How to wear ankle boots – autumn-winter 2016

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Do you love an ankle boot as much as I do?

For me, they are the dot point to my exclamation mark in just about any autumn-winter outfit.

While I have flirted – and will continue to flirt – with their knee-high sisters, ankle boots never let me down.

They worry not that I have one calf bigger than the other. They are super easy to pop on and they always fit.

And since last autumn-winter, my love affair with the ankle boot has skyrocketed to Mills and Boon proportions.

The reason?

FRANKiE4 Footwear – the fashion shoe label that comes with built-in hidden comfort – launched its first ankle boot range in 2014.

If you were following me last winter you would have rarely seen my feet out of the LiZ or the JAMiE boots. My feet loved them – demanded them even – as did my wardrobe.

This year, LiZ and JAMiE are back and are joined by VANESSA and KELLiE, offering one fabulous line-up of ankle-boot wearing possibilities.

There is an ankle boot (or two or three!) to suit everyone’s everyday lifestyle. Each boot offers style plus the comfort benefits which FRANKiE4 Footwear has become famous for.

Boots with benefits, if you like.

The FRANKiE4 Footwear back story

If you’ve ever stepped out of a regular shoe and into a FRANKiE4 shoe, you know what I’m talking about.

That AHH moment.

When your feet say, “it’s about time you gave me a little TLC”, and your reflection back in the mirror says, “see you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort”.

Me? I’ve been experiencing that AHH moment on almost a daily basis for the past two-plus years. I’m very proud to once again be this footwear brand’s ambassador.

I need shoes that are in style but also ideal for being on my feet all day (I use a sit-stand desk) and, if out of the office, I need to be able to get from A to B without worrying about whether my feet up up to the task.

Read designer Caroline McCulloch’s story here. I thank the shoe gods that her mission is to save soles in style.

BF4s (before FRANKiE4s), I did not know how much I WASN’T looking after my feet. I certainly wasn’t saving them. What I do now know is that because all FRANKiE4s feature a hidden, podiatrist-designed functional footbed for support and cushioning, my soles are in good care.

The other genius “hidden” comfort feature of FRANKiE4 Footwear’s ankle boot collection, is that each comes with a “custom fit” pack, a drawstring bag filled with interchangeable footbed cushions that you can add or remove within the boot to suit your feet, adjusting as required for your foot width.

In some cases, I wear a different footbed in my left (bigger) foot from that of my right foot. It’s a personalised comfort system but offered in a way that is easy to understand and work for your own feet.

AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS | FRANKiE4 Footwear

How to wear ankle boots

One of the most-asked questions here on Styling You, is the question about how to wear ankle boots. While this might seem like a simple style question, it can be one that people struggle with, myself included.

These five tips have helped me and they may help you create ideal outfits for ankle boots.

1. For an ankle boot outfit to work, we need to SEE the ankle boot. You don’t want fabric flapping around them. You don’t want your jeans’ leg hiding them. Get jeans altered to suit – or cuff them. You want your leg to look streamlined.

2.  To achieve a streamlined, ankle-boot-worthy look, you have three options: wear with either skinny jeans, legging/tights or a frock with bare legs. I’ve covered off on each of those looks below. Do this and the boot becomes an extension of your leg, lengthening it in the process (we very much like that).

3. When building your boot-robe, start with a neutral colour – black or nude/tan – and build from there. Not sure which neutral to start with? If you wear a lot of black, start with black; wear a lot of colour, start with nude/tan. Wear a mix of black and colour? Have both in your boot-robe.

4.  Think about your lifestyle – what you get dressed for most days – to determine the heel height of our boots. FRANKiE4 Footwear’s heeled boots are comfortable for all day but if you are mostly running around after small children, then opt for a lower heel height for your first pair. Add in a heeled boot as your next purchase for occasions.

5.  Re boot cost, I say buy the best your budget can afford. Boots in a classic style will never date. Some actually get better with time. I also think that your feet are worth looking after, so spending extra on a pair of boots that will look after your feet, is money well spent.

FRANKiE4 Footwear autumn-winter 2016 boot range

Let me introduce you to the boots you’ll see me wearing A LOT of this autumn-winter. There is a heel height for everyone – and there is a boot style for all everyday situations.

There are two high-heeled boot options – the LiZ and the VANESSA. JAMiE and KELLiE offer low heels.

And remember, if you see anything you like, jump to it and snap them up. They disappeared quick smart last year.

Worried about buying boots online without trying? FRANKiE4 Footwear has free delivery and a 30-day change-of-mind policy. If you want advice before you buy, the team is there to help – phone 1300 721 898 or email [email protected].


FRANKiE4 Footwear LiZ | AW16 style notes |HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS


Who: LiZ is an uber-stylish heeled boots with hidden comfort benefits that belie her fabulous good looks. She woo-ed us with her secret ways last autumn-winter and this year she’s back in black oily nubuck leather (below) and a light tan (above). The heel is just high enough to dress up an outfit but low enough to keep on your feet all day – or night – long.

Style with: skinny jeans (cropped or cuffed), maxi boho-style dresses, boho-style knee-length dresses, shirt dresses, pencil skirts, maxi skirts

Wear to: work, conferences, out to lunch, date nights



FRANKiE4 Footwear VANESSA | AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS


Who: VANESSA’s the new kid on the heeled-boot block and she’s not afraid to take LiZ on in the alternate style stakes. She gives good ankle, finishing just so for a dressy cropped style. The angled heel also brings a flattering finish to any pins. Available in tan (above) and black (below) leather.

Style with: skinny jeans (cropped or cuffed), maxi boho-style dresses, boho-style knee-length dresses, shirt dresses, structured work dresses, pencil skirts, maxi skirts. If you’re a culotte kind of girl, this style works a treat.

Wear to: work, conferences out to lunch, date nights.

FRANKiE4 Footwear VANESSA | AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS


FRANKiE4 Footwear KELLiE | AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS


Who: KELLiE is an all-rounder of a girl. She’ll work with you all day but isn’t afraid to come out to play after dark if required. The secret to her versatility is her heel. It’s low – but not too low – so you can throw any task at her and she’ll look mighty fine completing it. Available in black (above) or cognac (below).

Style with: skinny jeans (cropped or cuffed), maxi boho-style dresses, t-shirt dresses, shirt dresses, leggings and tunic tops

Wear to: school drop-offs, working from home, casual meetings, brunch, out to coffee

FRANKiE4 Footwear KELLiE | AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS


FRANKiE4 Footwear JAMiE | AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS


Who: JAMiE’s style skill is all based on loyalty and trust. She really is there for you – every day. She’ll take you all over town without a second thought. No wardrobe task is too big or too small. She’s there for you so you can keep ticking off your errand list in style. JAMiE’s back in last year’s black leather (above) and a new colourway for 2016, cognac leather with navy insert (below).

Style with: skinny jeans (cropped or cuffed), maxi boho-style dresses, t-shirt dresses, shirt dresses, leggings and tunic tops

Wear to: school drop-offs, working from home, casual meetings, brunch, out to coffee, sporting sidelines

FRANKiE4 Footwear JAMiE | AW16 style notes | HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTS

Shop the entire autumn-winter 2016 collection here:


Styling You, together with FRANKiE4 Footwear, has TWO ways you could win a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear boots or shoes to make your soles sing this autumn-winter.

