The Maxi dress | 3 party outfits to take you through the holiday season and beyond

3 party outfits to take you through the holiday season and beyond

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The holiday party season is in full swing. Gatherings, catch-ups, work Christmas parties, end-of-school shenanigans … these have all been popping up on my calendar with a few birthday celebrations thrown in for good measure.

But what about the two big outfit days on the holiday calendar – Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve?

Forget stocking up on Champagne (actually don’t forget that – it’s CHRISTMAS) … forget making rum balls … and focus on what you’ll be wearing on those days.

Like all outfit planning I talk about around here, your outfit has to work with what type of day you’ll be having.

Christmas and New Year’s in Australia can vary from backyard barbecues through to fancy, schmancy hotel restaurant situations.

No matter how you’ll be celebrating, the outfit you choose still comes back to what will make you feel confident and comfortable on the day.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trotting out an old or new favourite for either occasion. And there is nothing wrong with the self-gift of a new frock, either.

I’ve been known to swing both ways but whatever option I choose this year, there will be added bling involved. And a splash of festive red on Christmas Day.

The aim of this post is to get you thinking about what you might like to wear. Any planning you do now will make it less stressful nearer to the time AND you’ll be more mindful when shopping for something new.

I’ve got three party outfits for you that will take you through the holiday season and beyond – you really do want any new purchases to also work long after January 1. Each of the outfits could be adapted with changes of accessories to suit how you might celebrating Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. 

And if you scroll down, you’ll find 30 outfit ideas for all types of occasions – as seen on women of all shapes, sizes and ages who shared their outfits with the #everydaystyle and #sypartystyle hashtags this past month. 

Style is such an individual thing – take inspiration from others but make it your own. That’s where the confidence happens.


I know I’m playing with fire whenever I talk about the Little White Dress (or white top or pants for that matter) but I do love white. I like living on the edge when eating and drinking while wearing white and I have superior laundry skills as well as an amazing dry cleaner that gets out even the seemingly impossible stains.

I do realise that for some people this risk taking is not their cup of tea. I choose to look past it because I just love how fresh wearing white makes me feel.

Like its black counter part, white is the perfect blank canvas for your accessories. Work it back with pops of colour or neutrals – both offer impact.

The LBD - the Little White Dress | 3 party outfits to take you through the holiday season and beyond

1. Seed dress $189.95 | 2. Seed sunglasses $49.95 | 3. Lovisa earrings $19.99 (only available in store) | 4. Olga Berg clutch $99.95 @ David Jones | 5. FRANKiE4 Footwear EMMA heels in nude $220

The Maxi

There is so much to be said in favour of the maxi dress. With one quick throw-on, you look immediately dressed up – so dressed up that you get away with flat sandals which immediately lifts the comfort factor no end.

Fear not if you are not of supermodel height, the key to finding a maxi dress to suit is to look for styles that are less voluminous. Even buying down a size works a treat to achieve that.

Another trick is to simply knot one end of the dress. Showing a little ankle/leg like this will help balance out the proportions of the fabric.

The Maxi dress | 3 party outfits to take you through the holiday season and beyond

1. Sportscraft maxi dress $119.99 (on sale) | 2. Zoda earrings $29.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. 2 Duck basket $80 @ the Champagne Cartel shop | 4. Katies cuff $12.48 (on sale) | 5. FRANKiE4 Footwear NiKKi heels in tan $220

The Kaftan

All hail the kaftan. Ok, so the kaftan can be a polarising garment choice – maybe not so polarising as drop-crotch pants (which I firmly love) but polarising all the same.

My experience is that you’re either firmly on Team Kaftan or you’re not. That’s cool. I’ll just be sitting over here, cocktail in hand, feeling fresh and fabulous.

Long kaftans can also be knotted and tied to create all sorts of different shapes. This style guide from Camilla will get you started.

3 party outfits to take you through the holiday season and beyond

1. Camilla kaftan $599 @ Zambezee Boutique | 2. Target hat $10 | 3. Country Road pouch $49.95 | 4. Nest of Pambula earrings $29.95 @ Birdsnest | 5. Laguna Quays sandal $69.95

Styling inspiration on everyday women

For the past month, the real women of #everydaystyle have been sharing their favourite casual outfits with the #sypartystyle hashtag. I’ve collated 30 of those outfits in the gallery below. Hover over each image to get the Instagram handle of these ladies.

CLICK HERE to find out the winner of this challenge. 

The next challenge will begin in February 2017. Continue to post your outfits to Instagram using #everydaystyle hashtag – make sure you tag @stylingyou – so I can find you.**

So tell me, where will you be on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve? What are you planning to wear?

* Sale prices indicated were valid at the time of writing but subject to change by each individual retailer. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. Thankyou for including me Nikki and what a gorgeous bunch of ladies! I have a lovely OTS dress to wear for Christmas Day and we will celebrate lunch with my hubbys family and dinner with my family. xx

  2. I would love to wear a kaftan for my late lunch at home with the family but the vintage gal in me found the perfect former circular tablecloth that has been turned into a Christmas themed skirt, it will be perfect with one of my many red t-shirts!

  3. I love the kaftans. And I love ALL the earrings you’ve shown! I normally like to wear something with a bit of red in it on Christmas day – and it’s black and red this year. Love seeing all the girls sypartystyle – they look fabulous! Have a great weekend Nikki.

  4. Gorgeous options and style ideas! I’m not sure what I will be wearing Christmas Day. I’m thinking… maybe an Adrift dress using my voucher. Thank you for including My Styled by Bec outfit. Xx

  5. Thank you for choosing my outfit to win the party style challenge! I love your Adrift outfits on Instagram so very happy to go shopping there!! We’ll be celebrating Xmas at home with family and friends and I’ll be wearing a kaftan for comfort and style. Merry Xmas to the #everydaystyle community.

  6. Thanks so much for including my look!

    I switched up my black bodycon dress from day to night by changing my soft floral pompon trimmed kimono to a darker more structured tassel-trimmed one. I also wore bodycon which is a big thing for me. The world didn’t explode and no one pointed and laughed and said “that woman has a stomach”.

    I do struggle with white but I’ve just learned not to drink coffee on the run and to wear stay proof lippy!

    Christmas Day relaxing at home with my Blokefolk – we still get dressed up and I’m still deciding what to wear. I’m thinking one of my 50s esque fit & flares.

    NYE on Goat Island in Sydney Harbour so it will be comfy casj with walkable shoes.

  7. Great ideas. I love the first look. I’m on the lookout for a bright, cool dress to fit my 28wk bump! Wish me luck! The second dress you posted would probably work but is sadly not in my budget 🙁

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