10 hottest spring summer 2016 fashion trends

The 10 hottest spring summer 2016 fashion trends

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It was a public holiday here in Brisbane yesterday and we took advantage of the non-winter temperatures and headed to the beach for the day.

Yes, the nights may still be on the chilly side but spring is very much on its way.

In fashion terms, I’m already gearing up for the season ahead with shoots for new-season pieces booked and my regular Model and Me posts taking a decided turn towards warmer weather options.

The big department stores and your favourite chain stores and independents have started flaunting all things new and spring-like, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a road map for the season ahead.

I’ve listed some of the hottest spring summer 2016 fashion trends below – not because I think you should slavishly follow each – or any – of them but because trends can help us to look at our existing wardrobe style a little differently.

When we take stock and look at what we already wear – or what we wore last spring summer – then we can look at ways to freshen up those looks.

I never advocate wholesale change but I do subscribe to the theory that a small change can uplift an entire wardrobe situation.

When that change comes from buying a new, on-trend accessory or clothing piece, then it has the effect of modernising your whole look.

The good news is that there is a trend for everyone. Not all will suit all people but there will be one or two that speak to your personal style.

They are the ones that you should seek out and embrace and are the key to staying true to your own style but just giving that style a fresh edge.

10 hottest spring summer 2016 fashion trends

10 hottest spring summer 2016 fashion trends

1. Off the shoulder anything. Or OTS for short. Many of us got the shoulders out last summer, myself very much included, and we will be doing it again this spring-summer. The only ongoing challenge is finding a strapless bra that is bearable to wear. I address that here.

Pictured: Seed OTS dress $99.95

2. Shades of blue. From navy to sky blue and all hues in between, this fresh colour is the colour of the season.

Pictured: Witchery shirt $119.95

3. Modern lace. Lace’s modern look is still feminine but is more geometric and structured than a traditional lace.

Pictured: Country Road top $139 

4. Metallics. There is rarely a season these days without metallics and this makes this natural-born magpie extremely happy.

Pictured: Country Road jacket $229

5. ’70s retro prints. The obsession with all things ’70s continues. Embrace it this spring-summer with modern takes on retro graphic prints.

Pictured: Katies tunic $59.95

6. Boudoir dressing. If you can pull of this look, go for it. Think silk slip with spaghetti straps but worn away from the bedroom.

Pictured: Seed dress $149.95

7. Sneakers. The sneaker is firmly in place on our feet all year round and not just with activewear. White or metallic sneakers are kings of the kicks this season.

Pictured: FRANKiE4 Footwear sneakers $229.95

8. Block heels. Embraced last summer, this revisited ’70s and ’90s trend continues. Yay for comfort and style, I say.

Pictured: Trenery heels $199

9. Statement earrings. Let your ears do the accessory talking. A shoulder-dusting earring will certainly set off any look but particularly the OTS trend.

Pictured: Camilla earrings $249

10. Backpacks. Another ’90s trend revisited. Chiro-and-physio-approved, this is the bag we’ll see on more backs this season.

Pictured: Witchery backpack $129.95

So tell me, is spring on your mind? See any trends you’d happily trot out for the new season?

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  1. Hi Nikki, I have a metallic jacket (Country Road) from a few seasons back. It is more blazer style than trench. Will I look out of place if I wear it this upcoming season? Glad to see a few of my favourite looks are back in fashion 🙂

  2. I like that modern lace top – reminds me of Carrie Bickmore’s dress at the Logies (or was it Jessica Marais? Anyway . . .) and I’m glad to hear OTS will still be around as I jumped on board very late in the season and discovered I liked it!

  3. as always great post… and by the way – thank you for the post about Katies – thanks to you I actually checked the site and stocked up on some tops and jeans 🙂 for spring 😉

  4. I love this post! Blue is my favourite colour, and I have already bought a navy OTS dress from Blue Bungalow for the warmer weather. Great picks Nikki, bring on summer! (And the SS16 Styling You shop) x

  5. I already love (and wear) blue anything, so to hear it’s back on trend for spring/summer is music to my ears! Already got some statement-ish earrings, but would like to get a pair (or 2) of block heels & some metallic items, including sneakers. Got my eye on either the silver ELLiE’s or the tin gold JENNi’s from FRANKiE4.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  6. I am yet to find an OTS top or dress that suits my shape AND stays OTS. I love the look so I’ll keep trying to find the right piece for summer.

  7. I already have block heels, white/gold sneakers, backpack, lots of blue and some 70s prints. OTS does not work for me, but I have other shoulder looks. I may look at modern lace, but will skip boudoir dressing.

  8. I’m all in for OTS again, and this heel-hating girls loves that casual sneakers are still on-trend, especially for wearing with summer frocks!

  9. Spring is definitely on my mind. Love that OTS is still big so I can get more wear out of pieces I bought at the end of last summer season. I’m a big fan of block heels because I can actually walk in them.

  10. Thank you Nikki, I like the lace,the block heels,whilst I love the OTS trend I may have to find a strapless less bra that is comfy as I bought a few OTS tops and dresses last year Xx

  11. It definitely reminds me of late 90s looks! Loving the.chunky.heels for comfort! And the backpack, since I have a bad back, however, I always find it hard to get a backpack that doesn’t remind me of high school.

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