Life's too short for uncomfy undies - get into Bonds Comfytails | Comfytails Midi | Styling You

Life’s too short for uncomfy undies – get into some Bonds Comfytails

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Sponsored by Bonds

It’s not uncommon to see me here on the blog in my swimsuit. But underwear? This was a big step for me.

When Bonds contacted me to see if I’d like to get on board with the Bonds Comfytails Comfy Undies campaign, I hesitated for a minute then gave my inner self critic a strong dressing down. Pun intended.

See, if you’ve been reading Styling You long enough, I’m about championing EVERY woman. Just because a woman is a certain shape, age or size doesn’t mean she’s not interested in looking and feeling the best she can.

I’m far from model-like in proportions – or age. I’m a size 14-16 who’s turning 50 in three months’ time. I don’t let any of those numbers dictate my confidence and I preach that you shouldn’t either.

The thought of being photographed in underwear pushed me outside my comfort zone but I can’t talk peace, love and body confidence without walking the talk, can I?

I immediately got on the phone to the only photographer I’d trust for the job, booked in a spray tan and a pro hair and makeup job, put on my big girls’ pants (there I go again) and just did it.

Life's too short for uncomfy undies - get into Bonds Comfytails | Comfytails Midi | Styling You

Bonds Comfytails midi | Bonds Comfytops tee bra

Big snaps to Bonds for using the gorgeous Kate Bell as their official model for Comfytails. Kate is a 48-years-old yoga teacher. It’s incredibly refreshing to see someone not young enough to be my daughter showcasing an underwear collection aimed at me.

If you’ve been in front of the TV the last couple of weeks you’d have seen the funny ads for Comfytails (you can watch them HERE). I may not have had a pearl g-string back in the day but I did have a smalls’ drawer filled with undies that better resembled dental floss.

What was I thinking? Not only did they create ridiculous VPL (visible panty line) on all outfits excepting jeans but wearing them felt like I was being sawed in two – from the bottom up. Too much information? Sorry.

Now if you took a peak in my smalls’ drawer you’d find wall-to-wall comfort. You’d find a lot of nude underwear (I wear a lot of white and that’s the only colour that works underneath). You’d find a lot of breathable fabrics. And you’d find underwear with minimal or no seaming.

Life's too short for uncomfy undies - get into Bonds Comfytails | Comfytails Side Seamfree Midi | Styling You

Bonds Comfytails side seamfree midi  | Bonds Comfytops tee bra

Life is way too short for uncomfy undies.

The thing is, even though we’re no longer 20 or 30-year-olds willing to wiggle our bottoms into tiny pieces of fabric, we don’t necessarily want to embrace granny pants either.

If you’re with me then you’re going to get excited about the Bonds Comfytails collection. All are made from soft, breathable stretch cotton and no-dig elastics. The fit is comfortable and you can supplement your nude underwear supply with fashionable prints … because life can’t be all beige, can it? And comfort shouldn’t mean sacrificing style.

What I also love is that you can choose the fit that’s right for you. Each Comfytails’ style comes in full, midi, hi leg and bikini fits. Size-wise, depending on the chosen fit, the range is from size 8-18 or 20. Price-wise, they’re $14.95 each – or three for $33. 

Shop Comfytails HERE.

Life's too short for uncomfy undies - get into Bonds Comfytails | Comfytails Midi | Styling You

Bonds Comfytails midi | Bonds Comfytops tee bra

Tips for choosing comfy undies

1. Consider what shape is right for your shape. I’m a midi-to-full kind of undies girl. For this photoshoot I’m wearing all midis. I do like a bit of coverage on my front and back. I’m wide across the hips so when I wear a smaller brief, the proportion between skin and brief is out of whack. 

2. It might work to go up a size from normal. For this photoshoot, I’m wearing size 16. The 14s fit but they don’t sit as smoothly, gripping and creating lumps and bumps that don’t need to be there. There is a fine line between going up a size or not, though. If there’s too much room, your undies will just fall down. You want them to sit smoothly on your skin for comfort and for minimising VPL.

