7 tips for choosing a swimsuit cover-up that works for your everyday style | GETTING NAUTICAL

7 tips for choosing a swimsuit cover-up that works for your everyday style

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Style talk at this time of year tends to fall into two camps – party style or resort/beach style.

If we’re not frocking up for a pre-Christmas gathering/catch-up/shindig, we’re playing resorts – either at an actual beach or beside our pool or a neighbour’s!

I’m extremely skilled and resourced at this playing resorts business. Surely it’s a certified qualification?

Stemless, plastic Champagne flutes. TICK.

A bazillion Turkish beach towels. TICK.

Inflatable pool toys. TICK.

Vats of sunscreen. TICK.

Assorted platter ingredients. TICK.

What I also have at the ready are loose and lovely dresses or cover-ups that I can throw on over a swimsuit and feel very much like I’m floating around somewhere exotic when in fact said floating happens in between putting on another load of washing.

A girls’ got to dream, hasn’t she?

To help your resort and beach dreaming along, I’ve listed my 7 tips for choosing a swimsuit cover-up that works for you.

Plus, I’ve found 15 options that will work as swimsuit cover-ups but very much double up as a summer frock for your everyday style.

7 tips for choosing a swimsuit cover-up that works for your everyday style | GETTING NAUTICAL

1. Frockk dress $189 @ Bell and Ford | 2. Sportscraft dress $139.99 (on sale) | 3. Country Road dress $119 | 4. Witchery dress $99.95 | 5. Sportscraft dress $76.99 (buy down at least one size)

1. Look for easy-care, breathable fabrics. Honestly, would you be bothered ironing a dress you were going through over your togs? Or pack in a suitcase? Lightweight kaftans, beach dresses or cover-ups in cotton, viscose or rayon are my friends.

2. Think about the length. If you’re legs are your best assets then go as short as you like. If you appreciate a bit of modesty, just on knee-length is most flattering. Maxi styles are very ok too.

3. Think about your personal style.  If you’re a classic-love-your-black kind of girl, no need to ditch that. If you’re a colour and pattern style queen then don’t let me stop you from kaftan-ing it up. If you swing both ways, then go for it.

4. Err on the side of caution when shopping for cover-ups on holidays. Just because you’re heading away to the beach or a resort doesn’t mean you have to drop the style that you feel most confident and comfortable in. Look for styles that will double up for you in your natural habitat. 

7 tips for choosing a swimsuit cover-up that works for your everyday style | COLOUR POP

1. Bella Lido dress $110 | 2. Bird Keepers dress $69.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Rasaleela dress $79.95 @ Birdsnest | 4. Boom Shankar dress $129 @ Birdsnest | 5. Totem dress $149.95 @ Birdsnest

5. Don’t be afraid of volume. The cover-up is all about loose and lovely but be cautious. If the fabric is lovely and flowy and sheer and we can still see your shape and your swimsuit underneath … or a slip if you’re doing the beach-to-bar thing … then the volume is your hot-weather friend. If the fabric isn’t sheer, however, it will be too tent-like and it’s likely you’ll feel overwhelmed wearing it.

6. Embrace all the styles. Or don’t. Swimsuit cover-ups will typically be tunic-style, dress-style, kaftan-style or maxi-dress style. My beach wardrobe is across all of them but the ones I reach for the most are t-shirt dresses and kaftans.

7. Get double duty out of your swimsuit cover-up. If you buy a cover-up that works just as well with thongs and a hat as it does after-hours with wedges and a statement earring, then your holiday wardrobe just doubled. This dress-up/dress-down versatility is also key to your swimsuit cover-up working as a dress in your everyday life.

8. Get serious about sun safety. Not all swimsuit cover-ups will protect you from sunscreen as the fabric will not be UPF50+ rated. Most also don’t offer coverage in the neck and chest zone. I also have a lightweight scarf on hand and am sunscreen-ed before heading to the beach. There are also some great UPF50+ cover-ups on the market. Check out the extensive range here at Sequins and Sand.

7 tips for choosing a swimsuit cover-up that works for your everyday style | COLOUR POP

1. Adrift Sasha maxi dress $149.99 | 2. Sportscraft maxi dress $139.99 (on sale) | 3. Threadz maxi dress $99.95 @ Birdsnest | 4. Boho Bird kaftan $119.95 | 5. Country Road dress $119

More cover-up options

(In case you missed, it these posts also feature swimsuit cover-ups that might work for you: Eb & Ive; Adrift and Read and Bell)

So tell me, are you ready to play resorts or head to the beach this summer? What’s your favourite style of cover-up?

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  1. Some great options Nikki and my eye was instantly drawn to the Totem dress, which I would totally wear out to a day of shopping or maybe even work on a casual Friday. Definitely time for some online shopping!

  2. all good thanks nikki!
    even though i’m not a dress person, I like to float around the house in one sometimes!
    and when I do that means resort day!
    one could wear most of those cover-ups out anywhere!
    enjoy your day hun! love m:)X

  3. Gorgeous Nikki I love a dress that does double duty as a cossie coverup and I love playing resorts,thank you great post Nikki Xx

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