How to recreate the Nina Proudman Look (season 7 episode 3)

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (season 7; episode 3)

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You know the first thing I did after unpacking on Sunday night from our overseas adventures? Binged the first two episodes of Offspring, OF COURSE.

For the second year in a row I’ve missed the start of your – and my – favourite show but never fear, I’m here and back with weekly de-briefs on the comings and goings of the extended Proudman family as well as ideas on how to recreate the Nina Proudman look.

Yesterday I was interviewed on radio about the fashion phenomenon that is the Nina look. We’re into eight years of obsession with her style and I think that the appeal is that from the outside looking in, Nina’s style looks accessible.

The prices of some of the pieces she wears might not be accessible but the ability to translate her looks for your own is. That’s what these weekly posts are all about. There’s also a chance to de-brief the plot from that episode but skim over that bit if you’re yet to see each episode and don’t want any spoilers.

(I’ve been writing about Nina Proudman style since the first series – you can read the back catalogue HERE).

Where possible, I’ll include any direct links to clothing or accessories available now but as you read in my pre-season chat with Offspring costume designer Michael Chisholm, not everything will be available. What you see on Nina may be from a future fashion season, a past fashion season, vintage or custom made. 

Rather than get frustrated with this, use each of Nina’s looks to recreate an outfit that is similar – and that fits your style. 

In this week’s episode (season 7, episode 3), Nina offered up three very different looks: printed pants and knit; evening outfit; and a jeans and knit outfit.

I struggled with the printed pants/knit and neck scarf outfit. It’s very much removed from my style.

Nina Proudman style Season 7 Episode 3

QI Cashmere knit; Scotch and Soda pant; vintage scarf; Love Fairley bracelet; Rock Finders Keepers bracelet; Love Hate thin gold ring and ring stack

I LOVED the evening outfit. LOVED. It’s not a look that my body frame would pull off but I very much appreciate it on others.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman Look (season 7 episode 3)

Love Hate earrings and necklace

I’ve chosen the jeans and knit outfit to recreate with substitute pieces (available now) as it makes me think of the early days of Nina’s style and it’s also a look we can wear for the Australian winter happening at this moment.

As FYI, if you’re struggling with some of Nina’s style changes, the costume designers purposefully change up Nina’s style each season. The essence of Nina will always be there but you’ll never see her style remaining the same, season after season. A bit like our own style journeys, yes?

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (season 7; episode 3)

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (Season 7; Episode 3)

  1. Mavi jeans $159 @ Birdsnest | 2. Bird Keepers shirt $89.95 | 3. Motto knit $89.95 | 4. Love Hate earrings $60 | 5. Verali boots $89.95 @ Styletread

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

This episode was brought to you by the letter B.

For Break-ups.

We’ve got the aftermath of Billie and Mick’s split, with Billie deciding to audition for a psychologist while she “consciously grieves”.

We’ve got Zara and Jimmy reaching a new low, letting fly at each other over a lunch that was supposed to be about civilly discussing the kids. Jimmy’s “I hate you” ruled meant lunch was over before it even began.

Kerry loses the plot over the forced co-parenting of Will’s dog, Greg. Hot tip for you Will: drop your 10-year plan and the accompanying maternal testing program.

B is for Bad News and that’s the kind of news it was to see that Jason, the father of Brody’s baby Bob, has been lurking about the place. Nothing good can come of that.

B is for Best Boyfriend and that seems to be what Harry is serving up for Neens at the moment. Is his love of Peter Rabbit too good to be true though? Will there be some dastardly twist that sends Nina into a relationship spiral yet again.

B is for Baking. The baking Nina attempts to do while getting Zoe to sleep and submitting a hospital research grant. “I’m not struggling; I’m juggling.” 

All this angst can only lead to one place … the dance floor. Billie wants to lose herself in dance. With a round or six of mojitos under their collective belts and the DJ offering up Black Box’s Ride on Time, Nina, Cherie, Zara and Kerry join her.

We haven’t seen this much fun since the girls got their dance on at Tuff Muff in Season 3.

All good inebriated dance moves inevitably end with emotions. In this case it was Nina’s and her not wanting to fail Billie. “I wanted to carry you like you carried me.”

Offspring Season 7; Episode 3

Billie wears Natasha top; Country Road pants; Peter Lang earrings; George Jensen watch

Neens picks herself up – with Billie’s help and declaration that she doesn’t need carrying – dusts herself off and heads home, head first into the window of her bedroom because she couldn’t find her car keys … that were in her hand. “I’m a little bit drunk,” she tells Harry before passing out on his head, snoring. 

So tell me, what was your highlight from last night’s episode – and the entire season? Favourite outfit?

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here. Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten.

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  1. Please, please, please tell me where to get (or the brand name of) the cream lace top with black straps that Nina wears in the second photo (under the scarf). I know it is 4 years later, but I just watched the show and I am obsessed with Nina’s wardrobe!

    1. Post
  2. Please, please, please tell me where to get (or the brand name of) the cream lace top with black straps that Nina wears in the first photo (under the scarf).

  3. Can we please go back to Season 6 Ep 7….. I can’t find any word on the top Nina is wearing under the leather trenchcoat. Any advice please Nikky?

  4. Hi Nikki, I am desperate to find out where Nina’s bed linen is from?! The printed pillow cases and sheets that are on her bed in episode 2 and 3, they are a bluish block print on a white background. They were also used last season…any tips on where I could find them?

  5. Just love your recaps Nikki! I am pretty much wearing that jeans/jumper/boots look right now!
    Any insight into the evening outfit, specifically the top? Just stunning!

  6. Love Nina’s changing style. Would you happen to know where Nina’s scarf was from in the evening scene please Nikki?

  7. I want the REAL knit that she wears in the kitchen scene…it’s just gorgeous, but a one-off or vintage/consignment store find I’m guessing?
    …is anyone else seeing “something” about Harry’s relationship with his sister…? Or is it just me…

  8. I’m loving her outfits this season. Like many have said those pattern pants wouldnt suit everyone but Nina manages to make them look fab of course.
    I’m wondering Nikki if you know who makes the tiny silver fan shaped drop earrings she had on in episode 2?

  9. Love the jeans , shirt jumper, boots thing. I am scared to get attached to Harry, for fear that he won’t stay…

  10. I’m loving the scarf on her neck look, just wondering if I can get away with it, quite retro era. Wasn’t a fan of the printed pant look, but Nina knows how to pull it off

  11. I wasn’t a fan of the printed pants outfit for me either Nikki but it suits Nina so well and that evening outfit seriously hot!
    I love how Harry is so caring towards Zoe…BUT seems like he has secrets.I also loved how caring and motherly Geraldine was last night Xx

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