1. Be in the running to win one pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes (valued up to $299.95) when you buy a pair of shoes online at For your entry to count, enter NikkiWin at checkout.

2. Win a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear ankle boots of your choice (valued up to $299.95) by leaving an answer to the following question in the comments below:

Which FRANKiE4 Footwear ankle boot should be re-named to your name because you can see yourself wearing it almost every day? Please tell us why.

Entries open on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 4.30am (AEST) and close on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner of the “buy a pair/be in the running to win a pair” competition will be a game of chance. The winner of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Photos can be uploaded in the comments section. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.


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{Photos: Rhubarb Photography; Design: Kaleidoscope Design; Hair and Makeup: Bruce Rhebein}

Comments 232

  1. I feel that the KELLiE should be renamed the Stacey. I LOVE my FRANKiE4 footwear! I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over 12 months ago, and I have had a really hard time finding shoes that I can wear all day. I have a collection of ugly grandmother shoes, the only shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day – apart from FRANKiE4. Please help me out FRANKiE4! Save me from the grandma shoes and update my look with a pair of KELLiE shoes!

  2. The KELLiE should be named Felicity (meaning happiness) as the low heel but stylish boots means everyone is happy! Including and most importantly my feet and legs that run around after a 7 month old are super stylish and incredibly comfy = happiness!

  3. The LiZ definitely looks like a Claudia to me! These boots sound the bomb. I really struggle to find comfortable boots to wear to work as a primary school teacher as I’m either on my feet all day or crawling round with the kids on the floor. The inbuilt support and cushioning sounds like exactly what I need. Please please please gorgeous boots pick me and we will live a very happy life together.

  4. My Dad wanted to call me Louise but my Mum preferred Catriona and she won. Because of this the Louise should be renamed Catriona as it’s obviously a much better name as my Mum is always right. 🙂

    I would wear them anywhere and everywhere as I love the rounded toe, the slight heel and the black soles.

  5. Vanessa could become Sharon, these boots are the boots of my dreams. My arthritic ankles are craving the hidden support and of course I love the amazing style! They’re timeless look will add a finish touch to my stay at home mum, everyday style.

  6. Kellie needs to be ‘Chris’! These boots sound perfect for a Morton’s nueroma sufferer like myself who finds it hard to wear anything but Havianas or Nikes! Not the best for fashion and u locking my style 🙁 The interchangeable footbeds sound perfect for this condition. Would be very interested to try these gorgeous boots in black 🙁 Have a fun time choosing your winner x

  7. The “Vanessa” could totally be the “Lisa” – these boots would be perfect for my work as a relief teacher. Perfect to doll up with a dress for high school or look cute with tapered pants so I can get down with the primary kids. Heels make me feel more profesh but I just am too un-co and unfit to wear them all day any more – these are the perfect height so I wouldn’t totter around on playground duty in them!

  8. Out with Vanessa and in with ‘Ally’. This tan boot is the missing link in my current boot collection.

  9. Now that I am hitting 70 years, I think that The Kellie could be renamed The Patricia as it would get me from weekend markets to the pub on Saturdays with a lot of class as well as comfort.

  10. The Vanessa should be called the Jeneane. I’m a pencil skirt, structured dress kinda gal and I REALLY need some help defining my pins!

  11. The Neta formerly known as ‘The Jamie’ because I can see myself wearing these beauties at work, treading the wards of the local hospital, professional, styling but most importantly comfortable, then later, to relieve the stresses of the day, I’ll frock on, the Neta caressing my feet, I’ll light up the dance floor with my infamous ‘running man’ and of course, requesting the best song to really highlight ‘the Neta’ Taking it back old school, foot loose!

  12. The LiZ is a tantalising option to be changed to a Kate. I love the idea of a heeled boot that can take me from work to casual occasions in comfort and style. LiZ, you look like a dream come true to this long-time seeker of the perfect boot! FRANKiE4 Footwear has certainly captured my attention – my only dilemma is where do I start, and will I be able to stop …

  13. The Jamie needs to be Danita..
    I like they are stylish to keep me walking, low to keep me level headed and comfortable to keep me calm on those stressful days when you need to be running around everywhere and be everything to everybody

  14. The Vanessa needs to be the Bel! Running around after 3 little boys, but also running an Interior Design business, it needs to be styling but very very practical!

  15. As a long term lover of the ankle boot, I would rename the LIZ to Sally – always stepping in the right direction! As someone who finds buying shoes challenging, I’m keen to try the comfort factor of Frankie4. x

  16. Love these shoes! The Jamie in Cognac & Navy could be renamed Amanda because holy moly I would wear the crap out of those babes. I had a pair of cruddy-quality tan ankle boots in the winter of 2014 and I wore them until they fell apart (unfortunately it didn’t take long). I’d adore a beautiful quality pair so I could love them longer! I love a fashion staple that works hard!

  17. The Kellie could be renamed the Jan, the just right boot not too high and not too low its really is just right for work rest and play for the whole day.

  18. JAMiE could be rebranded as KERRiE. For she who wears many hats and one pair of boots – introducing your new best friend KERRiE.

  19. Meet ‘Cat’ aka Vanessa, a sleek, sexy boot just screaming to be named after me because she can fit in everything that I throw at her – heading out for drinks with hubby, coffee with my friends, food shopping with the kids, wide feet and room for orthotics? No worries, ‘Cat’ has got me covered – day and night.

  20. JAMiE could definitely transition to Kathryn. This Kathryn is thinking the only way she can convince her husband a purchase of the JAMiE/KATHRYN is if it’s recommended wearing not only includes my school drop off runs and sport sidelines but OH&S friendly for this Reno repair which has sadly just occurred and consuming my Frankie budget for AW16!!!

  21. JAMiE should be re-named to Bianca as I would see her on my feet all day every day and even some evenings too! She would add the polish to my look and keep me being fabulous!

  22. The Louise because my cankles are depressed about their size, and these boots have easy access, morale boosting side zips!

  23. I would rename the KELLiE to KYLiE, as my name means boomerang, so I will keep coming back to these babies, time and time again.

  24. the LiZ should be renamed STEPH. I’m the Boss of any situation, encompassing style, comfort, optimism and practicality, in fact, my name stands for:
    S tylish,
    T rendsetter,
    E nergetic,
    P ractical,
    H appy
    and these shoes would make anyone stylish, happy, and ready to take on the world.

  25. In a world where KELLiE boot were called LUiSE, and were being worn by a Luise (ie, me), everything else might also work out so serendipitously: my offspring would be scrubbed and agreeable and never crush my toes with shopping trolleys, and my Year 9 prac teaching students would be so in awe of my style that they would never dare throw blu tac at me. Because good (and well-named) shoes can do that, right?

  26. VANESSA is the ideal ankle boot to be renamed NATALiE! In fact I have already cleared a spot for these perfectly heeled boots to live at the end of my bed – ready for my feet to pop in every morning!

