The 7 most comfortable jeans that fit like a boss

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Not so long back – about 11 years in fact – I struggled to find a pair of jeans that worked for my shape.

Like. REALLY struggled. For most of my adult life.

I’m a size 16 around the hips. My bottom is wide and flat and extremely pancake-like. I have a front bottom. My legs are ok thanks to genetics and a childhood spent riding my bike. I have a short waist and I’m pretty average in height – 166cm tall.

This is not me body-shaming myself. I’m just stating the facts.

What happened 11 years ago to alleviate the struggle?

Stretch denim arrived in my life, that’s what.

Be still my denim-loving-but-body-unwilling heart.

I remember the exact moment I held that pair of jeans up in front of me. If someone had videoed the look on my face it would have been one of disbelief.

Surely the pants before my eyes were not large enough to fit my sizeable hip and tummy situation.

But I persisted. And in approximately 34 seconds, the disbelief face was even more firmly fixed in disbelief.

I was wearing jeans. They felt amazing. They did all kinds of spanx-like things to my front bottom and legs and suddenly I looked about a size smaller.

To top it all off – they were COMFORTABLE.

Yes. Comfortable.

I’m not one to shy away from a small amount of discomfort and pain in the name of fashion but jeans are everyday wardrobe pieces, not stunning heels you put on for an evening event where you know you’ll be seated down for the duration.

No, jeans should look good on you AND they should be comfortable.

That first pair of jeans? I’ve listed them in the #7 spot below of the seven most comfortable jeans I’ve discovered that also fit like a boss.

Now, my bottom half is probably vastly different from yours. I suggest you use this list as a starting point in a mission – an essential quest – to find at least one pair of jeans that fit and flatter you so much that you don’t hesitate in pulling them on and wearing them over and over again.

{On that note, I had an interesting conversation with my blogging mates, BabyMac and Woogsworld, last week. They were HORRIFIED that I hadn’t washed a pair of my new-ish jeans in the six times I’d worn them. Then Mrs Woog went and asked her Facebook community for their opinion – you can weigh in on the 193 comments here and let me know in the comments below your thoughts. Please keep in mind that here in QLD it’s not been jeans weather so there is a lot of airing time between wears.}

Style and buying tips

Because the key to comfortable jeans is in the stretch of the denim, it is so important to buy your stretch denim firm.

If you don’t, they’ll be saggy and baggy within an hour. The general rule of thumb is if you can get any more than two fingers between you and the waistband then they will be too big. Try down a size if you can.

When trying them on, do a couple of sets of lunges to feel how they warm up – and also to test comfort levels.

When it comes to styles of jeans, you know my thoughts on this, don’t you? I do dabble in the boyfriend style but it is the skinny jean creates a silhouette that just works for me – for the everyday or for dressing up.

I don’t have to worry about what height heel I wear, they work equally well with flats and heels. When you’re buying stretch skinny jeans, the comfort factor is there despite how firm they might feel going on.

Still holding on to the notion that a boot-leg jean will balance out your hips? Read my case for the skinny jean here. The post is from the archives but I still stand by what I wrote.

Don’t be afraid of having the lengths of your jeans altered (taken up and seams narrowed). I always say that taller people don’t have the option of adding length on to their jeans. We shorter specimens do. Also, look for cropped or 7/8 styles … these can fall to full length on shorter women.

Look for jeans with a mid-rise waist. This waist will fall differently on different bodies but you’re looking for a style that sits at about belly button level. So a high-waist jean may sit mid-waist on someone with a longer bottom half to their torso. Combined with the stretch in the denim, this will work to minimise any muffin creation.

Consider creating a denim-robe filled with comfortable jeans in a range of colours. Once you’ve found a brand and style that works for you, why not slowly add to your collection? Indigo is a great place to start – always a classic and always in style. Add in a light wash, a black, a white.

