These are the 15 2017 spring-summer trends you'll want in your wardrobe

These are the 2017 spring-summer trends you’ll want in your wardrobe

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It’s an unseasonably warm winter day here in Brisbane today. The temperature app is telling me it will be 32 degrees. That’s just crazy for August – even for Queensland.

I know the rest of the country is shivering and that you probably hate me right now but here’s the other thing we can’t control: your favourite stores are already filling up with new-season fashion offerings.

The fashion industry works in a crazy cycle that is often off kilter with the real-world seasonal situation. This doesn’t mean we have to freeze our collective butts off and dress in spring clothes just because the stores tell us so. What it means is that we can be alert to what’s new and what might fit in with our existing spring wardrobes.

I’ve listed 15 of the hottest 2017 spring-summer fashion trends below – not because I think you should slavishly follow each – or any – of them but because trends can help us to look at our existing wardrobe style a little differently.

When we take stock and look at what we already wear – or what we wore last spring – we can look at ways to freshen up those looks. I never advocate wholesale change but I do subscribe to the theory that a small change can uplift an entire wardrobe situation. When that change comes from buying a new, on-trend accessory or clothing piece, then it has the effect of modernising your whole look.

{If you’re looking for specific help on how to freshen up your wardrobe and get it organised for spring-summer 2017, then my Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe program is for you. It launches on September 7 … read on for how you could win one of three memberships to the six-week program.}

The good news is that there is a trend for everyone. Not all will suit all people but there will be one or two that speak to your personal style. Those are the ones that you should seek out and embrace and are the key to staying true to your own style but just giving that style a fresh edge.

Fifteen 2017 spring-summer trends 

I’ve done an online virtual shop to find the below examples of 15 key trends for spring-summer. What you’ll notice is that many of them overlap each other. You could be wearing a top that ticks off the gingham, ruffles and off-the-shoulder trends. Similarly, the wrap-skirt trend can cross over with ruffles, landscape prints, red and off-the-shoulder. The trends’ cross-over doesn’t matter. What matters is that you only update your wardrobe with pieces that fit your style personality – and what’s already in your wardrobe.

These are the 15 2017 spring-summer trends you'll want in your wardrobe

1. Luxe fabrics: I’ve never met a metallic that I haven’t LOVED. I’ve already trotted out this number and it will be featuring heavily in my spring outfit planning. Nothing dresses up an outfit more than a little shimmer, shine or even a hint of sheen like in the pictured top. 

pictured: Country Road top

2. Gingham: Walk into any store right now it’s all about the check – the black and white check. Forget man-style shirts. Look for it in a fashion top, skirt or dress and pare it back with white, black or denim. A slogan tee and a blazer works a treat back with a gingham skirt.

pictured: Bohemian Traders shirt

3. Landscape prints: Consider this your bolder take on a floral – the whole garden is calling. Take your cue from green leafy prints as seen in interiors or opt for a more feminine take like the print on the featured dress.

pictured: Witchery dress

4. Bold stripes: It’s comforting to know that you can rely on the fashion pundits to always include a stripe in the trends’ mix. This makes me very happy and justifies my ongoing obsession. Take your stripes up a notch this season with a new found boldness.

pictured: Solito dress (@ Birdsnest)

5. Red: Red was a stand-out colour for autumn-winter 2017 and it’s hanging around for spring. Embrace this power colour if you dare. It’s easily softened with a feminine flounce and print. Not a fan of red? Embrace the muted pastel tones – blush, ice blue and sheer pink that are floating through this season.

pictured: Saba dress

6. Minimalist: Minimalist dressing makes a statement with pared back shapes – from sleek and structured to this season’s take in draped, loose fitting neutrals and pastels.

pictured: Country Road dress

7. Boho: We can also thank the fashion gods for the perennial addition of boho in the trends list. Well, if you’re boho inclined that is. This season lift your bohemian game with paisley prints, over-sized maxis, wrap skirts and kaftans.