  27. JAMiE… I thought it was called BRiELLE? Must of gotten ahead of myself there… I’m not a heel person, I’m really far too tall. If anything else than fair JAMiE, I’d awkwardly walk around, and probably fall. JAMiE would hold my ankles sturdy as a pair of tree trunks. To and from uni in those blistery cold winter months.

  28. I’m in LOVE. I’d give my firstborn (or perhaps my second and third!) born daughters for a pair of these. We really need to re-name Vanessa the Rosemarie, because I have to admit I have a sad little secret…..I am a thong wearer. All year round. Sloshing through puddles in the winter months and with a constant year round thong tan. I even wear them to work! This needs to change now. I need a shoe-intervention. Wearing the same fashion styling as my daughters is just not on, so:

    R – idiculous that I

    O – ften wear thongs to work!

    S – ave me from

    E – ver doing that again.

    M – y colleauges will thank you

    A – nd so will my cracked heels.

    R – ight this terrible wrong

    I – n the best way possible – a pair of Frankie’s on the

    E – nd of my legs!

  29. I’d love Vanessa to be Francesca. Always stylish, but never compromising style for comfort as she moves seamlessly through her busy working day to street cafe, or evening soiree.

  30. The Jamie should be hereby renamed “The Kylie” 🙂 It’s difficult to find a cute pair of boots without a high heel, but today reading this I have finally discovered the perfect pair. They would be ideal for my life as a busy working mum, always running around after someone or something!

  31. All the boots are divine, but I can’t go past the Jamie boot…. But to be renamed “Antoinette “. Definition:highly praised… As these boots are ! Great for the feet , even better for the eye, & powerful to the esteem because if we look good we feel good!
    As a side note the urban definition of Antoinette is “stylish,gorgeous,powerful “!
    Yes these boots are ALL that & more !

  32. Ooh. Kellie Boot is definitely renamed the Kate. A no mess- no fuss name for that boot that will accompany me day AND night on my quest for happy stylish feet. Oh, the adventures, the latte dates, the looking but not touching that we could do together…. Come to me Kate in your stylish black leather for the journey of 2016.

  33. Cannot believe I have at last found the perfect boot: KELLiE / iDEB. I have spent hours/days/weeks trawling boot providores, seeking out this very specimen – perfect long wearing heel height, delicious cognaccy leather, sharp styling, and all of those amazing comfort features. Come to mama!

  34. Meet Catherine Boot – Kellie’s alter ego. Catherine’s day starts early and she keeps up the pace of her busy working owner in style and confort running from executive board meetings, on site team sessions, working lunches, plane trips to partner offices and functions in Australia and overseas, presentations and after work lauches. On weekends Catherine Boot will be hanging out with Catherine Person with friends, at markets, eating out, cooking in and watching movies. This shoe is renamed as its future is more than an accessory for its owner- these boots will be her 2IC( second -in-charge) , her Executive Assistant, the one thing she won’t leave home without, her weekend buddy. Catherine Boot’s life will eventuatly be written as s best selling book, made into a movie and then star in a new reality TV show – Days of Boots.

  35. LiZ, like moi, has comfortable ways that belie her goods looks. Alas, my name is already on a pair of shoes, so let’s go with my nickname GiDgEt. She’ll keep you on your toes for years – just ask my husband!

  36. The JAMiE needs to be renamed the MiA because I would never wear any other shoe! Being a tall teacher with big feet (size 11/12) it’s so hard to find nice, COMFY shoes with a small/no heel. My poor feet cry in my $10 Target flats- which offer zero support!

  37. Loyalty and trust you say? Takes you out and is faithful you say? The JAMiE needs to be renamed MARiUM cause that’s the kind of shoe you meet and think um… I want to MARi that!! Perfect for everyday and every occasion that’s the kind of love and support every girl needs in her life!

  38. The LAURen bootie has a nice ring to it and I know the JAMiE wouldn’t mind changing her name when she sees how I would style her with streamlined skinny jeans and tights to make her the tootsie star attraction of every outfit.

  39. While I am known to a few people as Poopsie, it would be much better if the gorgeous Kellie was renamed to Tracey. Its suits me to a ‘T’…low heel and perfect colour to go with my autumn-coloured wardrobe.

  40. Dont really know why the Vanessa isn’t named Sophie…every girl’s “wise” choice is to wear an ankle boot with a boho dress…

  41. I love Kellie in cognac! She really should be re-named Amanda because I’d love her to help me keep smiling through my long days as a full-time teacher and mum of 3. She’d fit right it with my skinny jeans, flowing Spell dresses and skirts and boho knee-length dresses,

  42. Vanessa is begging to become Siobhain ! Siobhain is petite (at under 157cm) which means she needs a little heel with her comfort to feel stylish. She is also a little shy when it comes to a bare leg / boot combo and streamlining those calves. Can she really do a skinny jean / legging and a boot ? In the Vanessa, ahem, Siobhain, she can !! Talk about nailing all those concerns with an ultra clever angled style for showing off the ankle and pins perfectly. I’ll so be wearing the Siobhain when I return to work from maternity leave shortly, and running around after the boys in the cooler weather, no frumpy mama here. Stylish, dressy yet casual and ridiculously comfy, Siobhain will give you boot confidence like no other !

  43. forgot all about this competition!!! … very remiss of me!
    I love the Jamie! they look very spiffy and comfortable at the same time!
    new boots would definitely relieve some of my jaw pain that i’m having at the mo! i can’t seem to shake it! … anyhoo thanks nikki! love m:)X

  44. Kellie should definitely be renamed Belinda! Although I’m pretty sure Frankie4 already have a shoe named after me! I would love these boots as I really need a good pair of everyday black boots to see me through school drop offs, client meetings and kids after school activities!

  45. From Kellie to Kate, I am worried about putting on boots this year as I have developed Lymphedema in my right foot that shows no signs of disappearing, these boots sound perfectly cushioning and supportive and the foam to alleviate pressure on my skin would be a godsend for me!

  46. The Vanessa in Black should be renamed the Alyssa. I can see myself wearing it everyday – to work with a LBD, out to dinner with the girls with cuffed skinnies and a blazer and with tights for the weekend grocery shopping. The perfect boot for my lifestyle and style!

  47. FRANKiE4’s Vanessa and Louise should be swapped! Much as I love Louise, I would be wearing Vanessa Every. Single. Day!! Please save my feet FRANKiE4 & Nikki! Louise needs Vanessa in black to wear to work every day this Autumn & winter (and probably Spring & Summer too!). I’d love to fall in love with FRANKiE4 and Vanessa (aka Louise 😉 ) this ‘Fall’.

  48. I love the KELLiEs so much I am willing to change the spelling of my name (I also think it is a sign that they are style I am drawn to!) That heel is absolute perfection – great to run around in at work or checking out some markets on the weekend. And being able to wear comfortable shoes after a long run would be super heavenly!

  49. The Jamie should be renamed the Viv #1 because they would be my No. 1 go to show for everyday as they look so comfortable yet so stylish and would go with my wardrobe so well as it consists mainly of skinny jeans and shirt and t shirt dresses.

