8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day

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Sponsored by Marks & Spencer (Australia)

It’s no secret that I love a Clean Sheet Day (I know I’m not alone in this). So when Marks & Spencer (Australia) asked me to check out its range of bed linen and style up a new Clean Sheet Day look, I was adding to cart quicker than you could say mattress topper … and throw rug … and cushions.

Marks & Spencer offers fabulous homewares to help you freshen up and decorate any room. For me, my bedroom is always a priority.

One of my favourite things to do is sleep. At any given moment in the day, should I choose to, I would willingly opt for a power nap.

At night, I hit that pillow and usually sleep soundly through until the alarm.

I don’t say this to boast. Well, maybe I am boasting a bit. 

I say this because my health has long dictated that I prioritise my sleep. My body craves it. 

If I’ve had a busy week, then I need a topping up of the sleep bank on a Saturday or Sunday. If I’ve had a run of late nights, I feel groggy and hung over … but without the fun bit that usually precedes that feeling.

This year, I’m working on bringing my bedtime forward. I’m up at 5am or 5.30am most mornings for training and/or getting my son to school for his sport training. I can’t be still in front of Netflix at 11pm. I just can’t. 

Operation in bed by 9pm is going ok – I’m meeting this self-imposed bedtime every other night. This is a huge improvement on my efforts last year. And my goal is to be in bed before 9pm every school night.

What also gets me excited about getting into bed is the bedding I put on it. My thinking is that we spend so much time in bed that we should care about what it is we’re sleeping on and in.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

8 tips for styling your bed 

These are my tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day. Have fun with it!

1. Start from the bottom up – with a mattress topper. I can no longer imagine my bed without a topper on it. A topper takes your mattress comfort next level. You feel like your floating but with a firm support base. We’ve been sleeping on this 3cm Airflow Memory Foam Topper for the past couple of weeks and I’m in love. The memory foam is key as it springs back to shape after you’ve slept on it. The surface also has punched holes in it, allowing airflow. You can easily wash it too – simple remove the cover from the foam.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

2. Make sure your fitted sheet is large enough for your mattress. This might seem “Captain Obvious” but I’ve been caught out in the past – especially since we inherited a king-sized bed. The mattress is quite deep so not all king-sized sheets work on it. I’m super impressed with how the Pure Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count Extra Deep Fitted Sheet fits our bed. It feels super luxe to sleep on too.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

3. Consider white as your perfect blank canvas for styling up a bed. Don’t get me wrong, I like playing around with different base colours but if you’re looking for a bed linen look that’s easy to change up, then starting with white will allow you to potentially create a new look each Clean Sheet Day. White on white is far from a boring option either – especially when your white doona has a gorgeous broderie anglaise finish like this Emily bedset. 

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

4. Add splashes of colour to change up your bed linen look. I took my colour inspiration for this bed look from this Diamond Woven Multi-Coloured throw. If you start with a piece like this, then you can really have fun with cushions and pillowcases you bring in to complement some of the key colours in the throw. I stuck with white for the European – Pure Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count square pillowcases – but bought in a blush colour with the second pillows – Pure Egyptian Cotton 230 Thread Count Housewife Pillowcase with StayNEW in Blossom. 

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

5. Go hard on feature cushions. You know my thoughts on cushions? You can never have too many. Mr Styling You may not agree but he’s given up protesting on this front. He knows it’s a losing battle. They are the key accessories of the bedding and furniture world. They add interest and texture and, in the case of the Letter cushions, a little bit of fun. I also brought in colours from the throw rug with the teal Loft Woven Striped Cushion and Velvet Oval Cushion.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

6. Don’t get stuck on any style rules. A bit like what I preach when it comes to what you wear, how you style and set up your bed is all about YOU. Sure, gather all the inspiration you can but don’t be afraid to show your personality to create a luxe, calm oasis that you can call your own.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

7. Make Clean Sheet Day a ritual. I change my sheets and doona covers weekly – most weeks it happens on a Sunday. For me it’s part of my Sunday routine of getting prepped for the week ahead. All is right in my world when I slip into those clean sheets on a Sunday night.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

8. Don’t skimp on quality. No matter what your budget, there are awesome bed linen options out there. Stores like Marks & Spencer offer sheets that have the look and feel of more expensive brands. The test for me has been in the sleeping. And these sheets get a big “thumbs up” from me. And apparently the puppy is quite happy with the arrangement too.