3. Every underwear drawer needs nudes. Yes, beige may not be sexy but if you wear a lot of white or light-coloured clothing then nude underwear is essential. It’s the only colour that won’t show through under white.

4. Have fun with prints. I love jeans’ weather as you can have fun with the the colours and prints you wear under your jeans. You don’t need to worry about show through so go for it.

5. Don’t get hung up about how you THINK you look in underwear. It’s so easy to get caught up in the body comparison game but I say, avoid it. You’ve only got one body, embrace it and feel good in underwear that FEELS good when on.


Thanks to Bonds Comfytails, THREE Styling You readers will be filling their smalls’ drawers with comfy undies. Each winner will win a week’s worth of Comfytails (seven pairs)

To enter, answer the question below, leaving your response in the comments:

What uncomfy undies story or stories can you share with us? 

Entries open Wednesday, March 1 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Wednesday, March 15 at midnight (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. Photos can be uploaded with your comment. The winner will be contacted via email and their name will be published here. Full terms and conditions here.

Life's too short for uncomfy undies - get into Bonds Comfytails | Comfytails Midi | Styling You

Bonds Comfytail midi

Photography: The Photo Pitch

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  1. Hey Nikki. I’ve been wondering where the grey jumper is from that you have on in the last photo! It’s just lovely….

  2. On a very hot humid Queensland day I was dressing to attend an afternoon wedding and attempting to squeeze into my shapewear undies to suck my tummy in a bit under the slim fitting dress I was wearing. Try as I might, I could not get the undies to pull up past my butt. They were stuck and as I was huffing and puffing and by now sweating profusely my husband walked in. He asked “Good God what are you doing”? I explained that the underwear was sticking to my butt, so he helped me pull them up, but not without a lot of effort on his part! He later retold his experience to close friends in helping me into my underwear by saying it was like “squeezing a chicko roll upwards”!!!

  3. MY funny undies story is we are a family of Bonds wearers from way back… in my uni days (nearly 20 years ago) I was living at home with mum, dad and my sister… we all wore black Bonds undies in various styles and designed. Dad had kindly bought in the washing, folded it and placed it on the dining room table for sorting. My sister was running late after class, had a quick shower, changed and rushed out the door to a date. Lucky for her she got luck but when she was disrobing she found that she had accidently grabbed a pair of dad’s Y front black briefs! Apparently the guy couldn’t stop laughing!

  4. My funny (and totally ridiculous) story – I had been dating a new guy for a little while when we went to a black-tie function with a group of friends. I wore a slinky dress that required full-on Bridget Jones undies underneath that went from my waist to my knees, but couldn’t let him see those when we got home after the ball! My friend and I strategised that night and just before we left the ball I gave her my undies to take home (too expensive to chuck out). So the guy thought that I had gone commando all night and my poor friend had to take home my worn undies in her elegant evening bag – what are friends for!? (PS – the guy turned out to definitely not be worth all that effort!)

  5. My funny story – On the third date with my now-husband, we went to a really nice restaurant and I wore my go-to black dress. As it was quite cold weather I wore tights to keep warm and smooth….BUT when we got home afterward, I went into the bathroom, took off the tights, and changed into a little lace thong in case things got interesting. Well, I felt naked under my dress! I was SO uncomfortable and my date thought I was trying to get rid of him with all my squirming and fidgeting! I finally fessed up and went to put on some big girl briefs. All better!

  6. No uncomfy undies stories here as Bonds is all I wear! I usually stick with practical colours (black, nude and white) but I’m loving the print set you’re wearing. Will add that to the collection asap. Thank you for sharing the info and gorgeous photos with us x

  7. I had a pair of undies that unfortunately lost the elastic halfway through the day. It snapped whilst I was on my lunchbreak, which I was completely unaware of until they started to fall down whilst I was walking! I was wearing a skirt at the time so it was a bit of a struggle to keep them on long enough to buy a replacement pair!

