Clementine the Schnoodle and her Chewy Vuitton bag

I got my first dog (#12before50)

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Two weeks ago our family got a new addition. I got my first dog at the tender age of 49.

My husband has wanted a dog in our family since about the second date 14 years ago. Me? I kept pushing back.

First there was the human baby reason. Then there was the commuting family reason. Then there was the “we’re renting” reason.

And then we got to 2016 and I ran out of excuses.

I’m so bloody glad I did.

As I type, the cutest (a mother is allowed to say that) ball of fluff is asleep at me feet. She sits there most of the day, chilling out to my tappity, tap, tapping on the keyboard.

Clementine the Schoodle - 8 weeks

Clementine – Clem – Clemmy. That’s her name. (Not that she answers to it yet.)

We fell in love with schnoodles (miniature schnauzer/poodle cross) after meeting BabyMac‘s Frank two years ago. Frank is just the most beautiful natured dog and so far it seems the same way for Clem.

I’m on a quest to try 12 new things before I turn the big 5-0 in June next year. So far I’ve done a floral workshoprevisited Pilates and yoga; tried stand-up paddle-boarding and embraced meditation.

This new thing has to be the biggest, yes?

Clementine the Schoodle - 8 weeks

As anyone (which is practically EVERYONE I know) has attested to, it’s like becoming a mum. Except without the pain of labour and the fact that they’re born pretty much a toddler.

I’ve become THAT person who boasts that she’s sleeping through the night and not waking or whimpering until 5am (which if we had Daylight Saving in Queensland that’s 6am so a damn good effort!). It’s light outside so who can blame her.

There are insects to chase, sticks to chew and humans to play with. Life is just too damn fun when you’re a puppy. And then you sleep again.

Clementine the Schoodle - 8 weeks

That rinse and repeat sleep/play cycle I did with all three of my kids when they were babes? I’ve employed that but switched out the nappy change for a quick trip down the steps into the backyard.

And YES just like talking about toilet training a toddler, we cannot help but share tales of her toilet success. And then, like all toddlers, she goes and shows us who’s boss by peeing on the floor.

Mostly this has happened because the humans in her life have let her down. The steps are baby-gated off (she’d fall through the railings and her little legs are not quite there for getting down the steps), so at the moment it’s up to us to take her down to the backyard and on to the grass.

We signed up for puppy preschool too and a good job we did because the HUMANS ARE IN CHARGE. She just doesn’t know that yet.

She is the smallest of the dogs in the class but gives them a growl, a sniff and leap. She’s not scared of them at all and is only put out when the teacher is dishing out more treats to others.

Because I’m the work-at-home human, I’ve got the day shift. Mr SY has taken on the night/early morning shift.

I’ve also taken on the role of chief accessory/toy buyer. Well, she is a girl, isn’t she? And when BabyMac sent me a link to this store, I was all ADD TO CART.

Clementine the Schnoodle and her Chewy Vuitton bag

Clementine the Schnoodle and her Mutt & Chandog chew toy

And she has taken a liking to photobombing my #everydaystyle photos. Lucky she works back nicely with my love of black.

Hunt + Kelly top and skirt

As for “helping” with #cleansheetday … well, that’s just delicious, isn’t it?

Clementine the Schoodle - 8 weeks

So welcome to the SY team oh my darling Clementine. You are my #12before50 best new thing yet.

Do you have a puppy/dog in your life?  Tried anything new in the past month?

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  1. Oh LOVE your new fur baby! Clemmy is just delicious. I’ve never had a dog before either – with 2 kitties in the house I don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon either. Being a work-at-homer like you, it is wonderful to have pets for company and CUTENESS!

  2. Awwwwwwwwww Clem is adorable! As a self-proclaimed future crazy dog lady, I am a sucker for a gorgeous canine, although I haven’t owned one since we lost our beloved family pet greyhound about 6 years ago. They really do bring a lot of joy into your life & end up becoming the extra family member you never physically had. Congrats & enjoy!

  3. that just made my day. Just the cutest. Lots of joy ahead for you Nikki! My bichon/poodle curled up at my feet as I type! Best company

  4. Just wait until the time comes when Clem is not in your photos, people will be asking you where she is!
    My stepson puppy – Bentley – lives with us now and he has to be in my #everydaystyle photos, or people ask me what happened to him. The truth is that he loves the camera and knows that a photo equals a treat 🙂
    Here is a candid shot from last Thursday, which my stay at home study day and he did not leave my side once.

