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17 ways to pose for an outfit photo and feel confident

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I’ve just done a quick calculation and it seems that I’ve published more than 1150 outfit photos on Instagram since starting the #everydaystyle movement late in 2013.

{That’s a whole lot of posing, I tell you … read on for my 17 ways to pose for an outfit photo}

GUYS! It was only meant to be a week-long exercise, documenting what I wore every day – not just the going-out stuff that I published here on the blog. Then so many of you joined in and suddenly it was a thing – women of all ages, shapes and sizes – sharing their daily outfits and offering a tonne of style inspiration for many more.

There has now been more than 200,000 photos shared using the #everydaystyle hashtag.

Those early outfit photos you saw of me were mostly taken on my phone as I was running out the door to do the school run. It was my then seven-year-old who took on the chief photographer role.

The game changer for me – and a MASSIVE improvement in the quality of my photos on Instagram and on the blog – was the arrival of my first Olympus camera, the Olympus PEN E-PL7.

I say game changer because not only were the photos so much better but it was still a way of getting my daily outfit photo taken and uploaded to Instagram quickly and easily.

It was the perfect step up from my phone but without having to leap up to a much bigger camera I knew I’d never take out with me.

It’s been total love for two years. We go everywhere together. We understand each other. And we have fun taking great photos for the blog and for our family’s personal albums.

But when Olympus gave me a sneak preview last September of the latest member of the PEN Generation family, the PEN E-PL8, I knew then and there that I’d found my new love.

I’m mean … LOOK at her. Have you ever?

Olympus PEN E-PL8

The Olympus PEN E-PL8

The PEN E-PL8 looks and feels like an accessory and you know how much I like an accessory. Mine is the white but it’s also available in black and tan. All three would work nicely with my wardrobe!

There are also so many options for accessorising your PEN Generation camera with fashion shoulder straps (mine is the Holie Goldie) and camera bags that look like handbags and clutches. More HERE.

Importantly, this lightweight camera also easily fits in my day handbag and in my medium-large clutch bags. 

{Read on for details on how you could win your very own PEN E-PL8}

Apart from its amazing good looks and sleek retro design, it’s got all my fave features from the E-PL7 with new fun things and improvements to make your selfie and outfit photo taking even more fun.

The main feature – and the key to why I was happy to ditch my phone for better photos – is that the camera links via its internal Wi-Fi system and the I.O. Share app to easily import photos to your phone for uploading to social media

The flip-down selfie screen has been improved. You’ll get superior selfies to what you can achieve on a phone – no matter what the light. And you can also shoot selfie movies this way too.

Enhance your selfies using the inbuilt ART filter settings – Vintage looks great. I also like to employ the SCN (Scene) mode in e-Portrait for a close-up selfie … hides all manner of things.

The SCN mode is a non-tech, amateur photographer’s dream. There are automated settings for everything from sunsets through to beach and snow scenes, macro and fireworks.

How to take selfie | Olympus PEN E-PL8

Shooting a flatlay photo? No need to perform neck acrobatics to get the shot. Simply angle the flip-down screen towards you.

How to take a flatlay photo | Olympus PEN E-PL8

How I take an outfit photo

My outfit photo is something that happens every day. It’s not something that I batch shoot ahead. The outfit is what you’ll see me in should you run into me that day.

{I do batch my Model and Me photos for the blog – usually taking advantage of a professional hair and makeup situation that may have been booked for an event or sponsored post.}

For me, the #everydaystyle movement is still about what I’m wearing that day – or night. Some days there is makeup; some there is not (I’ll be looking down on those days and most probably wearing sunglasses!). I want to achieve that shot with a minimum of fuss.

Mostly, it’s our inner-city Brisbane verandah that is my backdrop. It works for me because it’s easy and the light is good for most of the day – even late afternoon if required.

Remember … minimum of fuss.

Step by step

1. I wait until the sun is above the roofline before shooting to avoid dappled light in the photo.

2. I use the P setting (1.7) on the PEN E-PL8. The P setting automatically sets the aperture and shutter speed. With the light behind me, the camera is setting the aperture and shutter to that brightness, lighting me up at the same time. I’m so not technical when it comes to using a DSLR camera but I was happy to play around and come across a setting that worked for my main #everydaystyle location.