  8. Mine was when my nan in the UK took my g-string to a family friend’s dinner party when I was 17 years of age on my gap year! Thankfully I was not present at that dinner party but have never lived it down in the family… another funny story was when I told the family I was excited to pack my thongs to our Spanish Villa getaway, what I really meant was my flip-flops! It is a funny story to look back on indeed! These days being a mum of one, comfort is key and Bonds are the best variety, for prints and plain options. Love the post Nikki! The photos are beautiful. Thanks for empowering all of us ladies! Rach x

  9. My funniest undies story is simply sending my (much younger, trendier) sister to buy me some ‘huge’ undies after my unexpected c-section. Trying to explain that they couldnt sit on the scar/wound and that they were likely to get stained just meant I ended up with a 6 pack of pale purple (granny hair coloured) huge undies about 3 sizes too big because that was all she could find in the stores with self checkout (was too embarrassing to buy such ‘daggy’ undies from a real person).
    Having said all that – they did come in handy for those first few weeks of painful wound.

  10. A few years back hubby and I were to attend a wedding and of course that meant new dress, shoes, jewellery, the works. Except I forgot to consider what was going on underneath. Now I know it’s the brides job to be stressed on the wedding day, but I think I would have out done her on that occasion as I couldn’t find any of my undies to suit my outfit -VPL, too low, too high, too tight, too loose, it was all wrong. Hubby sees my distress and suggests I try a pair of his undies, well boxer shorts to be exact, really? What a surprise they turned out to be, lovely soft microfibre and oh so comfy – tragedy averted and off we went to enjoy a beautiful afternoon and evening. From that day the search has always been on for comfy, pretty, non-granny undies and I can’t wait to try the new Bonds Comfytails.

  11. With chronic back pain I’ve discovered the hard way breathable, soft undies are a must,
    Bonds has since become the only comfy brand I trust.
    Recently attending a wedding I chose to wear under my dress a control-top/body constricting number,
    But it wasn’t too long before I realised my awful knicker blunder.
    Tight, itchy, sweaty and causing painful back spasms this undergarment was a true torture device,
    So a week’s supply of Bonds Comfytails would be oh so nice!

  12. You look amazing Nikki!
    I love my comfy undies or ” granny pants” as I call them I will never go back to uncomfortable undies.
    When I was first working I hated bras so as soon as I got off the bus I’d unhook my bra and whip it out through the armholes,every single day! I’d get home and my Mum used to peek in my bag and say ” Lisa you took your Bra off in the street again!!” She’d shake her head and say I hope the neighbors didn’t see.

  13. I’m sure there have been many undie fails over the years but most memorably last year I was on the cancelation list for a local (works two doors away from me) skin specialist. I guess it was always going to happen that I get “the call” on the day I’m wearing my (for want of a better word) ‘horrible’ control top nude Bridget Jones pants! Thankfully the Dr was super professional and didn’t even comment on my beetroot red embarrassed face though my husband thought the whole thing was hilarious – especially since the Dr walks past my business almost daily ☺️.

  14. I am 26 this year and after large babies and 2 c sections, I have already jumped on the comfy undies train. I have been searching for the perfect pair! I vividly recall attending a rather fancy party shortly after the birth of my oldest. I had bought a new dress abd crammed myself into a pair of extreemly restricting spanx. Half way through the party I couldn’t bare the discomfort any longer. I had brought a spare pair of undies in my bag as I had planned to change before the drive home…but decided instead to change mid party and throw the spanx in the bin! I haven’t worn a pair since.

