The Model and Me: Eb&Ive autumn-winter 2017

The Model and Me: Eb&Ive autumn-winter 2017

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Oh I do love a productive Sunday, I do. Don’t you?

I spent yesterday afternoon, following my own advice about prepping my wardrobe for autumn-winter, and am feeling quite smug today.

I haven’t rotated my high winter clothes into my everyday wardrobe as yet but what I have done is thoroughly look through what I already own in that department so that I don’t make the mistake of buying the same pieces when it really does cool down. 

What I’ve also done is edit and cull pieces from my spring-summer wardrobe – pieces that I’ve not worn much – or at all – this past six months and pieces I can’t imagine wearing next summer. 

This entire exercise has yielded many spare hangers and it’s created space and breathing room in my wardrobe. I do love that feeling.

{I’m very fortunate in this business that I’m gifted many of the clothes I feature on the blog. I couldn’t possibly keep them all every season. If you’re new here, I regularly donate my clothes and accessories to Dress for Success Brisbane – and I encourage you to do the same if you live in a city or region that has a Dress for Success franchise. Donating clothes that are in good condition helps this incredibly organisation run programs that help disadvantaged women in your local community get back into the workforce.}

The edit has also shown me my wardrobe gaps. Some of those gaps are basics – basics that I did own but are now too big for me. It’s a lovely problem to have but having basic pieces that fit and flatter is the foundation of a wardrobe that works for you so I need to replace them for the size I am now.

While looking back at my existing autumn-winter wardrobe, I remembered that the majority of my cooler season clothes consist of layering pieces – piece like these below from the Eb&Ive autumn-winter 2017 collection.

Australian label Eb&Ive started in 2008, originally as a jewellery label. Now it’s a complete lifestyle brand, “inspired by travel, culture and textiles”, and offering fashion, accessories and home pieces.

The outfit below features three garments that work on their own but combine beautifully for an effortlessly casual autumn-winter look.

The model

Eb&Ive Meribel pant | Hunter vest | Montage T dress

Eb&Ive Meribel pant | Hunter vest | Montage T dress/top

and me

Eb&Ive top, vest and pant | FRANKiE4 Footwear GEMMA boots

Eb&Ive top, vest and pant | FRANKiE4 Footwear GEMMA boots 

Essentially what brings this outfit together is the mix of textures. That’s what autumn and winter is all about, using different fabrics and shapes to bring a different seasonal feel to your outfits.

The base pieces here are the dress/top and the pants. The top is essentially a cotton tee but its shape, with a long back, gives it a stylish difference.

The wet-look, pleather pant creates a great contrast to the cotton and the knit of the vest. These pants are fabulous stretchy and comfortable – they even have a soft lining for added comfort.

The longline vest is the layering piece that adds bonus colour and textural interest to the outfit. The viscose/cotton piece is lightweight – perfect for mild autumn and winter days and the pleather pocket detailing takes the piece up several notches. 

I’ve worked them back with a tan boot – the FRANKiE4 Footwear GEMMA boot – as a way to tie in the pocket detail and contrast and lift the dark foundation pieces of this outfit.

The Model and Me: Eb&Ive autumn-winter 2017

So tell me, is your wardrobe edited and prepped for the season ahead? Looking to add some new layering pieces?

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here. Full disclosure policy here

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