3 sleepwear and pyjama solutions that look as good out of bed as they do in

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I LOVE sleeping.

My enjoyment of a good slumber starts with fabulous bed linen. There is absolutely nothing like slipping under fresh sheets. Nothing.

But combine that with fabulous sleepwear then you have got a match made in sleepy heaven.

Summer sleepwear is generally not about being cosy but being comfortable and cool. Personally, I’ll minimise what I’m wearing to bed in the hope I’ll still be able to snuggle a little under the doona.

Opt for quality fabrics that wear and wash well if you want the sleepwear to last beyond the season.

In summer, I also change out what I wear to bed every two-three days because, you know … excessive perspiration.

Showering before bed also helps extend the longevity of your sleepwear. On many nights in Queensland, this isn’t optional, it’s mandatory to cool down.

Personally, I switch around my style of summer sleepwear as much as I switch around my wardrobe style. Some nights it’s about a cool, comfortable t-shirt and shorts set; others it’s all about the slinky nightie.

If you’re still looking for a summer sleepwear and pyjama solution that suits your style – in and out of bed – then check out these three Australian independent labels doing amazing things with their sleepwear ranges.

I’ve been wearing pieces from all of them across the summer months and it’s a big thumbs up from me.

3 sleepwear and pyjama solutions from independent Australian labels


The Goodnight Society launched in 2014 after a dream (pun intended) of its owner and founder Kathryn Koch. Kathryn wanted to make some good in the world AND make some good pyjamas. They design all their bold and quirky prints which is their signature trademark. You can help but smile when wearing their pjs. They’re made from organic cotton in factories that care for their workers and pay them a living wage. The Goodnight Society supports The Heartfelt Project and The Pyjama Foundation.

My faves (pictured): Disco Baby Nightie | Iced Vovo leggings | Bubble O Bill pyjama sleep set

The Goodnight Society | 3 sleepwear and pyjama solutions that look as good out of bed as they do in | Styling You  


Palmflower was born after its founders had spent too many nights wearing a sports bra to bed for support while they slept. All Palmflower sleepwear include an integrated soft bra, featuring bilateral pockets for prosthesis and removable soft shaping. The fabric used is sustainable Lenzing Modal yarn. The range is designed in Australia and is made using ethical manufacturing partners that ensure fair working conditions for their employees. $1 from every item sold goes directly to Pink Ribbon to help fund breast and gynaecological cancer research and prevention.

My faves (pictured): Baby Doll Farfella | Sleep Top Lido | Lounge pant Nero

Palmflower | 3 sleepwear and pyjama solutions that look as good out of bed as they do in | Styling You


Lunabella had me at pineapples and flamingos and palm leafs. Wearing these soft cotton and rayon sleepwear pieces makes you feel like you’re always on holiday somewhere tropical. Love the shape and flow of Lunabella nighties and camis.

My faves (pictured): South Beach nightie | Ohana sleep pants | St Lucia camisole

Lunabella | 3 sleepwear and pyjama solutions that look as good out of bed as they do in | Styling You

Ok, let’s get personal. We’re among friends. What do you wear to bed in summer? Tried any of these brands?

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  1. I have a bunch of Lunabella pieces, I can’t sleep in anything else any more!

    I need to try the Palmflower and Goodnight ranges too, those prints all look so fun!

  2. I love The Goodnight Society Pjs. i have one of their nightshirts, a few of their cotton PJ pants and I’ve recently fallen in love with the tights. Plus they last so well – mine all still look new after a LOT of wear. Next on my wishlist …. some of the Bubble-O Bill PJs.

  3. I’m a shorts and tank girl in summer but I do like the tank to have a bit of support. These Palmflower tops and nighties definitely look good enough to be seen if you were caught out lounging about.

  4. Love these Nikki, I love comfortable sleepwear I usually wear nighties but not the slinky type more the soft cotton sleeveless type non see through varieties or a comfy shirt style nighty with sleeves and I have a couple of pjs on cooler nights! I can’t stand clingy hot tight sleepwear and also only wear for two nights,thank you for sharing these cute ones they are gorgeous Xx

  5. Some lovely designs Nikki. I wear shorts and singlets, it’s been too hot for anything else. Mostly from KMart but I do like Sussann for pjs too, I can’t wait for the cooler weather, so tired of these sweaty days and nights. Have a great weekend x

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