  15. I was going to a wedding and wanted to look good lumps and bumps for me! I bought a pair of suck it in undies that fitted right up under your bra..oh I was going to look smashing….On the day there I was in my super undies and dress..but spent all day discreetly pulling up the undies as the rim kept on rolling down from under my bra and the rest rolled up into my bottom crack!! You see I thought I would be clever and get a size smaller so thinking that the undies would surely suck more fat in!!! haha I was wrong…what an uncomfortable night that was.

  16. I’m still searching for the perfect pair of undies and the perfect handbag. My gorgeous hubby has given me a gift voucher from Bras n Things for Christmas and do you think i can find anything that will fit a middle aged size 14/16/18 , definitely not much in these sizes. Sounds like i need the Bonds Comfytails!!!!

  17. My funny undy story concerns my husband as well We were walking the Milford track in New Zealand and only carrying 2 changes of clothes that would fit in a backpack. This meant each night you washed out the clothes you were that night.. the rest of our tour party were older Japanese. My enduring memory of the trip is of my 6 ft 4 husband side by side with a tiny 60 plus Japanese lady both washing out their undies by hand at a basin and laughing and talking with one speaking English the other Japanese and seemingly understanding each other.

  18. You look awesome in the bonds bra and undies! Thanks for the nude tip for whites, I’ve been struggling with that and keen to get some new Comfytails!
    I recently wanted some pretty undies and treated myself to some Victoria Secrets, bad idea for some one who likes good coverage. So annoying getting something so pretty that you never want to wear again because of them riding up to where it’s not polite to pick them out of!
    Bonds shopping I shall go!

  19. You look awesome in the bonds bra and undies! Thanks for the nude tip for whites, I’ve been struggling with that and keen to get some new Comfytails!
    I recently wanted some pretty undies and treated myself to some Victoria Secrets, bad idea for some one who likes good coverage. So annoying getting something so pretty that you never want to wear again because of them riding up to where it’s not polite to pick them out of!
    Bonds shopping I shall go!

  20. I compete in the sport of Dragon boat racing 20 people in a single boat 2 abreast – 10 rows – it involves a lot of stretching/reaching forward at close range of the people sitting in front – often we see a more than intended in terms of butt cracks etc.
    It is too awkward to tell someone – hey you need to pull your dacks up lol or even ‘umm’ thongs are not for dragon boat racing.
    I’ve been caught many times mid race with my pants feeling LOW and feeling the breeze or water cascading down MY GAP. You cant stop mid race to pull UP.

  21. Mum knows best. I used to wonder why my mum felt the necessity to wear ‘boat sails’ as my dad affectionately referred to them as. She would smile and say to me they are comfortable and at the end of the day that is what matters. As I venture into my 40s the material in my knicks has increased over the years and I echo my mums advice – and it is about being comfortable and who wants an undie line! I must say this range of Bonds is much prettier than what I used to see on the clothes line growing up 🙂

  22. I lived in Australia for three years, and moved there from Vancouver. Van is the land of the gorgeous- everyone is beautiful, everyone is fit, and everyone cares a LOT about how they look! Moving to hippie Brisbane, I remember being shocked at the pantylines of people at yoga. I laugh now thinking about it, but in Vancouver that was just not something you ever saw. EVERYONE wears g-strings when working out! I though it was so impressive that people didn’t care. As soon as I jumped on board I never looked back, and have since found undies that are smooth and comfy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I would love to be able to try these but sadly if your above size 20 your not worthy of these new comfy undies.

  24. Funny lacy undie story – Had a very expensive pair that looked amazing for the first couple of minutes and then felt like sandpaper between your cheeks! Living in a beautiful old Queenslander with gorgeous timber walls – one night after seducing the man of my 19 year old dreams, I took the said lace undies off and threw them dramatically where the lace caught on a splinter of timber on the wall and stuck on the wall – high up. It literally looked like I had thrown my undies against the wall and they stuck to the wall. I was totally mortified!! Bring on the comfy bonds!