  5. There’s nothing like puppy love! Great to hear you’ve joined the club Nikki, and Clem is adorable : ) We have a little maltese cross we got from a rescue as a tiny puppy almost 5 years ago and none of us can imagine life without her now. Enjoy your new baby. x

  6. Is that the Lola dress by Hunt + Kelly you’re sitting in? Does it look as good when you’re standing??? The colour looks great in your photo, better than their pic on the website (if it’s the same dress!)

  7. Eeee! Oh my gosh, she is cute!! I love dogs, this is the longest period of my life i’ve not had a dog, but its so much harder to rent with a dog. They really are such amazing creatures! I hope you enjoy your adventures with Clemmy and I look forward to all the pictures.

  8. Congratulations on the new member of the family. I love the name. That little dog will help you get through tough times and calm you when things get crazy. As I type my little Florence is snuggled by my side. Such a bottomless pit of love!

  9. omg she is gorgeous. Look at those eyes…
    My “puppy” has just turned 16… She is an Australian Shepherd, she still thinks she is 3!

  10. So gorgeous!! I have Charlie who is a 9 yo Spoodle (cocker spaniel & poddle) who is a big part of our family & we love him! Over the years I’ve had loads of kids here & never worried about his behaviour he is always great with anyone!

  11. Congratulations! She is gorgeous! I always had a dog as a kid but yet to have one as an adult. My husband has never had a dog and doesn’t know the joy yet. She is beautiful! Xo

  12. I most certainly do have a puppy in my life. Earlier this year we’d been about 8 years without a dog in our lives and broke the drought with not one but TWO puppies. They are 7 and 5 months old now. We swing between “what were we thinking?” and “aren’t they just the sweetest?”. Double the trouble but double the unconditional love that they give us every day. Your Clem is absolutely adorable. Many happy memories to be made there I am sure. Congratulations on the new addition. x

  13. She’s very sweet. Puppies, kittens, baby chicks – I can’t resist their cuteness. She could very well be the best of your 12 things before 50 Nikki. Good luck puppy wrangling. For us, we’ve got middle-aged cats and were not keen on disturbing their serenity.

  14. Clementine will be your best thing before 50 as you can already see Nikki. Dogs give you so much love and add a whole new dimension to family life.l love our golden retriever. She looks so adorable and will keep you company as she already does.Ofcourse she will be a style princess as she lives with her very stylish mumma.

  15. she is adorable nikki! … soo cute!
    I love the smell of new puppies!
    we had poodles when my daughter was growing up!
    our black one looked just like clementine!
    she was such a character!
    lol m:)X

  16. I have a 10 year old wheaten terrier_ Mr Ed. He is the only sanity/ally/friend in my household as I deal with teenage years of my girls. You’ve always got a mate in the house when you have a dog!!

  17. Congratulations Nikki and Co, Clem is adorable. We’ve had our fur boy for 5 years now and bringing him into our family was the best thing ever for us. As I lay in bed typing this he’s tucked inbetween me and the huz. ❤

  18. Congratulations Nikki, Clementine is beautiful! Dogs are the best – we have two, Honey and Milly. They change your life in so many positive ways – they’re great stress reducers and teachers to remind us about living in the moment (and teaching patience too: as I type my 5yo Cavoodle is raiding the bin in the bathroom!). My new thing has been setting up an Instagram page for Milly & Honey, so yes, I have become THAT person, lol!

  19. Oh my goodness, she’s adorable. This post has made me so poody! Like broody but for a dog. I’m like Mr SY and have wanted a dog for like, forever but strata says no. However, seeing little Clemmie has inspired me to take some action. I need some puppy action in my life. By the by, best dog toys ever!

  20. Clementine is so gorgeous I love being a doggy Mum Nikki,I have a chug Marley that my daughter bought,he is good company! You will have many great times with your Fur daughter and there is so many cool things you can buy them,I love all the photos enjoy Nikki Xx

  21. She’s adorable! I love animals, only have a budgie at the moment, but I sing to him – the neighbours probably think I’ve lost my marbles. I’ve reworked ‘Rockin Robin’ to ‘Tweetin Timmy’ he loves it and tweets along. Puppies are so cute, the excitement every time they see you, the warm puddles you find on the floor! All part of it, enjoy every moment 🙂

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