2016: The year that was on Styling You

2016: the year that was on Styling You

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I don’t think there’s been a year in recent memory that’s garnered such a bad reputation as 2016 has.

What say you?

2016: the year that was on Styling You was a good year but GEEZ, it’s not come without feeling like being dragged through quicksand as it unfolded.

I made a big, behind-the-scenes business decision mid-year that had been brewing inside of me for some time. Executing the decision definitely helped ease some of that angsty, quicksand feeling. I head into 2017 knowing and feeling like it had been the best decision – and the last few months have definitely proven that.

Making big decisions is part of the deal when you run your own business but I make them with not only myself but with incredible Styling You community in mind.

Yes, YOU. You make this an incredibly rewarding place to be. And you’ve definitely helped fill up my 2016 cup.

2016: The year that was on Styling You

The 2016 Styling You highlight reel

The Styling You Shop popped up for autumn-winter and spring-summer. It will be popping up again in 2017 but stay tuned as we’ll also be permanently stocking some of my favourite things in our online shop.

Styling You Shop spring-summer 2016 | 15-pieces | 28 different outfit combinations

We hosted two Style + Champagne events in Brisbane with the gorgeous Champagne Cartel girls.

Style + Champagne event | Carolyn Tate, Nikki Parkinson, Gillian Moody | Styling You | Champagne Cartel

Nina Proudman and Offspring returned to our TV screens and into our fashion hearts and wardrobes.

We launched the Styling You Everyday Style Facebook group in July and there are now more than 4700 women sharing their style and supporting others in this community. I’m so grateful to have the support of two amazing community managers with this group – if you haven’t checked out Robyna’s and Kirsten’s blogs, then click on over.

In September, we launched the first Styling You online style program – the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe style challenge – with more than 300 women signing up to plan their spring-summer wardrobes. We’ll host this program again in autumn and spring 2017.

I hosted the first Styling You travel escape with Hello Me Escapes and Woogsworld (CLICK HERE for news about the 2017 escapes to Melbourne and back to Bali).

13 tips for a girls' shopping escape to Bali | Styling You | Team kaftans from Adrift Clothing

In November, blogger Miss Chardy invited BabyMac, Mrs Woog, Cooker and a Looker and I to speak at the Barkly Women’s Day. Meeting so many incredible women from some of the the most remote parts of Australia and hearing about their lives was a big highlight.

BabyMac, Styling You, Miss Chardy, Woogsworld | Barkly Women's Day 2016

I partnered with FRANKiE4 Footwear, Toowong Village and Adrift/Surafina as ambassadors. Without the support of amazing brands like this, I wouldn’t have a business. I’m just so fortunate that they are brands I know and love. Stay tuned for another ambassadorship announcement early in 2017.

Toowong Village Christmas party style

The #everydaystyle hashtag, which I started three years ago, has now had more than 200K shares from women all around the world. We introduced monthly challenges – with prizes from Adrift and Surafina. These will be back in 2017.

Top 10 posts on Styling You 2016

You continue to love seeing real-world fashion advice for each season. Noted. There will be more of that in 2017.

You LOVED a capsule wardrobe – there will be more of those.

While not making the top 10, the Monday Model and Me fashion posts collectively were the most popular of posts across the year. I started these six years ago and will continue them in 2017. Not only are they a way to show how a garment might look on a non-model, they are a chance to show my support for independent fashion brands.

1. 7 autumn-winter fashion trends you can wear now

2. How to wear ankle boots – autumn-winter 2016

3. How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman (all the posts from Series 6)

4. The 7 most comfortable jeans that fit like a boss

5. The SY Swimsuit Edition

6. 11 tips for what to wear on a plane

7. What to pack for a holiday

8. How to layer clothes in winter without looking bulky

9. The complete guide to wearing off-the-shoulder dresses and tops

10. How to look and feel stylish in summer when the heat is on


These were the nine Styling You Instagram photos you liked the most. Love seeing my family and our puppy in there among a few outfit posts.

@stylingyou #bestnine2016 on Instagram

Thank-you so much for being the reason I show up here and on Facebook and Instagram every day. 

I’d love to know what’s been your favourite post? Or series of posts? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. What a wonderful year it’s been for Styling You – congrats on everything you’ve achieved! I’ve especially loved the FB group – it’s such a lovely place to hang out and the community are oh, so wise! Love the best of nine, especially the one of all of you with Christmas jumpers AND the puppy! Will we see some canine couture in 2017?! Hope 2017 is jam packed full of all good things x

  2. Your capsule wardrobe posts + what to wear on a plane post have been such a major help to me! I can confidently say that I’ll NEVER overpack for a holiday again & I surprised myself with how diligent & dedicated I was to the cause (especially when it came to packing for a 2-month overseas holiday that involved some transeasonal dressing – I survived, albeit a bit bored by my clothing choices towards the end).

    You’re also the reason why I invested in both a pair of Sussan ponte leggings + a pair of FRANKiE4’s pre-trip. I NEVER would’ve thought to wear leggings (being pear-shaped means I’ve got to be mindful of stuff like that), but I’m glad I did because that + my loose Mavi black tee meant that I was comfortable on all my flights. My black reptile JENNi’s have travelled the globe & have become one of my most well-worn pairs of shoes….so much so that I now want a pair in tin gold! (As well as a whole bunch of other shoes from FRANKiE4!)

    A big thank you for all of your posts in general & I hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a spectacular 2017!

  3. Thanks for your wonderful blog and Instagram – this year I spent most of the year at home on maternity leave and your Instagram really encouraged me to put a little bit of thought into what I put on each day, which really helped improve my mood and self-confidence.

  4. Thank you Nikki for such a fantastic blog. I really enjoy the fact that I can see clothes on real people and not just on extremely thin models. The Styling you instagram is a great source of inspiration. Congratulations on a wonderful year. All the best in the new year.

  5. Ok 2016 gone way toooo fast for me!! But a big thank you for all your great posts but a special thank you for introducing me to Frankie4. I’ve had major problems with my feet over the past two years (partly due to recurring netball injuries) & I struggled to find nice shoes with support/comfort factor. Frankie4 has solved that problem and they are now the most worn shoes in my robe. Thanks again and Merry Xmas and looking forward to “seeing” you in 2017 xxxx

  6. thankyou nikki!
    you are a delightful ray of sunshine in the mornings!
    always helping me to be organized! … my favourites!
    but they all shed light onto different subjects!
    good on you for the changes you made but sorry you had to go through the quick sand to get there!
    par for the course me thinks!!!
    I’ve cut back on reading blogs but yours is lovely because of you!
    I hope your family has a great Christmas!
    much love m:)X

  7. Hasn’t this year just flown by! I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I don’t have a favourite post or series of posts, I enjoy them all. I read every post, and yours is the blog I comment on the most. I can honestly say reading Styling You has made a difference to my wardrobe and confidence. So thank you, sincerely. Looking forward to another fabulous year with you, Kathryn x

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