pictured: Jeanswest dress

8. Culottes: The new/old pant silhouette has cemented its place in this season’s wardrobe. Even mine. I don’t know who I am any more. Where once I would have run a mile, I’ve now embraced. The key here for most of us non-tall chicks is that heels are required to pull off this look – and we need to see at least a hint of a waist with a half or full tuck of the top or shirt.

pictured: Country Road culottes

9. Slogan tee: Make a statement and a stand with a tee that is elevated by a message. It’s the modern way to bring a little athleisure into your wardrobe. Work a slogan tee back with a denim … or a feminine skirt and sneakers if you’re keen on a bit of contrast dressing.

pictured: Champagne Cartel tee

10. Blazers: Long may the blazer rule in our wardrobes. Whether you’re smartening up a casual outfit or looking The Business at the office, a blazer completes your outfit like no other outerwear. Look for ’80s detailing – gold buttons and trims and a little statement shoulder pad.

pictured: Bohemian Traders blazer

11. Wrap anything: Wrap skirts, wrap dresses, wrap tops … you name it, it’s wrapping around our bodies this spring-summer. Add a ruffle or two and this ’70s-inspired trend takes on a Spanish feel. Ole to that.

pictured: Boho Bird maxi (@ Birdsnest) 

12. Off-the-shoulder anything: Don’t ditch the strapless bra just yet, the OTS look is very much here to stay. Still scared to dip your shoulders into this look? I answer all your questions in this post. Still not convinced to search for a strapless bra? Opt for the cold-shoulder look instead. For those who like to mix it up a bit and get an arm out, you’ll find a lot of one-shouldered styles as well.

pictured: Fate + Becker dress (@ Birdsnest)

13. Ruffled anything: Ruffles, frills, flounces, peplum hems, fluted sleeves … it’s all there for the taking and shaking this spring-summer. You’ll find everything from all-over frills like the Saba dress featured in this mix or opt just for one ruffled detail, like a sleeve on a top or a dress.

pictured: Boho Bird top (@Birdsnest)

14. Statement earrings: With so much detail going on in the clothes, the accessory look of the season has been pared back. That won’t stop us popping a statement earring. No it will not. 

pictured: Ruby Olive earrings

15. Statement shoes: The earrings will get noticed first but the eye will be drawn down to your shoes this season. Look for heels that wrap ballet-style around your ankle and lower calf. The colour navy makes a welcome return to our shoe-robe. For a casual flat, it’s all about the slide – one-toe or mule-style slides are at the top of the trend tree.

pictured: FRANKiE4 Footwear heels

So tell me, which of these 15 trends will you be embracing this spring-summer? Got an absolute fave?

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Comments 113

  1. I’ve been following Nikki’s blog for years,
    but my attempts to be stylish still end in tears.
    The advice in the program will last me for years;
    it will take away all of my wardrobe fears.

    I need alternatives for the styling suggestions I’ve read,
    to help me feel fabulous and leap out of bed.
    The season ahead shouldn’t be filled with dread,
    We all need a capsule wardrobe instead.

    This online program would suit anyone,
    It can be adapted for corporate or stay at home mums.
    Simplifying our wardrobes should be fun,
    Let’s do it with a heap of our fabulous new chums.

    A membership will help me peruse any aisle,
    Nikki please help me unlock my style!

    Amanda Francis

  2. So hitting the 40s, four little kids and living the farm life with limited access to shopping other than online. Starting a new business and heading back into the professional work force in between school and preschool drop offs and pick ups. My wardrobe is a disaster (jeans, leggings, repeat) and the thought of keeping it all together and looking/feeling fabulous at the same time seems impossible! Membership to an ultimate capsule wardrobe will help me unlock my style as a new working mum who is dressed comfortably and appropriately for work yet is flexible enough to get down on the floor to play with the kids (also a part of my job description!)