  50. The KELLiE should be renamed the MEGaN GtS because it will be my Go To Shoe for winter! Perfect for running around after 4 kids during the week and for weekend spectating at numerous sports and activities.

  51. The new JAMiE colourway in cognac and navy should be renamed the SRBLiSS in my honour. This baby suits my lifestyle and wardrobe perfectly. Once I am out of uniform it is all about the skinny jean, the boho maxi or leggings and a tunic paired with an ankle boot to get my 10000 steps in comfort and style.

  52. Liz is the new Louise!!! Or should that be Louise is the new Liz 🙂 Do you hear that sound “ease” is Louise? That’s how your feet are feeling when you’ve slipped a pair of those beauties on!

  53. Vanessa should be renamed Tracy! She’s stylish with a classic look perfect for date night or a girls night out, yet practical enough to cope with running the kids around all day. The perfect boot for this mamma!

  54. JAMiE is the newly named ROWeNA – stylish and elegant, combining comfort with practicality. ROWeNA will surely become a wardrobe staple taking you from day into night, from the school drop off to lunch with the girls through to a night out. Stylish in black, or the new season cognac with navy gusset, ROWeNA will cradle your feet from dawn to dusk giving you comfort and support.

  55. Make mine a Kellie. Because without her I’m at risk of becoming a frumpy mummy.. I need that combination of stylish but really comfortable.. a shoe more comfy than your sneakers that will take me everywhere.. that’s what I need! With four children including twin baby boys I need a no brainer that goes with everything, a sure winner! xx

  56. I would rename the JAMiE! She is the perfect shoe for me, as a mum of 5 kids under 9, she is the perfect accessory for any outfit I wear and she will dress up any “mum” outfit.

  57. Definitely JAMiE! I’m a new mum to 4-week old girl and plan to be doing lots of casual outings in comfy and every day clothes-especially coffee outings with other mums and bubs, playgroups, and strolls with bub and the pram. Comfort is super important but so is style!

  58. I love the ‘Jamie’ boot in cognac and I think it should be re-named ‘SuperKombi’ because this boot goes with everything and takes you everywhere (low heels!). This of course makes the ‘Jamie’ heaps of fun – and remember, SuperKombi is ‘determined to have fun’ – always!

  59. I am loving my new black Liz boots but a pair of Tan Lisa’s could complete the look for this season and my trip to NYC to celebrate my birthday.

  60. KELLiE renamed Tania as I’m an all rounder girl that needs the comfort of these stylish boots to take me from work to play.

  61. KELLiE is perfect as is – my namesake!
    K Killer boots
    E Excellent comfort
    L Luxury footwear
    L Leg enhancing
    i i am in love
    E Embrace the KELLiE!!!

  62. I would need to rename the VANESSA to the VICKiE because they’re the perfect mix of style and keeping my feet toasty warm and dry this winter. They’d also look amazing with my skinny jeans, big winter coat and statement scarf. Who said jumping in puddles is just for kids?

  63. I’d love shoe named after me so the KELLiE could be renamed FRANNiE because I’m an everyday kind of friendly FRANNiE. Adaptable , stylish and ready for anything. Every FRANKiE needs a FRANNiE. The perfect couple.

  64. KELLiE should be renamed SANDiE – I am about to embark on a right ankle fusion, with left to also be done within 18 months, and this boot with a small heel would be perfect post recovery ! It will so nice to wear something stylish again that will suit my ‘new’ feet !

  65. Too easy. The Jamie. Last year’s Jamie though – the one with the orange! My entire wardrobe is orange. My couch is orange. My baby’s orange. I drive my friends crazy with all my ORANGE. It may be time for a style update slash intervention.

  66. We’re renaming the Vanessa the Danielle! My style is always slightly dressy, even at my most casual and that fabulous wooden angled heel screams a touch of dressy! I particularly love the two toned effect the heel gives in the black – ahhh, so classy yet chic and a bit edgy! So me!

  67. The KELLiE would have to be renamed to my name because she will fit into my mummy lifestyle to a T! Imagine looking ultra stylish while wiping snotty noses, cleaning pooey bums and yelling at (err, make that firmly persuading) the kids to please hurry up and get in the car! At least I’d look good and the flat heel would be so much easier to run in for when the school bell has already gone!

  68. The LIZ should be renamed the BRIDIE because I can see myself wearing it daily – to the shops, work, childcare runs. It looks like it would stand up to my life of coffee/crayons and craziness while adding a touch of style!

  69. I would rename JAMiE to TRiNA because I’m exactly how you described it…loyal, trustworthy, reliable and STYLISH!

  70. I would rename the VANESSA boot to my name. Classy and stylish – perfect for conferences and research meetings.

  71. Maybe the KELLiE boot could be renamed after me?
    I’m simply just known as “MAMA” you see.
    This MAMA is practical, this MAMA has style,
    And this MAMA is super comfy and makes you smile.
    I’m a MAMA who can handle work…home…or play,
    Just like me, the “MAMA” boot will support you each day.

  72. The Kellie should be renamed the Kim. I would wear these every day to work. I’m a high school art teacher and they would give me a bit more height as well as being super comfy and work place safe.

  73. OK I am renaming KELLiE to LIZZiE as I am a all round type of gal that loves her boots. They take me from Autumn to Spring and on Summer dates.

  74. Love the VANESSA in the black, I’ve never owned a pair of boots, tell a lie back when I was 16 I owned a pair of white yes white ankle boots..oh I was a cool teen, so the VANESSA should be renamed as Robbie so my tired older feet can live on in comfort through the autumn/winter months 🙂

  75. Well the KELLiE really should become the JULiE as I practically live in my ELLiEs. They are so comfortable and versatile but I would love to have a pair of ankle boots for that extra OOMPH in style for Autumn/Winter.

  76. VANESSA in Black is the new LiA. Why? Because I’m one of thousands of cancer patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy in their feet from their chemotherapy treatment. I thought I’d had to sacrifice fashion for comfort for the rest of my life and wear footwear that far exceeded my age. But not anymore, thanks to Frankie4. I can see myself slipping into these on a regular basis because they’re exactly what the #everydaystyle woman is looking for in her footwear, and more. They’re comfortable, they’re practical, they’re quality and they fashionable. I wouldn’t have to make any sacrifices wearing these boots, and that to me MEANS EVERYTHING!!

  77. There is already a LiZ which suits me perfectly… It’s got a bit of height, it’s got style, it can be dressed up & down & they have the colours you definitely need in your wardrobe (black & nude toned). It will be the perfect go to boot for all of autumn & winter & well into spring. Definitely need to get myself a pair or two of my namesake!

  78. The Kellie boot really should be the Joyce boot!!
    What a JOY to wear,
    EnJOY the heights of fashion
    JOYful to wear everyday and enJOYment on special occasions
    Let your soles reJOYce in its comfort
    EnJOYable in the finest quality
    Do your JOYnts a favour and saviour the comfort

  79. I would rename the LIZ, KYLIE!
    K- Kaleidoscope of inspirationally intrinsic expressionism; one of a kind
    Y- Years to look forward to of comfort and support beautifully entwined
    L- Luxurious character collaborating to make sole’s sing
    I- In beloved hearts everywhere from summer, autumn to winter and spring
    E- Enlightening style with SY! and Frankie 4
    * The best present all wrapped up to treasure and more!.

