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Win one of three autumn-winter 2017 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe memberships

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I’m a big believer in getting the most out of your existing wardrobe and only shopping in a conscious way when it comes to updating each fashion season.

If you need a little helping hand in getting organised and getting sorted for the autumn-winter 2017 fashion season, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program is back to give you a clear style road map for the season ahead (launching on Thursday, March 30).

I feature a lot of mini capsule wardrobes here on the blog throughout the year but my Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe program is designed to be an adaptable wardrobe blueprint for the entire season.

In a nutshell, the autumn-winter 2017, six-week online style program is based on a 30-piece capsule wardrobe that can be adapted for any lifestyle, budget, shape, size or age. I’ll show you how.

You are helped to “shop” your wardrobe for alternatives to my suggestions and I’ll have links to buy for those wanting to mindfully update their wardrobes with a solid plan.

For the first time, 20 of the 30 pieces in the capsule will be available for sale in the Styling You Shop (also launching on March 30).

I’m also hands-on in the dedicated Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Facebook group supporting this program, taking you through each day’s outfit suggestions and being there to personally answer your specific style questions.

It’s like having your own personalist stylist on speed dial. 

Win 1 of 3 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe memberships | Styling You

Here’s what some of the spring-summer 2016 participants thought of the program …

Thank you for creating the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe. I liked how we were able to adapt the suggested pieces to suit what we may already have or find alternatives to suit budgets, lifestyles and tastes. I feel like I have a really great wardrobe for the season where I have so many combinations I can put together. I have loved the Facebook group as I felt really safe posting outfits and it was really lovely to receive such positive comments from those within the group and gain ideas from others. – Leanne

I have loved watching and learning  from everyone who took part. It has made me look at my wardrobe in a completely new way and try new things that I have only looked at but thought “not for me”. – Jane

Thanks for running the program. I have loved it and I have been pushed to try clothes and combinations I would never have tried. The community has been so supportive, I have not seen any negative comments and I feel that encouragement helps everybody’s confidence grow. I have enjoyed seeing how everybody has adapted the capsule to suit their style, shape and climate. – Debbie

Win 1 of 3 autumn-winter 2017 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe memberships

THREE Styling You readers will win a six-week membership to autumn-winter 2017 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. Each membership is valued at $99.

To enter, answer the question below, leaving your response in the comments:

How would an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership help your unlock your style this season?

Entries open Friday, March 17 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Friday, March 24 at midnight (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. Photos can be uploaded with your comment. The winner will be contacted via email and their name will be published here. Full terms and conditions here.

To be first in the know about the launch of the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online program, make sure you’re signed up to the Styling You email list and mark your diaries now.

Comments 103

  1. After living 21 years in regional Western Australia putting family, work and community and social commitments first, I’ve now moved right across the country with my new husband to make a fresh start in Queensland and have a total re-set and lifestyle change. I’ve shredded my wardrobe in the big move, and what I do have left is hardly stylish, up to date or flattering. I have curves, I have boobs, I’ve got hips and I’m a new young nana, I don’t want to look frumpy and faded! Show me how to be fabulous instead! Encapsulate me in your capsule xxx

  2. I’ve just gone back to University after a very long break. I started six years ago and had two children. Now I’m at home with children and studying I fear my wardrobe may turn into filthy tracky daks, and daggy t-shirt. Plus I’m 44 so I’m really want need to learn how to stay stylish for my age, instead of turning into a frumpy old mum. It would be great if you could help me and I can sort through that too big wardrobe I have.

  3. After participating in the last capsule program, I know how amazing it is to pop on an outfit that’s easy, comfy and stylish to dash out the door, and be complimented on how stylish you look. Some days a compliment like that can make your day, week or month, when a lot of life is overwhelming, but your wardrobe is sorted. I would love to be able to participate again and continue my transition from ordinary (on the fashion front) to extraordinary – I love to feel fabulous in my clothes and it definitely contributes to feeling fabulous in my own skin!

