about how “The episode reminded me that I have a story to tell, not for my own catharsis but for the insights that are hard won out of the most painful experiences….”I want women to be given options. I want women to know that they can listen to their own timing. The individuality around what is right for each woman and family doesn’t go away because the baby has died…”‘

  4. Nikki, what was the short off white jacket Nina was wearing? The one you’ve pictured is different to the long Primness one xx

  5. As a mother who has given birth to a stillborn baby, I applaud the show last night. Was it gut wrenching? YES! Did I cry? YES! (Actually bawled for quite a while) I have always taken the view of talking about my experience to anyone and everyone and have always felt better when I talk about my child…. She did exist after all. It is a difficult subject but not one that should be hidden. I think anyone who has gone through something like that never gets over it….. you just learn to ‘get by’ and somehow move on. I think too often, all we hear about pregnancy and childbirth is the “pink, fluffy” side….. and we should hear those stories too, but not everything goes to plan… For some people they are left with nothing but heartbreak and grief. These women should not have to suffer in silence. They should be able to talk about their experience and their little angels. I imagine for a lot of people last night, they would’ve been in shock watching that episode and for a lot of people (myself included) it would’ve brought up memories and sadness. Whatever the emotions brought up….. I applaud Offspring for putting it on prime time TV.

  6. I feel I must comment! My second daughter was a 20 week miscarriage. This was three years ago. I have since gone on to have a gorgeous third, live two year old daughter (that pregnancy was racked with anxiety). I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my third child. Last night came as such a shock to me and I would be lying if it hasn’t increased my anxiety and stirred up many memories. I silent bawled for hours after and had horrible dreams. However, the whole scenario was eerily spot on and I hope it has done much more good bringing it to the mainstream than the upset it has caused me. I agree a trigger warning at the beginning would have been HIGHLY appreciated, even the flash of sands would have given me (and all parents of these babies) enough of a heads up and not ruined the story. The only thing I wish was different was that more was made of the mum not feeling her baby move. So many mums I know aren’t aware when they need to rush to the hospital. And I just couldn’t celebrate the Nina pregnancy after that gut wrenching story. On the whole, I feel like whoever is writing now is rushing storylines, recycling them and simply missing great issues we all face – juggling for mums, Zara losing herself…. it isn’t the show it once was but I’m glad of last nights story nevertheless.

  7. Agree with the warning at the start of the episode, very difficult viewing. On a lighter note, I loved Nina’s denim skirt, striped T and tan belt combo.

  8. I have a good friend who is a massive Offspring fan and she also gave birth to a stillborn baby 20 years ago. I’ve been thinking about her this morning and wondering has this episode had an impact?? I was in tears but also because I was thinking of my friend and although its been 20 years it seems like yesterday in some ways.

  9. It was a doozy, for sure! As a non-regular viewer of the show, I was all ‘whoa mama, there’s a lot going on here’!

  10. I’d love to know who made that black floral maxi skirt! I found this blog as I was craziy googling it hahah – please keep us updated if you can find it x

    1. I thought it was Spell Etienne in Noir but I’m told otherwise. Very similar anyway. Someone suggested it was tiger lily

  11. Yeah I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant. Would have been very useful to have that disclaimer at the start. Waterfalls of tears occurred.

  12. Yes it was great episode but I agree, some warning would have been good for the option to not watch. I found it upsetting even though it’s not directly an issue for our family. I can only imagine how hard it would have been if you had experienced such a thing.

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