  80. both LIZ and KELLIE give me the blues and need to be re-named ‘Summer Lou’ both just ooze style, comfort and up for fun…everything I will be with these ladies on my feet 🙂

  81. oooolala…the Liz in black should be called” Anna bella” so so comfy and sleek during the day …
    but at night allows me to shine and enjoy whatever comes my way..

  82. Oh my goodness!! The Vanessa boot (in tan) should be the Kate boot because it is perfect for my every day, work and play. And, I live in Victoria and would absolutely wear this boot every day from April to September! Divine.

  83. The Kellie must become the Chelly as I need these boots in my world. This is just the boot to entice me out of my active wear whilst looking stylish & keeping my feet comfortable and ready to run after my very busy toddler! #mumlife #votetokeepmeoutofmyactivewear #pickme #mybootrobeisbare

  84. The Kellie must become the Chelly as I need these boots in my world. This is just the boot to entice me out of my active wear whilst looking stylish & keeping my feet comfortable and ready to run after my very busy toddler! #mumlife #votetokeepmeoutofmyactivewear #please

  85. After read Stylingyou newsletter about ” How to wear ankle boots” topic. I have more confidence to build my winter wardrobe accessories this year. FRANKiE4 is a famous shoes brand with comfort ,versatile and elegant designs. I would love to have a pair of Black LiZ Boots for my perfect wardrobe solution this upcoming cold weather.

  86. The Jamie should be the Fiona – hello! school drop-offs x2 , working from home x 2 days, casual meetings – I’m a team leader all we do is talk, brunch – errr school drops offs how about lunch, out to coffee – I stand in a coffee van queue at work every day, sporting sidelines – soccer mum with style!! Ok I think we are done. Hand the Fiona’s (psst the Jamie’s) over.

  87. Liz should be Hayley because I will be living in heeled ankle boots this winter as I ease into living fashionably as a new mum.

  88. I would rename the Liz in tan the SUZiE Q because I like the way you walk. Please say you’ll be mine and ‘ll be true until the end of time.

  89. Well I gotta say, I was kind of surprised the ‘Vanessa’ boots weren’t originally called Kristy because they are exactly what I’ve been searching for for at least the past 3 years! A beautiful black leather boot, mid-sized heel and contrasting tan sole! Me to a tee, LOVE then muchly xx

  90. Liz should be renamed the Megan.
    Casual or Smart… perfect for work as a Mental Health worker.
    Casual for days in the community with my clients.
    Smart for days when I have meeting with stakeholders.
    The Megan will be perfect for Winter!

  91. KELLiE should be renamed MaRYC. Just like this gorgeous pair, I’m an all rounder and I need something that is both versatile, comfortable, and stylish! My day usually begins by herding off my kids to school and then I’m off to work in a fashion/style-driven environment. I’m always on the go, and I could find myself rushing to a meeting one minute, and then off to pick up some groceries on my way home. My wardrobe is also a mix and match heaven of jeans, hobo and maxi dresses, and lbds for that special date with hubby. Bring on the good new all-rounder! ❤️

  92. Jamie should be renamed Rosemary. . Boots to feel at home in, sensible, practical and relaxed. Easy on and easy off with the elastic sides, For the girl in a hurry with no time to waste. A busy lifestyle here in the country they have a fashionable take on my riding boots

  93. KELLiE should be renamed AMELiA, my mother’s middle name as I would love to see her have these stylish and practical boots which are already named after me!

  94. The Liz seriously needs a name overhaul since I spent so long trying to track her down last winter in size 6 but to no avail. So I officially rename her the Steph!
    S – seriously elusive
    T – totally exclusive
    E – exceptionally comfortable
    P – perfectly styled
    H – Hawwwwwt heel!

  95. The Vanessa should definitely be renamed Michelle, for one thing, I knew a Vanessa as a kid and she wasn’t very nice. Michelle’s are friendly and down to earth people. We know how to walk the walk, talk the talk and do it in style – nothing fake about us!

  96. Love the Kellie in Black to be called Funky Mama K. It’s stylish but also a very comfortable and practical shoe for Mums out there who need to run after toddlers!

  97. Vanessa-Catessa! It has less seams and the tapered medium heel gives an overall sleek look that any cat would be happy to wear! match that with comfort and this kitty will be purring. =^..^=

  98. Revamping The Kellie in cognac to

    Shazilla for she’s a

    S – sidewalk stopping

    H – eel of happiness

    A – active adventurous

    Z – en supportive

    I – invigorates imagination

    L – luxurious longevity

    L – oves life

    A – ageless accessory

    Compliments sure follow her wherever she goes. The love of Frankie and new followers to come on high school runway that hasn’t been blessed by it’s beauty.

  99. The Kellie in cognac should be renamed The Katie. Your wear to guide describes my life! School drop-offs, working from home, casual meetings, brunch, out to coffee (or my favourite chai latte)! And cognac is my favourite colour in a boot.

  100. The Liz in black oily nubuck needs to be The Amy. Working in retail I am hunting for a comfortable & stylish boot for winter that i can stand in all day. Will these Frankie4 boots do the trick? I would love to try them! Xxxx

  101. The Kellie boot is already named after me! It was meant to be!
    It’s the perfect height, a little heel but not to high. The perfect all rounder to start off my collection.

  102. Jamie should be renamed Jessica! They are super stylish, versatile, fun and hard wearing, perfect for running around after three kids as I do daily. I would love a touch of class and comfort whilst elbows deep in playdough and Weetbix!

  103. Kellie is her name
    But Dianne would bring her fame
    With small sized feet
    These boots would beat
    The pavement all day long.

  104. LiZ, EMiLY, tomayto, tomahto – perfect heel height, perfect boot height, and perfect coverage. I’d live in them all autumn, winter and spring, and that’s coming from someone who never thought ankle boots would suit (stumpy leg syndrome).
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Love them all!

  105. The Kellie boot must be named the Natalie boot! It’s super stylish and it means Business with a capital B! The Natalie boot will take me places, from school drop off to coffee with my girlfriends, and let’s not forget; chasing my little ones.

  106. The Jamie Boot should be renamed the Cia Boot. It is a classic style with a low heel that would see me through winter in a very stylish way. I am currently struggling with Plantar Fascitis which is so painful and I think the Cia Boot would be so comfortable since they have been especially designed by a podiatrist with comfort in mind.

  107. The Kellie boot is my fav and therefore should be named the Tash boot! Perfect for stying over the autumn/winter period and even better comfortable

  108. Vanessa boot is definitely a SaM boot! They are banging with a bit of spunk and cheek to them just like me. the SaM would go so well with my denim dress, floral scarf and chunky jewels, a bit of boho coupled with chic!

  109. Kellie boot or should I say the Shelly boot! It’s cute comfy loved by everyone and has a little height for a shortie!