3. The camera is usually in position already on my tripod in the office just off the verandah, so it’s just a matter of bringing it out to shoot. I shoot most of my outfit portraits using the M.Zuiko Premium 25mm lens. This was a separate purchase to the original lens that comes with the camera (M. Zuiko Digital 14-42mm – pictured). It’s not necessary to have the other lenses but it’s great that you can change lens just like on a larger DSLR.

How to take an outfit photo | Olympus PEN E-PL8

4. Next step is to connect the camera via wi-fi to the I.O app on my phone. The app includes a remote control for operating the camera. The viewer makes it so easy to see how you are framed up and how best to pose for your photo.

How to take an outfit photo | Olympus PEN E-PL8

4. I adjust any settings I need to via the app and switch on the self-timer (bottom right hand corner)

5. With the timer setting on, I tap the screen for focus, click the camera button and then quickly put the phone down and away out of shot before returning to position and posing.

6. A check of the app viewer shows whether I’m happy with the shot or not and I continue the process until I’ve got about six to 10 photos to choose from.

7.  I then import those photos into my phone via the same I.O. App for any editing/cropping and uploading to social media.

17 ways to pose for an outfit photo

With more than 1000 daily outfit photos under my belt (well, they would be under my belt … if I wore one. They just don’t suit me!), I’ve learned a thing or two about how to pose in a way that suits my confidence levels, my body and my outfit.

The below is far from an exhaustive list of poses. What it is are 17 ways to pose for an outfit photo that I’ve tried and tested over more than three years.

Some poses work better for different outfits or pieces of clothing. What this bank of posing ideas gives you is a starting point if you’re looking for ideas on how to feel more confident in your outfit poses.

Confidence in outfit photos is something that has come to me simply from taking the photo, playing around with how I’m standing – and doing it every day. 

My hot tip, take an outfit photo every day. You don’t need to share it but I guarantee the more your practise being in front of the camera, the more confident you’ll feel.

It’s also a great way to collate your outfits on your phone, something you can refer back to when stuck for wardrobe inspiration.

And, you never know, you might just find the confidence to join us and share your photos on #everydaystyle on Instagram or in the Facebook group

17 ways to pose for outfit photos and feel confident | Styling You #everydaystyle

Olympus PEN E-PL8 | Styling You


Get excited! Thanks to Olympus Australia, I’ve got one Olympus PEN E-PL8 white (RRP $899 with included kit lens) to give away to one lucky Styling You reader.

To enter:

1. Show us how you pose for outfit photos. Post your best pose images to Instagram or Facebook.

2. Tag your photos with @olympus_au #olympusPENgeneration #Olympusinspired

3. Tag your photos with @stylingyou #everydaystyle

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to set your Instagram profile to public for us to be able to see your photo. On Facebook, when you post on your personal profile, set the privacy for that particular post to public.

Entries open Wednesday, January 18 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Wednesday, February 1 at midnight (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The winner will be contacted via Instagram or Facebook and their name will be published here. Full terms and conditions here.

So tell me … how will you strike a pose?

For more information about the Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera, visit here.

Olympus PEN E-PL8

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  1. Such a great post Nikki – Have entered your comp. Have always lusted after the Olympus PEN after attending your event with Olympus at QT Sydney a couple of years ago xx

  2. Brilliant post lady, before I started posting pics I HATED having my photo taken, but practice makes perfect (or near enough) and we are all beautiful.

  3. A great post Nikki, I loved hearing how you do it. I love that even though you very rarely post a close up, I always feel like I can see the details in your outfit and that the photo is truly doing the outfit justice. I’m still having my shots taken by a reluctant small child as we dash out of the house in the morning so I really need to step up my game!

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  4. Fantastic post Nikki – thank you for the tips. One of my #NYresolutions is to join the #everydaystyle community by posting my daily outfits. Well….I’m two weeks in and haven’t yet taken the leap. This is the blog post to inspire me to knock back some confidence and get on with it. Thank you. I’ve been coveting that camera and will (maybe) enter.

  5. Thanks for the posing tips Nikki I will definitely try them out! Its so true the more you take photos of yourself the more confident you feel and now I dont mind getting my photo taken and I dont feel embarrassed. So glad I took the leap a year ago and started posting my #everydaystyle pics xx

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