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It’s almost six years since I began Model and Me posts here on Styling You.

They began by accident after I had been asked by a boutique to model for them in a Metalicus fashion parade. This boutique stocked and sold Metalicus to women of all ages, shapes and sizes so they wanted the label shown on a variety of different women.

Back then Metalicus was all about the one-size-fits-most stretch garment. I was already a fan, having first discovered and embraced the label while pregnant with my youngest (he’s now almost 11 years old).

The thing was, most women believed it was a label for women of model-like proportions but I had always found pieces that just worked for me.

On the night of the fashion parade, I had the idea that I could share a photo of me in a Metalicus outfit alongside one of a model wearing the same outfit.

So, I did it, and the first Model and Me post was born.

Today, Metalicus is back on Styling You with an outfit that is a little bit sporty and a whole lot of fun.

The model

Metalicus Mae Boxy Spot Knit | Kimberley Resort Shell | Sonny jeans

Metalicus Mae Boxy Spot Knit $129.95 | Kimberley Resort Shell $89.95 | Sonny jeans $99.95

and me

560 Metalicus Mae Boxy Spot Knit | Kimberley Resort Shell | Sonny jeans | FRANKiE4 Footwear sneakers

Metalicus Mae Boxy Spot Knit* (I’m wearing size M-L) | Kimberley Resort Shell*  (I’m wearing size 14) | Sonny jeans* (I’m wearing size 14)| FRANKiE4 Footwear sneakers

Yes, Metalicus still offers the kind of stretch layering pieces that gave the label its cult following but now you’ll also find pieces that are sized (to size 14) and made from a variety of different fabrics.

The emphasis is still very much on clothes that offer comfort but the new diversity allows you to mix it up.

The three pieces in this outfit are very different from those first pieces I showcased six years ago but they each fit seamlessly into my everyday style wardrobe.

The knit it 100% cotton and had me at its shiny, metallic spots and relaxed styling. Layering a longer top underneath helps with outfit proportions. The 100% viscose shell top is a wardrobe staple and would work equally as well under a blazer or jacket.

The jeans are a pull-on style in a soft cotton blend that makes for the comfort of a legging but with a jean-like fabrication. The slim-leg style is flattering and I’m in love with the grey colour.

Add on a pair of sneakers … a little more metallic if you please … and you’re good to go.

Are you a Metalicus wearer? A bowerbird with a love of all things shiny?

The Model and Me: Metalicus AW16

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Love this Nikki. I bought a navy blue spot metallic jumper last winter which I get comments on all the time. I love the look. Definitely love this one on you too.

  2. Hi Nikki, you look amazing in this outfit! Love it but unfortunately it’s out of my budget (too many doctors bills, tests, meds etc eat up my income 🙁 I will just keep admiring and dreaming! Is there anyone else out there with this dilemna?

    1. I love looking at the posts as well as I like to see how things look on regular people but I do find that most posts are out of my budget. $500+ for an outfit is just not feasible when you have young children and one income. I would love Nikki to do a budget series as it would be interesting to see what option are out there for the average women (14 -16 according to Bureau of Statistics).

      1. Lovely ladies, I am so there with you. I love reading Nikki’s blog and find that some items are out of my price range because I have kids. But the times I have forked out money on something a little out of my price range because Nikki recommended it, I’ve never regretted it. Those pieces are workhorses in my wardrobe. Nikki often shares an array of bloggers who share budget styles. Pretty Chuffed offers outfit ideas under $100.

      2. Hi Sandy, there are lots of budget pieces featured in my many and varied fashion posts here if you’d like to search back through this series and my fashion capsule wardrobe posts. I’ve also done work with Katies which offers on-trend pieces at budget prices. These model and me posts are designed to support independent Australian designers.

        You may also have missed the posts from Jasmine (Pretty Chuffed). Here’s one of them:

        As I said to Kat above, it’s never about buying what you see but using the combinations as inspiration to work with what you already have in your wardrobe. I’m a size 14-16 so that’s what you see in terms of sizing on me.

    2. Hi Kat, I can’t be all things to all people with every post. Across the range of fashion posts I feature here, I include a full range of budget offerings. The Model and Me posts support independent designers. All my posts are not just about buying what you see but being inspired to match items with what you have in your wardrobe. My mantra has always been – use what’s in your wardrobe first.

  3. This may be hard to believe but I only have one jumper & its a thick one I only wear a couple of times a year!! I now own two more!! I bought this jumper in black as well as the grey as they are the perfect weight for a Sydney winter. Thanks Nikki I would have never looked at them but I’m glad I did? Also big thank you to the wonderful sales assistant at Metalicus in Westfield Sydney … she was such a help!

  4. Nikki that is one of your best Model and Me outfits! You really look great and all the pieces work so well together. I have just gone on-line and bought the jeans and spotty top. I do prefer brands with proper sizing, as sizing with a wide variation within it is just less likely to fit properly. One size fits all will just turn me off completely and will never buy anything with that sizing.

  5. Love that outfit on you (and on the model), would never have guessed it was Metalicus. I have to admit I’m one of those who still perceives the brand as only for ‘skinny minnies’. Must give it another look; especially if they do pull-on jeans which I find much better than regular jeans, as it means no added bulk of button and zip on an already rounded tummy area.

  6. I love the story behind your Model and Me Monday’s Nikki,they are one of my favourite posts,I love the jumper it’s gorgeous I adore spots.I find some Metallicus garments are too big but I have a few items in my wardrobe,have a great day even though it’s not a public holiday in Queensland Nikki Xx

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