  3. I have some lovely pieces in my current wardrobe but also many that I don’t wear. I find it challenging to link pieces together and get the most out of my clothes.

  4. i’m always a little too busy and distracted by the mundane chores of life to notice trends so this will focus my attention on what I should be wearing and how I should wear it so I’m not mistaken for a Walmart tragic!

  5. I always dressed well and looked amazing, but since piling on the weight with kids, I don’t know how to dress. I have a tight budget and need to only buy what suits me, but instead I am constantly buying the wrong clothing. I have ultimately resorted to the black, grey and anything dark and frumpy for my wardrobe and unfortunately, it’s depressing for someone my age. HELP!

  6. HELP – get out of the black, grey, white, repeat rut that I am stuck in. Turning 50 this year and membership would give me the confidence to bloom this spring.

  7. The ultimate capsule wardrobe membership would help me unlock and find my style again. I have so much but always seem to wear the same items. I don’t know/understand how to layer items for work or casual days and I’m nervous about using accessories.

  8. I have been really challenged these past 6 months with weight gain and general resulting mindset issues. I really need to get out of the cycle and as I’ve participated the past two capsule challenges, I’ll find it difficult to justify a third but would love the inspiration and group support.

  9. As I turn 49 very soon, a membership to your Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would help me to embrace the next 12 months feeling fashionable instead of frumpy, as I head towards that very special 0 birthday next Spring!

  10. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help me be more confident in what to wear. I am 51, and unhappy about my size 16 body. We are heading overseas next year and I swear everyday I am looking at your instagram, facebook and anything else I see with Styling You for inspiration and guidance. I am always the one taking the photos but this will be our 30th wedding anniversary, once in a lifetime trip to Europe and I would love not to be concerned about how I look and actually be in some of the photos enjoying our trip with the love of my life. He always says I look lovely but I would love for him to think wow you look great and i think alot of that has to do with confidence and being able to wear an outfit well. I also dont want to take too much luggage so a capsule wardrobe would be just what is needed. Thank you.

  11. At 38, my style was unlocked thanks to you Nikki.Surprise, surprise…39 with a baby due in a few weeks! The ultimate capsule wardrobe membership will mean I can unlock styles to suit my new body that are perfect for my new time poor and sleep deprived world. And really, who can plan a new spring-summer wardrobe with baby brain? I stare at clothes and think napping in my partners tshirts seems much more appealing!

  12. Joining this membership would save me more time and stress every morning trying to figure out how I can look fabulous on a measly budget, this would boost my confidence and I’d be smarter learning how I can mix and match my co-ordinates without having to spend a fortune!

  13. Oh Nikki this would so help unlock my style! I have clothes that I have bought over the years and kept and would somehow love to bring them together to create my very own Capsule Wardrobe that I love to wear! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize!

  14. So it has taken me 43 years to finally find a style that really suits me!!… I need help transitioning from my very conservative wardrobe ( the fear paralysed me) to a much more Boho style… I have started but Help!!!!

  15. Hello…. style I know you are in there somewhere … it has been a while since we saw each other, 8 years and 3 babies to be exact. I have heard of this thing called a “capsule wardrobe”. And yes it sounds a little scary and futuristic, although it may be just the medicine we need to re-acquaint. I think this capsule is the key we need to break you out of hibernation.

  16. My wardrobe is more faded than my hopes and dreams,
    Duller than dinner with the in laws and more predictable than a Hollywood romance.

  17. I’ve lost my fashion mojo – 3 kids in 5 years has broken my sense of style (not to mention my poor body) so what used to fit and look good, no longer does. I need help! A capsule wardrobe appeals to me because I have very little time to get dressed and out the door, so anything that saves me time and mental power would be a winner.