To rip or not to rip. Distressed denim as a concept is almost as polarising as how often you should wash your jeans. My thoughts? Go with what you feel comfortable in. I love the contrast a pair of ripped jeans can bring to an outfit – it’s dress-up/dress down styling in one outfit.

The 7 most comfortable jeans that fit like a boss

7 most comfortable jeans

All the jeans (or a current variation of them) I have listed below, I have in my jeans-robe. All are zip front – I’ve purposely kept the list to this style as we enter a whole other territory with pull-on denim. This is also far from an exhaustive list of recommendations.

7 most comfortable jeans

1. UNIQLO Ultra Stretch jeans $29.90 (on sale, I wear size 32 inch): The style pictured is the style I have but the sizing remaining is limited. This style is similar. The stretch truly is ultra but with a 90% bounce-back rate or shape-keeping power. This is budget denim comfort for the win.

2. Blue Illusion Le Raquel shaping jean $199.95 (I wear size L): I first tried this style of denim when it launched in Blue Illusion two years ago. It’s proved so popular that it’s remained in each collection and is currently available in white, denim, indigo and black. The stretch is so good for creating a great shape and well as those all-important comfort levels.

3. Jeanwest Prima Bostyn curve embracer 7/8 jeans $139 (I wear size 14):  My Jeanswest Prima jeans are not this exact style (they have a zip on the ankle) but these are close. I did not believe the hype around the comfort factor of the Prima collection of denim until I tried them. Last winter, I barely took them off. The Prima range is bigger now than what it was so do check it out.

4. Harlow Get It On skinny leg denim $199 (I wear size 12):  My legs love being in Harlow jeans. The cut creates the illusion of longer length in my legs. The denim is quality; the stretch great and this range goes up to size 24.  They’re also Australian-made. Tick, tick, tick and tick.

5. Bohemian Traders distressed skinny jean $129 (I wear size 34):  These have been my fashion jean pick of the season. While the spandex/stretch content is not as high as others featured here, this lighter wash in the Bohemian Traders premium denim range does give with wear. The waistband will feel tighter as well. If you already have the blue distressed and are looking at the black or indigo denim in the range, consider going up a size from what you wear in the distressed as the fit is firmer. The distressed black jeans are also a firmer fit.

6. Katies Zip Trim jean $29.98 (on sale, I wear size 14): Katies offer a mix of pull-on denim and zip-front denim. All with good stretch and great design. This particular style is low in numbers but if you have a search in store or online you’ll find similar. The quality is very good for the price and comfort levels are extremely high. Also look for the 360 Power Stretch denim pieces in store as they feature the memory stretch denim which retains its shape.

7. NYDJ Alina legging $239 @ Birdsnest (I wear US size 12): Yes, NYDJ jeans are spendy in Australia but they are so worth it if you’ve struggled to find that holy grail of denim because your shape is not one prescribed out of a model agency’s lookbook. The cross-stretch in this denim fabric sucks you in while still being comfortable. I even wore these on a long-haul flight because they feel like trackies when on. My preference is for the legging style (there’s still a zip front) because they’re more streamlined around the ankle.

Have you found a super comfortable pair of jeans? Please share in the comments your body shape and size as well as what brand and style they are so others can try them out too? And if you’re a tried and true denim lover, how often do you wash your jeans?

PS. My friend Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim has an awesome jeans post: 10 of the best jeans for curvy girls

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I’m in Queensland too, and therefore the jeans only come out in winter, so I don’t wash them much at all (the salesperson told me not to wash them unless you get them really dirty, or they’ve stretched too much and you want to shrink them back into shape). Of course, you *must* wash them and air dry them before wearing – if only for the reason that so many people have possibly tried them on before you, but also because they’ll feel much better if you do, and there’s less likelihood of colour transfer.

