560 Styling You's Nikki Parkinson gets set to launch her first online personal styling program

Coming soon – get advice from our online style program

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You may or may not know the story of how I came to be sharing my style tips each day here with you.

Eight years ago I left the (relative) security of being a journo – a magazine editor at my local paper – to start a personal styling business.

I’d been the newspaper’s and magazine’s fashion editor for many years and thought I could switch from styling models to styling real women.

I had a vision to help as many women as possible – women like me who often found themselves deep in a fashion rut due to life and lifestyle changes.

Did I have it all together style-wise myself? Not on your life.

I’ve always had a keen interest in fashion, dating back to the banning of Barbie dolls from my toy collection (thanks Mum, one day I’ll stop dining out on that story) but I’d never been one of THOSE people who had a sense of what their personal style was or one of those people who nailed it every time.

I was more a hit and miss kind of girl, with more misses than hits.

When I started styling women one-on-one, teaching them a formula I knew but didn’t always put into practise myself, the formula started to click with me too.

With each wardrobe a client let me into for editing, with each shopping trip we did, it became clear to me that the only thing holding me back from unlocking my own style was … myself.

I didn’t have the confidence to say no to trends that I should have said no to. I didn’t have the confidence to dress for my attitude instead of my age. And I didn’t have the confidence to not settle for wearing clothes that made me feel anything less that fabulous.

These days, I don’t always nail this confidence factor but I do so on more days than not – and I’m grateful for all the women along the way who have inspired me – and continue to inspire me – to keep working at it.

In the three and a half years that I did one-on-one personal styling I worked with 150 different women of all ages and sizes.

It didn’t matter if the woman was a size 6 or 26, each expressed confidence issues – with their wardrobes and their bodies.

It put all my own issues into perspective. It was useless comparing myself to another, thinking that they must be more confident because they were one, two or three sizes smaller than me. USELESS.

Now, I concentrate on ME. I concentrate on finding and wearing clothes that make ME feel great.

And I also concentrate here every day and on Facebook and Instagram helping YOU to find and wear clothes that make YOU feel great.

To an outsider it may seem just superficial nonsense but to those of us who have joined in the Styling You community, we know it’s much, much more than that.

560 Styling You's Nikki Parkinson gets set to launch her first online style program

Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

I’ve been thinking this year about how I can help you even more with unlocking your personal style and your confidence.

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive emails and messages from you asking for style advice.

SO … drum roll please … next Friday, September 2, I’ll be launching the first Styling You online style program.

What will the program look like?

I can’t give it all away just yet … but I will tease.

In a nutshell, the six-week online style program is designed to give you a clear road map for the season ahead.

It will be based on a 30-piece capsule wardrobe that can be adapted for any lifestyle, budget, shape, size or age. I’ll show you how.

You’ll be helped to “shop” your wardrobe for alternatives to my suggestions and I’ll have links to buy for those wanting to mindfully and consciously update their wardrobes with a solid plan for the season ahead.

I’ll also be hands-on in the dedicated Facebook group* supporting this program, taking you through each day, plus being there to personally answer your specific style questions.

It will be like having your own personalist stylist on speed dial, except it’s 2016 and no-one answers their phones any more!

I’m incredibly excited to bring this online style program to you, to help you work with me to find the wardrobe confidence you’ve been looking for.

All the details, plus how to sign up and potentially win some amazing prizes (I’m seriously busting to tell you about one of them!), will be on the blog next Friday morning, September 2. To be first in the know, make sure you’re signed up to the Styling You email list.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below or pop me an email ([email protected]). I’d love to hear if this something you’re interested in?

*For those already in the SY Everyday Style Facebook group, nothing will change there. That community is gold. This new group will be more dedicated to offering specific advice for those joining the program.

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  1. Love the new look website Nikki. Your Style School sounds fun, but travel, work and a house move preclude me from participating this time. Will watch for a second round if you run one. Best Wishes. X

  2. Great idea, definitely interested. Will you aim to do it twice a year? I’m probably out for spring/summer (pregnant) and autumn/winter is where I need a bit more help anyway.

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Yes, yes, yes please…as a bigger lady with bigger boobs I always seem to struggle to get it ‘just right’, so definitely keen to find out more!

  4. Yes please. I missed winter totally and just wore whatever I had and whatever I could grab at a couple of shops on my way to work. No thought whatsoever – so I want to be organised this spring/summer.

  5. would love to see a Aussie version, I am familiar with Missus smarty pants cept she is on the other side, so opposite seasons lol.

  6. I really need to do far more shopping of the wardrobe, so I’m very much looking forward to hearing more about some hints to ensuring I do that.

    And I agree that you look really great in this image. I do love a white top for the face lightening magic it achieves. The cutwork on this one is beautiful.

  7. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! I love the capsule wardrobe idea and you have actually saved me a lot of $$$ as I read about the concept on your page a couple of years ago and follow it now especially in winter. Would definitely appreciate some help with spring/summer

  8. I’m there Nikki! – reverting to the 90s here. And the top you are wearing in the promo photo is gorgeous – who is it by? Looking forward to Fridays….

  9. I’m very excited for you Nikki,every woman should feel good about themselves ! Have a wonderful weekend Nikki Xx

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