15 coats for winter 2017 to keep you warm in style

15 coats for winter 2017 that will keep you warm in style

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If you live somewhere cold, a coat is a wardrobe necessity. If you live somewhere where winter is a mild affair, then you still might need a coat or jacket for evenings or early mornings.

I’ve done an edit and found 15 coats for winter 2017 that will keep you warm in style. You’ll find below coats for every budget and lifestyle. And I’ve included plus-size options.

Buying tips

1. When it comes to making a coat purchase, buy the best your budget will allow. Buy well, it will serve you through this season and beyond.

2. Buy a classic style that is timeless.

3. Buy in a neutral colour that works for most of your wardrobe.

4. When it comes to fitting, your coat should fit you comfortably but not be so tight that you can’t wear things underneath it. Think about what you’re mostly likely going to wear under your coat and work back from that.

5. The ideal coat length for making you look taller is a coat that hits just at the knee.

6. Now is peak coat-buying season if you want to try a variety of styles and find them in your size. You can also take your chances and wait a few weeks until end-of-season sales’ time in early June to pick up a more expensive coat at a more budget price.

15 coats for winter 2017

15 coats for winter 2017 to keep you warm in style


If you spend quality time in winter in a playground, on the sporting sidelines or just getting out and about then a casual coat is an essential. Anoraks, parkas and light down jackets fit the bill.

Style tip: These types of coats are typically on the bulky side. Balance that bulk out with a streamlined jean, pant or legging.

Winter coats 2017 - casual


1. Autograph longline jacket $47.99 (on sale) | 2. UNIQLO coat $129.90 (on sale) | 3. Country Road anorak $249 | 4. Gorman puffer coat $389 | 5. Forever New parka $159.99


Getting too and from work happens with the temperature is decidedly on the chilly side – and it can happen in the dark. Invest in a heavier wool coat that features a structured, classic line.

Style tip: A neutral coat in black, grey or camel is an obvious choice for a work coat but why not opt for a statement coat in a block colour or pattern? This works very well if your work outfits are on the neutral side.

Winter coats 2017 - work

1. Cue long jacket $479 | 2. UNIQLO cashmere coat $249.90 | 3. Katies coat $83.97 (on sale) | 4. Atmos & Here Curvy coat $119.95 @ The Iconic| 5. David Jones coat $109.95


Evening or occasion outfits sometimes need a coat of their own. Something that’s not too “office wear” and definitely not something that would be trotted out for Saturday rugby. 

Style tip: A cape or wrap-style coat is made for an occasion. It can easily work over the outfit but sleeves are still on show so the total effect of what’s underneath is not lost. Look also for details like buttons and ties for a next-level coat look.

Winter coats 2017 - occasion

1. City Chic coat $199.95 | 2. Decjuba coat $189.95 | 3. Morrison coat $499 | 4. Trenery trench $349 | 5. Veronika Maine coat $519

So tell me, do you have a need for a coat-robe? What types of coats best suit your lifestyle? Have any recommendations for us?

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  1. Nikki – I don’t supposed you have come across an A-Line or flared skirted trench in your research? As an hourglass with a large collection of fit’n’flare frocks, I find a straight cut trench just doesn’t work so well with the fifties style… I have been searching for a few years to no avail, so would be very appreciative of any leads you might have!

  2. I bought the most gorgeous off white jacket in San Fran 5 years ago, living in Qld it never gets worn. Took it to Melbourne in August, the weather was balmy & couldn’t wear it. Just took it to Japan, no joy wearing there either! So needless to say jackets are not on my to-buy list sadly.

  3. I am a coat addict but as I live in Tasmania that can be excused – I have a bright colbalt, a bright pink, a caramel, a cream and a black all in wool blends of varying weights – I think I need a navy and a grey next!! Love the picks on your list!

    1. As a fellow Tasmanian I too own a variety of coats for different occasions. A designer sample, in plaid cashmere, bought about 20 years ago still looks up to date along with black short & long coats of differing textures. Needs coats & jackets in Tasmania. Next purchase will be a puffer coat, as group one but with a pull in waist.

  4. I am hanging out for a plain navy puffer jacket (soccer mum chic) and a light tencel duster in green or navy.

  5. I have far too many coats and jackets. Someone at work pointed out that because I hang them where she walks back from the Ladies, she loves checking out a different jacket every day.I felt slightly embarrassed then realised that I need layers to put on and take off to feel comfortable during the day, and it’s my third piece to make outfits more interesting.
    Then I went out and bought that Trenery knit trench on sale. My name is Johanne and I’m a jacket addict.

  6. Where are the winter coats that aren’t black or grey or bloody beige? Everyone in Melbourne wears those colours ALL. THE. TIME. and it is so boring. Not your fault of course, unless you have some sway with coat makers 🙂

    1. There are options in my edit that aren’t those colours – red, blue, leopard. I guess the thinking is that people are not necessarily buying a coat every year, it’s a big investment and they want to buy in a neutral.

  7. I love coats Nikki I have a good charcoal grey Italian wool coat that was my Nannas that fits perfectly and will never date ,a hooded coat and a gorgeous tan cape!

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