The hottest colours of autumn-winter 2017

These are the hottest fashion colours for autumn-winter 2017

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As I wandered around Toowong Village shopping centre yesterday prepping for my style workshop in the centre, I fell in love, over and over again, with the hottest fashion colours for autumn-winter 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not plan on letting go my life-long love affair with black, it’s just that this season’s colours seem so fresh and abundant.

They seem to be saying, “I know you love wearing your tried and true neutral basics, but why don’t you just live a little and have a little fun with me?”

There is a colour or colour range for everyone. If you look at greens, pinks, blues, yellows and reds, there are offerings across each spectrum. Everything from pastels to muted tones to jewelled colours are available. 

This is very good news for those of us who look to mix up their wardrobe each season with a little nod to current trends.

Embracing an on-trend colour or three is the easiest way to take a basics outfit that you might have from last season and make it look modern and fresh.

A new top in a current hue can be all that’s needed to lift a pair of denim jeans to the next level. If you don’t want to dip your toe in too far to a colour trend, opt instead for a scarf or piece of jewellery in that colour.

I’m often asked if I “do” people’s colours. The short answer is no. I don’t believe in rules around fashion. I’m more for you finding change-room confidence when you try something on.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know whether a colour suits you – just by looking at how that colour reflects back on your face.

Another tried and true method in determining what colours are YOUR colours: head into your wardrobe. Check to see if there are one or two accent colours that tend to dominate the line up. If you have multiples in those accent colours, then know that you’re most probably on the money.

Me this season? I’m embracing my feminine side and loving all shades of pink/rose/blush. I’ll always have a soft spot for blue and a deep rose red always gets me super excited.

The hottest fashion colours for autumn-winter 2017

The hottest colours for autumn-winter 2017


Pantone’s colour of the year, greenery, is certainly getting good airplay on the fashion racks. All shades of “greenery” are available, from the muted khaki through to moss, sage and emerald. 

1. Witchery blazer $279.95

2. French connection scarf $49.95

3. Sportscraft necklace $59.99


When this feminine colour includes everything from a nude through to 50 shades of blush (antique rose or musk anyone?), you know you’re in for some special treats this season.

4. Witchery knit $149.95

5. Saba cardigan $149

6. Seed top $149.95


Be still my blue-beating heart. Denim and chambray will always have a place in my wardrobe. As will navy and cobalt but hello, sky blue! You’re looking mighty fine.

7. Uberkate Ring $195

8. Country Road scarf $99.95

9. Witchery blouse $119.95 @ David Jones


It’s not for the faint of heart, poor old yellow. If you can make it work with your skin tone then you are streets ahead in the statement outfit department.

10. Seed scarf $49.95

11. Seed top $119.95


Like a good drop of vino, the reds for autumn-winter 2017 are proving a very good vintage. Whether you want a bright red, a berry or shriaz, there is red for everyone.

12. Witchery top $49.95

13. Saba top $189

So tell me what colours “speak” to you this autumn-winter? What colours will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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Comments 11

  1. I must have known because I already have a mustard print top in my wardrobe that I picked up from H&M only a month or so ago 🙂
    I have fallen for the wine red colour that I saw when I was out shopping last week but hesitated to grab the top I saw, but now that I’ve seen this post, I will be high tailing it to Chermside to add it to my winter wardrobe!

  2. I’m very much a blue,pink,black and white girl. I just love the pretty blue Witchery blouse you have featured above 🙂

  3. I like toowong shopping village nikki!
    i’m like lisa with greens … I too had a green uniform! and yellows make me sallow too! … khaki is ok for me!
    I like blues and reds are good! … that’s if I move away from my black hun!
    much love m:)X

  4. Very happy that we are starting to see some different colours. The last couple of seasons have been full of orange, brown and yellow – all of which don’t suit my skin tone at all.

  5. Some solid choices here! I’ve got tonnes of blue in my wardrobe, but not enough red. I’m aiming to inject a bit more of that colour into my wardrobe (I do have a red coat, so I’m set there), along with emerald green, purples & bright pinks (soft pinks would wash me out I think). The only yellow shade that would work well for me is a lemon yellow & I can’t see that happening until spring.

  6. Gorgeous choices Nikki I’d have to say pinks and blues for me.I hate green (I think it’s from wearing a green uniform at school) yellow makes me look sallow!
    Though hints of khaki are fine.Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend Nikki Xx

    1. Haha Lisa I feel exactly the same way about green and for exactly the same reason!
      Although I will concede that emerald green does look lovely on me and if I ever find a simple top [round or v-neck with short or no sleeves] in an easy care fabric, I will probably add it to my wardrobe 🙂

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