  25. I can’t wait to try these. At almost 43 and having put on a lot of the weight I lost after my boys were born, I’ve had to revisit the underwear drawer.

    Anyway, my funny undies story is also a cautionary tale about always packing nude underwear in your bag when you travel – just in case you buy something new! After living in Vietnam for over 3 years, my colleague decided it was time I had a traditional ao dai (split tunic showing a little peek of of waistline) over pants so we agreed to get one made for an event we were working on in another city. I’d decided if I was going to wear it, it had to be traditional, so next thing I’m being fitted for pink pants and a white tunic with a lotus on the front. We went back on the morning of our event to pick them up (mine was tagged as “Mrs Westerner”) and while it was beautiful – there was one small problem. The thin pink material was no match for my black knickers I’d packed. Off I went to the markets, only to be met with stall after stall of tiny push-up bras and tiny brightly coloured frilly knickers. I eventually found a pair of nude, reasonably cut knickers which I am sure the stallholder thought were incredibly boring but they did the trick, and funnily enough, are still in the drawer. Nude comfy undies for the win – every time!

  26. You look fab Nikki! Bonds seamfree undies have been my go to knickers since I had my babies – I have at least twenty pairs mostly nude like you – that go under everything from jeans to dressy frocks. I love the high rise too for smoothing/ muffin top reduction purposes too! x

  27. Well I am now only able to wear cotton briefs due to allergies, so slowly I am replacing! I struggle to find decent ones that are high leg, but not a high waist. – just a midi but not a bikini as I have ceasar scars and have that inevitable flap that most 60 y olds have after operations! I remember once I had a pair that aggravated the hell out of me so I took them off and went commando!! 🙂

  28. My story is a what I learned from my mum story. I remember being around 15 and out shopping with her. She had been complaining about how hard it was to find comfy undies (and how the ones she was currently wearing were giving her grief). Almost on cue, we were waiting at lights to cross the road, and the elastic in her undies gave way,resulting in my mum’s undies being around her ankles. I nearly died with embarrassment, but without missing a beat, my mum pulled up the undies, crossed the road and said, I think undies shopping is next, and always remember to check the elastic! (to this day I always buy undies with thick elastic!!)

  29. I have a butt that eats every type of underpants on the planet so live in a state of perma-wedgie. I used to have to wear a nude g-string for dancing competitions growing up, but somehow this just made it easier for everything I was wearing to creep up my backside and with one high kick my costumes would become wildly inappropriate for my age bracket (seriously – picking a wedgie while wearing a full tutu is an impossible task!). So it goes without saying that I have worn comfy undies my whole life because they’re my best shot at actual comfort. That being said, my most uncomfy undies experience was actually a time when I had to go commando. Allow me to paint you a word picture: The year is 2009. I’m a 20 year old taking her first solo international flight to meet my sister in Rome when my plane is delayed and I am held up in Dubia for 24 hours. My luggage on the other hand was already in Rome. Having not expected to actually leave the airport in Dubai I am dressed in leggings and a revealing singlet and without a change of clothes am not willing to leave the hotel. Having already spent more than 24 hours sitting in the same undies I reach into my carry on to change into my spare when I realise that for the first time in my life I do not have spare undies on me (it should be noted that I always carry a spare pair with me – even as I write this from my office there’s one in my handbag!). I decide the only logical course of action is to wash my only pair in the hotel bathroom and tie them to the windowsill to dry so I can be fresh for my flight the next day. At some point a gust of wind takes my only undies on a magical mystery tour and I am left to finish my journey wearing only leggings. Moral of the story: always carry undies with you, you never know when you’ll wish you had a spare pair!