  110. Chic, edgy and feminine, I can’t get enough of the Liz boot aka Nadia Boot! The design would be perfect with a trench coat or popping down to shops to get milk in my jeans. Fuss-free style Nadia boot!

  111. My heart should lie with Liz (which it may during the odd night out) but as a flats for daywear (and for most nights out), teacher, mum, kind of girl I am giving it to KELLiE and asking for a name switch-a-roo.

  112. So funny! When I first checked the new range out I thought the ‘Kellie’ was actually a clever marketing program trying to get my attention! It certainly worked because I was looking for a low boot that I can wear to work on year 9 ‘Unplugged’ days when we are running around the city all day with students AND for a comfy and stylish travel shoe for Autumn in Britain. Looks like a win win for me and already aptly named. Must be a sign!

  113. Liz! You minx! Stealing my boots. I never wear flats to work, but never feel comfortable as a result. The Leah boots would be perfect-a-mundo for me all day at work, all weekend at play.

  114. Vanessa was named incorectly to start with! Its totally should be named – The Sammy Boot – Its me all over – I am perfect for day to night! dress me up or down I look fabulous no matter how Im dressed! These boots are 100% me – so totally fitting they be named The Sammy <3

  115. There must be a mistake – I’m sure I saw JAMiE was really called Helen! And she is really looking forward to heading off to Japan this year – a comfy boot that will go with skirts and pants, and can manage a days sightseeing! If I’m lucky she might take me with her… 🙂

  116. The Liz should definitely be re-named the ‘Juanita’ or ‘Nita’ for short….the perfect sized heel that can be dressed up and down and I love the tan colour, goes with everything and brightens up an outfit. [email protected]

  117. Kellie would be me, LANI !!!
    As someone who can no longer wear high heels due to an ankle injury, they look very comfy xx

  118. Vanessa should be renamed Cleo , so stylish ,escaping into a world of glamour, femininity ,elegance with a sophisticated edge. Fascinate, charm, dazzle and allure.

  119. KELLiE needs to become KeRRI as an all-round kinda girl she’s perfect for work through to play with enough heel to strut my stuff with style but be superbly comfortable all day and night.

  120. So many lovely boots to choose from. Bu t”Kellie” stands out for me, The heel height is just right for my comfort as I have a” dropped foot” and I am having trouble finding boots that still look smart when I dress up.

  121. Kellie, would be Kristy, stylish but practical. Good for school drop offs, working at home, casual coffee catch ups, and also stylish for date nights with hubby.

  122. The KELLiE is the perfect sole for me…
    I work in an office, but not super corporate (tick!)
    I have insanely “sooky” feet at the best of times, but love the benefit of a little heel (tick!)
    Through autumn and winter you’ll rarely see me in the office out of a winter style dress with leggings/ tights – KELLiE would be ideal! (tick!)
    I’m all about skinny jeans on my weekends – casual KELLiE (tick!)
    Basically, I can’t think of an outfit in my autumn/ winter wardrobe where the KELLiE boot couldn’t come out to play – keeping me in comfort and style at the same time (tick! tick! tick!)

  123. Love the new Vanessa boot and think it should be renamed Christie, it would suit my office wardrobe, school mum wardrobe and casual weekend wardrobe. It can even come out in the rare nights out with my friends or hubby. Perfect in every way

  124. Liz is definitely a Christy Boot in disguise. I’m an accountant with a personality (a rarity!) so these boots are reliable, consistent and dependable….but they have a bit of pizazz as well! They would definitely liven up the office!

  125. I would say the Jamie Boots should be called Andrea. I have such a hard time buying shoes, especially boots because I have an extra wide foot! A comfy pair of boots for winter is just what I need.

  126. I recommend KYLiE as the new improved LiZ! Everyone loves a bit of KYLiE’s sass ‘n spunk in their lives – even me!

  127. Kellie Black. For everyday wear from office to Sunday walk to park, with perfect amount of heel for “Do Not mess with me”

  128. Jamie should be renamed the Michelle it’s perfect for me.
    (M) Must have
    ( I ) Ideal for everyday wear
    (C) Comfort guaranteed
    (H) Hugs your feet
    (E) Errands it can handle
    (L) Low heels are perfect
    (L) Looks great with skinny jeans, bohemian wear and dresses.
    (E) Enjoy wearing the MICHELLE

  129. I would rename the Kellie to Leigh. As a stay at home Mum they would be perfect for school drop off, running errands and casual weekend family fun. I love heels but these would be so practical for everyday to jazz up my Mummy uniform.

  130. I would rename the Kellie to Catherine. My non work outfits consist of dresses, jeggings or my favourite ever dark blue jeans (I have heaps!) A beautiful black pair would be ideal

  131. JAMiE will be renamed LouisaG, elasticised boots are a staple for this Country Girl. Yet my trustie RM’s are not as comfy as they were when I bought them at an 18 year old, some 23 years ago. Who whodathunkit!? There will be a design review FRANKiE, gold metallic elastic! Yes this country girl needs sparkling gold in my life <3 Pic for inspo purposes, think black soft leather, with sparkly contrast of gold metallic elastic sides. You're welcome and thank you.

  132. The JAMiE should be renamed the RoBYN. I have never found a comfy boot I love but this one looks super stylish. It would be welcome in my wardrobe anyday!

  133. The tan Vanessa should be “Christine” of course!! To match my tan and exquisitely extending my short “pins” so I can look and feel tall – will empower me while at work and when out at night for dancing great support !!

  134. Please change LiZ to LiNDA!
    Take out the Z cos I won’t sleep on the job and I can keep secrets; happy to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement).

  135. Ok the gorgeous Kellie should definitely be renamed the Meredith because they would never leave my troublesome tootsies. These boots would be given a warm welcome to my wardrobe and I would even take them on holidays to exotic destinations! How lucky would we be to travel the world in perfect harmony together?

  136. The Kellie should be re-named the Rebecca!
    What a beautiful looking boot.
    I would get loads of wear out of them as I’m just coming out of an awful frumpy mummy phase and I can see these boots giving me the kick I need to make more effort with my wardrobe.
    They are beautiful and stylish and look super comfy, which I really need as my days are spent chasing the children about.

  137. Oh I love the Jamie in cognac and navy! And def should be renamed to Suzie and I would wear them daily with pride and would love the comfort of wearing beautifully designed boots to do all the running again I do after my 3 kids!

  138. The JAMiE should be renamed Samantha as she is stylish and being Frankie4 very comfortable for aching sore feet, she would be welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms to be work and play!

  139. I love the style of LiZ, but the KELLiE boots are the ones that should be named after me. I would wear these everyday this winter – for school drop off, errands, coffee with friends, and work. Lots of comfort and just a little bit of heal that is perfect for me!

  140. Liz really needs to be known as Natasha henceforth please. She will be immensely helpful for offering this middle aged mum the sense of sass and style she needs to get out and about and feel great, but with all the hidden comfort to keep the ever-creeping twinges and aches of age at bay ! Thanks! xx

  141. KELLiE should change its ELL to an AT for Katie, because if I had
    these boots they’d never leave my feet all winter long! Stylish, but
    comfortable to be around, just like me!

