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We are big markers of any occasion around here and Mother’s Day is firmly fixed on the celebration agenda each year.

This has nothing at all to do with the fact that I am a mother and stand to personally gain from being made the focus of attention on said day.

No, nothing at all.

I also poo-poo the naysayers who cry commercialisation and ask why shouldn’t we celebrate the mums in our life EVERY day?

I’d be all for this everyday celebration idea but, in reality, it just wouldn’t happen, would it?


Instead, why not dedicate one day in the calendar year for really taking time out and acknowledging the role we play in our kids’ lives?

Because, if you’re a mum, then I’m here to tell you deserve it. You’re all kinds of awesome.

Even on the most challenging of parenting days, you are someone’s person. A person they have loved from the very first moment they met you.

Gift ideas

I’m not backward in coming forward when it comes to hinting as to what I might like for Mother’s Day … or my birthday … or for Christmas.

And I suggest you adopt this forceful hinting method, if you don’t already do so.

I’m NEVER disappointed by a present I’ve received from my kids or my husband because of this gentle “guidance” they’ve received in the lead-up to the gift-giving occasion.

It’s not about spoiling the surprise. More it’s about limiting the surprise. I cast a very wide net of possible ideas – the surprise comes in what they actually catch when they go fishing/shopping.

My friends at Katies asked me to head in store and select my picks for a Mother’s Day outfit that might go to the top of my Gentle Gift Guidance List.

This is far from an arduous task because of late I’ve been spending quality time and flexing the credit card in store a lot. They’ve blown it out of the water this season, with on-trend fashion at affordable prices. The arrival of each new collection just underlines that.

I could have put about three more complete outfits on my wishlist. Maybe my wishlist should just be a Katies gift card. Maybe I should just treat myself.

Mother’s Day outfit wishlist

Katies Mother's Day outfit wishlist

1. Printed detail scarf $24.95  

2.  Katies long-sleeve layering tee in grey marle  $19.95  (I’m in L)

3. Katies fringed poncho in grey $59.95  (I’m in M)

4. Katies Avenue Cool Side Stitch Jean in blue black $59.95 (I’m in 14)

5. Love K necklace $19.95 

6. Snakeskin detail bag $49.95 

Katies Mother's Day Gift Guide

The fringed poncho is definitely the hero piece of this outfit. I cannot own enough of these show-pony pieces as they lift an outfit up about six notches just by throwing them over a basic jeans and tee outfit.

Knitwear is a fabulous gift idea for Mother’s Day as it will be starting to cool down and the mum in your life might be able to immediately get wear out of your gift.

I’ve sized down a size in this – something I always test when buying over-sized pieces. The idea is that with so much fabric in a piece, your typical size can be overwhelming on you. Sizing down lessens that.

The texture of this knit is a great contrast to jeans and the tassels are a fun finish to the hem line.

Do check out the Love K jewellery in store at the moment – so many on-trend designs for prices that would make ideal gifts. I love the layered bar design of this necklace for wearing long over a block of colour or texture like this poncho.

Katies Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s all in the layering and details DARLING!

By layering I’m talking the amazing long-sleeve layering tee I’ve got on underneath. If you buy one thing for yourself this winter, you need this tee in your life. Oh, who am I kidding, you’ll need it in every colour.

The fabric is so light and soft to wear and makes the perfect base piece for ponchos and knits.

And by details, I’m talking bags and scarves. The rich cognac colour of this tote is on point for this autumn-winter.

And who says scarves have to go around your neck? It’s equally at home looped around the handle of your handbag. If it cools down, simply untie and pop it around your neck.

Like so …

Katies Mother's Day Gift Guide

How gorgeous are the colours and print on this scarf? Scarves make fabulous gifts – if the mum in your life loves wearing scarves, take it from me, she will be happy to be on the receiving end of a new one. You can never have too many of them.

And guess what? They always fit. No need to worry about working out sizing when shopping.

Katies Mother's Day Gift Guide

I really need to stop trying on Katies jeans and pants because boy, oh boy, do they just work. And then I just have to have them. These ones have an incredible line and detail to them – plus they’re a front-zip jean and I know that many prefer this to a pull-on pant.

Comfort is everything in a jean or pant that will take me through the day and these definitely tick all the boxes.

Katies Mother's Day Gift Guide

This outfit just works for my everyday autumn-winter style.

I feel dressed and put together thanks to the layering pieces and accessories but it’s super comfortable for my typical day of doing the school run, working at home and popping out for meetings or coffee with a girlfriend.

I’m always on the go, so need my clothes to move with me.

Can you see any of these pieces on your Mother’s Day wishlist? Seen anything else in store that would make your Mother’s Day?

Editor’s note: Whenever I’m writing about Mother’s Day here on Styling You, I’m incredibly mindful that not everyone has a mum in their life and not everyone has children, even though they have been much yearned for. I lost my mum 21 years ago this year. My husband lost his mum 10 years ago this year. My step-mum lives in the UK. It can be a really emotional time for so many people and families. I’ve been incredibly blessed with three gorgeous human beings who call me mum and I do not take that for granted for one minute.

