The Model and Me: Mojo Beach summer 2017

The Model and Me: Mojo Beach summer 2017

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I’m back with the first Model and Me post for the year. If you’re new to Styling You, I share these posts weekly.

It’s something I started on the blog seven years ago this year. It started as a bit of fun after being asked by a boutique to be a model for their spring fashion parade.

I was modelling a label that most people think is only for size 6-10 women. I’m a size 14-16 so very much out of that scope.

What I soon realised was that for most women it’s difficult to visualise themselves in a garment when they only see it on a tall, size 6 model.

This is the crux of the disconnect between the fashion industry and its potential customers. How can we imagine wearing a garment if the only images we see are so removed from our everyday reality?

I love that social media – and Instagram – is now helping to shift up that disconnect, with thousands of women of all ages, shapes and sizes offering style inspiration through their daily outfit posts. (Check out the #everydaystyle movement)

And so each week I offer a different visual cue from that of what we see on a model. I get a lot of comments saying that I look better than the model but this is never the case. I look different from the model and maybe that’s what you can relate to?

Every woman is real – models included – so I never want these posts to be about putting down the model.

They’re about offering an alternative – something I hope more fashion labels realise we want to see before buying from them.

To kickstart the year, I’m featuring an independent label based out of New South Wales. Mojo Beach is inspired by its coastal base, offering cool and comfortable pieces made in Australia.

I’ve chosen a pair of shorts to feature as this Mojo Beach design is one that I fell in love with a couple of years ago. 

The model

Mojo Beach Nicholle hi-low t-shirt | Fleur linen rayon shorts with vintage lace

Mojo Beach Nicholle  hi-low t-shirt | Fleur linen rayon shorts with vintage lace

and me

Mojo Beach top and shorts | Concrete Jellyfish earrings | FRANKiE4 Footwear CHLOE sandals

Mojo Beach top and shorts (I’m in size 16) | Concrete Jellyfish earrings | FRANKiE4 Footwear CHLOE sandals

I’m not afraid to get my legs out when the heat is on – and you shouldn’t be either. My legs are far from perfect but they’re MY legs. They enable me to get around every day and I’m super grateful for that. 

Much like my swimsuit issues, I realised years ago that my issues with shorts were all in my head – and not in other people’s. So I say, don’t let the internal chatter stop you from feeling cool when the heat is on.

Sermon over.

Let’s talk about the shorts. I love how comfortable these are to wear. They have a wide stretch waistband that you can either wear fully up or folded over. The lace trim means that you get the look of a shorter short with flattering coverage.

Love the gorgeous floral print for a fresh injection to see out the summer in style.

I’m wearing a different white top from that on the model. Mine is cheesecloth but not currently showing on the site. Both styles work with the shorts, scooping and covering the bits I like to cover but not overwhelming and taking anything away from the shorts’ design.

If your size isn’t showing online, there is a custom-made option available. How great is that?

So tell me, do you get your legs out in shorts? Found an ideal style/length that works for you? Share in the comments below.

The Model and Me: Mojo Beach summer 2017

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. they look comfy and cool nikki!
    when the weather hits the high temps one needs to feel cool!
    been shopping my wardrobe this morning! … I could even don a pair of loose shorts soon!;))
    I have a light skirt on today hun!
    much love m:)X

  2. This year is the first year since having kids that I have embraced shorts (thanks to you Nikki), and I don’t know how I lived without wearing them for so long! My legs are definitely not my strong point, but I’m probably the only one that notices or cares – it’s just took a gentle prod to realise that – thanks xx

  3. love the outfit Nikki and I just jumped on line and bought the shorts and a white top. (not the one the model is wearing). I love shorts and live in them over summer so these floral ones are perfect for an upcoming trip to Thailand for my niece’s wedding. I wish online retailers would always photograph the back of a garment or at least go into more detail eg low back, V, strappy etc. I know you can call the company but often it is late at night when I am searching the web for some inspiration!!. As I live out in the country I do the majority of my clothes shopping online so love it when there is a full description including the back detail. have a great day, it is going to be 38 in southern NSW. x

  4. I have 2 pairs of these from previous seasons. Absolutely love them, so comfortable and flattering. I adore this print. Might have to buy another pair.

  5. Such pretty shorts Nikki I only own 3 pairs of shorts because of varicose veins and scars but I should probably get over myself and just wear them!
    Thank you for bringing back Model and Me Monday it’s one of my faves Xx

  6. Good Morning Nikki, love these shorts, very pretty and summery. I like both tops too. Must give my wardrobe a mini edit, I know there’s a few things in there I haven’t worn since last summer and probably never will again. Have a good day, and stay cool x

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