  4. I’ve just moved house, for the second time in 14 months (yes, it’s painful). I have clothes in my wardrobe, in boxes and bags. I’m sharing a wardrobe with my 14 year old daughter and there is just no room to put things I don’t really need. I’ve carried this stuff around and around, it’s not working! I wear the few things I’ve bought with knowledge I’ve picked up from your website and that’s all really. The other ‘stuff’ has to go, but I’m afraid if I get rid of it in case I really do have nothing to wear. I’m so ready to go Ultimate Capsule!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness I really need this!! Most of the time I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! I have no idea anymore how to dress for my shape. I have too much shape and I just don’t know how to put it all together these days (since children!!!). It was so much easier when it was just a corporate and a party wardrobe. Wrap dress, dress up or down. With heels and a bit of bling. Now it’s school Mum, school teacher, soccer Mum and partner. A lot of Mum… with the occasional partner dinner thrown in – which completely throws me! What the heck does one wear to dinner with hubby’s work colleagues???? All the clothes I had before children have slowly been tossed out and new but not really ‘me’ added. Am I boho? Sporty Spice? Def Mummsie without the Yummsie. Please help Nikki.

  6. I value the sense of security and poise that accompanies being well groomed. The days I get it right contribute to feeling positive about who I am. However, I often feel like I’m just muddling through with my wardrobe. That makes me vulnerable. Not to mention my “morning angst” over what to wear – a sensation I would really like to jettison from my life permanently! I seem to wear some items to exhaustion, but also waste money on impractical buys. I’ve been following Styling You for several years now and I’m convinced the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe will provide me with the blueprint I need to become shop savvy, unflappable and consistently stylish!

  7. I look at others and think, Oh their clothes look good. How did they put that outfit together? Where did they get those clothes? I never would have thought of putting those items together. Did I miss something along the way when it comes to styling, especially with accessories? I’m hoping Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe will unlock the answer some of these questions and enhance my style.

  8. We have just had 3 month notice that our son is getting married in Tuscany in Italy in June! I need help on ….well everything really! How to pack and put together a stylish combination of things that work well together being the Aussie tourist one day and the mother of the groom the next !!

  9. I’m 50 this year
    and have lots of gear
    just no idea
    how to look polished and sincere
    need some assistance to be
    the best i can be

  10. I’m old enough to know
    better, but I don’t have a clue

    Apart from saying I wear
    lots of blue.

    Don’t want to look frumpy, don’t
    want to look old

    Or that my fashion sense is
    out in the cold

    As I writer I work in my
    Pj’s all day,

    Knowing that there has to be a better way.

    So Nikki I’m asking for
    your inspired touch,

    Guidance appreciated— thank
    you so much!

  11. Like a lot of mom’s after having children, my body has changed shape and at the moment I struggle. My boys are still young so over the ‘mom uniform’, jeans, kid proof coloured tops and sneakers. Help please Nikki. I enjoy your blog and styling your’re ‘so real’ and stylish. Have a great weekend. Thanks, Bron

  12. As a Darwin girl when traveling down south you can feel like your clothes are from the winter dark ages. You know ‘winter is coming’ yet you don’t want to spend a fortune on random winter gear you’ll only wear occasionally. Winning the Ultimate capsule wardrobe membership would ensure that I can have a versatile capsule that can take me on my travels down south (or to the cinemas in the dry!!) feeling hip and hot whether it’s winter or not!

  13. Hi Nikki I have a very full wardrobe yet never have anything to wear & in spite of having lots of clothes I wear the same few things all the time. I have no clue how to make the most of what I have so I buy more in the hope I will have some new outfits. I desperately need help. I would love to look as stylish as you.

  14. I’m a singer and I’m constantly looking for classy new clothes to wear on stage, something that looks great on and stands out.

  15. I have an incidental wardrobe of clothes, Other people’s hand me downs and little I chose.
    I dress for practicality and know little of style,
    I used to have some clue but now its been quite a while!
    I have recently tossed out a lot of my junk, Minimised the frump and want to maximise the spunk!
    Now I’m ready and wanting to bring my sexy back,
    I know Styling You can help me, because you have the knack!

  16. The ultimate capsule wardrobe membership would unlock my style by taking my fashion sense to the next level!(actual complement after the last capsule)I love that the outfits can be dressed up or down and are occasion appropriate and fit so well into my lifestyle. Its just a win win !

  17. Hello dear Nikki, please, please help me,
    I’m a very style-less mother of three.
    My current wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired
    With most of it dated, looking drab and tired.
    I have hung onto clothes from 2003
    In the vain hope that one day they will AGAIN fit me.
    Shopping never happens unless I am desperate
    I’m always trying to lose weight before I let spending
    I have always been shapely, if you consider boobs and hips
    Though I’m more pear shaped these days with very thin lips!
    So dear dear Nikki please don’t ignore my plea
    I need your wise guidance to address my style spree!

