How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Season 6; Episode 8

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

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Nina Proudman and Offspring were BACK last night. I tell you. BACK.

Scroll down for the de-brief but let’s just say this was the episode I’d been waiting for. Pity there are only two episodes left of this season.

My secret squirrel on the ground in Melbourne did tell me that she saw them filming in her ‘hood … maybe they’ve started on season 7? Are you keen for more?

Anyhoo, to the task at hand: Nina’s wardrobe.

Episode 8 yielded two Nina outfits and her silk pjs look. I give a big thumbs up to all three.

Whenever Patrick is “around” her wardrobe seems to revert to the style we know and love.

This was also one of those episodes in which Nina gives us a non-boho, oh-so-slick evening look – always a treat.

In this case, it was her best “man” outfit for Martin and Cherie’s wedding.

She wore designer threads from head to toe – Yeojin Bae suit, Bianca Spender shirt and Jimmy Choo stilettos – but I’ve put together an alternative if this is a look you’d like to play along with at home.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Season 6; Episode 8

1. Bird Keepers shirt $89.95 @ Birdsnest

2. Rock Finders Keepers earrings $99 @ Voult Collection

3. Hardy Amies silk tie $89.95 @ David Jones

4. Saba jacket $299

5. Verali heels $79.95 @ Styletread

6. Sportscraft pant $189.95

Other Nina Proudman looks

Outfit 1 | Offspring Season 6 Episode 8 | How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman

Isabel Marant top; Primness charcoal silk duster coat; AG jeans; vintage Gucci boots and Beck Sondergaard scarf.

Offspring S6 Episode 8 | How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman

James Perse grey jersey sweat top; Crossley silk pants (and imaginary Patrick)

More on Billie’s looks on TenPlay.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Oh, where do I begin? A wedding episode is always a good one, isn’t it? TV weddings are never without some kind of drama or tension.

An Offspring TV wedding has that and a whole lot of laughs too.

I really felt that emotional rollercoaster thing as I watched this episode – the most I’ve felt all season. That rollercoaster ride was what got me into Offspring all those years ago and it felt good to feel all those feels again.

Offspring Season 6 Episode 8 | How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman

From Martin’s instructional wedding dance video, to Cherie nearly pulling the pin on the whole deal, the pre-marital special cuddles being overheard by all the guests, to Jimmy and Will doing a nudie run through the reception, Zara getting smashed and Kim telling her to “shut your stupid doctor face” before both destroying the wedding cake, Nina and Harry’s obvious chemistry and Nina and Billie’s frank conversation, this wedding had it all.

Nina put herself in the poo with Billie and Harry after both found out about her egg harvesting and embryo making. I can’t blame either for being upset with her but that doesn’t mean I like what went down.

I feel Nina is still weighed down by grief. Imaginary Patrick showing up again looking all dreamy doesn’t help matters.

“Patrick, I don’t want to be in the real world any more.”  (COME TO BED!) 

But what if Billie doesn’t want Nina’s help? Has Geraldine called Billie on the whole Brodie/baby situation?

As for Geraldine’s secret romance, is this all about a new phase for Geraldine – a more stable, less flighty phase.

What if Harry and Nina could be a thing? If you’d asked me three episodes ago, I wouldn’t have been keen on this romance. Now I am and I want some kind action on this front before the series ends.

Please tell me I’m not alone with all these thoughts? Spill your thoughts on last night’s episode (and the outfits).

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  1. I am looking for the wedding suit Nina wore or the suit of black & white lapel with chain on the cover of todays 11/9 Tv Week. I need to be both mother & father of the bride soon so thought it appropriate. Store name anyone? Thanks

  2. This was the best episode this year – the wedding was sure to be a bit crazy with this lot!
    I feel sorry for what’s happened with Nina; I would love to see her get together with Harry.
    Billy looked just gorgeous at the wedding.
    I can’t believe the season is almost over already; they seem to be really short seasons!

  3. Hi there, new to your page, excellent it is!!! Love this show so much, always seems to hit a nerve/heart in our house.
    Can you tell me about Nina’s jacket in the zombie apocalypse scene – is it leather? Any details would be very welcome!!

  4. I risk the wrath of other readers here, but I will say this:
    I am continuing to watch the show, but offspring lacks the emotional resonance that it once had. It is getting there in terms of funniness (especially with Dr. Elvis dancing and Kim threatening to pamper the shit out of Cherie) but I am not feeling the feels like I once did.
    I have a massive lady-boner for Asher Keddie though – she is just magnificent. I like the direction the fashion has taken, it’s a bit more adult. I am a fan of her top-knot. I would really really like a tute on how to get her glowy complexion using makeup.
    Will seems very much superfluous to the show. I don’t feel he adds anything much.
    I get that Nina is still grieving Patrick and isn’t ready for another romance, but I thought she had moved past this at the end of the last season and I think the flashbacks are getting a bit old.
    Anyway that’s my $0.02

  5. That’s funny you say about the filming, as I’ve had my suspicions this season that because they don’t show the ads for the upcoming week following the show (they did last night however), that producers gauge reactions from viewers/fans about the story line and then tweak the next episode if needed…. Far fetched idea I know! Haha. But for example, that creepy doctor all of a sudden stopped showing up once it was discovered viewers disliked him. Nina’s fashion isn’t anywhere near what it was like in the first few eps of this season, it’s more back to her old ways come the middle to end of the season.

    Anyway, I loved last nights Ep, especially when Jimmy gave Nina the finger during that dance… oh and when cleg was the only one in hysterics at his brothers speech.

    As for the fashions! Loved it all. I really took to seeing Kim in the bridesmaid dress, I thought she looked lovely, and really appreciated seeing her curvascious figure not so covered. Nina just looked stunning in the suit.

  6. I’m still hopeful of Harry and Nina romance. He seems like a really decent man, and the fact he wanted to walk away from the craziness actually proved what a roc he could be for Nina.
    I’m fearing for Jimmy and Zara- she’s had an underlying unhappiness for this whole series.
    As for Billie and the whole baby thing I don’t think Brody has actually told her Mum what’s going on. I note that Billie said she was leaving it up to Brody to speak to her Mum each day and yet we’ve not seen her Mum at all playing a part in what’s happening…seems suspicious.

  7. I loved last nights episode too Nikki!
    i love Nina in classic styles,her best man outfit was gorgeous,I also love her in boho looks.I agree with you Nikki I’m sure there is some griebing to be done for Patrick but would also like to see her happy Xx

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