  18. Nikki’s 2017 spring-summer Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe on-line style program will help me be focused, fashionable and flourish. The past few years have seen a lot of changes for me. After years as a single mother focusing on the children I am an almost empty- nester. Suddenly the shops have a bewildering array of gorgeous clothes calling me like sirens. I re – entered the workforce in a job where I was provided with a, let’s face it, unflattering uniform. I’ve recently gained a new position which I love however, smart business clothes are necessary Monday to Friday. I want to achieve a capsule wardrobe and do more with less while being stylish. The inevitable weight and age related changes that are part of life mean I’m a little confused about what’s flattering and appropriate for the petite luscious pear that I am. The only things that always remains constant are my height, eye colour and sense of humour. With great advice and support I will take advantage of the positives, learn new tips, embrace where I am today and plan for the new season.

  19. Having hit the Pilates studio hard all winter I’m beginning to emerge into spring with a more toned and sculptured shape which is wonderful but my wardrobe and my fashion mindset needs adjusting big time – membership of the Ultimate Capsule wardrobe will ensure that I emerge like a butterfly from my cocoon without breaking the bank.

  20. To win this would be fantastic as it is my birthday 5 September and as I am currently unemployed. I find trying to get interview appropriate wear confusing enough let alone everyday style.

  21. I recently had a colour analysis done and was so excited to see the beautiful cool blues and jewel tones in my swatch. But before I launch into shopping my new palate, I’m keen to shop my newly-culled wardrobe and make those pieces that are left work harder for me! The ultimate capsule wardrobe challenge sounds like the perfect tool!

  22. How would an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Membership unlock my style this season you ask?
    Becoming a “Capsuler” with support and advice will make the ‘difficult decisions’ an easy task.
    Mixing with a variety of age groups and ladies with one goal in mind,
    Receiving style tips and locating our ‘mojo’ when it’s hard to find.
    Creating an organised wardrobe with existing pieces and those that are new.
    The colour red, Boho and off-the-shoulder are my go-to trends, it’s true.
    So as we begin the transition from Winter to Spring,
    A smile to my face, this membership would bring!

  23. I’ve been back at school for the last 3 years so have only been able to afford to buy clothes from op shops. My course finishes next month so I need to dress to impress for interviews (and hopefully for work!) so this would be perfect timing to freshen up my look.

  24. Every store from A to Z,
    brings out the fashionista in me,
    with every style to fuel my shop,
    An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership is my only stop

  25. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would be amazing! No more wandering around the shops not sure what to try on! With a little one, shopping time would be well spent, I’d feel prepared for the week and confident that I’d arrive at work

  26. The ultimate capsule wardrobe would be fabulous for me as it will help with clothes choices. My brain feels overloaded at the moment as I’m in full party organising mode for my hubby’s significant birthday! The capsule will smooth the spring summer season choices!!

  27. The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would help to unlock my style by teaching me to mix and match. My current situation is that even though I may have a skirt that I love and it looks great with one particular top but, what else does it look great with. So every time I wear said skirt I style it exactly the same, and then there’s the shirt that I love with one pair of jeans and the jumper that goes so nicely with one scarf …

  28. Hi I feel i have lost my way with style, Im now over the hill (50yrs) even though i still feel 16. Please help me feel like I’m still young enough to look gorgeous.

  29. This prize would be a dream come true for me. As a mom I feel like I don’t have my own style and don’t think I ever have. Nearing 40 is a bit scary as I love comfort (jeans/ shorts )but there are situations where I want to look fabulous. I think you would be horrified if you looked in my wardrobe I do not have a lot of clothes but I really use most of them and some just don’t work for me anymore.

  30. I would love to win this membership as I have had quite the year (to put it mildly). I’ve become a first time grandmother, suffered through the commencement of Menopause and realised that I was married to a grub (who I am now divorcing). I am currently cleansing and purging from the inside out – extensive counselling, clearing out every room in my house, and redesigning things to embrace my new life….What is sitting, staring at me and haunting me everyday is my walk in robe. It’s like ground zero in there. I quickly fling open the door, grab something and close it again, hoping that the next time I see it, some magical fairy has done their thang! I have pushed on through all the other traumas in a quest to reinvent myself but my clothing and the area it’s housed in seems WAY too hard to focus on. There’s a mental stumbling block that I am trying my hardest to address. Could this competition be the fairy in disguise?