  18. Hi Nikki, you could definitely help me with your Ultimate Wardrobe capsule. Listening to you on Facebook talk about the invisible woman, I feel age ( at 42) is not such an issue but my size is when going into shops. Being a size 16-18 now and the biggest I have ever been I am finding it very difficult to find my “style”. Would love your help and guidance for my body challenges.

  19. Having recently returned to a corporate office after more than a decade away from this environment, I’ve noticed that the boring old rules are gone and personality is present in workwear, yay! I’d love your help Nikki to show me how I can transform my (most likely unappreciated) wardrobe to be fun and office appropriate at once. Pretty please?!

  20. I am an impulse shopper buying things that I like but when I get home and try them with other items in my wardrobe I am disappointed with my purchase. Hence I am the cliché person of a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. So I desperately need help from your program.

  21. I have an 8 week old baby and am lucky enough to fit back into pre pregnancy clothes howevervthey feel outdated and need some new additions. I’d love some help with a capsule wardrobe.

  22. Just today I started a 12 week fitness and nutrition program I have just done the 45 minute workout. It’s 32 degrees today and I ended up a puddle on the floor. In 12 weeks time my group has decided that we will celebrate with a night out together and we will all wear a new dress! I am paying for the fitness program so can’t afford a new drew but hopefully by them I will have lost some weight and be for and will look at my wardrobe with new eyes. This ultimate capsule program will give me the ideas and confidence to combine my clothes in differently ways

  23. On top of years of living with a severe congenital heart condition, plus other chronic health issues, I was dealt the blow of getting breast cancer almost 2 years ago and I am currently awaiting further biopsy results. I have always been a positive person who sees the glass half full, and, I always look for the good in all situations and seek humour to help with difficult situations, but I have to admit, at the moment I have really reached my limit, and feel quite down on myself. Part of living with a mastectomy and heart surgery scarring means you have to rethink your clothing and what you can wear that is age appropriate (I’m 50) and also is stylish yet comfortable and that you feel confident in. I would love to win a membership for the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe as i really feel like I have lost my mojo and would really appreciate some help to feel good about myself again. Thanks, I’m not normally someone who vents about my health……just having one of those moments. 🙂

  24. I am guilty of buying clothing that l take a fancy too without considering whether l have something l can wear with it. Hence l have a full wardrobe but it consists of lots of pieces that l don’t know how to work together.

  25. I’ve never in my life been a stylish person when it comes to clothes. I’ve been lucky a few times with some clothing pieces that were amazing and suited me well, but after having children and gaining a new body shape, I’m at a loss when it comes to looking and feeling good. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would not only unlock my style, it would give me a sense of direction and hopefully a newfound love for my post baby body. I love what my body has done in terms of giving me my amazing babies, now I just want to show it off in the most flattering way 🙂

  26. Unlock my style? I have more chance unlocking Pandoras Box! I don’t have a style, I am adrift in an ocean of stylelessness……..I have no clue and no idea where to start. SOS. I am tired of looking like a frump.

  27. I just moved to Australia last year and honestly, I’ve been pretty carefree about dressing and never realised how important it is to create the image that you want to present to the world. I’ve recently taken up a new corporate job and like they say – “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” I’m trying now to read blogs like yours and even got your book and it’s really helped me so far to gather some basic pieces that I think work well for me and I feel comfortable. The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe will help me fill in the gap and buy pieces that would really go well to suit my body shape. Also, I’m always confused about what to shop when I go into the mall. I buy random stuff, come home and I feel I shouldn’t have bought this. (like I’m not confident wearing skirts but I would love too) I think your workshop will help me choose wisely and buy stuff that suits my body shape. I love your Insta posts and I often try to style myself using your tips. It’s helped me heaps. Thanks 🙂

  28. I would absolutely love and adore the chance to find out my style using the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe, somedays awesome comments on my style; the next………donuts, nothing and as you know, I think I’m rocking it out!! Clearly not and clearly guidelines are in order.. so that’s where you come in. Thanks heaps xx

  29. Hi Nikki
    I’ve got many clothes in my wardrobe but still don’t know what to wear every day. It was much easier when I was working..wearing work clothes as such. I am 60s and like to dress smart/ casual and look nice every day. Love the opportunity to look at outfits I can wear every day and look smart. I’ve purchased your pieces before. Thanks Wendy

  30. As I don’t particularly like Autumn or Winter (I hate the cold) I’ve always struggled with my A/W wardrobe. I’ve just turned 40, “me time” with three little boys is at an all time low and am feeling particularly frumpy so I’d love a chance to unlock my style

