How to get your house ready for guests

How to get your house ready for guests

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Yesterday we talked about escaping for the Easter break but then I got to thinking, maybe many of you are hosting visitors across the long weekend and are madly getting your house ready for guests.

Having friends and family come to stay can be a whole lot of fun but it also can take a bit of work to have everything in place and set up their arrival.

My hero in this department is Beth, aka BabyMac. I’ve been on the receiving end of Beth’s hospitality and she does indeed set a high bar in terms of making visitors feel welcome.

I’m but an apprentice in this department but since moving to Brisbane and having a guest room that’s semi-available throughout the year, we’ve had quite a number of friends and family members come to stay.

My parents have retired to the UK in a move that surprises everyone – particularly all UK residents – and they’re currently here with us for their annual visit back to Australia.

Their arrival – and the moving out of the “big kids” – inspired me to take to the guest room with a more than functional eye.

First up was a massive clean out. We discovered all manner of things hidden under the bed in boxes – stashed by Miss SY (her hoarding tendencies are a worry and definitely do not come from me).

We also removed some of the furniture now not needed for storage and a large floor rug that was more of a dust and grime trap than a source of warmth.

Then it was time for the fun, adding bits and pieces to make the room feel more welcomely and homely.

FB How to get your house ready for guests

Tips for how to get your house ready for guests

1. Plan your catering ahead. This seems obvious but if you have good notice it will allow you to have a good catering plan in place. Food is what brings people together, so planning out a menu and having those ingredients on hand will lessen the stress of prepping and cooking for more than the usual number of people.

2. Make the bedding as comfortable as possible. You know my thoughts on a good Clean Sheet Day, and when it comes to guest bedding, I do like to make this as welcoming as possible. I love my mattress topper and we have one on the guest bed as well. It seriously makes for the best sleep. Keep pillows fresh and replace old ones if they’ve seen better days. Same with bed linen. Nothing beats sleeping in quality sheets.

How to get your house ready for guests

3. Include bedside lighting. I’m not a fan of overhead lighting but I love mood lighting in a room. It’s functional for reading but for also making a welcoming space. Mix it up and try having different styles of lights on each side of the bed.

How to get your house ready for guests

4. Add homely elements to the room. BabyMac is very big on making this a thing throughout your entire home. She says certain decor elements make a house homely: lighting (see point 3); artworks; rugs; cushions; throw rugs; greenery/flowers. I wholeheartedly concur.

How to get your house ready for guests

5. Have fresh towels at the ready. If there is a separate bathroom for guests, place the towels there. If not, at the end of the bed.

6. Place a selection of magazines and books on the bedside tables. Your guests may bring their own reading material but I know I like seeing and reading through something picked by someone else that I may not have read.

7. Include essential oils in the room. I’m a big fan of Twenty8 essential oil blends so I leave some of my favourite blends in the guest room to help my guests have a good night’s sleep – Instant Calm and Peace and Meditation work a treat.

How to get your house ready for guests

8. Create and offer hanging space and hangers for your guests. If you’ve got a spare wardrobe, great. If not, a portable hanging rack is a budget-friendly solution.

9. Leave a small welcome gift in the room. Something small and thoughtful – I might leave a soap, essential oils or hand cream.

How to get your house ready for guests

All of these nine tips for how to get your house ready for guests need not break the budget.

I chose the pieces to work back with sheets and a cushion I already had in the linen cupboard.

Most of the new items you see in the photos above came from Kmart (yes, I should be refrained from entering my local store) – from the pillows, through to the lamps, the prints on the wall, decor pieces and rug on the floor.

So tell me, do you have visitors come to stay at your place? Expecting guests across the weekend?

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  1. I have also just redone our guest bed with K-Mart gear, they really have picked up their act haven’t they. I love nothing more than making guest feel welcome. Apparently our guest bed is really comfy and I am with you Nikki – we have a foam underlay on our guest bed with a nice mattress protector over it. The 500 count sheets from K-Mart are actually really lovely to sleep in and only about $50 – and I do love a good sheet so was very shocked that they were so nice. I also have a little basket in the guest room with mini toothpaste, new toothbrush, mini deodorant, panadol, mints, water bottle and other bits and pieces in case the guest has forgotten anything. When are you coming to stay? The room is ready for you, pop up, we can talk turkey.

  2. I had a bit of a splurge in Kmart myself just yesterday! There was a corner of our family room that was crying out for a ladder style shelf unit – well now it has one 🙂 … ps I love that I can post photos in your comments!

  3. A perfectly timed post. Desperately needing to restyle my now 13yo daughters’s room. Not surprisingly she’s ready to ditch the OTT pink and purple look. Popped in to KMart late yesterday after reading this – got a few trinkets, new white curtains, a white cushion and a white and grey trellis patterned floor rug. Boom! The room looks fresh and light. She loves it. Now to ditch the million soft toys and barbie dolls!

  4. I was in my local BigW this morning printing photos and I had a stroll through their homewares section and was impressed by a few things that I found. I am thinking that I will need to go back and acquire a few pieces for our spare bedroom 🙂
    This is a bedroom that has to change personalities and be suitable for adults [already done] for when friends or family stay and then convert to a teenage boy HQ for when my stepson comes to stay. Needless to say I am still on the hunt for the perfect teenage boy bedcover!

        1. Thanks Nikki 🙂 The internet shopping was a winner and the new quilt cover set from Target (surprised me too) will be ready for his next visit!

  5. it all looks lovely nikki! as fresh as a daisy!
    yes beth is great at that and I don’t think you are an apprentice at all!
    I love your little deck vignettes too!
    btw, I’ve still got some of my daughter’s stuff and she’s been in q for 15 years!
    have a good day! love m:)X

  6. Looks fantastic. What a great guest bedroom. Our guest bedroom is the kids playroom and it doesn’t look as inviting as this! I do try to keep it tidy but the kids like to add their own touch….

  7. If we’re banning you from KMart, can my partner join you please? Last time we had someone coming for an extended stay, he took himself off and bought a full set of everything – down to a colour coordinated lamp – even though we already have more sets of linen, cushions, etc for the spare room than we have for our own room!!!

  8. What a gorgeous guest room! We often have visitors, sometimes the home feels like a hotel but that’s what happens when you up sticks and move half way across the world. These are great tips. I always leave a guide book or two on the nightstand, a Caramello Koala on the pillow and some mini toiletries either in the guest bathroom or with the towel. Sarah from TOMFO designed an awesome Wifi printable which you could leave in the guest room too! It’s so cute, I’m definitely printing that out for next time! I hopeyou have a wonderful time with your folks, I bet they can’t wait to see you… and enjoy some warm weather!

  9. Isn’t it funny how KMart has become the place lately, my daughter and daughter-in-law are crazy about it. We are off to buy a new bed for the spare room this Saturday, and I will be doing the big clean out that afternoon. We will be having my son, daughter-in-law and their 3 boys over Easter, plus I’m sure my granddaughter will want to stay too. Kathryn 🙂

  10. Wow what a treat it must be for your guests to stay with you! Love all your ideas. And Kmart, it is a dangerous place!

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