  30. After recently having my third baby, I was heading out to dinner with my family and wanted to wear a new dress I’d picked up the week before. When I put it on paired with an old lace gstring in the back of the drawer I realised there were new bits that jiggled, bits that had shifted south and bits that just needed more support…its time to move on in the underwear world, time to find something comfy, yet pretty. Thank you for this post, I think Bonds Comfytails are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  31. I am 32 weeks pregnant and in the midst of uncomfy undieness! The over the belly ones are either too high and cut me in half and the under the belly ones still roll down! I have just bought 6 pairs of bonds briefs 2 a size up and am finally comfortable!

  32. Lovely images Nikki.
    I’m a Bonds midi girl for quite a few years now. I agree that the comfort and absolute lack of lines is almost matched by having some cute patterns to wear. I do love the floral print ones you have on in one of these photos, so I might need to add to my collection.

  33. Great post – thanks Nikki!! Hooray to BONDS and for BONDS undies! 2 years ago I decided to begin taking more care…in all aspects of caring for me. Looking in my smalls drawer, I knew if I could change the ‘foundation’, I could create the personal style confidence I craved. A new batch of Bonds undies then changed my life, no more days of undies with shredded edges, snapped elastic or tight or stretched 🙁 Love the look of the midi style and adding them to my next shopping list!!

  34. I am not a fan of bikini briefs since I had my son because of my post birth belly. I had a nasty experience once when I dropped a pen off my desk at work. Up my crack g string style which was agonising and also embarrassing because I had figure hugging trousers on. Grit teeth and off to the ladies to fix the problem. Granny Knicks from now on for my own comfort.

  35. Last month I was invited to a swanky art auction. Very fancy pants. So I bought a brand new dress, it was all lace and just beautiful. A few drinks in, bathroom stop required. On the lip (very glamorous story here) I found I couldn’t zip my dress up – it was all caught in the lace! I had to remove the entire dress, tipsy and all, but I couldn’t for the life of me do it up!
    Time was getting on, and I thought my guests would be wondering where the hell I was and if I was okay, so of course I started to panic. The queue for the loo was growing ever longer as there were only two cubicles. Who the hell only puts in two cubicles!!? Hello? The girl in the loo next door heard my kerfuffle and asked if everything was okay. At this point I stated to cry. The ladies were very kind as I came out of the cubicle dressed in nothing but my saggy old g string from my wedding days, with untidy pubes on show for all and my trusty but somewhat stretched strapless bra – complete with tear stained face. I was so happy to find not one was a familiar face and, mortified, the girls in the queue were kind enough to do me up, fix my hair (which was all messed up from getting the damn dress off) and best of all, no judgement just hugs. Thank you to every single woman in that room but I hope to hell you don’t see me and recognize me!!! Needless to say, dress is now at vinnies and I am desperately looking for comfy coverage undies!

  36. you are such a good role model thankyou nikki! … great photo shoot too!
    I like bonds too and they look like bathers!
    I don’t compare much these days “comparisons make no sense at all” … quote
    however at the beach this week I did notice that I was no longer 16 hun!
    because 67!!! … how did that happen!
    anyhoo I still went in the water! I forgot my bathers, so I went in my black undies and no worries no one would have known! micro fibre best and less one size fits all brilliant looked super smooth!
    btw there were many my age out and about enjoying themselves as much as the young ones! …
    yay for country beaches!
    enjoy your day lovely!
    much love m:)X

  37. When Bridget Jones was outed for wearing comfy undies and Hugh Grant found it sexy- women around the world breathed a sigh of relief. Love my Bonds !!!

  38. We all need to be a Bond girl. It would be so comfortable and save embarrassing moments. Like the time when trying on some full ‘Nancys’ ( from high waist to longer leg) in a dressing room, the effort of pulling them on and the heat of the room made them impossible to remove. Stuck on. So with undies stuck and rolled half on half off, cutting in at top and bottom, it was with great embarrassment the DJ’s lady was summoned to the dressing room to help remove said armour. To her credit she didn’t laugh out loud at the sight! Not a great moment and certainly not one to be repeated. Go Bonds. Great comfort You wear them with style Nikki.