  31. I have always struggled with autumn/winter clothing choices in the south-east Qld climate. I love the rich, warm colours of the clothing that is released during the cooler months and the chunky knitwear and coats that our southern cousins wear on a daily basis! But I have always found it difficult to incorporate autumn/winter colours and clothing items into my wardrobe to match with existing pieces and to get the most versatility from them. Usually, I buy a few pieces and they just sit there all season because it is either too hot to wear them, or they only match one or two items so I don’t maximise my use of them. My aim during the ultimate capsule wardrobe challenge would be to incorporate some new pieces from the Styling You Shop that will help me extend my wardrobe and look stylish with my existing pieces but which are also practical and versatile for the south east Qld climate.

  32. The ultimate capsule wardrobe would be the boost my autumn/winter wardrobe needs. I basically missed this season last year as I travelled around Australia for the year chasing the sun with my hubby and three kids. We lived in shorts and t-shirts for a year! My winter clothes are stilled packed away in boxes and they definitely need a refresh and update! Some styling you help is the boost my wardrobe needs.

  33. I’m now in my 4th straight year of the pregnant/breastfeeding/pregnant again/breastfeeding cycle. The ultimate capsule wardrobe online program will help me tackle a wardrobe that’s had very few new items added in 5 years and teach me how to dress for my new shape – previously great boobs flat stomach, now flat boobs rounded belly. I’m lost!

  34. Because my current mismatch assortment of clothing does not work for me!!! I have a very full wardrobe but wear the same few items over and over because I can never find anything else that’s suitable and/or I want to wear. I need to be more planned about my wardrobe investments so I have better options that I love to wear. Please help me Nikki cx

  35. A capsule wardrobe would help me unlock my style. I know what I like to wear but it seems when i put an outfit together I still get it wrong. I love fashion and looking good but it never seems to work. I have just turned 50 and I want to wear clothes that will allow me to feel good no matter what I wear.

  36. A capsule wardrobe would help me with minimising the amount of clothes I have in my wardrobe by providing interchangeable and stylish outfits that I can just throw on each day. I have so many things that just don’t go with anything else and so many things that I keep holding into that I can’t part with. I would love to have the knowledge and tools to buy quality items that work well for all occasions and last longer than a season. Thanks x

  37. A capsule wardrobe would help me with minimising the amount of clothes I have in my wardrobe by providing an interchangeable and stylish outfits that I can just throw in each day. I have so many things that just don’t go with anything else and so many things that I keep holding into that I can’t part with. I would live to have the knowledge and tools to buy quality items that work well for all occasions. Thanks x

  38. I love all the bright colours of summer but have a hard time styling myself for the Autumn/Winter season. I just had my 61st birthday last week and would love to find a ‘New’ Me!! both for working in an office & for having fun on the weekends!

  39. Like Nikki I’m celebrating a milestone birthday this year (although my number is larger than Nikki’s) and I’m keen to enter this new decade with more self-belief in my style and I know that if I’m happy and confident with my style that confidence will radiate through other areas of my life.

  40. An ultimate capsule wardrobe membership would help me style what I already have in my wardrobe and help with pieces to add to make my wardrobe more user friendly..))

  41. A year ago I moved from being a kindy director to a corporate role. My sandpit suitable clothes no longer suit my job and I’m pretty lost as to what to wear to suit my shape and style. Having a range of clothes to reflect both my personality and responsibilities, that I can trust to look ‘put together’ and polished in would help me feel more confident and stylish.

  42. There is a monster in my wardrobe help me tame it please. I’m tired of feeling like it’s overwhelming me. Why can’t I be fabulous at it like Nikki she makes it seem so easy! I get all inspired and start but then become confused and creep away.

  43. I am in desperate need of help! I am a timepoor, FIFO Wife who has just returned to work after having my second child. I need to build a wardrobe that can take me – with confidence- from the boardroom to playdates and back again AND cope with a s l o w weight loss program as I shed post-baby kilos. The thought of dragging two kids to the shops fills me with dread: Nicky, please help!!

  44. I need to fall in love again with my post children body. I’m tired of leggings and oversized shapeless t shirts being the only things I wear. Since following your blog I have bought a few quality pieces that when I put on make me feel like a strong attractive women again. The Ultimate Capsule wardrobe will help me carry on building on my wardrobe so I can finally throw out those leggings and T shirts!!