    I have found the perfect brand fit for my body. LTB Jeans, which is a Turkish brand, and available online. There’s a store in Melbourne, so returns are easy. I have a flatish bum also, long legs and I’m 5’10” tall, so have had so much trouble in the past finding jeans long enough. They have great colours, and many different styles, including low-rise, cropped, high-waisted, etc. Most are 98% cotton, and 2% elastane, which I love. I don’t like the feel of jeans with polyester added. So, that’s my two cents worth. I’m just about to buy another pair and was looking for ideas before choosing a style. I’m 59, and bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans the other week. They’re not too slashed (and have fabric behind the holes). I bought them in a size up, so they’d be nice and baggy, and I wear them with a belt to hold them up. I’m thinking a lighter colour would be a nice change, but was worried about it showing up the fact that my legs aren’t as firm as they once were, but maybe the fabric will help. I enjoyed your blog, and you reminded me that I used to love Woogsworld, so added bonus.

    1. Post
  2. Hi lovelies,
    I stumbled here as I been googling for assistance getting myself a pair of jeans that actually make me look good like the rest of the world, lol as in I’m 150’ish cm and size 8.. -I don’t think I’m short but the jeans say otherwise either too small or just that little bit too big or littyle long etc..
    but looking for something lower price range..
    Also great article Mish! Really helpful with your tips!!:)
    Cross fingers will take a look at UniQLo for sales like you picked up!!
    Any advice for where else that’s not too expensive? Before being a mommy I wouldn’t mind but I’m a single mum so those luxuries are now not an option. 🙁 lol Oohhh I don’t have a bum either lol so something to enhance my non existent behind would be amazing!!

  3. Hi ladies the jeans struggle is real! Well I am a curvy big bottomed shape and my jeans had always gapped in the waist area. Even some of the target ones I have make my bottom looks squash even when I Am wearing my size. And recently found an australian online store called Crazy4Jeans, they had an amazing range of jeans and they are amazing the jeans have a wide waist band with 2 or more buttons that helps flattering the tummy and do wonders in keeping your muffin top undr control, and I defenitely sorted out the hips problem as they stretch a lot on the bottom but they also lift which is a plus! And they are the comfiest, I’ve bought 3 more already and I can tell love them. And they are really trendy! The only bad thing is they are only online but they ship all australia and their customer service is fantastic. I was trying to uploas a photo but the site doesn’t let me! They worth trying

  4. I am hearing you sister. A good pair of jeans makes you feel so much better. Nothing worse than a tight pair and a muffin top. I am in love with my Just Jeans skinny legs at the moment. I have a big bum and fat thighs, with very skinny ankles – basically a drumstick. Oh and a tummy. One pair of my JJ Jeans has some sort of technology that sucks everything in, so good! Then I bought another pair in town last month and they are especially designed to go over big bums, Oh dear lord – they are soooooo good. I bought a pair of NYDJ a few years ago and you are right, they are very comfy. I love hearing from someone who isn’t a size 8, as most people aren’t. Great post Nikki x

  5. I’ve had lots of jeans but my favourite are my black NYDJ bought in USA. They fit well, wash well and are so comfy! My other favourites and I keep going back to them after 2 years , are a skinny traditional blue denim from Target! One $US99 and the other $29.99

  6. I have found that the Mavi Alexa jeans are really flattering. Also, they have a great range of styles – my daughter, who is much smaller, has had great difficulty finding jeans to fit nicely but the Mavi Jessy jeans are great for her.

  7. I love my Paige Verdugo Ankle jeans – they are the softest most comfy jeans EVER. I wash them only when they need it and they hold their shape wonderfully (although I would hope so for the price ($279 yikes). I am going to give your recommendations a squiz Nikki – might be able to afford more than one pair this year! Ha ha.

      1. I know… I have never found any I like better. I think it’s worth the investment – but make sure you go and try them on before buying them online. You need to get the exact right size! (I’ve heard you can get them quite a bit cheaper in the States though! I’m in Australia.)

