How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman S6 E7

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

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Ahh … thank goodness the TV planets have re-aligned and Wednesday nights have resumed their normal programming.

Offspring, I would happily have watched you instead of that other thing starting with O but I forgive you for leaving me for three weeks … now that you’re back.

Call me sentimental but I do love it when we see glimpses of the Nina Proudman style of old.

I think it’s no co-incidence that these glimpses happen when Nina is thinking about anything from her pre-Zoe past.

Both main outfits last night featured the same pair of jeans and her vintage Gucci boots. In this outfit below, she added a little new to the old Nina look. A sign of the new to come with Harry?

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but the belted dress/tunic and olive leather trench represented a slight moving away from her kimono-loving past.

Offspring S6 Ep7 | How to dress like Nina Proudman | Photo Channel Ten

The olive leather trench is available on pre-order from Flannel. Check it out here.  The blouse/short dress is by Nina’s label of the season, Mes Demoiselles. This link will give you a few overseas online stores from which to buy pieces from this label.

I’m pretty sure I have an exact match on the necklace – pictured and linked below – and the earrings are Nicole Fendel but the gold is currently out of stock.

Here’s my Nina Proudman “look for less” outfit for this week:

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman S6 E7

1. Mavi jeans $159 @ Birdsnest

2. Katies shirt $59.95 

3. Wite trench $39.95 (on sale) @ Birdsnest

4. Rock Finders Keepers necklace $169 @ Voult Collection (possible match)

5. Country Road belt $49.95 @ David Jones

6. Nicole Fendel earrings $69 (Nina is wearing this style but in gold and white – currently sold out)

7. Country Road boots $329 @ David Jones

Other looks

Offspring S6 Ep7 | How to dress like Nina Proudman | Photo Channel Ten

Primness cream silk duster coat, American Vintage green silk shell top (this is a fave of Nina’s that’s been trotted out in previous series), AG jeans, vintage Gucci boots and Beck Sondergaard scarf.

Offspring S6 Ep7 | How to dress like Nina Proudman | Photo Channel Ten

More intel, including Billie’s ridiculously awesome outfits, over at Ten Play.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Offspring S6 Ep7 | How to dress like Nina Proudman | Photo Channel Ten

A dream sequence is not enough. Not enough, you hear me. You can’t tease us with a little bit of Patrick being the perfect Dad and partner and then rip him away from us.

Too cruel.

Sulk over.

I did get a laugh though out of Patrick doing “Nina” talk. It’s very unlike Patrick to be so talkative and scatty. But I guess “talking” about your own frozen sperm when you’re no longer alive will do that.

Who knows what path Neens will take with Patrick’s specimens? Will she have a baby of her own? Will she donate to Billie.

Or will Billie adopt or co-parent Brodie’s baby, which will be born in 15 weeks if my maths serves me correctly because poor Brodie’s didn’t serve her up any options at all.

Whatever the outcome, just beware the “angry, horny, werewolf” that is Nina’s hormones-induced state.

Speaking of wolves, Harry didn’t need a full moon or the cover of darkness to make his reappearance at St Francis.

Thank goodness Nina put aside her “sex and fury” to go on a date with Harry to Clegg’s buck’s party, a party Clegg never made it to because he needed his divorce papers signed by his first wife Justine, a “secret lesbian daughter of an ultra conservative farmer”, who many years ago helped him get his Australian visa, and was now living as Justin on the farm he inherited.

Still with me?

We’re at the bucks party and if the Clegg being previously married situation weren’t crazy enough, the theme for the bucks party most definitely was – a night of being frightened by zombies in an industrial shed re-themed to resemble a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Should have been Elvis’ bucks. It was the best night of his life, Nina, it was.

Meanwhile back at the hen’s fancy penthouse hotel party, Kim is attempting to pamper/seriously injure Cherie. Zara just needs a “bit of shush and a bit of champagne” (don’t we all, Zara, don’t we all?) and Billie threatens to call in a stripper before they all decided that dancing to the Pointer Sisters’ I’m So Excited in white hotel robes was a better call.

Enter stage left, Harry and Nina who decide that the hotel would surely have a spare room for them. Harry offers triple the protection and Nina unleashes her inner werewolf … and then stops and offers Harry a very tight “spoon” cuddle instead.

Spoon, or no spoon, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Harry just yet.

Offspring S6 Ep7 | How to dress like Nina Proudman | Photo Channel Ten

That’s it from me. Time for you to share your thoughts about Nina’s style this episode and the plot developments.


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  1. I just watched this episode (in nz, we are a bit behind here) and wondered if anyone knew where Zaras blue block print blouse is from? She is wearing it while sitting at the kitchen table studying. Thanks!

  2. I loved this episode so hard. Especially Patrick flashbacks! And Billie’s trademark “Tell-me-tell-me-tell-me-tell-me-tell-me”
    The bit that had me in stitches was Nina slapping all the zombies and telling them off, like a mum! Still got the giggles.
    And totally loving having you HTDLNP posts back too Nikki – highlight of the week. Nina is still my style inspo icon!

  3. 3 things to say about last night’s episode – I love Nina’s hair out!! Billie looked amazing!! Harry is a hottie!! So loving Offspring being back!!!

  4. Alexander England (the actor who plays Harry), previously played the loveliest role in an Australian series called The Beautiful Lie. I must admit I was a little bit in love with him before I even saw him in Offspring, so I’m hoping he’s not hiding some horrible secret and is Nina’s new Mr Right.

    BTW: Billie’s outfit was the bomb!

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