  31. I think as you get older, you need to stay “trendy”, but not as a 20 year old. I have now had a life changing event with the death of my husband and now feel it is time to get out and mingle with people of my age and enjoy life as a single and learning to dress to make me feel good is an importnat step in my reinvention

  32. The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help me unlock my style this season by helping me revisit and find my “spark”. I have such a diverse range of styles and just need to seriously sort my wardrobe to reduce the time I spend each day finding and putting pieces together. I love your practical yet creative approach Nikki and I hope I can win an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership.

  33. This year I’ve decided to go without buying any new clothes and shoes. Surprisingly I t’s been easier than I thought. I’ve whittled down my wardrobe and I’ve been wearing and re-wearing the same clothes. I’ve been brave a few times and tried combinations that have worked (mostly). This membership would help me mix and match my wardrobe more and give me more confidence in styling choices… andvto be braver!

  34. I’m never sure what colors work with what, how to layer, what jacket to put on over an outfit, etc – and I’m terrible at throwing out beloved items that have seen better days. I used to have a little posse of girlfriends who were amazing with shopping and editing advice, they all had great style and were very different from one other. But gradually we’ve all moved away from each other and now I’m going it solo. I drag my husband shopping with me because he actually has really great style sense but I’ve realized he always chooses things that are, frankly, a little risqué. Bless him. Nikki, I started reading your blog because I can’t cram another off the shoulder or see through top into my closet but I need help on what to wear and how. Your advice so far has been SO amazing and truly helpful! Winning the Capsule membership and getting access to a community of supportive ladies would be the icing on the cake!

  35. I have always struggled with my style, I feel like my wardrobe is so plain and does not excite me when getting dressed each morning. After having a baby I feel like my wardrobe consists of just a few outfits so would be great to give the wardrobe an overhaul

  36. A membership would help me find a sense of style and change the way i attend meetings because feeling good portrays to how much confidence we project to the rest of the world.

  37. I’m finding it difficult to transition back to work after maternity leave and dressing for my new figure! Would love to have a wardrobe edit to make the most of what I already have but in a new way!

  38. Seems like I’ve lost my way. I have a wardrobe full of clothes and stare at it blankly thinking ” what am I going to wear today?”
    I need a major intervention from the ones that know.

  39. My wardrobe was s full of hand me downs and poor choices. I would love to spring into the new season with a style of my own.

  40. I have recently lost a large amount of weight and I now would like to find myself with fashion instead of the usual leggings and a tshirt. Now that I can wear some amazing clothes this would be an amazing tool to help me discover what my style is

  41. I have participated in the challenges before and earlier this year I received lovely news that my partner and I are expecting our first child in December! I have fallen into the rut of dowdy loose clothes this winter to accommodate my growing bump…the choices have not been inspiring. I would love to win a membership to the next capsule so I can get some inspiration for some low cost and versatile new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe as a new Mummy!

  42. Oh my goodness I would love this! I have loads of clothes but wear the same thing all the time! I need to edit, organise and create effortless looks that I can just throw on. I love an online program and find they can really help. It would be amazing!

  43. Feeling fabulous is only achieved by being fit, using a smile, having confidence and supportive people. With two sons and a husband I’ve never had anyone at home to offer helpful comments – so rely on friends. A group directed by you would encourage a fresh approach – get me out of stripes ( despite my love of them!) and get me to use what I’ve got in a fresh way.

  44. Please pick me Nikki – I have so many beautiful clothes but nothing to wear! It takes me so long to get ready every morning because I try everything on but nothing looks right! I end up rushing out the door feeling horrible all day long (until I get home again and put my pjs back on!) I really need your intervention! Xxx

  45. I have recently gone from full time stay at home Mum to a new Lawyer (at age 48!!) I am also quite overweight and I have no idea how to ‘dress for the job i want’ but also wear something flattering and not break the bank! I don’t like to wear boring clothes but my new career isn’t know for its adventurous style! HELP!!!

