Bohemian Traders waterfall jacket with bronze tassels and distressed denim jeans

3 essential autumn outerwear pieces you need in your wardrobe

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I’m sitting on my couch in the lounge room of our timber Queenslander home. All the windows are open. Wide open.

There is a pleasing light breeze filtering through. I feel it in my feet. Thanks to my dodgy old thyroid, my feet are the barometer from which a judge whether a season has changed or not.

Friends, my feet don’t lie. Autumn is here. Even in south-east Queensland.

Out have come the boots, on have come the jeans and up top I’ve embraced autumn-weight outerwear pieces.

We’re not talking thick, chunky knits and heavy coats here. We’re talking light, outer layers that can work easily over a tee or tank for subtle warmth – layers that can be removed when it heats up during the day and put back on as the sun goes down.

Apart from the delicious feeling of being able to actually add a layer without melting into a sweaty mess, layering in an outfit can create interest.

Just adding one thing to an outfit will achieve that. When that one thing also includes different textures and embellishment, the interest levels rise several notches.

The three essential autumn outerwear pieces you need in your wardrobe are:

1. A relaxed jacket

2. A blazer

3. A shrug or poncho

Relaxed jacket

Think boho, bomber or waterfall, this is the style of jacket you want in your everyday casual wardrobe. Look for a lightweight fabric that has texture, details or pattern and add it over a simple jeans and tee outfit. Suddenly the outfit is transformed.

Bohemian Traders Waterfall jacket with bronze tassels | 3 essential autumn outerwear pieces you need in your wardrobe

Bohemian Traders waterfall jacket with bronze tassels 


Never underestimate the power of a blazer when it comes to taking an outfit from MEH to marvellous. Blazers are my work-from-home, secret wardrobe weapons. I can be in the most casual of outfits, tippity tapping at home on the computer, but, if I have to head out to a meeting, upping my outfit game is as simple as adding a blazer. This season, look for a blazer with detailing like these gold buttons.

Bohemian Traders black blazer | 3 essential autumn outerwear pieces you need in your wardrobe

 Bohemian Traders black blazer


Once you embrace the shrug, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. This piece folds up compactly so it can be tucked into a handbag, at the ready for when an evening cools down. It makes the ultimate travel companion because it’s lightweight but super warm and cosy. Style-wise, you can wear this shrug a multitude of ways, simply by positioning it on different angles, once placed around your neck. When it really cools down, loop it to the front to create a neck-warming scarf. Choose a knit fabric in a natural fibre such as merino or cashmere for breathability and warmth.

Everyday Cashmere shrug | 3 essential autumn outerwear pieces you need in your wardrobe

Everyday Cashmere shrug

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  1. I love that shrug/poncho/wrap, whatever you want to call it! I bought this one a few years ago after seeing it on you and I can’t praise it highly enough. It goes with everything and more often than not I’ll throw it in my bag just in case. I’ve travelled with it, worn it to work and kids weekend sports! It goes with smart work clothes just as easily as jeans and boots! LOVE IT! Thanks for introducing me to it Nikki.

  2. good choices thankyou nikki!
    each one being versatile!
    glad it is cooler for you now!
    I’ve had the boots on and the cardi, but not a jacket yet!… I live in shirts!
    today is warm here! … we are off to perth next month and I think they have it warmer than us!
    not over packing though!;)) … my mantra is KISSHWEETHEART!
    have a good one hun!much love m

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