How to create a perfect antipasto platter

How to create the perfect antipasto platter

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I have a confession to make.

I would happily dine out on an antipasto platter for dinner every night.

The perfect antipasto platter is like a mini buffet of awesomeness that works SO WELL with a glass of Champagne, Prosecco or your choice of wine.

And it being Friday and all, I thought I’d share with you my tips on how to create a perfect antipasto platter.

How to create the perfect antipasto platter

How to create the perfect antipasto platter

1. Don’t get too hung up on perfection. I know, I know, this post is supposedly about the perfect antipasto platter but seriously any platter that you put together and share with friends is perfect, isn’t it?

2. Aim for a variety of things on your platter. Take into account any dietary requirements but aim to include a selection of deli meats, at least two cheeses, olives and grilled vegetables, nuts, fruit and crackers.

How to create a perfect antipasto platter

3. The art is all in the assembling of your platter. Anchor the platter with the cheeses, then create sections that allow the eye (and tastebuds) to move around the board. For example, have a fruit section and keep the meats separate from this. I like filling the platter to take up all the space on a board. Using rocket or baby spinach as a base helps to achieve that.

4. The board counts. I’ve had the pictured Colin Munro board for two years now and it gets trotted out A LOT. I love its shape for placing on a table and allowing easy access by all antipasto-dining parties. Round boards are also very much on trend. As are grazing tables if you’re taking your platter to the outdoors!

5. Add small dishes and cheese and condiment knives. There are some things that can’t just be placed straight on a board. Small ceramic dishes work a treat for olives, dips and tapenades. Look for interesting cheese and condiment knives in homeware and lifestyle/gift stores. I’m a sucker for pineapple ones.

1 How to create a perfect antipasto platter

6. If you’re taking your platter to a friend’s place or for a picnic, deconstruct it. I like to create and fill the platter first – photograph it on your phone – and then use plastic storage containers to store each of the sections for transport. When you arrive at your friend’s home, re-create it according to your photo.

7. Offer a mix of crackers and/or bread with your platter. I’m gluten free so I always make sure there is a gluten-free cracker option alongside a more traditional cracker or bread offering. Gluten-free or not, opt for a quality cracker.

How to create a perfect antipasto platter

Happy weekend to you … tell me, what are your essentials to add to a platter?

PS. If you’re taking your weekend platter to a picnic, then check out my friend (and SY team member) Rachael’s new business. She couldn’t find a plastic, stemless champagne flute for such an occasion (and one that could go in the dishwasher), so she designed and sourced them herself. Buy your Sip Bubbles and Sip Vino HERE.

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  1. I’m early sixties and just met this lovely Italian fellow…..I want to put together a nice platter for my next visit and your photo is a giant leap of help…..couple of sterling ideas to abide by……Think I might rock it ha ha….Love the board I been looking for a very kool one xx

    1. Post
  2. Antipasto platters are a regular occurrence at my house too and I too could eat one every night of the week 🙂
    I am rather particular with my platters and have many different dishes that I use, depending upon who’s coming for dinner, if we’re taking it with us to a party and the occasion. Yes I’m platter obsessive and probably need help, but that is the one thing that all my years in hospitality have taught me and that’s setting out a good platter. Although I follow Christina from Hair Romance on Instagram and several months ago she shared a platter picture that I just had to save, because it looked so good!

      1. I found the screen shot and it was on mrandmrsromnace page and taken at the @GoblinKitchenBar. I think I saved it more because I fell in love with the fig bread !

  3. I love a nice platter I could eat something like this for dinner quite happily! Nikki this platter looks amazing,thank you Xx

  4. Had to share with you a piccie of my typical antipasto platter. I use a long timber board to display mine on the table, as I love how it looks a little rustic. I purchased an untreated timber slab and my husband carefully sanded and shaped it and I rub vegetable oil into it to protect it and enhance it’s lovely colour. We’re huge fans of antipasto, and often have nibbly-nights for our dinner, especially in Summer. Love the look of yours – fresh blueberries are a favourite of mine to nibble on!

  5. Dragon Dad would eat like this three meals a day for always, if he could get away. As Jews who don’t mix meat and milk products, we have two completely different starting points, depending on which of those two we’re opting for as the main protein. We usually go with good sourdough or Lebanese bread – not being bothered by gluten. I also usually have a selection of grilled veg – red peppers, eggplant, roasted cauliflower, etc. Hummus and babaganoush are two of of our favourite dip/spreads, and there’s a most yummy beetroot dip I like to make when we do a cheese based platter (it has yoghurt in it). The range of potential meze that can be added to a mixed platter is endless – SO much fun and deliciousness 🙂 I do like that board of yours – very nice. We usually use a ginormous wooden chopping board we picked up at a market one time.

  6. You are a woman of many talents!! Thanks for the post I’ve been looking for a good wooden board for a while so I’ll check out your suggestions xx

  7. Love a good platter, I could happily have one for dinner every night too. We often have one, sit on the balcony looking at the water and watch the daylight fade. For us, a good ripened triple brie, lots of olive varieties, spicy deli meat and plain crackers. Oh, and a bottle of wine. Happy Friday Nikki! x

  8. Your platter looks beautiful! I do think that some people just have the “knack” for messily putting together a beautiful platter….not me, unfortunately. Happy to use yours for inspiration. Thanks also for sharing the link for the champagne flutes. Love them.

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