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Editor’s note: Sammy is Miss SY’s best friend from school and a journalism/PR student. Each month she shares some style and beauty tips that are relevant to teenage girls of all ages – please leave us a question if you have a teenage style/beauty question you’d like answered.

Well Stylers, I must say, it’s good to be back 😉 I hope your Christmas and New Year was everything and all that you wished for!

As for a quick update… I am now in my third year of business and journalism at QUT and have just received my acceptance letter to study abroad in the U.S. later this year! EXCITED is an understatement.

But for now with the silly season over, and February well and truly here, it is indeed time to go back to uni. Which always brings us girls to the dreaded question of… what do I wear?!

Don’t fret though, that’s what I’m here for. And while it may have been a year since I wrote my first post on what to wear to uni, it’s now time for an update.


What to wear to uni | Styling You

Billy J Boutique Intuition Dress | Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers


As a student who is forever circulating Brisbane city between two campuses, I can honestly say comfy shoes will allow you to go the extra mile.

Pictured above you will see I’m rocking a pair of my beloved converse sneakers, which you can just about dress with everything and more. Espadrilles are also a similar alternative which too can do the job!

Check out below an outfit idea of how you could incorporate converse in your wardrobe.

And if you’re not a ‘closed-in shoe’ type of girl, and prefer sandals, I cannot stress to you how important it is to choose something with comfort and support. Don’t worry – there are options (e.g. Birkenstocks).

Just be sure to find something that isn’t paper thin and with a bit of a heel.

What to wear to uni | Styling You

1. Sportsgirl Knot Front Denim Dress $99.95 | 2. Herschel Little America Backpack $139.95 | 3. Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers $99.95 | 4. The Horse Watch $139

What to wear to uni | Styling You

Nifteen Backpack 


Now as you would have seen above, I am a fan of backpacks.

And after just finishing my second year (and summer school might I add), I can assure you it’s most definitely the way to go when it comes to transporting your essentials to and from uni.

When choosing your backpack, try and stick to basic and fairly neutral colours (e.g. black, navy etc.), that way you won’t have to alter your outfit just to go with a bag.

Also be sure to find one that is quite supportive and protective of your most valuable goods – I chose my Nifteen Backpack because of its lightweight feel and how it’s designed especially to carry my MacBook.

What to wear to uni | Styling You

TEMT Dress | Lipstik Libby Tan Sandals


Being summer, cotton dresses are really the only thing on my agenda when it comes to uni style.

Why? Because they’re:

  • Comfy to commute in
  • Easy to wash
  • And are one complete outfit!

With this steamy weather and high humidity here in Queensland only going to increase throughout the first half of this semester, it’s time to whip out your best summer dress.

Whether it’s off the shoulder, wrap style or just your basic spaghetti strap dress, you’ll thank me as you feel that warm summer breeze between each class.

And if short dresses aren’t your thing, why not try a maxi or even midi dress? Pair it back with some simple (but comfortable) strappy sandals and swap the backpack for a tote. Just be sure to stick to cotton fabrics, as this will be most breathable in the heat!

Bright and bold colours are also in, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

What to wear to uni | Styling You

1. Valleygirl Off Shoulder Print Dress $29.95 | 2. WeWood Arrow ‘Nut’ Watch $179 | 3. Lipstik Libby Tan Sandals $49.95 | 4. Indepal ‘Mojo’ Handbag $195


My last, but extremely helpful tip, is to always wear a watch.

Trust me – it is a life saver when it comes to being on time for your class, bus or train.

I like to switch between a few of my The Horse watches, because they go with almost everything, are affordable and extremely trendy. Check out here.

What to wear to uni | Styling You

1. Sportsgirl Spot Shirt Dress $89.95 | 2. Country Road Linen East West Sling $129 | 3. Birkenstock Arizona Black Sandal $111

What to wear to uni | Styling You

Fame Boutique Dress | Lipstik Libby Tan Sandals | Indepal ‘Mojo’ Handbag

So tell me, do you go to uni or have a son or daughter starting uni this year?

Samantha Cheney

Samantha Cheney is a Brisbane-based freelance writer at www.samanthacheney.com, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Business degrees at the Queensland University of Technology. Her interests include travelling, writing, and photography. Check Samantha out on instagram to follow her adventures @sammycheney


Comments 7

  1. Such great advice Sammy and love your style!

    We started putting together some of the basics from your advice in your post last year on this topic, for my daughter’s start at UQ this year in a few weeks time now. She will have a long daily commute so your advice is invaluable for her about keeping cool and fresh and it looks like we are now going shopping next week for some new pieces to keep her stylish and confident in her first weeks in a brand new world! All the best with your studies!

    1. Oh thanks Jennifer! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I’m so glad I could be of assistance! Please, feel free, if there are any questions you have, I am happy to answer! All the best for your daughter 🙂 – Sammy x

  2. Congratulations Samantha on being accepted to study in the US that will be amazing!
    My children have finished their studies my son is a landscaper and my daughter is a preschool teacher and part time centre director.
    I Love all your outfits Sammie I would wear most of these and I’m glad backpacks are fashionable again they are much better for your back and neck,have a great weekend Xx

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am over the moon excited. Backpacks are so important, right?! No one wants a sore back! Have a great weekend – Sammy x

  3. you are looking great Sammy! … happy new year to you and how fabulous about going to the usa to study! well done hun!
    i’m loving all of your outfits! I especially love that striped dress for moi!
    backpacks are the business when carting heavy study kits!
    I love them when traveling too! … comfort first for me!;))
    love birks and flat supportive shoes!
    enjoy the rest of your break! love m:)X

    1. Hi Merilyn! It is indeed good to be back. I am so incredibly excited for 2016. Oh I fell inlove when I spotted that dress too. And yes backpacks are definitely the way to go – much more supportive! Hope you’re well 🙂 – Sammy x

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