3 autumn winter 2017 trends to try while it's still summer

3 autumn winter 2017 trends you can wear now in summer

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I sweated up a storm yesterday … for those 20 minutes I was forced to be outside the cool cocoon that is my air-conditioned office.

It was hot. Damn hot.

Despite these epic proportions of perspiration, there DJs was on Wednesday night telling us at the store’s celebrity-packed launch what we’ll be wearing this autumn-winter.

I’ve been writing about all things fashion for almost 20 years and you’d think I’d no longer be surprised at how quickly retailers are keen to forget that summer ever happened as they march us kicking and screaming into cooler weather clothes.

Rather than bury my head in the sand about this industry craziness, I took it upon myself to study the key trends and share with you three autumn winter 2017 trends you can wear right now – while it’s still summer.

You know, in case you’re wanting to stay ahead of the game.

Following all – or any trends – is far from necessary in my style book.

But when it comes to a seasonal wardrobe refresh, making even a small nod to a new trend is the quickest way to breathe new life into existing pieces.

The three trends below can easily be worn now and adapted later when it does cool down.

3 autumn winter 2017 trends to try while it's still summer

Trend #1: The bomber

The bomber jacket is not a new style but it will return to stores with newfound excitement in autumn. The shape works well with the athleisure movement. My petite sisters should look for a cropped style to prevent overwhelm. My curvy sisters, seek out a longer length – hip or even longer. All of us should seek out a bomber that fits well – not too tight or not too boxy – on the shoulders. For a bit of fun, choose a bomber in a dressy fabric for a fabulous contrast to a casual outfit.

1. Witchery jacket $199.95 | 2. Country Road t-shirt dress $119 | 3. Trenery hat $179 | 4. Witchery bag $99.95 | 5. FRANKiE4 Footwear sneakers $229.95

Trend #2: florals

Personally, I approach florals with caution. Not all suit me. I need a good amount of base colour making up the entire pattern for it not to overwhelm me – particularly near my face. You might be quite different and that’s ok. There are florals out there for all style personalities and they will be huge for autumn-winter. I know – florals are usually a spring perennial but winter is looking blooming marvellous.

6. Boho Bird OTS top $89.95 @ Birdsnest | 7. Katies skirt $59.95 | 8. Christie Nicholaides earrings $239 | 9. FRANKiE4 Footwear heels $220

Trend #3: red

I do love wearing red – I just need to embrace it and wear it more often. This autumn winter, wine and maroon has made way for this show-stopping colour and I’m super excited about it. If you’re hesitant about wearing it near your face, opt instead for a red skirt. It will still make a powerful statement. Bright red is the key shade of the season but if you like a little blue in your shade of red, then go for it. Wear a version that makes you feel confident and complements your skin tone.

10. Witchery tank $119.95 | 11. Katies pant $49.95 | 12. Bird Keepers blazer $89.95 | 13. Nine West shoes $129.95

So tell me, are you coping in the heat? Cannot believe there are knits and coats for sale in your favourite stores? Which of these trends can you see yourself wearing this autumn-winter – or now?

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  1. I am totally not coping in this heat and humidity. Really looking forward to cooler weather now! I think I will try the bomber trend this autumn something I don’t have in my wardrobe.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love it all! For now however, and it appears the immediate and near future, I’m still focusing on looking good mid-summer with the challenges of heat, hot-flushes, and humidity (many times, all at once!). So tipping my broad-brim to the approaching trends … here’s to wishing I could drop a BOMB on summer, learning to live with (and love) a dewy-PETAL sheen (24/7), and seeing less RED on the weather map forecast for Brisbane. Stay cool, everyone!

  3. Hi Nikki, I am so one of those people who can wear florals and patterns…… in fact, being an “Apple Shape” figure they really are more flattering on me than plain block colours, ugh! I look so much larger. I always admire people who are able to wear plain and simple clothes…. especially white! I have found if I wear a white tank underneath a white t-shirt or shirt, for some reason it looks better than without the tank? Why’s that, I wonder? I then need to accessorise with colourful patterned items, e.g. scarf, jewellery, lipstick. My two sisters live at Buderim, so nearby Noosa too, such a unique spot. Enjoy your time there.

