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Affordable Winter Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

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Editor’s note: The gorgeous Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed had her second baby late last year and is on the blog with tips on creating an affordable capsule maternity wardrobe. 

Ahh, maternity wear. Whilst you might only be pregnant for nine (well, technically ten) months of your life, it can arguably be the most challenging, wardrobe-wise. Firstly, you have the initial ‘hide the belly’ stage if you’re keeping the pregnancy under wraps; then you have the ‘oh I have such a cute belly’ stage, then there is the final ‘nothing fits and if I have to wear this maternity dress one more time I’ll burn it’ stage.

There is also the added complications of changing seasons and the fact that you usually don’t want to spend too much money on clothes you’re only going to wear for a few months – yet the items will be worn many times over those few months. Throw all that in together and you’ve got a tricky situation!

Despite this, I’m here to show you that an affordable winter maternity wardrobe is achievable, and today I’m showing you how to put together a simple ‘this goes with that’ capsule wardrobe. This 15-piece collection will last you all pregnancy and beyond, as many of the items are also nursing-friendly and/or will accommodate a post-baby belly.

This wardrobe is made for layering. I purposefully did not include heavy, winter-only items as you want to get as much wear out of your maternity items as possible, and all of these items can easily be worn in spring/summer too. In addition, the outerwear items (the cardigan and vest) are not maternity-specific so can be worn post-pregnancy too.

If you’re in a cooler part of the world, you may need to add in a heavier coat, and potentially some maternity opaque tights, however I’ve been pregnant through two winters and I’ve found the little heater I had in my belly more than enough to keep me warm without the need for too many woolies!

If you are feeling the chill, however, you could always add a maternity singlet underneath any of these outfits (try Target, Kmart and Bonds for affordable options) which will also provide extra coverage for the belly.

Black, white and grey is an easy option for a capsule wardrobe, and I think for maternity wear it makes sense. Classic black is comfortable, flattering and can be worn for dressier occasions as well as casual. It’s also flattering for those days when you’re feeling more bloat belly than cute belly.

I’ve softened the overall look with a touch of soft grey and beige, which is right on trend this season. The scarf, sunglasses and necklace all bring a lighter touch to the heavier outfits and can also be worn in warmer seasons.

Navy, white and denim are no-brainer additions to the wardrobe and I specifically love the denim dress as it can be worn as a dress, a tunic over pants or worn open as a trench coat. I would even wear it post-pregnancy as it would work well for nursing, too.

I’ve kept the shoes comfortable, however if your doctor has said strictly flats only (it happened to me – sad face!) you might want to swap out the ankle boot for a little flat boot or a pair of cute brogues in a metallic or tan.



winter maternity capsule wardrobe pretty chuffed styling you


1. New Look maternity white shirt $40

2. New Look maternity black top $20

3. Topshop maternity denim dress $79

4. Topshop maternity polka dot dress $91

5. Target maternity midi dress $29

6. New Look maternity jeans $50

7. Topshop maternity leggings $24

8. New Look waterfall cardigan $30

9. Little Party Dress Uptown black vest $69.95

10. Rubi Shoes boots $69.95

11. Novo ankle boots $79.95

12. Seed Amber sneaker $59.95

13. Sportsgirl sunglasses $39.95

14. Sportsgirl necklace $29.95

15. Seed tassel scarf $49.95

For some ideas, here are just six of the many possible outfit combinations:

maternity capsule wardrobe winter pretty chuffed styling youOr try one of these combinations:

1 + 9 + 7 + 10 + 15

1 + 6 + 12 + 15

1 + 6 + 11 + 13

1 + 7 + 8 + 10 + 15

2 + 6 + 11 + 13

2 + 7 + 3 + 15

3 + 8 + 10 + 14

3 + 5 + 11 + 15

3 + 7 + 9 + 10

3 + 12 + 15

3 + 10 + 15

3 + 6 + 12

4 + 12 + 13 + 15

4 + 5 + 10

4 + 9 + 10 + 14

4 + 11 + 14

5 + 7 + 8 + 10

5 + 8 + 11 + 14

5 + 3 + 12 + 15

Have you ever tried putting together a capsule wardrobe? What were your go-to clothing items while pregnant? 

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Jasmine Hunt is a Brisbane-based clothes lover, style blogger, mother, wife and professional window shopper who loves to find the latest trends on a bargain and shares them on her blog Pretty Chuffed www.prettychuffed.com.au. Pretty Chuffed is a blog that aims to share the fun, the fashionable and the affordable, because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look and feel great. Jasmine posts what she is wearing every day on her Instagram account @PrettyChuffed.

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  1. Oh those Target Maternity Dresses are great! I just wish that they were more practical for breastfeeding too! I have a 16 week old baby girl, and I kind of miss my stretchy dresses I wore when I was pregnant (not to mention I’d now freeze as it’s cold here in Melbourne!) Great Capsule Wardrobe. Can I add for breastfeeding that the Lovable Maternity Singlets (I could only find them in David Jones) and the Chloe and Lola Maternity singlets (Myer) are the best as they’re long and give far more coverage than the bonds or target ones. I add a long line vest or jacket or cardi and a scarf and good to go and easy access!

  2. YES – this is just what I wanted to see today. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy – and although I do own maternity wear, I am still like ‘what the hell am I going to wear today?’. I love this and I love that I already have a lot of similar pieces…so a purchase here, a purchase there {maybe even sell some of the stuff I am over} and I think I’ll be set! Thanks a million 🙂

  3. this is a great selection thankyou jasmine!
    even if one is not pregnant! … a long time since I was that!
    all loose and oversized in my day! not so attractive! … lol m:)X

  4. Thank you for this Jasmine I will pass it along to my daughter she is 28 weeks pregnant and very tall ans doesn’t want to spend too much money on maternity clothes!
    I remember the if I have to wear that dress again I’ll burn it,mine was a red and white dress I wore nearly daily at the end of my pregnancy with my son,I think I threw it in the bin afterwords,thank you Jasmine have a lovely weekend Xx

    1. Oh that’s lovely Lisa! I wish her all the best. Haha yes I had a black and white striped dress that I was so sick of after my first pregnancy, I’m glad I did keep it however as it did come in handy the second time! Hope you have a lovely weekend too Xx

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