  8. I only own three pairs of jeans and I bought the most recent pair about this time last year! The most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned are my Freddie’s of Pinewood originals – they cost $150 from Western Wac at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre – they make my pear shaped bottom look nice, they’re high waisted and have that classic 1950’s styling – right up my alley!
    However, I don’t wear them nearly as much as everyone else in this thread, so I can get away with so few pairs. I actually only kept the two oldest to use when we visit my in-laws farm, so they’re definitely work pants more than anything else.

      1. I am blessed with an amazing bunch of supportive vintage gals here in Brisbane – it was several of them who shared the secret of Freddie’s Jeans!

    1. Hi Mish, I’ve got an email from a reader wanting to know of a store on the Gold Coast that sells vintage – they’re wanting to buy a voucher for a friend. Any clues? Or best Brisbane places?

      1. HI Nikki,

        I asked the hive mind of vintage fabulous gals that I know and here are their suggestions:

        WAC – Woolloongabba Antique Centre; for jeans try Kimmy at Western Wac and for everyday plus special occasion vintage try Lisa at Atomic Martini

        Greg at Retro Sheila in Coolangatta and Chunks [yes that’s his name] at the Coolangatta Antiques Centre – both shops are in the same block, so easy to find!

        Hope this helps!
        Mish 🙂

  9. I’m 6′ tall (183cm) and a size 14 column shape. I never used to wear jeans much because I could never find them long enough. Jeans shopping would occasionally leave me in tears. Now I buy all my jeans from and which are shipped from the UK. They come in extra long/36″ legs, sometimes even longer. I prefer skinny fit and I like them long enough to scrunch up a bit around my ankle. I have the Next luxe lift skinnies in washed indigo and grey and I’m saving up for a pair of Silver distressed skinnies I saw at Long Tall Sally. I also love Levi’s shaping skinnies, but even their 34″ leg isn’t as long as I’d like. They’re really comfortable, though and make my bum look great.

  10. I love my Rivers skinny stretch jeans. They are super comfortable, soft denim, mid rise & suit my shape best. They come in a range of shades so I have 3 pairs & are super cheap as well. I think they retail for around $30 but are often marked down on special. I tend to wash my jeans after I have worn them 2 or 3 times but this is partially due to hot flushes when I feel like I need to wash every single item of clothing after becoming bathed in perspiration! I also find that they are firmer after just being washed & tend to loosen up a bit after each wear. I have noticed that flares seem to be trying to make a comeback but I love my skinny jeans which suit short legs like mine better I think.

  11. Faves for me are my NYDJs. Discovered them about 5 years ago. After buying my first pair here at full retail (gasp), I started looking online direct from US. I now have about 6 pair in various shades – all bargains when the exchange rate was good. As for washing – I don’t count, but definitely don’t wash every wear. My son forbids me to wash his jeans unless he specifically requests it. So mostly on his floordrobe they stay, between wears. xx

  12. I have worn jeans forever.
    My jeans now as a curvy lady are NYDJ, I have banged on about this so much and I discovered then through you Nikki! Thanks!
    I have bought them here in Melbs for a bomb.
    I bought 2 pairs last year in San Francisco Macy’s (they have a boutique and prices are a bargain) and the year before *gasp* … 5 pairs at the Black Friday Thanksgiving sales in New York, prices would make you all cry.
    I am now set for a long time. They are quality jeans.
    Slim fits and jeggings are my faves.
    Minimal washing, mostly airing and spot cleaning to protect those delicate fibres ( I heard about this on the radio when they interviewed a Levi jeans representative who said we should not wash jeans unless they are filthy for jean longevity and environmental reasons as they are work pants basically).
    I am interested to read everyone’s feedback and follow the links as alternatives would be great for the future…unless I travel to US!

    1. I too have availed myself of US prices on NYDJs a few years ago – when we were at parity and they were on sale. Even full priced jeans were half what we pay! Who knows what I might find in Hawaii?!!