  45. I buy lots of clothes… but only wear them for a few times or a season. Then I have to start again the next year. I would love to learn how to build my wardrobe that it can cover all occasions (work, school pick up, going out for dinner, casual) and have some confidence in what I wear.

  46. A shopaholics rhyme…

    As women we wear skirts,heels and dresses.

    Primp and preen and colour or tresses.

    My side of the wardrobe is full to the brim, my poor husband there is no room for him.

    Be gone all you useless show ponies,as now I see you ARE really the gorgeous fonies.

    In with the mix and match, oh what a fantastic plan to hatch.

    Please help me learn how to shop and style, and make the most of what I already own for a while.

  47. Having an ultimate capsule wardrobe would give me the confidence of knowing that I always have an outfit that looks great, is comfortable and suits me. It would encourage me to wear nicer things than my “uniform” of yoga leggings and tee, which I tend to live in as I work from home giving massages. I’m caught in a rut of not being sure what suits me, due to putting on a few stubborn kilos, and with 50 looming on the not-so-distant horizon. So having great clothes would really give me a boost 🙂

  48. It will help me to feel “put together”! Do you know what I mean? Others just seem to look so good and I feel like a shambles.

  49. I am a first time mum to my gorgeous 7 month old son. Since I fell pregnant my wardrobe has been all over the shop: first larger sizes, then maternity wear and currently breastfeeding friendly clothing. I feel really stale and mumsy! I don’t have the time anymore to read up on what is fashionable and where to buy hot button items. I NEED your help to get back on trend Nikki & I think the autumn/winter capsule wardrobe has my name written all over it! Please send help!

  50. in the last year of my 50s and I find myself wearing the same things over and over….even with other choices my cupboard. Help me hit 60 with a style that is me…the fabulous me 🙂

  51. I’ve been feeling so blah about my wardrobe lately. I work part-time in an environment that’s fairly corporate (but also have to do casual Friday) and then spend the rest of the time working from home and can where whatever (which ends up being super casual t-shirts and yoga pants for ease). I’m taller and curvy and feel like I default to the same few things and styles. I’ve been reading about capsule wardrobes and have tried winnowing mine down but then it’s just less of the clothes I’m not that excited by. Would love to be able to explore and refine my style more and know what to buy and push myself a bit to try new things and doing it in the company of others who are also having the some problems would be fantastic!

  52. I’ve had to radically change my style after having realised that the years I’ve spent in heels has ended in a chronic injury. I find myself being really unsure about how to dress in separates and flats whilst maintaining a really professional look. This course would help me work that out. And I’d love to see the journeys of others to help inspire them and me. Thanks for the chance to win Nikki – very kind.

  53. Since becoming a mum 7 years ago I have completely lost my mojo and sense of style. I really don’t enjoy shopping anymore but also don’t like to see myself in all my daggy clothes that were fashionable almost a decade ago! I’m in a catch 22 and winning an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership might just unlock my style!

  54. Despite my best intentions this year, I have found no joy with konmari, it just made me depressed and overwhelmed. But I am determined to go on and I will minimise body, household possessions and wardrobe! Eventually. An ultimate capsule wardrobe is surely the inspiration I need….

  55. It would be amazing to have the keys to build a workable yet individual wardrobe this season. I’m daydreaming already about the freedom of enjoying getting dressed and having the confidence to show my personality through what I’m wearing! Help me unlock my style and unlock some fun. Thankyou 🙂

  56. I am in a fasion rut
    In need of a style and cut
    These legging are no good
    My jumpers all have hoods
    I need some style and grace
    To put a smile back on my face 🙂

  57. I have waaay too many clothes and wear just a fraction of them! I wear the same clothes to work, on the weekends and out to dinner. I would love some help to define my style, de-clutter my wardrobe and purchase the perfect capsule wardrobe pieces. Thanks Nikki!

  58. I’m a Mum of three and shift worker so time and money are short. I’ve also lost around 70kg over the past three years and suddenly have so many options for clothes but absolutely zero idea how to put them together. I LOVED the spring/summer capsule and can’t wait to fill my wardrobe with autumn/winter clothes that fit, work together and save me time thinking about what to wear in the morning.

  59. As a mum of a 3 and 1yo and just getting back into the workforce, this would probably change my life haha! I haven’t shopped for myself in years and feel SO incredibly out of the fashion loop, eek!

