How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 9

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

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When I interviewed Offspring costume designer Michael Chisholm before the start of this series six of Offspring, he offered up many gems, but this one stuck with me:

Nina wears pieces again that become her favourite pieces but she never wears them the same way the second time around. Nothing goes back with the same combination.

And that’s what we were treated to in last night’s penultimate episode.

In the second outfit of the episode, Neens trotted out the Tigerlily jacket she wore in episode four, swapping out the jeans for a tan, suede maxi skirt she wore in episode five with a Mes Demoiselles top.

The Tigerlily jacket was available at the time but sold out super quickly. Did you score one?

The suede skirt is vintage and was picked up by the costume designers in a recycle shop. The bag she wore with this outfit is this one in mushroom – you might be able to track one down. The bar necklace is this one from Rock Finders Keepers. The earrings could be these ones.

This week’s Nina Proudman-inspired outfit pulls together a similar look but with pieces available now.

 How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 9

1. Katies tank $14.95

2. Boho Bird skirt $89.95 (on sale) @ Birdsnest

3. Bohemian Traders jacket $149

4. Nicole Fendel earrings $89

5. Nicole Fendel necklace $99

6. Mileni crossbody bag $119.99

7. I Love Billy boots $99.95 @ Styletread

Other Nina Proudman looks

Offspring S6 E9 | How to dress like Nina Proudman

Viktoria & Woods jumper | Megan Park pants

More on Billie’s looks on TenPlay.

Offspring bed linen

Maybe it’s my obsession with Clean Sheet Day but I can’t help but be distracted by the bed linen situation happening on this season of Offspring.  And because I like to share any new linen company finds with you, I consider it a community service to let you know about Feliz.

A number of Feliz products, including a doona covers, cushions and prints have been seen on set. It only took one look at the entire range at Feliz to have me hooked.

The business is the brainchild of Jane and Mel, friends who decided after the birth of their kids to leave their former careers behind and create something that reflected how they felt “feliz – happy”.

And this sure is bed linen to make every member of the family feel happy.

The designs are screen-printed by hand in their Geelong and Melbourne studios using water-based inks on GOTS certified cotton and sustainably produced fabrics.

Feliz bed linen | As seen on Offspring

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’m quite ready for Offspring to be over. Again. And to have all that up in the air talk about whether there will be another season?

I’m extremely loyal to the Proudmans but I think it’s only in the last few episodes that it’s found its groove. Maybe the two-year gap was just too much to sustain the storyline? I do not know.

What I do know is that last night’s episode was a cracker in terms of trademark Proudman shenanigans.

Offspring Series 6 | Episode 9

We had (to name but a few classic Offspring moments):

  1. Many imaginary Nina scenes;
  2. Awkward office kisses with Angus (unfortunately not imaginary);
  3. Anything but a dull family lunch at Billie’s;
  4. A meltdown and confession from Zara that she has more than just awkwardly kissed Angus;
  5. Brodie’s mum arriving on the scene on a leave pass from her religious cult, sorry community, and hightailing/guilting Brodie out of there after discovering Brodie was filled with sin/preggers;
  6. Geraldine introducing Renato to the family and Marjorie losing it over same introduction;
  7. Will and Jimmy bonding despite Will’s highly organised fridge and motivational quotes plastered all over his apartment;
  8. Billie’s boss almost having an anaphylactic attack at the table – lucky Will was there to help overcome the accidental pistachio consumption as no-one else seemed to care;
  9. Nina being put in her place, calmly and rationally by Harry;
  10. Nina losing Patrick’s embryos;
  11. Harry making it clear that he doesn’t want to be Nina’s second option;
  12. Nina and Billie bonding again after Brodie’s departure.

Where does that leave us all for the final episode. I can’t imagine that all the storylines will be tied up so your guess is as good as mine.

Are you ready for the season finale? Predictions? Hit me with them.

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Comments 15

  1. Netflix has Offspring from the start at the moment and I am loving it it really was so entertaining in its early years I have to agree it is not quite so good now.

  2. I”m hearing you Suzie. There were glimpses of a mature, resolute Nina, but now its like she has regressed.
    I never thought I would say this but I think they should have just left the show where it was.

  3. Nikki, I love that quote from the costume designer, nothing goes back with the same combination. I need to embrace that more in my wardrobe as I have definite’outfits’ and although I now mostly love all of my wardrobe, I know I need to shake it up a bit!

  4. I’m still loving the show but I thought last night’s episode was a bit over the top. It’s like the producers realised it’s the second last show for the season and thought they had better throw everything in that they could.

    Nikki, I love your reviews of the clothes that Nina wears, but I am wondering if you have any advice on how to get her hairstyle? I’m talking about the “messy bun on the top of the head” look, seen above in the cafe with Harry. I have hair of similar colour and length, although mine is probably thicker. I can get it up on top of my head, but I can never achieve that effortless messy look that Neens does so well. Any advice would be great fully accepted.

  5. I do have the Tigerlily jacket so I was excited to see the possibilities of mixing it up with something other than jeans last night.
    On the other hand I did not like the look at next week with Nina so upset, but my best case scenario is that it’s related to Patrick’s sperm and the possibility of a full sibling for Zoe being removed. I think if the decision is taken out of her hands then she can move on- and hopefully that’s with Harry.
    Whether it’s next week or next year (if we get another season) I predict that Brodie will be back.

  6. I’m not ready for offspring to be over either Nikki buy boy did they cram a lot into last nights epsisde!
    I love that Tigerlily jacket on Nina I think it’s one of my favourites in her wardrobe this year!

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