  13. You are talking about my signature style today, I am a jeans hoarder. I have recently been invited to try on a few of Gabriella Frattini jeans and I was in jeans heaven trying on so many different styles. I often struggle to find jeans that are long enough to still add some heels, but my problem was solved with the pair I have posted on IG & FB. They were my first pair of slim fit jeans that I fell in love with as I prefer a skinny fit too.

  14. I have never found a pair of jeans to suit me until two weeks ago. I purchased 2 pairs from Sussan, one pair around $99 and the other $114. One pair is distressed and the other slim fit and they are the most comfortable pants I have every worn. And if you’re quick they may be on sale.

  15. Marks and Spencer 5 pocket jeggings – skinny leg with decent denim, different leg lengths and a really good price! 10/10 in my book!

  16. I am 5ft with slim legs and bottom, a tummy and a large bust. I look like a lollipop on a stick in skinny jeans. I find boden straight-legged jeans work well for me – I get compliments whenever I wear them. I also like their slim flare jeans – athough after taking the petite leg size up 4″ it only has a slight flare 🙂 I am not a great jeans person so usually wear indigo.

  17. I really like the distressed jeans but I can’t wear them to work and every time I try any light wash pair and a darker or indigo pair, I always prefer the darker wash.
    I also a vote for the quality and cut of the Trenery slim fit (go down a size) and their boyfriend cut that is very flattering in white. I’d say equal in quality to J Brand and other more expensive jeans. I don’t wash them too often to keep the colour and fit, but also don’t wear them on consecutive days!

  18. I love Amaze Jeans from Just Jeans. They feel like pyjamas. I’ve just bought a couple of pairs online as they’re on sale. They’re super skinny, high-rise and not too long! I’m small-waisted, big-bummed, short-legged, and have a tum – hardly the perfect jean wearing bod, but these are perfect for me. (I wash my jeans about every 5th or 6th wear. Always inside out and I always line dry them). xx

  19. I’ve always sworn by the CR mid rise jeggings but this year I’ve discovered Forever New jeans – cheaper, with plenty of stretch and Rockmans jeggings. Thanks for sharing your intel – it’s always good to find a new perfect pair! x

  20. I really love the jeans at Diana Ferrari (Sienna) I own 4 pairs of the same style, super comfortable and a great fit!

  21. I tried on a pair of Rockmans Total Jean the other day they felt gorgeous on. They are $60. I tried the 12 and 10. The 12 was super comfy but I know they would be baggy in an hr so I would buy the 10 they were a little tight but perfect really and gave a beautiful line! They come in denim dark and light plus a black.

  22. I have always worn jeans I used to work in the denim department in Myer (Grace Bros) they were horrible jeans no stretch ,if they didn’t dig into your hip bones they were too big!thank goodness for stretch jeans.
    My favourite jeans are some old Katies ones in a size 8 I’m short 5ft3 flat butt and skinny legs,not short waisted just normal waisted I prefer skinny leg or a really narrow straight leg jean.I now have 3 pair of NYDJ jeans one grey zip ankle that I got on sale for $20 at Trade Secret a distressed pair,an indigo pair ,one pair is a size 2 the others are a US 4 and I have a white country road pair and a pair of slim BF jeans from target.I don’t wash them every wear maybe every 3-4 wears,I hope this helps some of your readers Nikki I love my jeans and will never wear a bootleg of flared leg Xx

      1. I worked in denim first Nikki,that was my most favourite and funnest job then I went to designer fashion,when I was pregnant they put me
        In maternity in those days we could wear the stock for the day and then hang it back on the rack so we could sell more items!

  23. I bought Katies straight leg and slim fit on Saturday, wore the slim fit on Sunday. They are super comfortable, but did stretch a lot so I got my partner to go and get me a smaller size yesterday. Autumn/Winter wardrobe complete, I really don’t need anything else. What I want is another matter 🙂
    I always used to wash my jeans every wear, but then found out a lot of people don’t. Now I don’t wash them so much, but it weirds me out a bit! Great post Nikki x

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