  60. As I approach the later half of my 40’s I’m finding it’s time to update my style to reflect being in my fun 40’s! I have recently lost 20kg and am still continuing my health journey (which you inspire to do Nikki) and I need help to find a style that suits me now. I’ve also made the grown up decision that quality is better than quantity. It’s so easy to just fill your wardrobe with pieces that are cheap but most of the time they don’t last. I also want to be a bit of style icon for my teenage daughter (ha ha big ask I know). I tend to focus the clothing budget on her and I just wear whatever – in saying that though she is the most fabulous daughter who even when I ask, always tells me I look nice. Thank you Nikki for being fabulous and for helping those of us who need to project their inner fabulosity to the outside world.

  61. As I approach the later half of my 40’s I’m finding it’s time to update my style to reflect being in my fun 40’s! I have recently lost 20kg and am still continuing my health journey (which you inspire to do Nikki) and I need help to find a style that suits me now. I’ve also made the grown up decision that quality is better than quantity. It’s so easy to just fill your wardrobe with pieces that are cheap but most of the time they don’t last. I also want to be a bit of style icon for my teenage daughter (ha ha big ask I know). I tend to focus the clothing budget on her and I just wear whatever – in saying that though she is the most fabulous daughter who even when I ask, always tells me I look nice. Thank you Nikki for being fabulous and for helping those of us who need to project their inner fabulosity to the outside world.

  62. I need to get out of wrap dresses as my staple – but I just don’t know how to wear pants!! I’d love some advice and tips on how to dress my hourglass shape, and the UCW membership would be a great place to ‘wear the pants’ 🙂

  63. Each year, when the dreaded cooler weather comes, I jump up a few kilos, and the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help me to unlock my style so I can look on trend during these cooler months. I always tend to go for the safe and comfy options, but would love to feel better about myself during these dreary months. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

  64. I’ve accidently had a capsule wardrobe for nearly 4 months. We packed to move, move was delayed by 4 weeks, boxes got misplaced.. etc etc. Ive loved my accidental capsule, but 4 months with no shorts has shown me that I need some help being coordinated. I’m too scared to unpack my clothes. Help me please!

  65. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Membership, would inspire me to be more adventurous with my dressing… I feel I am a very safe/classic style dresser, and I am sure i would be surprised with the results if I stepped outside my comfort zone… plus.. I find the whole Styling YOu community so uplifting and inspiring!!!

  66. I would love to win the online style program to help me with my big wardrobe of clothes that do not get utilised well!! Help to sort it out, what goes with what and just the styles that suit me, would make a huge difference to how I spend my money. Living in the bush and buying most clothes online also makes it difficult to match up clothing. I couldn’t think of anything better than having help to sort it all out.

  67. I’ve never really had a style, and as I’m now in my early 40s I’m realising that my wardrobe is a hodgepodge of clothes that are either way too young for me, or else make me feel like a grandma. I’m studying and am on a limited budget, so any tips about how to look good for minimal cost will always be greatly appreciated.

  68. I am a 10 months away from turning 50 and it scares the life out of me. I spend a lot of time at home and end up wearing very daggy home clothes, I have slowly lost my confidence and when I do go out, even if it is just to the shops for groceries, I over analyse what I am wearing, and have that awful conversation in my head, that I look like a frump, feel like a frump, old fashioned, not good enough. I have recently done a clean out of my closet and have donated heaps of clothes to Salvos and would love to have create a capsule wardrobe for autumn/winter. I always do enjoy reading your blog and I have used many of your beauty tips and they have worked a treat, so I know your Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Program will be just what I need.

  69. I am in a slump with my midlife middle lump
    Hot flushes,midnight sweats and weight gain that drives me insane!
    to tell you the truth I am over it!
    I need some help to organise my wardrobe just a bit..
    Find the inner glow so I can get back my mojo 🙂

  70. With two young children and working full time, I need all the help I can get! I’m still coming to terms with my post-baby body and very little in my wardrobe that makes me feel stylish. I’m sure this due to lack of creativity rather than not having anything to wear.

  71. It’s time to reinvent myself at 50!!! A big milestone deserves a big change. I have been working hard on my health and fitness. Now it’s time for a wardrobe to match. I want to be Fifty, Fabulous, Confident and Proud of who I am and how far I have come. I want to be challenged and I’m not afraid to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I know the Ultimate Style Capsule would do just that!!