8 tips for styling your bed for an awesome Clean Sheet Day | Marks & Spencer (Australia)

So tell me, do you have a Clean Sheet Day ritual? Have you shopped with Marks & Spencer (Australia) online?

About Marks & Spencer (Australia)

I was first introduced to the wonder that is Marks & Spencer as a 12-year-old visiting the UK for the first time. So I was super excited to hear last year that Marks & Spencer had launched an Australian online store. Delivery is free for orders over $100 and returns can be sent to an Australian address. I placed my order on a Saturday evening and received everything the following Friday (with a public holiday in that week as well).

This sponsored post was coordinated by Shopping Links. The products featured (except the mattress topper) were gifted to me for review and inclusion in this post.

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  1. I love this post. I’m all into changing my bedlinen because of you and Beth. And I love it. I have two white quilt covers I change and wash weekly. I have a few throws and matching cushions too. Each week is a different colour palette. I will definitely check out Marks and Spencer.

  2. Love M & S, I’m still wearing some knickers that have literally lasted me 20 years – imagine.

    My bedding situation is style-free… my great wish would be to throw out everything I have and start again… with one colour for single fitted sheets, another for king singles, another for queens and a fourth for kings. I get totally confused all the time. One day!

    I love floral doona covers best… have two that I adore… but where have the pillow slips gone??

    Makeover required and this is a top reminder about M&S being here. Cheers

  3. I definitely need to get more on board with clean sheet day. We only have one set of sheets and my aim is to change that this year!! (Aside from the excellent linen, can I ask what dress you are wearing in the shots? It’s lovely!)

  4. I know I should focus on the bed linen (especially as I’ve just finished renovating and these are very useful tips!) but Clementine is too cute not to mention … !!!

  5. But what do you do with the cushions when you go to bed? I got rid of mine because I’d have put them on the floor. Bleurgh

      1. 🙂 I have an aversion to putting things on the floor; I have seven cats and if I don’t vacuum every day there is an ankle deep layer of tumbleweeds… Who vacuums every day? Not me!

  6. it all looks gorgeous nikki!
    and how cute is your puppy! … looking too innocent!
    keep cool! boiling here today!
    much love m:)X

  7. Love everything about this obvs, but my favourite is the “Oh this old thing?” lounging on the bed looking PERFECT. Love you Nikkers!

  8. Hi Nikki, we are just about to receive delivery of a new king size bed. So excited. However, we have changed from a bed with an end to an ensemble. My problem is, my husband is a doona snatcher and I used to be able to tuck the doona in tight to the bottom of the bed. How do I manage this with an ensemble? Thanks

    1. Oh dear … a doona snatcher! You could still try the tuck – it won’t be the style of the bed that is the problem but more that the king-size doona will be the same size as the bed. I’m assuming you had a larger doona than your bed before upsizing? You could always do what many northern Europeans do – have two doonas on the bed!

  9. I change the sheets on a Monday Nikki. I love clean sheet day.I have a grey room with woooden furniture and have white,grey and yellow,black and white and now a gorgeous stripe Donna cover in orange grey and white on the bed ATM love changing the look of the linen and yes lots of cushions Xx

  10. I change our bedding on Sundays too, and love the feeling of getting into those fresh sheets. Love white sheets, and the heavier the better. Must check out the Marks and Spencer website. Your bed looks very pretty Nikki, and your little pup has grown a lot! x

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