The Model and Me: Solito autumn-winter 2017

The Model and Me: Solito autumn-winter 2017

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It’s definitely cooler than it was a few weeks ago but it’s nowhere near winter where I live.

Queenslanders often joke that we get three days of winter each year but the truth is: yes, it’s a shorter season for us, but it really can get cold overnight. Like single-digit, almost-zero-degrees cold. And many of us live in timber homes. BRRRRR.

The thing is, even on the days that come off the back of the coldest of evenings, it can then quickly scale up to the mid-20s – and sunny.

In an ideal world, you’d just stay tucked up under the doona until it was warm enough to emerge but apparently there is work to be done and kids to get to school. Damn.

So, how do we work a Queensland winter? We layer like demons and we layer with lighter fabrics.

We also choose pieces that might not be strictly winter so we can wear them now and layer them up later – or as required.

Queensland-based label Solito gets this concept and the Solito autumn-winter 2017 collection is filled with pieces that are perfect for now but also adaptable for later.

I’ve already featured one of those pieces on Instagram and in this post I’m featuring another frock from the collection.

The model

Solito Float Dress

Solito Float dress

and me

Solito dress | Adorne earrings | Nicole Fendel cuff | FRANKiE4 Footwear GEMMA boots

Solito dress* (I’m in L) | Adorne earrings* | Nicole Fendel cuff | FRANKiE4 Footwear GEMMA boots*

So you may remember me wearing a red and white Solito frock in summer? I loved it’s relaxed, cold-shoulder and drop-waisted ways so when I first spotted this autumn version, it was love at first sight.

This style is longer than the summer one but the fabric is the same rayon crepe fabric. I’ve found this fabric so easy to care for. I pop it in a lingerie bag and through a front-loader cycle. It requires minimal steaming/ironing afterwards.

There is enough weight in the frock to keep it sitting beautifully but not too much that it’s not suitable for wearing now.

I love the shape of this dress (I was a drop-waist queen in the mid-80s!). The hemline falls longer at the back, creating a flattering silhouette. The collar and waist-frill detail complete the relaxed elegance of this piece.

The buttons run all the way through, so I also plan on wearing this completely open as a duster jacket over a tee/tank and jeans outfit.

Add a denim jacket now for a slightly warmer outfit. When it cools down further, wear it with skinny jeans, with the front tucked in. A longline cardi or coat will add warmth.

Want to dress this frock up for an occasion? Swap out the boots for some heeled pumps and you’re good to go.

It’s a little bit boho and a whole lot of fun.

So tell me, did you love a drop-waist frock back in the day? Love a trans-seasonal dress that also doubles as a long jacket?

The Model and Me: Solito autumn-winter 2017

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. Loving the femininity of this dress – so lovely to see small print, soft colour, and dressmaker inspired embellishment in the soft ruffle. A little bit of whimsy is great!

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