  46. It would help me utilise pieces in my wardrobe I haven’t worn and help me revive things that I have had for a while..I would learn how to mix and match more of my wardrobe and help me dress suitably for my age and size..))

  47. I’ve just retired and threw out 10 garbage bags of old work clothes. We’ve moved from Canberra to Perth and now I need a completely different wardrobe. I know your sensible styling advice will help me work out that new wardrobe for a new lifestyle.

  48. Hmmm, 30 pieces, 42 different ways to wear them=6 weeks worth of outfits. I thought I didn’t like maths but the sum of this fashion ensemble sounds too good to be true. Will it result in me actually getting out of my everyday gym gear wear and find my feminine side. Yes please!

  49. I’m a plus size and need assistance with my wardrobe styling to make the best of the assets I have. I’m also 52. But I love a lively, young and stylish look. Fashion styles are so confusing- To OTS or not OTS – a question only Shakespeare can answer… me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!

  50. My problem is AGE. Do I ruffle or do I not; ? What style goes with wrinkles? Growing up in Melbourne I have always loved fashion and style, but I realise now I have limits and your advice on this would be solid gold, Nikki. So here’s hoping!

  51. There are some gorgeous items in your Spring Summer Trends Nikki but still I’m quite scared off!!! Ruffles, frills and OTS!! I’m sure your Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would once again make me step out of my comfort zone. It is my year to be challenged – so please challenge me!!

  52. I am in rut. I work from home and do not get out much, besides the gym some mornings. I am turning 50 in 6 months time and dreading it. I live in Ponte Pants, bulky jumpers or t-Shirts and am not excited about anything in my closet. I seem to have lost my mojo. I would love some guidance and tips and hopefully the course will get me out of my rut.
    I love the Solito Dress from Birdsnest. Thanks as always Nikki for your inspiration and tips. I always look forward to your updates.

  53. I have lost 58kg in the last 11 months and got rid of my whole wardrobe. I know I don’t want to refill it with just anything and this would be a fantastic way for me to move with the fashion times and learn to dress my new body. It would give me a great starting place and allow me to spend my dollars wisely.

  54. I recently read the fabulous book “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck” which I found to be life-changing!! I have started overhauling my mind’s clutter and am now working through my wardrobe! I’ve never had a lot of joy with my wardrobe or style and would love the opportunity for some professional help! Help me give my F*ck’s to magical things!

  55. It would make me lighter in body, mind and spirit! Winning an ultimate capsule workshop would give me the tools necessary to face each day – no matter if it’s work or play or a mixture of both!

  56. I feel I know my style but my body shape is proving a challenge to find what suits me without being baggy/frumpy. My stomach area is the problem and even with going gf etc I am not having much success.

  57. Geez Louise, I need the help! I can’t decide if I’m boho, smart casual or vintage & I have an over-flowing wardrobe due to my op-shop / bargain addiction. And yes, I’m always complaining that “I have nothing to wear”.

  58. I would love the opportunity to join the Ultimate Styling Challenge. I spend my weekdays with 15 toddlers as an Early Childhood Educator so my weekend wardrobe could be so much better! Looking forward to the new season, Kathryn x

  59. I have both my children’s weddings early next year and would love the opportunity to win the Ultimate Styling Capsule. I would like to look stylish and feel great for their special day and all the other celebrations to do with the weddings. I really don’t know where to start and would greatly appreciate help from Styling You..many thanks Sue

  60. My body has changed so much in the last 6 months – no, not because of pregnancy, but because hellllooooo menopause! I USED to know what to wear, but now with the belly I didn’t have 6 months ago, my waist that disappeared overnight, the flab under and on top (hurray) of my arms… well, I just don’t know how to dress anymore. I’m exhausted. I would love to have your help and I would love to NOT put on 13 outfits every morning only to find I don’t like how I look in any of them. I love my body, and I walk tall and with confidence, I just don’t know how to dress this particular body anymore. And being size 14 already – well, a lot of the stores just don’t cater to that size in any real way. Help! 🙂

  61. The course would be a great place for me to start understanding what a capsule wardrobe is and how I could use it to look and feel great. I have so many clothes in my cupboards but each morning I feel I have nothing to wear. I need help and I think I have found the place to get it.

