The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders spring-summer 2016

The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders spring 2016 denim

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Remember when I introduced you to Bohemian Traders’ first denim collection back in February?

Those distressed skinny jeans have become a firm fixture in my wardrobe and my #everydaystyle posts.

They made the cut in my 7 most comfortable jeans post and I can’t imagine them ever not surviving my bi-annual wardrobe edits.

But I’m here to tell you that those original Bohemian Traders jeans are getting some serious competition – from within the their own ranks.

The Bohemian Traders spring 2016 denim collection features two new styles that have caught my eye.

The first is the boyfriend jean (which I wore here) and the second is the cropped distressed skinny, which I’m featuring below.

The model

Bohemian Traders cropped distressed skinny jeans

Bohemian Traders cropped distressed skinny jean $139

and me

Bohemian Traders Frida top and cropped distressed skinny jean | FRANKiE4 Footwear heels | Uberkate cocktail ring

Bohemian Traders Frida top (I’m in XL) and cropped distressed skinny jean (I’m in size 34) | FRANKiE4 Footwear NiKKi heels | Uberkate cocktail ring

At first glance, you might not notice a difference between these and the original distressed skinnies but it’s the fabrication and the length of these jeans which make them spring-summer winners.

The denim is much lighter in weight – almost like a tencel. For me, this is ideal for warmer days when you’d still like to trot out a denim look but don’t want to sweat in places women shouldn’t sweat.

Secondly, the length is cropped at the ankle, which is more a summer length on me (166cm) or someone taller. On someone shorter, these will be full length but still taper nicely on the leg.

I know the distressed look is not for everyone. In my online style program I’ve included a couple of distressed denim pieces but if it’s not for you then don’t force this trend. Instead, for spring, go with a light-to-mid wash jean in a lighter fabric … without the rips.

A word on sizing: I’m a size 16 in the hips and wear the 34s in the original distressed skinnies. I am wearing the 34s in these new skinnies and in the boyfriend styles. Where I’ve gone up one size is in the indigo and black Bohemian Traders denim styles because they are tighter around my waist. They fit perfectly on the legs but across my tummy and hips it’s a very tight squeeze and not as comfortable as the next size up.

I’ve teamed these new cropped skinnies with the first of many OTS (off-the-shoulder) tops and dresses I’ll be trotting out this season. The trend, which I very much got on board with last summer, is here to stay.

I love the fall of this top. The effect of the top layer cutting just under the bust gives you shape and the slight rise in the hem at the front gives a flattering line by showing more of what’s underneath – a bit like a half-tuck would do. Do check out the blue and white striped version too.

Let’s talk OTS issues

There are two issues that people address with me concerning anything OTS.

1. How to find a strapless bra that fits and is comfortable. My desire to make this trend work for me, saw me spending quality time in the lingerie department, trying on all manner of strapless bras and then dropping a pretty penny on two – a black and ivory lace Simone Perele number.

The thing is, this bra is great for me but it might not work for you. It’s not just about the size of our girls, it’s about their shape. I have sideways boobs and any strapless bra with a full cup doesn’t work because I don’t fill the cup at the top.

So, my hot tip for you is that finding a strapless bra that works for YOU is not something that will necessarily happen quickly but if you’re as mad for this trend as I am, then invest the time and find one that works for you.

2. How to keep the top actually staying off the shoulder. I find this is not a problem with all my OTS tops and dresses. Most of the problems seem to happen with those pieces that are too tight in the elastic. If they are just right or a bit loose, then it seems to work.

SY community manager Robyna found this video, tried it out this hack and reported back in the SY Everyday Style Facebook group that it worked. Give it a go and let me know if it worked for you too.

 The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders spring-summer 2016

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase via these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I have resisted the off-the-shoulder trend so far because I have very broad shoulders, thanks to my father’s genes and swimming and rowing habits when I was younger. I’m worried wearing something OTS will make me look like a brick “proverbial”. Is there any way I can minimise the effect of an OTS top on broad shoulders. Also, where’s the best place to go bra shopping in Brisbane? I need somewhere where they’ll provide personal service as getting constantly dressed and undressed to go look for more bras to try on just wears me out. BTW- that top looks fabulous!

  2. Much as I love them on others, the light denim jeans don’t work on me and the distressed ones just look sad. But that top is the bomb! I love this on you, Nikki.

  3. Do they make a version of these jeans in that fabric that isn’t distressed. Love the idea of the jeans and the look, just not sure I can do the rips. Beautiful top. Definitely going broke with all these great outfits!

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