  72. As a lazy girl’s approach to ethical shopping, I haven’t shopped anywhere but an op shop/garage sale in about 3 years. While this means I don’t have to research supply chains for the brands I buy, it also means that I get sucked into buying almost anything (ted baker velvet jacket that *almost* fits or bright blue country road shorts for $5 – bargain!). So I think this fabulous program ultimate capsule wardrobe program could really help me tame my crazy wardrobe into a set of outfits that work together and work for me!

  73. I have soooooo many clothes but still buy more thinking all the time that I really need this to go with that 🙁 unfortunately I am lost and drowning in clothes some never worn still looking for my style .. Help please

  74. Getting it right in retirement is the most difficult phase of all. The corporate world had a ‘uniform’ which made it easy. Retirement doesn’t tend to have a style guide and I would love to have your help to finesse my personal style within a budget. There is a huge market out there in my age group, it would be great to inspire them to look and feel their best ❤

  75. I am too ‘corporate’. My workplace is relaxed but I keep on wearing a blouse, jacket and a black skirt everyday because I feel ‘safe’ like a jniform. Then, I feel like I don’t have anything to wear when I meet my friends casually. I may have things for classic concert (ie formal) but not sure what to wear if I’m going out with girlfriends for a coffee or non classical gig! My life has been too much about work and now that I have work-life balance, not aure what to wear!

  76. I desperately need a makeover of my wardrobe since returning to my corporate job from maternity leave ! This would help so much thanks

  77. I need Styling You’s Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe program to show me how to co-ordinate clothing I already have in my wardrobe and to fill in the gaps with new items.

  78. I have so many pieces in my cupboard that I never wear because they just don’t feel right, would love someone to show me how to dress for my body and hopefully I can learn and pass on the knowledge to my daughters so they do not become a short and singlets wearer like me 🙁

  79. This competion has come at a great time Nikki. Firstly I want to thank you for your tips from Confessions of a Reformed Over-Packer. We have just returned from a 3week Cruise/holiday to Singapore and I followed all of your suggestions. I was able to stay under the 20kg bag weight as well as have all the outfits and accessories/make up I needed for this time away.
    Now onto The Ultimate 30 piece Capsual Wardrobe Challenge. This would be the best thing for me at the moment as I am trying so hard to minimalise in every way and to be more mindful & happy with who I am and for who/what I have around me. I would love to be one of the lucky winners on this amazing adventure. Xx

  80. I am terrible at shopping as I just can’t work out what suits me and my shape. What I am drawn to in the shops ultimately looks terrible on and I therefore leave the shops feeling like a failure, with no purchases in hand. I need direction and guidance to find comfprtable, affordable style and feel great again!

  81. I would love to win a place in the online styling program. I spend way too much on clothes that really do not suit me. They are expensive pieces just taking up wardrobe space. I live in a regional town with not a lot of choice as far as clothes go. I really need help with dressing in great style with clothes that suit.i also live in an all male household so there is not a lot of style advice that can be taken from there

  82. As I head towards my late 30’s, I’m finally emerging from the baby/young children phase and I’m feeling completely lost. I work full time and I try to be young and hip but I often feel like it’s really not working, at all! I end up buying cheap pieces of clothing that last a few wears before shrinking and becoming so out of shape that I end up right back to where I started. I’d love to know how to really embrace me and to build up a wardrobe capsule that could take me from work to nights out while really allowing me to find my style again.

  83. I would absolutely love to win a membership!!! Ihad a gorgeous baby 3 months ago and would now love to refill my wardrobe with clothes that look great, flatter my new curves and give me some confidence back. I currently get really down and upset every time I have to get dressed to leave the house as nothing fits and going to the shops to find new things and try them on is not easy.

  84. Since May 2016, I have had a total of 6 operations after a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. Due to having lots of complications, I have at least 1 more surgery…which should make me look ‘normal’. As you can imagine, all of this has changed my body shape so much and of course, I’m still working on my body image and sense of self after all the trauma – not just the trauma of cancer and the treatment over the years, but all these surgeries too. Suffice to say, I could really do with some wardrobe help and am desperate to find my new style. After having the one body shape for so many years and then at 47 to suddenly have a completely different shape, it really stuffs around your sense of what suits you and what doesn’t. That’s why I need your help Nikki, so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin again 🙂 xx

  85. I have inally retired and now my wardrobe of “business” clothes doesn’t fit my new more casual lifestyle. I know some of these expensive well made clothes will do the job but how to adapt them to my new Smart casual lifestyle and fully laid back style while we travel in our caravan is a real puzzle. Not only that my friends and family have me pegged ” oh that is a Sharyn dress!” Help!

