What to wear date night | 3 date night outfits

3 date night outfits to take you out on Valentine’s Day and beyond

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I am one of those people who DOES subscribe to the whole Valentine’s Day palaver. I know it’s not typically PC to be so but the romantic in me will never let it go.

I’m also lucky that Mr SY is on board with it. This year he even beat me to it, organising and booking dinner out.

We don’t always go out on the actual day – the set-menu situation can be a bit of a drag – but the Saturday before or after also works. Mr SY also popped the question on Valentine’s Day 14 years ago.

The proposal didn’t happen over dinner. No, he proposed after dinner, in his undies while I was tucked up in bed watching Sleepless in Seattle.

Romance. Right. There.

We don’t just save date nights for one day of the year either. We’ll plan nights out – just the two of us – or we’ll seize the moment should we suddenly find ourselves kid-free for an evening.

We still remember a time when those kid-free evenings were practically non-existent and do not take them for granted when they present themselves to us now there is just an 11-year-old at home.

When the kids were little, it was about creating date night scenarios at home, cooking up beautiful food, sipping on Champagne and watching a movie.

Now, I love getting dressed up and going out

For me, it’s that sense of “escaping” that makes you want to dress up – even if it’s just up a notch from what you would normally wear for the every day.

We’re not talking ball gowns here – unless that’s your date night occasion – more something just a little on the dressy side.

It may be even a case of adding an accessory with a little bling to an otherwise minimalist outfit.

It’s also a chance to pull out a favourite piece from your wardrobe, something that makes you feel fabulous. So, like always, with these suggested outfits, “shop” first from your wardrobe.

These outfit suggestions for what to wear for a date night will work equally should you be going out with girlfriends.

What to wear date night | 3 date night outfits

THE DRESS: 1. Witchery dress $169.95 | 2. Country Road bag $229 | 3. Nicole Fendel earrings $139 | 4. Mimco ring $79.95 | 5. FRANKiE4 Footwear NiKKi heels $220

THE SKIRT: 1. Witchery skirt $99.95 | 2. Seed top $169.95 | 3. Mimco earrings $129 | 4. Seed clutch $69.95 | 5. Verali heels $79.95

THE JEANS: 1. Trenery jeans $129 | 2. Witchery top $99.95 | 3. Christie Nicholaides earrings $249 | 4. Miss Monogram pouch $109.95 | 5. Mollini heels $146.97 on sale at Styletread

So tell me, do you date night? Like to escape for a night out with the girls? What’s your go-to outfit?

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here.

* Editor’s note: I’m aware that many people don’t subscribe to idea of Valentine’s Day. I’m very cool with that. Or people are single – I’ve been there. I’m also aware that not everyone is in a safe relationship. If your partner is abusive in any way and you are not sure what to do, you can receive free support from 1800 RESPECT– the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit choices. We do Valentine’s Day too, but not usually on Valentine’s Day cause of the set menu. Jacob’s Birthday is on Valentine’s Day so we have double the reason to celebrate. 🙂

  2. Can I just say how much I love those Christie Nicholaides earrings. #gorgeous
    My dinner style generally is dressed up jeans so these are perfect.

    We also celebrate V Day, but like you we tend to avoid set menus generally so we have been known to go out on the preceding Saturday night.This year we’re having dinner on the night at the restaurant across the park from our place. Given the forecast weather, I’ll be wearing the coolest thing I can get away with, so I probably will be relying on earrings for sparkle.

    1. I’m a little obsessed by Christie’s earring collection, Johanne. Have bought two pair and need to ban myself from her site! They are great sparkle distractions when the heat it on. Your dinner sounds beautiful x

  3. love these outfit suggestions you put together, just love the Seed top though not sure about wearing it during this absolute heat wave though but will work well for upcoming cooler weather.. Also love those Mollini heels, bought a similiar pair to wear to an upcoming wedding. Off to a lunch today with a group of girls who are all from the local farming community. It is hard organising due to workloads but with some clever planning we can sneak away for a great day. Trying a new restaurant in an adjoining town, so looking forward to a great catch up, lots of laughs and friendship. mmmm, also have to remind hubby about valentine’s day.

  4. No Valentines Day at our place but we do go out as a couple all the time so not complaining here. Hubby’s favourite line is that it should be Valentine’s Day every day! Love the addition of your editor’s note. Xx

  5. Beautiful date night outfits Nikki❤️My husband is not romantic at all I have received flowers once from him on Valentine’s Day but that’s ok he shows his love in other ways like washing my car and helping me out when I need it,or taking me out to dinner when I need a night off.
    Love that Mr Stylingyou proposed in his undies,have a lovely night out Nikki Xx

  6. I LOVE that he proposed in his undies! We are having our VD celebration at a concert, my partner surprised me with the tickets. We are going away for the weekend, thought we may as well turn it into a little break. He brought home a bottle of champagne last night to take with us, so I am a happy camper. We don’t usually do the whole VD thing, he isn’t into romantic gestures usually, and I don’t like to pressure him over it. When I was a teenager I just loved the whole thing 🙂 These days I am happy if he takes my car and cleans it inside and out. My Dad always says he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day but ‘I would never let your Mother miss out’ isn’t that the most romantic thing ever! I really want a pair of those Frankie4 lace up heels, don’t need them, just lust! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and great weekend x

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