  142. The Vanessa should be renamed Holly because I absolutely adore to wear ankle boots with everything in winter… I wear them with business suits and pants to work, jeans and comfy hoodies on weekends and with a cute little dress for a night out! The “holly” boots would be perfect for all of these!

  143. The Jamie boot in black – My name is Amie so just drop the J! I’m all about the inky blacks and monochromes this winters, with pops of colour in lippy or scarves.

  144. The KELLiE boot was named after me – just and with an extra E (like everyone else who spells my name wrong!) I walked UK & Europe last year for 3 weeks in the JAMiE and thought if there was just an extra little height they would be even better than perfect and now my thoughts have been heard!

  145. Liz – specifically in Tan should from now on be know as the Jacque, I live in Melbourne and wear ankle boots all winter with every outfit, they are warm and practical but more comfortable than knee boots, and easier to slip on and off if you are constantly ducking in and out of the house.

  146. Vanessa should be named Shandell for the following reasons:
    Skinny jeans with
    Lines and

  147. Knowing from word of mouth how comfortable Frankie 4 shoes are, I would take Liz out for stroll. I think it would be a dream to have a pair of heels that are so comfortable that I could confidently be on my feet all day. And while deep in her heart she might always be Liz, I might call her Jules as a nick name.

  148. KELLiE in black could be just right for AMiE with her heel high enough to make my long feet feel not TOO long, and practical enough to multitask throughout my entire wardrobe!

  149. The Liz should be renamed the Kate – as skinny jeans, boho maxi dresses and pencil skirts are my some of my wardrobe staples! This boot would be stylish and comfortable for all day (and night!) wear.

  150. The KELLiE should be renamed the MeGAN! My life is a constant buzz from work to university to family to catching up with friend to date night.. It’s the perfect versatile ankle boot that can take me from any situation and still be in comfort and remain stylish! I don’t have to stress or plan about changing my shoes because I know they will be my saviour through the day and the one thing I can always depend on!

  151. Kelli should be named Toni. It’s the perfect go to boot that can be dressed up or down to suit your mood and the occasion. I know I would wear these boots to death. They are truly something gorgeous!

  152. Sorry JAMiE… MiCHELLE you shall become!
    Inseparable we will be. Morning through to noon and onto night.
    Now if I could only teach you to do the ironing…

  153. Liz should be named Fleur. I’ve noticed a lot of the French style is in right now so why not go for a French name for these fabulous shoes. They are a great style but also look comfortable and dressy enough to wear with dresses or for a more casual look.

  154. Def JAMiE in Black. I work in a Communications company on a site with transmitters and for Workplace Health and Safety, I need to wear enclosed shoes, which can be very dull and boring and uncomfortable.
    The JAMiE in Black would be worn by myself every week day and then on weekends during Winter.
    I would rename her: KaZ to thank her for making me look stylish at work each day! 🙂

  155. Oh my goodness the Vanessa would so suit me! I love the narrow toe and is so stylish. I’m a family photographer and shoe comfort is a must especially when I’m climbing over rocks, rolling around on the floor with kids, and walking long distances to locations.

  156. Rob has the same number of letters as Liz but rolls off the tongue so much better. It finishes where it finishes, there’s no stretching out of the zzzzzzzzz, no rolling of the lllllllllll, no arguments. Strong you might say, dependable, firm – not fluffy. Apologies to any Liz’s out there. I’m sure you’re lovely, but this shoe deserves a no nonsense name!

  157. The KELLiE is definitely using an alias… It’s also known as Sonya, great for multi tasking madness, styled to match any mood. Love that she’s dark yet defined and always ready to walk!…

  158. The KELLiE should be named RACHEL. Rachel fits into most situations and tries very hard to step up to every occasion. She’s a trier and looks good doing it.

  159. The Jamie could be bamed the Amy! I doubt I’d be out of the cognac/navy pair all winter. Flat which will make my dodgy ankle happy and hello warm feet which makes me happy! And they’re gorgeous which helps ☺

  160. LIZ should be renamed to the Theresa, something stylish and comfy to wear to work all weekend and then out and about on the weekend as well win win.

    Loving reading all the great comments from the amazingly talented women below!!

  161. The JAMiE should be renamed the KiMBA. Just like me, she’s supportive, stylish and a little bit unique. Love the navy insert! To really qualify as the KiMBA, we would have to change the leather name too. Cognac to Whiskey – my favourite tipple!

  162. the KELLiE boot doesnt really need to change it’s name, its fine how it is… just needs a minor spell check – to KELLY. The Kelly boot is perfect for one who wants to step up from their puppy chewed blundstones and get a little bit smarter or classier for winter… gee, that sounds just like me!

  163. Vanessa a.k.a. Natasha is all my style. I will be rockin’ those with my skin jeans…and a heel I can comfortably run around in with Master 5 and Master 6 or stand for hours at music concerts.

  164. Ooooh I think I’m in love with the Kellie boot already! I love my current ankle boots but one with a lower heel but still sexy would be amazing. Something that can be worn anytime and anywhere without having to worry about how long I can wear them with the toe I broke that doesn’t do heels well anymore.

  165. I think Vanessa should actually be ‘Rebecca’ as I think I could live in these shoes everyday! Not too high, not too chunky, just perfect.

  166. JAMiE should be renamed the JeNeNe as it suits my lifestyle and my hubby name is JaMiE! They would work for me as a school drop off boot with a casual dress, then off to the shops for groceries and maybe a coffee date with hubby or friend and tie me over with skinny jeans to head to the soccer club to watch the kids train in the evening. A perfect all day wearing shoe with many looks and max comfort!

  167. LiZ should be re-named to Gemma! It’s stylish enough to wear to work but with a perfect height heel that means your feet would still be comfortable after a long day!

  168. LIZ should be the new Sophie because they’re super stylish and will be happy to top off the perfect look 🙂

  169. LiZ in the light tan could be renamed Melissa( means honey bee), as the gorgeous golden colour is as smooth as honey.

  170. The Kellie boot should be renamed the Tiana. My name is apparently meant to mean “princess”. So it’s the boot that “Royally” rocks. Comfort and style though is what will see me get through the day running around after 2 children. Not quite a Cinderella moment….but certainly the shoe to get you through the chaos of everyday.

  171. The Kellie is to be renamed The Penelope after one of my rugrats. The one I need these boots to run after. As a mum with two toddlers I need comfort but still love fashion. The Penelope would be perfect!

  172. I hereby rename the KELLiE boot the HEATHER MARiE boot … because I am finishing up my job on a construction site soon and need to trade my everyday steelcap work boots for a tiny bit more stylish everyday ankle boot!

  173. This is dedicated to the beautiful boot formally known as ‘LiZ’
    (to be sung just like The Seekers)

    Hey there, GEORGiE boot
    That is where I want to put my foot
    When I’m on the kinder run, Oh what a change they’ll be
    I’m so comfy
    Wearing GEORGiE booooooot!!!!

  174. the KELLiE should be renamed MiCHELLE because like the shoe says, I am an all-rounder kind of a girl. Happy to work all day but not afraid to come out to play after dark if required.