  4. I actually got an email this morning from Uniqlo promoting their bomber jackets. The soft bomber jacket in pale pink would be lovely on someone with the right colouring and the pricepoint as always with Uniqlo is perfect for buying into a trend.

  5. I enjoyed reading new trends. Believe it or not I’m missing the Queensland hot summer, moved to Sydney 2 weeks ago and the weather isn’t cutting it for me- very overcast for days. Yes they have a hot day , but then next day is mild.
    Anyhow I like the bomber jacket but my teenager desperately wants one so I won’t be “allowed” that. I agree florals bit hit n miss, the background colour is what I have to consider. I have seen some great red coats for winter and I’m thinking I will have to buy a coat, so red it may be!!

  6. I can’t bear the thought of winter clothing when it’s still hot outside! The opposite is true in winter, although I get more excited by spring/summer fashion than autumn/winter tbh. I’m coping ok with the heat, but it’s hard when your house has no a/c & it’s 35+ outside.

    Bomber jackets = love them, I wanted one last winter & missed out. Definitely on the list for this winter. I’ll probably buy one in a basic black, but if a navy one comes out & I love it, then I’ll buy that.
    Florals = meh, not my cuppa at all. I just can’t get into that print, no matter how much I see it.
    Red = perfect! I’ve got a red skirt that I’ve worn a lot, but can’t fit into atm since I’ve stacked on a few kgs. Also got a red coat which will come in handy once the weather cools. Both items are on the cooler/blue side of red, perfect for my cool skin tone.

    1. I’m with you – can’t bear it – but the fashion industry does roll on! I’m always on the lookout for early season drops of clothes as they are more likely to be pieces that I can wear in our winter!

  7. With the ‘summer’ weather we have been having in Victoria lately, I’ve been wearing most of those selections (except for floral, I’ve never been able to wear floral items for some reason). Such a strange summer this year, it’s not sure if it wants to be hot or winter/spring like. Bah!

  8. Hi Nikki, hasn’t the heat been revolting. No air-con for me at work, and a lot of sweaty little bodies on my lap or with their arms around my shoulders while I’m sitting on the floor/grass/sand 🙂 The thought of autumn/winter clothes, just can’t go there yet. I don’t do much bricks and mortar shopping, usually stick to my favourite online stores. Mum used to dress me in red a lot, confess I haven’t worn it for years but will check it out. I do love a floral, especially the boho kind. I bought a lot of cotton dresses in Bali, thank goodness they have been lifesavers. Booked again to go in October so already have a reason to shop more! We have been leaving the telly off at nights, instead sitting on the balcony in the dark, feeling the sea breeze and watching ships go past. My partner keeps saying I will be complaining about being cold soon haha! I hate it when he is right 😉 Have a great weekend x

  9. I knew this was coming but at the moment just can’t get my head around Autumn/Winter clothes it’s been such a hot summer!
    I like the idea of a bomber jacket I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for a cropped one.I don’t mind florals but they have to be the right one I agree more muted and I can’t wear a big floral print but I do own some.Now red is another story I will stick to accessories with red as I can’t wear it now I’m older and my hair is lighter.Thank You Nikki for doing the hard work for us I love new season peices and I believe the first drop is the best Xx

  10. Morning Nikki. I’m thrilled to see red back! I’m on the search for a new red jacket, sounds like now is the time to get it. And I love florals – beautiful.
    Not coping too well in the heat. I have a big stash of summer dresses for work but not enough are loose cool cotton. I’ve been out and about a lot the last 2 weeks visiting services (start of the year and all) and no a/c in kindy playgrounds! Seeing that the forecast is pretty much the same for at least another week or two, I dropped into Blue Bungalow this week and picked up a couple of cotton dresses for work that have cotton lining. I really need a couple more like that. Finding professionally appropriate work dresses for high summer can be tricky!
    Bring on autumn!

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