How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 | Episode 10 - the Finale

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

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Ok, so I’m putting it out there that a new season of Offspring is already being filmed.

I may be way off the mark, but my spies on the ground in Melbourne who live near lots of the locations featured on the show have told me about seeing the filming of certain scenes that didn’t happen in Season 6.

I say, fingers crossed. My love for the Proudmans will never die and I have to say that the last three episodes of Season 6 were classic “rollercoaster” Offspring. More on the the plot developments below.

Let’s first talk about Nina Proudman style.

This season it’s been an adjustment. We’ve had glimpses of old Nina and glimpses of new Nina. I’m not someone who can pull off a culotte outfit (especially with boots) so it’s been a personal struggle to fall in love with these outfits.

Neens? She can wear anything and still look The Business.

My favourite outfit from the season finale was her final outfit. Nina is wearing a made-in-house peplum blouse, Beck Sondergaard scarf (I just bought my first scarf from this label from OSKA Concept at Toowong Village and now get what the fuss is about. The fabrics are so soft and beautiful to wear. Contact the Australian agent for a stockist near you), Scanlan Theodore coat, Gucci boots and Samantha Wills necklace. Read on for some more exact matches.

I’ve chosen this outfit for my final look-alike offering for the season.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 | Episode 10 - the Finale

1. Bird Keepers By Design shawl collar wrap top $99.95

2. Katies jeans $69.95

3. Witchery cami $119.95

4. Katies scarf $24.95

5. By Charlotte necklace $155 (possible exact match – the Lotus flower represents purity, rebirth and enlightenment)

6. Nicole Fendel necklace $109

7. Samantha Wills necklace $169

8. Rock Finders Keepers earrings $119 at Voult Collection

9. Maria Rossi boots $299.95 @ Styletread

Other Nina Proudman looks

We have some exact matches for the final episode … I did love the combo of the blouse over a slip dress as an evening statement.

Offspring Season 6; Episode 10 | Nina Proudmand wears Scanlan Theodore black belted wool coat, Flannel silk black chiffon small dot top and silk slip dress

Scanlan Theodore coat, Flannel top over silk slip dress 

Maison Scotch striped sailor top, Haiku cropped pleated culottes and Gucci boots.

Nina wears Maison Scotch striped sailor top, Haiku (an Italian label) cropped pleated culottes and Gucci boots

More on Billie’s looks on TenPlay.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

What has always made Offspring special for me is the way that the writers, directors and actors take us on an emotional journey.

Last night’s finale was just that. We had sadness, grief, poignancy, laughter and everything in between.

That’s Offspring GOLD.

Let’s breakdown the emo rollercoaster by character:

1. Billie. It opens with Billie in a big, empty beautiful home. We see her pulling a “power pose” in the office to give her a “top of power and confidence”. She takes her matchmaking role super seriously, forcing Will and Kerry into realising they’re perfect for each other, even though they both need “remedial romance classes”.  She fully takes on the sadness that Nina feels about Zoe painting over the family photo board. And she steps in to rescue Brodie (again), supporting through the birth and falling for Brodie’s baby boy. “I love him so much I think my soul’s going to break in half,” she tells Nina.

2. Jimmy and Zara. I feel incredibly sad for these two. Life has put them in this situation and I hope their love can pull them out. Jimmy in an emotional crisis, though, is a Jimmy who just makes so much sense. “I can forgive you but do you want me to?” he asks Zara after a session of special cuddles. Zara doesn’t have anything in the tank, “I just feel like we’re living on fumes”. I hope that they work things out. I really do.

3. Geraldine. Geraldine has grown up this season. I know this is a strange thing to say about the matriarch of a family but she just seems to be more self-assured. Not all her actions err on the grown-up side (hello final scene!) but she’s very much found a second wave of confidence.

4. Cherie and Clegg. I’m happy for Cherie and Clegg heading off to the outback to serve the Flying Joeys service, delivering babies and supporting remote and regional mums in their Akubra Avalons but it does concern me that those two are exiting the show. They would leave some very big gaps.

5. Nina. Oh Nina, what a path it’s been for your this series and the finale seemed to be a coming together of all the internal chatter and self doubt to realise that you deserve to be able to live in the here and now. You will always love Patrick – WE will always love Patrick (but he is on every second TV show right now so always a fix to be found somewhere) – but Billie was right, what if Patrick’s not the only one? Maybe Harry is the next one.

There were two scenes that just had me – the birth scene and the impromptu memorial park bench scene.

I felt every one of those contractions and held my breath that it was all going to be ok. But the Proudman females showed just how GOOD they can be together.

And as for the finale: Wild Thing … you make my heart sing. Nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

The entire, extended Proudman clan doing what they do best, crazy stuff wrapped up in love.

Thanks for the memories, Offspring Season 6. It’s been like reacquainting myself with an old friend, and picking up where we left off.

Let’s hope that we’ll be back talking Offspring very soon. Thanks for playing along again here on Styling You.

So tell me, what was your highlight from last night’s episode – and the entire season? Favourite Nina Proudman outfit.

PS. I’ll so be watching The Wrong Girl. Will you? I had the honour in 2014 of MCing Zoe Foster Blake’s Brisbane launch of the book that this series is based on. I loved the book and I think I’ll fall hard for this series.


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If that doesn’t satisfy your Offspring appetite, then the Season 1 to 5 Box Set can be purchased here

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  1. My favourite scene was the birth scene and I also did a little fist pump for Billie when she got the phonecall from Brodie asking her to come and pick her up. Billie is always there for everyone and it was so lovely for her to have a win. My favourite Nina outfit was the black Flannel top over the slip. I’ve checked it out online and I’m kind of glad they don’t have it in my size or I’d have a real inner battle going on about whether it’s worth forking out $325 for! I bought a cream wrap top from Witchery this year which is similar to the “in-house” one Nina wears at the end of the episode. It has kimono sleeves, crosses over at the front and has a wide sash to tie around the middle. My boss calls it my Princess Leia top, but I don’t care. It’s not online anymore but might still be available in stores.

  2. Thank you so much for the effort you put into bringing us Nina’s outfits. It’s my escapism because 2016 has been a bitch. Just thought you might like to know your posts (and you) make a difference 🙂

  3. My heart broke for Zara in last week’s episode. And in this one the birth scene made me tear up. Some powerful acting from all of them, especially the girl playing Brodie. I have to say I really missed Darcy in this season – and I was annoyed that he was never in it, even in flashbacks, but at the same time I think it might be clever storytelling because it makes the viewers miss him. And Mick! Billie needs her Mick.
    I’m also not 100% sold on Nina and Harry. I like Harry, I mean hello who wouldn’t. But I don’t think they have much chemistry. They just don’t seem to gel. I think I prefer Nina and Leo, and I’m a bit disappointed he skipped off kind of suddenly.
    And Geraldine! What. A. Fox.

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