  62. I would love to bring simplicity into my wardrobe and have the ability to make many outfits out of a few items. I often buy things that I love but then when I get them home I have nothing to pair them with! Knowledge is key, so I would love to win this opportunity of knowledge in style. Thank you x

  63. As a long time follower of Styling You…I feel as if I do know (mostly) what suits me and what doesn’t…EXCEPT I have spent years hiding my legs in long pants…as I was so embarrassed by my varicose veins, not fun in the Queensland sun!
    But last year I bit the bullet and had surgery on my legs…So with the help of the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Membership I would find the confidence to embrace wearing skirts, dresses and shorts.

  64. As much as I hate to admit it I am a conservative dresser who would like to break free but does not know how and fears being seen as a fashion wannabe gone wrong and for this reason Nikki I need your help!

  65. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe is exactly what I need to take me out of the winter dultrum and take me into the warmer seasons. I need help to style new fashion trends with my existing wardrobe so that I can look and feel great whatever the occasion.

  66. You can always benefit from fashion advice. As you go through each stage of your life, you need to evaluate how clothes make you feel. We all need to feel like fabulous woman as we walk out the door. A membership would certainly help to do this!

  67. The program looks like it could be life changing! I have always loved fashion, but I feel like I have lost my sense of style since having my son 2.5 years ago. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help me to tame my out of control wardrobe, help me to identify any gaps and give me confidence to plan my outfits with a minimum of fuss.

  68. This post has come at the perfect time for me, because I now know that Revere Folie glitzy statement earrings will be well worn and my idea of adding a black and white gingham skirt to my wardrobe is on trend!

  69. I had my second child two months ago & my body is now a totally different shape then before. A membership would help me unlock my style for this season with dressing for a changing shape as well as help me due to being time poor running around after a pre schooler & having a baby attached to me

  70. I have been living in Asia in perpetual summer for 18 years and am settling back in to Melbourne. Have totally lost track of what to wear in Australia – an expat wardrobe is different and relies on bulk buys of items when on a visit home (As a “Caucasian” I was larger than the clothes stocked in Singapore and apart from occasional purchases in Marks & Spencer did not really buy anything there apart from shoes). Would love to update and actually have a coordinated wardrobe.

  71. We all fall victims to fashion each season, buying pieces time and time again believing it will bring our wardrobe together. We all need a little assistance. This would be a perfect opportunity to help me bring all my pieces together……..with a little extra shopping of course.

  72. I find I keep buying the same things season after season – nothing adventurous – I feel that some days I just wear the same things but in a different shade of black, grey or navy. It’s like a uniform. Scarves are my saviour for a splash of colour but with Summer close buy, it will be too warm to wear a scarf. Would love to win the Ultimate Capsule membership for inspiration and guidance. I have a fridge magnet that describes me perfectly ….. “Ive been shopping for over 20 years and I have nothing to wear”. x

  73. I own black, black and a bit more black. Back in april my best friend and hubby organised a surprise birthday dinner with 10 of my close girlfriends, they all wore black in my honour !!! I think that screams volumes about my wardrobe ha ha
    I am 42 and not currently working, so my wardrobe consists of jeans, leggings, converse, thongs and tshirts.
    I need the ultimate capsule wardrobe membership to get me out of my clothing rut

  74. Help me please? Spring/Summer Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership, I need you. After having a huge cull when we moved into our new house in January, I have a great walk in robe full of clothes that I keep adding to, but guess what? I have nothing to wear !!! I am 58 and lucky for me don’t look it and have never adhered to clothes for that age bracket but I don’t seem to have the confidence to wear and like the clothes that I put together so then change into something I feel safe in. Hence wardrobe full with nothing to wear. Even after reading your book Nikki???
    Help is needed !!

