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I’m as schmaltzy as it comes when it comes to hanging out with my significant other.

I know it’s not how everyone’s relationship works but, for us, carving out couple time in two busy schedules is a priority.

And anyone with kids knows that this is not as easy thing to achieve.

We have it pretty easy these days – well easier – the youngest is 10 and the eldest are semi available for babysitting gigs.

It hasn’t always been the case. We don’t have family readily available to help out so over the years, it’s been a case of making the most of any kids-free opportunities that arise – and getting creative with organising date nights IN.

In the last couple of years, we’ve also done a little date night babysitting swapping with friends. We’ll have their boys over for a sleepover to give them time out together and then our son heads to their place another night.

There have been occasions in the past couple of years that we’ve suddenly found ourselves kid free on a weekend night (isn’t that like winning the Lotto?) and we’ve seized the night and headed out for dinner and drinks.


It’s like you’re 17 years old again and sneaking out behind your parents’ back, except YOU’RE the parent and you’re sneaking out while the kids aren’t around.

The date night sneaking out doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

We’re lucky to live in an area where we can walk to a restaurant, bar or the movies. We’re close to inner-city concert and theatre venues too.

We’ve also got our favourite restaurants “out of the shire” but we tend to save them for specific occasions.

And yes, we do count Valentine’s Day as a specific occasion (see above re schmaltzy).

{If you’re looking for some really good tips on how to find “us” time, then make sure you read my friend Vanessa’s post on the topic. I wholeheartedly subscribe to all her ideas and suggestions}.

In this post, I thought I’d follow on from my summer work wear capsule wardrobe and summer casual capsule wardrobe ideas by creating a capsule wardrobe for date nights – or nights out with the girls.

For me, it’s that sense of “escaping” that makes you want to dress up – even if it’s just up a notch from what you would normally wear for the every day.

We’re not talking ball gowns here – unless that’s your date night occasion – more something just a little on the dressy side.

It may be even a case of adding an accessory with a little bling to an otherwise minimalist outfit.

It’s also a chance to pull out a favourite piece from your wardrobe, something that makes you feel fabulous. So, like always, with this suggested capsule, “shop” first from your wardrobe.

The idea of having a capsule wardrobe in place for date nights is that you won’t let the “what to wear” question get in the way of you getting out and enjoying yourself.

What to wear on a date night - capsule wardrobe

1. Bohemian Traders top $59 (on sale)

2. sass & bide tank $180

3. Witchery top $79.95

4. Country Road jegging $99.95

5. Country Road jegging $119.95

6. Trenery skirt $399

7. Target dress $89

8. Surafina dress $289

9. Belle Bird dress $119 @ Birdsnest

10. Tony Bianco heels $229.95 @ Styletread

11. Nine West heels $119.95

12. Mimco clutch $199

13. Witchery cuff $79.95 

14. Katies trench $89.95

15. Target jacket $99

Just a few possible outfit combinations

7 + 11 + 12 + 13

7 + 10 + 14

7 + 13 + 15

8 + 11 + 12

8 + 10 + 14

9 + 11 + 12

9 + 14 + 11

9 + 15 + 11 + 13

6 + 3 + 14 + 10

6 + 1 + 10

6 + 2 + 11

3 + 5 + 15 + 13

3 + 5 + 14 + 10

2 + 5 + 11

1 + 4 + 10

1 + 5 + 10

So tell me, do you date night? Like to escape for a night out with the girls? What’s your go-to outfit?

For some real-life casual wear inspiration, check out the #everydaystyle Instagram feed.

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here.

* Editor’s note: I’m aware that many people don’t subscribe to idea of Valentine’s Day. I’m very cool with that. Or people are single – I’ve been there. I’m also aware that not everyone is in a safe relationship. As Vanessa said in her post, if your partner is abusive in any way and you are not sure what to do, you can receive free support from 1800 RESPECT– the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service.

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  1. Love, love, love this capsule wardrobe. At the age of 28 I feel like when I go out I don’t want to under dress for my age, or look a lot older than what I am. And this capsule I feel will not only suit myself and style but also older and younger women. Thanks Nikki x

  2. With no children we’ve managed to sneak away for a romantic getaway. Most nights I’ll be in silk pants and a cami, but I do gave a glam maxi dress for our deemed Valentines celebration on Saturday night.
    Love that sparkly jacket,Magpie!

  3. great capsule thanks nikki! … shopping the wardrobe too! but picking up a few new pieces!
    even though we are together nearly 24/7 we have our spaces and do our own things! then when we come together and have a day out, have lunch or whatever! … we’ve been calling it a date day lately too! … it makes it more special!
    here’s to keeping love alive! cheers! love m:)X

  4. We don’t have kids yet so finding time for date night is slightly easier for us but I still made it a rule this year that Wednesday night will be date night, even if its a just walk on the beach, no phones, computers or Netflix! love the capsule!

  5. I agree with Lisa’s comment! Loved the post Nikki and the capsule wardrobe. You’ve given me some good ideas for “shopping in my closet”. We try to go out on our own a couple of times a month, we are not a young couple but found each other later in life. So true romance is always possible!

    Also big plaudits for including the link to the helpline for women in dangerous and/or abusive situations. Life is not all bunches of flowers and chocolate, but there is support and help out there.

  6. Great post Nikki,now our children are happy in their own homes we’ve been having a date night once a week usually on a Saturday or Sunday night,it doesn’t have to be fancy but we’ve been trying new restaurants in our areas and it’s lovely to just spend time together and I think it’s a little bit romantic especially since we have been married for 31years in April.
    I love your date night capsule wardrobe,I usually wear one of my favourite dresses but will definitely use these tips when it cools down,thank you Nikki Xx

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