4 winter outfit ideas that don’t include jeans

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My friend Carly (from Smaggle) commented on one of my outfits this week:

“Your ‘winter’ style is so amusing to me. I’ve reached Melbourne peak fashion where I wear my down coat all day. I’m a walking ugg boot.”

This made me laugh. So much.

Because, yes, I am a Queensland girl and our winter attire looks so crazily different from that of our southern sisters. I also laughed about the walking ugg boot statement because in that very moment, I had my ugg boots on.

It actually does get cold here overnight in winter but it warms up very quickly so that by 9am you may as well call it spring.

And then yesterday the weather gods threw us a mild-summer-like day of 28. I’m thinking these weather gods knew I’d this week had a spray tan for the FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer catalogue shoot (OMG, cannot wait to share this with you!) and wanted me to get my pins out from behind my jeans so as not to waste it.

Whatever the reason, I did get the legs out, but they’ll most probably be back behind jeans today, which is a lovely segue into this blog post topic.

By popular request, many SY readers have asked for winter outfit ideas that don’t include jeans.

My frock and exposed leg outfit from yesterday didn’t count. That was merely an aberration in the winter wardrobe scheme of things.

What I’m talking about is the rut that we can easily get into – a rut I most certainly do fall into – and that’s the rut of pulling out a pair of jeans every day to form the base of our outfits.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my jeans (these are my seven most comfortable pairs) but I also love mixing it up so that what I wear each day feels fresh.

If that’s you too then read on, I’ve got four non-jeans outfit ideas for you.

4 winter outfit ideas that don’t include jeans

4 winter outfits that don't include jeans


1. Betty Basics leggings $19.95 @ Birdsnest

2. Surafina top $129

3. Bohemian Traders vest $209

4. Tony Bianco heels $159.95 @ Styletread

5. Najo necklace $79 @ Birdsnest


6. Bird Keepers pant $69.95 @ Birdsnest

7. Witchery coatigan $129.95

8. Country Road hat $44.96 (on sale)

9. Katies top $39.95

10. FRANKiE4 Footwear sneakers $229.95


11. Hammock and Vine dress $189.95 @ Birdnest

12. Katies scarf $24.95

13. Katies leather jacket $299.95

14. Mollini boots $359.95

15. David Lawrence bag $249


16. David Lawrence skirt $179

17. Country Road knit $134.25 (on sale)

18. Oroton bag $118.50 (on sale)

19. Ambra tights $14.95 @ Birdsnest

20. FRANKiE4 boots $299.95


Embrace all grades of leggings and you have a comfortable alternative to jeans. I favour either bamboo/modal leggings or ponte if I’m needing a thicker style. Leggings are not pants (keep your front and back bottoms covered) but they do enable you to wear a long top or a shorter dress or tunic than you might otherwise do with bare legs in spring or summer.

Leggings and over-sized shirt

Leggings and tunic dress

Leggings and dress

Soft pants

I cannot imagine my winter wardrobe without a soft pant – or several pairs of this fabulous garment. I’m not afraid of the droppie version; but I also have pairs that really are a fancy version of a trackie pant. Nothing pleases me more than feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing but still being socially acceptable to be seen in public.

Soft pants and off-the-shoulder top

Casual soft pants and long-sleeve tee

Dressed up soft pants

Colourful soft pants


You can embrace a dress in a thicker fabric or even a knit in winter. Simply add tights if it’s cold or leave legs bare if not. My favourite winter dress style is the sweater dress – this dress style is the frock version of trackie pants. If a more fitted style is your thing, these can work a treat with tights and a coat.

Sweater dress #1

Sweater dress #2

Fitted dress #1

Fitted dress #2


Your imaginary friend and mine, Nina Proudman, rocks a maxi skirt and knee-high boots. You might choose to as well. Or you might like a short tube-style skirt with tights instead. However way you like your skirts, adapt them for winter.

Short skirt

Maxi skirt

Remember, everyone’s level of winter is different. Refer back to my capsule wardrobe of winter layering basics and add on or subtract whatever is appropriate to your needs.

So tell me, if you’re not wearing jeans this winter, what are your go-to outfits?

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  1. I’m such a jeans girl for all seasons (even our hot summers) but I do love to mix it up. Not so keen on tights so in the cooler months I do tend to embrace the cold and still go bare legs just add boots with skirts and dresses. Surafina have a fabulous pair of denim pants (not jeans but still right in my comfort zone) that I’m eyeing out at the moment

  2. I don’t own jeans (haven’t since my last Jag pair died more than a decade ago) but love and wear all the styles you suggest. I got a down vest this year which, since my house is the coldest in the land, is the best winter thing I’ve bought in a long time.

    And how much do I love Frankie4? Looking forward to my second pair of sandals for summer, and my third pair of Ellies-having worn through the first two-very soon. May even go into the flat ankle boots if it ever gets properly cold around here!

    1. Sounds like that down vest was a great buy! And glad you’re loving the FRANKiE4s. Have you talked to them about where you wear the shoes through? They’d be interested to know and help with that.

  3. I need to pull together a non-jeans outfit for work 4 days a week. In winter that needs to include a coat and walking shoes for the commute, and layers for the office where the temperature swings depending on whether I’m in a meeting room or sitting at my desk. For this reason I have a long wrap that lives at work for when I need an extra layer at my desk.
    I generally start with a cami and something long sleeve but light first, then a jacket (Metalicus make some great light patterned and coloured ones) and a scarf on my top half. The bottom half will be ponte pants, light wool pants, a black dress that works like a pinafore/ a slim skirt/ dress and tights with ankle boots.

  4. I Love these outfits Nikki ,I love my jeans too but if I don’t feel like wearing jeans I wear ponte pants and a tunic,soft pants or a dress with ankle boots or a maxi dress with a long cardi,thank you Nikki for reminding us to shake it up and have a lovely weekend Xx

  5. I went to a two day seminar this week, No uniform – heaven! I wore my striped Surafina dress, denim jacket, leopard scarf and ankle boots one day, and denim dress, long line sleeveless vest, scarf and ankle boots the next. I was warm in the morning, and on the way home but during the day could take the scarf and jacket or vest off. It’s supposed to be warm here again today, I didn’t wear a jumper at all yesterday! Hope you had a lovely birthday week Nikki x

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