  75. I find I’m buying so many individually beautiful pieces but am really struggling to create outfits with those items. I have no idea how to mix patterns or colours and in the end just fall back into my black and grey work “uniform”. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Membership sounds exactly like what I need to gain the confidence to wear my wardrobe!

  76. I love the idea of your capsule wardrobe membership. I ‘kind of’ know my style and what suits me, but living in a regional town I find it hard to find the clothes I love. I’m a bit hesitant to try too much online shopping as returning items can be time consuming and costly but with guidance from an expert like you, I’d have the confidence to give it a try and get my capsule wardrobe sorted.

  77. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would enable me to declutter my wardrobe sensibly and spot the gaps of what else I need rather than randomly buying bits and pieces on the spur of the moment. It would also help me as I transition from my current work and accept a voluntary redundancy to then buy and put together a new more stylish work wardrobe for a new job.

  78. I’m currently in the ‘baby zone’ and my wardrobe has its work cut out for it! For the next few years it needs to accommodate pregnancy/breastfeeding/comfort and function required to chase after a toddlers…ALL while being somewhat stylish. I wonder if I ask too much? But surely this must be possible…especially if expert advice is at hand! An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would be the answer to my wardrobe crisis!

  79. Moving on from my mum’s hand-me-down wardrobe. I’m 47 years old ….Haha
    I’ve been home with my babies for the past 15 years & have finally re-entered the workforce, which I’m totally loving. It’s time to start investing in a wardrobe that suits me & my needs. I’m forever grateful for all the donations but the time has come to splurge on me ! Which brings me to the big question … Who am I ?? And what do I need ??

  80. I would love to win the Spring/Summer capsule membership! I struggle immensely with what to wear in the warmer months & this would help me I’m sure. I did do the Autumn/Winter capsule & it was fabulous-once it finished though I quickly slipped back into a rut so need this to kick my butt back into fashionland again!

  81. I have two toddlers (just turned 4 & 3) and I need to get out of my active wear… I have stuff in my cupboard from 4years ago that doesn’t fit and I’m sick of wearing suck in singlets undies in order for anything to look nice on me!! I’d love to get rid of all the ill-fitting clothes and have a wardrobe that is flattering and goes with itself and I don’t have to think what matches and what looks good!! Gosh, very long winded!! But you know what I mean… HELP !!!!

  82. With a wardrobe full-to-overflowing with pieces which (although gorgeous) I just can’t work out how to style, I need some serious help to edit my wardrobe down to the crucial essentials that I can actually wear day in day out.

  83. With two kids under 3.5yo, I’ve seriously lost my mojo. 🙁 The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would such be a lifesaver. I need to clean out all the OLD stuff in my closet asap! eek.

  84. I wandered through the new collections last week & found nothing for me, not being a fan of frills or florals & a bit to curvy for that lovely CR dress. I would love to see you present some options for Spring Racing Carnival?

  85. Omg that Country Road dress is to die for but not sure how it’d suit us curvy girls.
    Also a bit confused how to sign up for the style challenge …

  86. Ooh yes I’m afraid I see a few I like Nikki luxe fabric,boho,pretty anything and OTS tops and dresses.Not sure about red,culottes and statement tees and I’m not a fan of skirts! Love this edit thank you Nikki Xx

  87. Thanks Nikki – this is my favourite type of post! I’m loving the landscape style prints at Gorman. There’s some really beautiful floral/landscape designs this season so I’ve picked up a few. And my 14 yo daughter is mad for gingham and got a gorgeous shirt from forever New a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful sleeve details. Cheers k x

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