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Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE wearing black. It’s my go-to colour no matter what the time of year.

Come winter, I favour it even more.

I poo-poo those who say you can’t wear black because it makes you look older. Because, no it doesn’t. It may not be YOUR colour but please don’t put an age-y thing on it.

Anyway, as is my wont, while black will always be my winter wardrobe bestie, I do like to mix it up a bit.

And that’s were this Model and Me post comes in. Australian lifestyle label eb&ive understand an Aussie girl and her short-term love affair with winter and they design pieces for our everyday style that just work.

{They also do fabulous homewares but click on over there with your credit card out of reach … don’t say you haven’t been warned!}

The pieces I’m featuring are available online but do check for stockists near you via this page. I’ve featured quite a few pieces from Botanical Grace through my work with Toowong Village. One particular poncho from my February workshop was snapped up super quickly afterwards. So quickly, I missed out on the snapping.

The below outfit is the type of outfit that I’d happily put on any day to feel comfortable AND put together.

The Model


Eb&Ive Haveli top | Rouge pant | Chez scarf

Eb&Ive Haveli top $79.95 | Rouge pant $79.95 | Chez scarf $89.95

and me

Eb&Ive Haveli top | Rouge pant | Chez scarf | FRANKiE4 Footwear KELLiE boots

Eb&Ive Haveli top* $79.95 (one size) | Rouge pant * $79.95 (I’m wearing M/L) | Chez scarf $89.95 | FRANKiE4 Footwear KELLiE boots $289.95

The key to an over-sized top working for you is to work it back with a streamlined pant. Balancing out these proportions helps you look balanced.

I’m a big fan of this combination as it skims and hides the bits I’d like skimmed over and hidden while letting me get my legs out on show, albeit in a covered, wintery kind of way.

The gorgeous almond colour of the top would suit brunettes as well. I love the side panels for adding shape and dimension to the design. The three-quarter sleeves are ideal for autumn.

The pants fit me – and I’m usually a 16 in a jean – because of the stretch. So, if you’re a size 12 and down, opt for the S/M. As for the colour … go forth and be brave, Stylers. That’s why the laundry gods invented Napisan.

I cannot leave this post without talking about my new favourite scarf. It’s cotton. TICK. And it has leather tassels. BIG TICK. I also love the length for some double looping action.

So tell me, do you deviate from black in winter. Is this a style of outfit I’d see you wearing?

The Model and Me: Eb&Ive AW16

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Totally agree with you on black – my mother in law looks stunning in black and she is 85. I’ve loved black since persuading my mother to buy me a black dress when I was 4 – giving my grandmother conniptions as she thought black was for funerals and certainly not for children.

    So yes, I will be wearing a lot of black but I am also determined to continue wearing my white jeans- with tan or grey ankle boots. Sadly I can’t wear caramel tones next to my face ( as lovely as I think they are) but I am very attracted to grey and white together, and this year I am having a thing for navy and white too.

  2. Hi Nikki, I love white’s on you, you look amazing once again, should I just say always. you also seem to be getting younger (not fair) hehe!

  3. ab/fab! … I love this outfit nikki!
    love look and colour combo too!
    I love black too!:)X … universal and no age limit there!
    have a good one hun! love m:)X

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