  175. JAMiE should be renamed to Kathryn because she is like me, hardworking, loyal and can be trusted for any job. Yes, definitely a Capricorn! I had a vision of you on an old Mills and Boon cover wearing a frilly dress and your FRANKiE4’s Nikki haha! Kathryn 🙂

  176. LiZ has been misspelt should be Jess right!? She looks fun, flirty and fancy when she needs to be! But also cozy and comfortable on a cool day.

  177. JAMiE really should be called JOYCE! Since developing plantar fasciitis I no longer have any boots that I can wear, so she would become my winter staple. I suspect we would never be apart – you could say we would be “joined at the foot” 😉

  178. VANESSA looks so much like she should be KAREN. I have been eyeing off some more FRANKiE4’s for a while after my first FRANKiE4 LAUREN sandals were a big HiT in my shoe-robe. VANESSA looks like the perfect mix of height for DRESSiNESS, yet mix of colour for VERSATiLiTY. I can’t wait for my new season pair!

  179. The KELLIE should be renamed CARLY, as she is a hardworking, loyal friend who gives you the support you need throughout the day, just like me!

  180. VANESSA asked to be renamed the HAYLEY because my pins would rock those boots from work to play. Who says you can’t have a bit of extra height when you’re already tall?!

  181. As I age my feet have become more sensitive. They have served me well with memories of many nights spent dancing, working, shopping in Melbourne and chasing after my family. Boy have they been punished! That’s why KELLIE should be re-named JOANNE as my feet

    deserve to be treat well and I can rock those boots with my dresses and leggings as we head into winter!

  182. I think the KELLiE should be renamed the Amy ( or AMiE?). I need her to save me from my foot mistreating ways! I would wear her with skirts or dresses with tights or my trusty skinny jeans, whist running around after my two pre-schoolers. Hooray for comfort + style!

  183. KELLIE should be renamed the Helena – would be worn with leggings, jeans, dresses: the possibilities are endless! Love the idea of a heel for those of us that are height challenged .

  184. They should rename the KELLiE the KRiSTEN because it is the perfect ankle boot for life! I spend half my week running my 5 year-old from 1 activity to the next, and the other half running around organising my church ministries and doing the administration! This boots would take me perfectly from one activity to the next in style and comfort – plays they could deal with the random Autumn afternoon rain showers we get!!! Please send me my very own pair of KRiSTEN boots!!

  185. I do love my two pairs of JAMiE boots but I know that if the KELLiE was renamed to JANNiE they would take me to new heights. I would need a pair in both colours though, as I wear ankle boots most days in the cooler months and am increasingly stepping into them in the warmer months as well. That’s the bonus of living in Victoria – there have to be some benefits right?
    Oh and of course the JANNiEs would travel the world with me, just like my JAMiEs have. JANNiE and JAMiE doesn’t that sound like a marriage made in heaven?

  186. As much as I adore the LiZ in matte black – so fabulous, it’s the KELLiE in black that I think should be renamed MiCHELLE. Nikki has styled them with an outfit that is in my wardrobe – hello stripey dress! They’d be perfect with my leggings, ponte pants and shorter winter dresses, even my jeans finish tight down the calf. Working from home, living in the country, and with two small boys, these boots would be my everyday shoe, no doubt. I’m loyal to my shoes, I don’t have a lot, but what I do have is good quality, and I wear them a lot. I could see these boots putting up with a lot of loving!

  187. Definitely rename the KELLiE to the CiNDY – because they have the perfect heel height and could take me from work to home and out again all in the one boot. Perfect for the busy mum.

  188. The black JAMiE would obviously love to be renamed MARiLYN. That’s because such a signature name would be reflected in a signature boot that would scarcely leave my feet all Winter through! We’d be partners in crime in all sorts of activities from shopping to walking along coastal board walks. Plus, there’s just the right amount of room in my shoe wardrobe for them to be happily housed at bedtime.

  189. ‘Renae’ means reborn a perfect name change for the Kellie! The ‘Renae’ would fit perfectly into my very busy lifestyle and as I am an all rounder type of gal who needs an ankle boot with comfort,versatility and plenty of style she will be a perfect match!

  190. I think the black Jamie should be renamed Louise because I can see us becoming inseparable. Most of my Winter wardrobe is black or charcoal so she’d fit right in. I am a busy mother of four kids who works part time, so I need to be able to go from the school run to the office to whatever without feeling uncomfortable or dowdy.

  191. There is no doubt in my mind that the versatile KELLiE should be renamed Mandy – you could even spell it with an i …. MANDi ! Why? Because my health professionals have told me enough is enough and have started me on the road to better health, with movement being a key factor! The road is hard and long, and the stylish MANDi, as a change from my gym shoes, would surely encourage those necessary extra walks in the park while still letting my feet look and feel amazing! Cognac colour, of course, because Autumn colours are my jam!

  192. I think the Kellie boot should be renamed the Holly because I can see myself wearing them every day. They are super stylish but not too high! Only problem is, I need two pairs, one in cognac and one in black – it’s too hard to make a choice between them!

  193. LiZ really should be renamed JOHaNNE!
    I too have fallen for the ankle boot and love a heel for the slimming effect. The fact I can wear dressier styles with tights or a bare leg to work in winter makes them my go to choice. My fitness tracker tells me I meet my 10 000 step goal every day and I know I walk over 7 000 steps in my FRANKiE4 shoes 3 or 4 times a week.
    A pair of LiZ boots in the black oily nubuck would help me keep achieveing those goals.


  195. Ankle boots are my favourite kind of footwear !! I’ve been dying for it to get cooler so that I can wear my collection !! However I can see the ‘Vanessa’ being renamed the ‘Yvonne ‘ as I could see myself only wearing those !!!!

  196. I lived in the Jamie boots last winter. Problem is I want Liz, Kellie & Vanessa!!!! Choices to make …..????

  197. What a great post – thank so much for the hints and tips Nikki 🙂 I would love KELLiE’s alter ego to be KiM – I can see her keeping my feet comfortable during a work shift (standing), then out to dinner (maybe dancing!!) with no problems. I know my feet would welcome the investment; cognac KELLiE/KiM added to my wish list!

  198. I really think the Jamie in cognac with the navy insert should be renamed the Lisa because she is stylish and would go with my skinnies and knits in winter and my boho dresses,she would suit my everyday style without compromising on comfort,I love that she would go with everything!

  199. The lovely Liz should be renamed the serendipity Shelley! My feet just hurt every day, being an nurse for decades means sore feet for this middle aged lass. A pair of gorgeous comfy boots sounds like a dream come true. Thanks Nikki!

  200. I would have to say the VANESSA needs to be the MOLLIE The description written of the boots describes my life and personailty.. and the style with guide is my wardobe…

  201. The lovely KELLiE boot takes me back to when I wore to death a pair of Blundstones – and not for hard yakka, as fashion and travel boots! I loved them, comfy, easy to wear and I and always felt it was a great look. A few years down the track, I reckon I’d do the same with the KELLiE boots, with a little more style! So…the JiLL!

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