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  1. Oh boy – I just got the email from Katies about this, and after seeing it here and on the email…I ordered the poncho and bag straight away. I already have several amazingly comfy pairs of jeans, and let’s not even start on the shoe collection! But the poncho and bag I could completely justify, and with the sale they are having online at the moment, the prices are even more fantastic than usual. Now I just need the weather in Brisbane to catch up to the fashion!

  2. Looking gorgeous, can you tell me the trick to getting your scarf look like this? The scarf looks great with the grey poncho ….actually I love the whole outfit!

    1. Thanks so much Natalie. With the scarf, fold it in two, holding with one hand near the end of both halves. Position this behind your neck and then bring the ends through the top at the loop. Pull to tighten/loosen as desired – like a slip knot!

  3. Love that poncho, have 2 already and another on order.
    I’ve just been shopping online at Katies, picked up some bargains! Spent $150, saved $250!! Stocked up on some staples, but picked up a few showponies too.

  4. What a lovely look on you Nikki!
    I’ve moved up to Brisbane from Sydney a year ago, and I am still getting used to the weather (which, I must say, I generally love!) But winter dressing is still a bit of a puzzle to me, as it is so warm in the days, though chilly at night. I thought perhaps a poncho would be a good piece for the Brissie climate, because it doesn’t stick to the skin too much around the arms. I must say I didn’t wear any of my jumpers last year because they felt a bit constricting! I wore jackets, but a poncho might be cozy this year.

    1. That’s exactly why the poncho or blanket cape work so well for me Luc … I’ve got more of this style of winter outerwear than anything else. Sometimes I might have a tee underneath, other times a knit … I adjust that underneath layer to suit the day.

  5. Loving those jeans Nikki! I’m always looking for my next pair and comfort is king. And yes, one can never have too many scarves! Oh and happy Mother’s Day – gorgeous pic! x

  6. Im checking out Katies next week, they look like they have lifted their game…I have a picture of myself in a lovely emerald green dress from their big Melbs city store from 30+ years ago!!!
    Fingers crossed I fall in love with the fit of their jeans as I pay a bomb for NYDJ…

    The last two pics are gorgeous

  7. I love all these pieces. I would wear it all! Are the jeans stretchy? I am getting pickier with jeans as I get older. But I really like the sound and price tag. That poncho/scarf/ bag combo is stunning!

  8. So loving Katies at the moment. I bought that bag yesterday along with the black coated denim jeans. Have a fabulous Mothers Day x

  9. a great katies selection nikki! all things I would wear!
    I love the poncho and always katies jeans and me are a fit made in heaven hun!
    lovely photo with your kids and noticing young master sy growing up!
    every well deserving mother deserves to be acclaimed! … at some point, so mother’s day is it!
    I always light a candle at the start of the day for my mother! …
    a little ritual!
    have a good day! love m:)X

  10. Katies have outdone themselves this year – what I love that there is really something for everyone. When I was in store at the weekend, I spotted my 90 year old neighbour looking for some new additions to her wardrobe too! As usual, me and my mum will be a whole hemisphere apart on Mother’s Day although I am delivering myself to the UK as a present, albeit 10 days late. Better late than never, hey?!

  11. Thank you Nikki once again for mentioning Motherless Mums and Sons every year and people that cannot have children! I still off Mother’s Day this year will be the second without Mum I suppose it will get easier in years to come.
    My children still need to celebrate having a Mum so I try very hard and this year is special as my daughter is a Mum to be she will be 27 weeks by Mother’s Day And I will buy her a little gift.
    Katies always have beautiful clothing and I love your outfit and yes the layering tees are so soft as are the ponchos and wraps it must be the inner bohemian in me as I’m always drawn to them.Thank you Nikki you always have to the right words and show us the things we “need” the photo of you and your children is beautiful Xx

  12. Looking good Nikki. I agree, Katies jeans are comfy! Love the family pic – now, don’t worry about your styling …. I think I spy a pair of RM’s on big Mr SY! I think we’re all going to get along just fine, ha ha ha. Tell that big Mr SY that I am impressed with his styling! Oh, and the rest of you look pretty ok too, ha ha ha.

  13. Katies have a lot of really lovely clothing for winter. And I like their jewellery too. Might just have to pop in again this weekend. I love the ponchos, but they are too long for me, being just a whisker over 5 feet. We are making Mothers Day gifts with the kiddies at work, I have to share what one little boy said yesterday. I asked the children to think about their Mummies, what is special about them, what they like to do together etc. One little boy said ‘My Mummy is a princess!; – cue melted hearts from me and my workmate. I think Mothers Day is a special day, I took my granddaughter to buy a present for her Mum, everything she picked I know my daughter will love. My Mum and Dad are coming up from Brisbane for the weekend of Mothers Day, I thought that way she gets the weekend off and can relax. It’s hard to know what to buy a 85 year old, but there will be flowers, champers and a new cuddly jumper involved. What a beautiful photo of you and your children Nikki! I’m sure they will spoil you on Mothers Day. Oh and this is Kathryn, I must change my FB photo back from my Dad!

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