  86. Last winter, I weighed 107 kg and wore black from the ‘plus sized’ shops. This winter, I will weigh under 70kg and for the first time in my adult life, be shopping in the rest of the clothes stores. The idea of colour excites me, and I’m even looking forward to buying some ‘investment’ pieces. But I need help- I dont even know what suits my shape. Here’s a before and after pic…

  87. Living in the middle of bum truck nowhere as our friend Miss Chardy says I do a lot of online shopping. Having recently spent the last 3 years pregnant or feeding I’m now at a loss with sizing and what to wear that gets me back to being me. Add in farming duties and sometimes I feel like a homeless person. I need help. I like that capsule wardrobes takes the stress out of decisions in the morning and give me 5 extra mins to do so hair and whack on a lippy. They worked for me in my former life lol. Keen to see this autum winter one Nikki

  88. Style? What’s that? I’m in an ‘in between’ rut – I’m not in my 20’s anymore but I don’t know how to dress like a mid 30 year old, I’ve stopped work for a while and am back at Uni doing a professional Masters but can’t seem to find the right mix of professional and comfortable wear, and I’m a busy mum of a 2 year old struggling to find the right easy care outfits. I recently downsized my massive wardrobe full of cheap, ill-fitting, unflattering clothes and put myself on a shopping ban to force myself to ‘shop my wardrobe’, but I don’t know how to put any of it together… I need help!!!!!!

  89. I’m just a girl standing in front of my full wardrobe with nothing to wear! So many clothes yet so few options. I need Styling You’s Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe program to show me how to make my clothes work smarter and help me look fabulous every day.

  90. Fast approaching the big 6-0 and having just found my mojo, I have a new job working with a charity around work ready clothing. The dressers are stylish ladies and I feel frumpy next to them. Style guidance would give radiance I am sure and Nikki provides the lure

  91. To be styled for the next seasons by your capsule wardrobe is a wonderful dream. I have been on a self discovery ‘style’ journey in the last 2 years but often still feel out of my depth in truly unlocking my style. To know that ‘this really goes with this…’ would be empowering and a real treat. Putting my wellbeing on my ‘to do’ list will include a few new purchases that lift my style spirits anyway…so many thanks for the guidance from styling you 🙂

  92. I have a new job and have recently lost a bit of weight, it’s all happening for me except on the style front, I’m keen to update my style and the ultimate capsule wardrobe is just what I need, thank you

  93. I am a confessed shopaholic, yet I seem to buy one off pieces and it seems nothing really ties in with my wardrobe. Impulse buys are my downfall. So it would be good to learn to streamline my spending, how to put things together and at the end of it actually have something to wear when I go out!

  94. I am fifty and feel frumpy! In a time where I should feel empowered and confident in my own skin (and clothing choices), I instead worry that I am ‘dressing my age’. I find myself stuck in a clothing rut and will buy clothing that doesn’t suit me or my lifestyle. The ultimate capsule wardrobe seems like a great way for me to organise my life, feel confident in my choices, and update my wardrobe with on-trend pieces with the encouragement and support of an on-line community of women who feel the same way.

  95. I really like the phrase ‘mindfully update their wardrobe’. I haven’t been buying anything lately clothing wise. Trying to lose weight, which is happening nicely. My wardrobe has hit a stand still, wearing the same things constantly plus uniform for work. Blah. Great competition Nikki. Have a good weekend x

  96. I am recently semi retired from a school based job to a seasonal retail position with a uniform, Consequently my wardrobe now seems full of items that I never wear but I don’t know where to start to re-vamp for my now totally different lifestyle. I don’t seem to be able to de-clutter and have items in there I haven’t worn in years ( and some that I never have! ) The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe will help me to simplify my clothing choices for everyday.

  97. My closet is something out of a hoarder’s to show! I have things in there that are over 20 years old. I wear scrubs at work which leaves me frustrated having to choose something to wear when I go out ( I have been known to wear said scrubs when not going to work as it’s too difficult to know where to start on an outfit) I’m sure if I had less in the closet the choice would be easier, but I can’t seem to make a start on it, I’m not sure what to keep and what to get rid of. I don’t have anyone to advise me ” no that looks terrible ” or ” yes ok , that works” I need to be ruthless and unburden myself so I can confidently pick an outfit without having a minor style meltdown. Thanks for listening 🙂

  98. I’ve recently bought a house with my fiancé so everything is done on a budget now. The ultimate capsule wardrobe will make me feel like I’m wearing something new everyday.

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