How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

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I’m struggling with Nina Proudman’s new found fashion love of the culotte.

There. I’ve said it out loud. Or written it out loud. Whatever the loud, it’s out there.

Granted, Nina could pop on the proverbial hessian sack and still look fabulous, but for us mere mortals, the effect of trying to recreate Nina’s new silhouette at home would be HOBO than boho.

Take the look Nina wore first up in last night’s episode (episode 6). We’ve got denim culottes worn with boots, topped off with a layered floral shirt over a lace cami that has been belted at the waist with a thin leather belt.

Before she arrived at work there was a grey trench and blue scarf (see below for details) as well.

Neens pulls it off. Me, I’d end up looking like a clown who’d long ago lost her circus gig. Thoughts? Is this a look you would try, have tried? No judgement here … I’m wanting to hear from anyone who can make it work.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 6

Vintage cream floral Japanese silk shirt and Michael Kors denim culottes

We did get a slice of traditional Nina style in this episode too … the old knee-high boots tucked into jeans trick.

There was also a welcoming flash of green. Emerald green is a colour that’s popped up each season on Nina and it works so well for her.

It was an interesting combination of a loose green tank/cami underneath the floral top (a more streamlined tank would work best for me) but she pulls it off. (The top was vintage, the jeans AG jeans and her boots vintage Gucci.)

That Rock Finders Keepers necklace from last week’s episode is back – I’ve included it again with this week’s “get the Nina look for less” offering below.

I bought my first RFK piece this week. Yes, I couldn’t resist the earrings that she wore last week (but in rose gold) when I was told they were available for sale at online store Voult. The service was SO good. Ordered Monday, in my ears Wednesday.

IG How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Season 6 Episode 6

1. Rock Finders Keepers earrings $99 @ Voult Collection

2. Rock Finders Keepers necklace $119 @ Voult Collection (exact match)

3. Lee Cooper for Big W top $35

4. Target tank top $10

5. Katies jeans $39.95 (on sale)

6. Siren boots $191.97 (on sale) @ Styletread

Other looks

Nina Proudman | Offspring Series 6 Episode 6

Nina’s pjs are my kind of winter pjs – a Crossley pink silk pant, a soft tee and Mes Demoiselles chunky knit. 

Becksondergaard scarf | How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 6

Becksondergaard scarf. Nina has been wearing quite a few scarves from this Danish label. Contact the Australian agent for a stockist near you. If you have someone in Europe who can grab it for you, here’s the link.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 6

Primness silk duster coat; Binny shirt; Megan Park pants; vintage necklace; Primness coat; Becksondergaard scarf (see above for link to Australian stockist for the brand); Rugged leather bag

More intel, including Billie’s fab outfits, over at Ten Play.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 6

There was a definite theme to last night’s episode yes? Babies. And all the ways they can come into being.

We had Baby Swap Gate at St Francis and the possibility that two couples went home with the wrong baby on that horror night of a million births (slight exaggeration) last season when Ainsworth Hospital had to send its patients to Nina and Co.

We had Brodie finally spilling the beans on her pregnancy to Nina and Billie.

We had Zara nominating Jimmy to be a “spoof jockey” so that Kim and Jess could have another baby.

We had Martin being put out that he wasn’t chosen for his “magic potion”.

We had Neens wondering and pondering whether she should offer Billie one of her eggs.

And to complete the full fertility picture, we had Patrick’s ex-wife showing up to let Nina know that some of Patrick’s magic potion was frozen and available to her, should she want another baby.

Pheww … but enough of the baby talk. I’m sure there will be more in weeks to come.

Can we talk about “handsome but annoying” Harry Crewe. Wherever there is angsty tension and combative energy between characters on a TV show, there is potential romance.

I do not think we’ve seen the last of the Hazman. Oh no we haven’t. {Thanks Network Ten for spoiling that for us in the preview ad of all the shows you have coming up for us AFTER the Olympics.}

Meanwhile, Geraldine has taken her phone romance to IRL, making visual eye contact with the man on the end of the line at Marjorie’s house.

Billie said goodbye to Mick and hello to a new job in recruitment. Neens dropped Zoe at day care for the first time (yes, all the feels many of us have felt before).

And Martin said yes to Cherie’s offer of marriage, putting Neens in place as best man and settling on a theme of “dark magnificence” instead of medieval for the occasion.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 6

That’s it from me. Time for you to share your thoughts about Nina’s style this episode and the plot developments. And the fact that Network Ten thinks we are stopping our lives for the Olympics. Geez, Offspring won’t be back now until August 24. Not fair. *Throws tantrum*

PS. We’re also chatting all things Neens and Offspring in the SY #everydaystyle community. Have you joined yet?

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here. Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten.


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  1. Just finished watching this episode & nearly fell off my seat when I saw Patrick’s ex wife wearing a tigerlily dress, the haveli dress if anyone needs to know!

  2. Hello, Nikki. Greetings from a Brazilian fan. More precisely from Rio de Janeiro. Thank you for all the research on Nina’s style. Every Wednesday I watch the episode and I rush to see your post. Congratulations for the amazing work. I love your site!!

  3. Thanks Nikki. Love your site! Does anyone know where the gold flower earings are from? Can’t see them on volt? Thanks so much!

  4. Just watched the ep on tenplay and am more impressed with Billie’s wardrobe than Nina’s although I do like culottes. Love Billie’s orange trench coat!!

  5. thanks nikki!
    not a lover of the cullotte either but she can wear it well!
    we did them to death in the 60’s! won’t touch them again!
    loved the scarves and what’s with the sperm donor focus!
    and the next episode is on the 24th???
    still enjoyed it with my daughter! especially Geraldine!
    lol m:)X

  6. Lol I bought the earrings too in Rose Gold from Voult! Still awaiting mine as they’re coming to NZ. Should be here soon hopefully. Re culottes – ugh, not for me, even though I have long legs and they looked OK first time round, however many years ago that was (20??). However I seem to remember saying the same about skinny jeans and I’m an avid fan of those now!

  7. Thanks Nikki for all the Intel, I loved the scarves she was wearing last night and will be looking into those. I love culottes, used to wear them when I was younger but I don’t think they would suit me now.

  8. Nothing that Nina was wearing caught my eye last night but I did like the jacket/dress combination that her Mum wore when she went outside to “checkout” her new friend!

  9. I can cope with the culottes, but would like Nina to do her hair. Might be a weird thing to notice, but for my money polished hair brings a look together & Nina’s thrown together up do is a bit cas for her job. Fab for off-duty, though. But the scarves! So many gorgeous local options to choose from & style in the same way.

  10. In season 1 of Offspring, Nina wore culottes with boots on a few occasions, so it’s definitely not a new look for her. Mind you, I feel the same as you – can’t say I’m a fan of them as they’re not something I would wear, but she looks amazing nonetheless. One thing I am loving are all the scarves she’s wearing this season as I adore scarves! I was wondering if you knew where her bag was from that she wore on last night’s episode, as I’m after a similar bag. Thanks 🙂

    1. Check out Elements of Design in Wauchope (they have a Facebook page). They have gorgeous leather bags, plus lots of amazing clothing and homewares. And they post. Happy shopping

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