The Model and Me: Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2017

The Model and Me: Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2017

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The humble tracky dack has come a long way from the the practical pants you’d pop on to keep you warm while training for sport in the middle of winter – or the pants you’d put on for a lazy day at home on the couch.

Now trackies are fancy. They are not only worn out of the house, you don’t worry about being seen in them.

Tracky pant style also has a couple of fancy names to go with it: sport luxe or “athleisure”. By definition, athleisure is “casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear”.

Forget needing clothes to take you from work to drinks or bar to beach; now it’s all about clothes that take you to and from being active … or clothes you choose to wear because they’re so damn comfy.

Australian label Mela Purdie has long given us clothes that travel with us, clothes that look great but are super comfortable to wear. Zambezee Boutique is home to a massive range of Mela Purdie – in store and online.

This label is not for everyone’s budget. It’s for women who wish to buy fewer pieces each season, but buy knowing that those pieces will still look just as good for years to come.

I can vouch for that long-term quality. My first Mela Purdie piece is now 10 years old. And if you talk to any Mela Purdie fan, they will say the same thing. The initial investment is bigger but the return is greater.

The other plus for me is that most Mela pieces are the wash, dry and wear variety. They make very good travel/packing partners.

The model 

Mela Purdie Sway shirt and track pant @ Zambezee Boutique
Mela Purdie Sway shirt and track pant @ Zambezee Boutique

and me

Mela Purdie top and pant @ Zambezee Boutique | Adorne earrings | FRANKiE4 Footwear NAT sneakers

Mela Purdie top and pant @ Zambezee Boutique (I’m in size 16 for both but could go down in the top size) | Adorne earrings (no longer online but may be in store) | FRANKiE4 Footwear NAT sneakers (re-stocking next month!)

Creating an athleisure outfit that doesn’t just belong in the gym or yoga studio is all about contrasts. In this case it’s about contrasting the track pant with a dressier fabric and pop of colour in the top. It’s about contrasting sneakers with a statement earring.

Contrasts like these create the outfit interest needed to make this an outfit you’d happily be seen outside the home in. Well, I would be 🙂

The top is made from Mela Purdie’s trademark techinical fabric. I heart this fabric so much. It requires zero maintenance after washing, dries quickly, folds down to nothing for travel but doesn’t crush. It’s an over-sized, swing style so buy down a size for less volume or employ the half tuck to show shape.

The polyester (viscose spandex) tracksuit pants are unbelievably comfortable to wear – I love the tapering, cuff and pocket/zip detailing. The drape of the pant is also super flattering.

So tell me, are you across the athleisure trend? Love a tracky pant? Love Mela Purdie?

PS. Enter stylingyou at checkout to save 10% off at Zambezee Boutique

The Model and Me: Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2017 (Zambezee Boutique)

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. Hi nikki – picked up two Mela purdie singlet tops and Mela Purdie tapered pants in the same fabric – then had to get the pink top! Felt amazing on and I can see they’ll be garments I’ll wear for years to come. Love I can dress up or down and no ironing etc will take to Bali with me in june! Thanks for the review! Alana aka Ba Nanas on FB

  2. I really love this look on you. Are the tops in both pics exactly the same? The one on the model seems to be a much brighter pink.

  3. As you know I’m a huge MP fan and while pricey they last and are brilliant for travel.
    In winter I have been known to wear ‘athleisure’ pants to work. As long as the pants are not the marle grey (sorry), with an ankle boot and a dressier top they are perfect for a day in the office.

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