  39. I used to wear Bonds up until I was pregnant with Esther, and then I stopped wearing them because they used to rub against my C-section scar. I’m pretty anal (pardon the pun) about undies. They need to have support for the tummy, not ride up my crack and must not sit below/on/or just above my C-section scar. The comfytail midis look like they might be right for me. I will check them out. As for the post, you look beautiful and I love how you’ve styled the photos. You look good with clothes both on and off. You’re the most versatile style blogger I know. 🙂

  40. I’m a physiotherapist, and I wish these were around when I was at uni, would have been so much more useful for our ‘prac’ classes when we practised treating each other. And would have saved many a red face as someone had to strip down to their underwear having forgotten what day it was, finding them self wearing undies that are far from comfy!

  41. Poured myself into Spanx that were a size smaller to what I usually wore. What was I thinking! Nearly passed out from the heat and the compression at my brothers wedding. My mother wanted me to take them off but my pride wouldn’t allow myself to go commando .

  42. I wore white pants to work one day without checking what I wore underneath. I had a pair of my bright pink Bonds underwear…I only buy the bright ones. He thought it was hilarious seeing my bright undies under my pants….spent all day stirring me. He is one of the best bosses I have ever had ….so wasn’t perturbed by him!
    I now have some cream bonds u dies to wear under my white pants now!!

  43. You are a champ. Love this post. The pictures are fabulous too, you look great! Well done!!! Keeping it real. x

  44. Ive worn bonds for the last 7years- (perfect for healthcare assistant & ligeguarding jobs)
    Instead of the usual black i opted for a tropical looking colour pack & wore bright yellow one day to my massage class when my classmates & i were practising on each other. I was last to walk down past all the beds & get into one, when my towel fell off. My teacher exclaimed loudly ‘oooooh shes a bond girl!!!!’
    Everyone looked up & laughed, i was horrified & scuttled into the bed. Now I laugh about it, it could have been much worse. I could have been wearing ugly pants.
    Thank you bonds❤️️

  45. Wow Nikki you look amazing, who says you can’t look great in your undies. Its funny how we all react to seeing someone in their underwear as apposed to someone in their swimmers when really some reveal more in their swimmers than their underwear, you are unstoppable when it comes to fashion love your work!

  46. Luckily no disasterous stories for me – but so glad to see Bonds normalising regular underwear. Being plus size, the most flattering underwear for me has always been styles types with more coverage. And you can’t beat Bonds for quality. Now I can buy them without feeling like I’m shopping in the ‘Granny’ aisle!

  47. Many years ago and hugely 8 months pregnant, I wandered through an undies shop (think lots of narrow squeezy aisles) then out into busy Chapel St in Prahran. A rather embarrassed lady came up to me and asked if I knew what was hanging off my jacket side pocket. I looked down to see a coat hanger caught in my pocket and hanging off it was the teeniest little pair of lacy g-string undies – certainly the last thing I’d have worn then and now, 31 years later! Red-faced, I returned them to the shop. Give me comfy undies any day like these!

  48. IN my teens I was crossing a busy city street and heard a snap, as my undies elastic came lose at he top. How embarrassing ! So ever since 18 I have been proud to wear (and often go on about it a bit too much) Bonds.
    Nearly 50, still not a granny but still feeling the Bonds love.

  49. After competing in 2 long distance trail walking events (Kokoda Challenge 96km and Oxfam 100km) – and all the hours of training that comes before the actual event- I can guarantee you that choice of undies is as important as choice of shoes!! Comfortable, breathable, seam free Bonds all the way. Cos you don’t want to be the person walking across the line leaving no doubt as to what part of you is chaffed!!

  50. I’ve embraced uncomfy undies my whole life, I have bought so many different types styles and colours that I could make a flag of United Nations. I have bought bonds but The Comfytail look like winners to me and had never thought to go up a size to get the right might be why I’ve suffered in silence all these years

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