Styling You’s 2000th blog post

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You know how I love an even number?

Well when that even number situation collides with a milestone, then you bet I’m excited.

Drum roll please … this is 2000th blog post on Styling You.

That’s a whole lot of writing, photographs, sharing and comments that have gone down in seven and a half years.

If you’re relatively new around these parts, you may not know much about my backstory.

Styling You's 2000th blog post

In a nutshell, I’m a former journalist who became a blogger … by accident.

I had a now-or-never moment back in 2008 and decided to leave the (relative) security of a weekly pay cheque and back myself into a new business – a personal styling business.

My website for that business was built on a blogging platform. So I began adding in “stories”, information and advice like I had done in my former job, except it was all On The Line, not in a glossy magazine.

To be honest, it was boring. Deadly dull. Don’t go searching for it 😉

About a year or so in, I discovered this little thing called Twitter.

Suddenly I was connecting with people from all over Australia and a few from overseas.

Back in the day, Twitter was a fabulously fun and intimate cocktail party.

It’s a bit crazier now but in the olden days of blogging, sitting on my lounge with my laptop, it was an exciting window to the online world.

It was through Twitter that I “met” these people called bloggers. It was from reading their blogs that I realised that I was blogging too, albeit in a non-engaging, yawns-ville kind of way.

So, I changed the way I shared my information and advice. I personalised what I wrote, putting more of me into what appeared here on the blog.

People started reading, and commenting.

It was – and still is – the most amazing thing. That you write something, share it and people come to read it and share their thoughts – with you and each other.

It’s this community aspect that makes blogging the best job I’ve ever had.

My aim is to connect with you so that you feel comfortable to ask me questions, to support each other and to grow your confidence through your personal style.

Just because we’re no longer sweet young things, doesn’t mean we’re not interested in how we present ourselves to the world.

I aim to bridge the gap between the fashion industry and the everyday woman – something I don’t feel the industry knows how to do once you’re aged over 22.

I want you to have the confidence to embrace your own style, to play with what that looks like and flaunt it in a way that makes you feel fabulous.

I’ve never said this was solving world peace but it’s hopefully bringing a whole lot of wardrobe peace.

Thank-YOU for hanging out here. I hope you can stick around for the next 2000 posts.

Now, over to you, I’d love you to de-lurk by answering these questions (I’m nosy, I know!)

What’s your first name?

Where do you live?

What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

What’s the number one topic you’d like tackled in a future Styling You blog post?

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  1. Congratulations on this milestone! I am Lauren from Christchurch, New Zealand, and I love my Blue Illusion cropped black jacket. I would love to see some tips on how to wear your accessories and hairstyles with different necklines, and please keep featuring fabulous Australian labels!

  2. Hi Nikki, congratulations!
    My name is Jane and I live in Melbourne. I couldn’t live without my Leona dresses for work and thank you for putting me on to them. I’d love to see a post on what to wear on the school run when you’re walking the kids to school. We have a 20 min walk and I would like something comfy and stylish to wear without resorting to gym gear that I feel I need to change out of to run errands later in the day.
    I look forward to reading the next 2000 posts.

  3. I’m a bit late to this post but congratulations on 2000 posts. I can only imagine the hours and love you’ve spent putting into all of those posts. You’ve truly created a special space here.

    As for me, I’m Melinda and I love in Sydney. I can’t live without jeans or button up shirts. And I’d love to see some more shoes and accessories. I basically wear the same outfits all the time so need more ideas on how to accessorise them to look different x

  4. I love your blog! Well done on reaching this milestone of 2000 blog posts. Amazing! My first name is Bianca and I live on the Gold Coast. The one piece in my wardrobe that I couldn’t live without is actually a top I am wearing today. Newly acquired at the bargain price of $15, from Best and Less, a sleeveless top with bright blue print, fluro pink stitching and some tassels. Perhaps it is my version of my ‘show pony’ piece! So comfortable for this humid climate. I am living on a fixed low income, and I would love a future blog post to focus on the topic of: Ideas for finding bargain items that are still stylish. Keep up the fabulous work!

  5. Congratulations Nikki! Sorry I’m a bit late with my reply, have been very busy, but I really want to contribute. My name is Holly and I live in Hobart, pretty much the opposite end of the country to you, climate-wise! I couldn’t live without my favourite jeans. I love all your posts of course but I think my favourites are generally the capsules you put together. A couple of cooler weather casual and work wardrobes for the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons would be great!

  6. Congratulations and hoping there are many more milestones to come. I’m Elizabeth from Molong near Orange NSW. Bella Bodies CAMYZ Smoothing Shorts are the bee’s knees in my wardrobe. A few ideas for cold weather for the “Styling You” followers who live in temperate climates would be nice. Thank you so much for your blog. I actually keep your book on my bedside table and often draw on its wisdom

  7. Hi, my name is Heather, and I live in Perth. Couldn’t live without a good, well-fitted bra! The most important item in any woman’s wardrobe, and too often overlooked 😉
    Could we have a blog post about looking cool in the hot weather please?

  8. A big congratulations Nikki; it is a pleasure being part of the wonderful SY online community. My name is Kylie, I’m from Bundaberg in beautiful QLD and I couldn’t live without the intrinsic enlightenment of a gorgeous kaftan. I would love more Styling You blog posts about taking outfits from day to night. Thank you for the advice, blogs and sharing so much with us as readers, it brings a world of inspiration and happiness.

  9. I will have a drink for you!! What a milestone. Also, how awesome was Twitter! I miss it.
    I’m Stacey
    I live in Melbourne
    I can’t live without black leggings
    Ummmmmm maybe do a post on coats and jackets for clueless people like me who’ve never had to buy one and don’t know where to start :-/

  10. I feel like you should actually know me as well as I feel I know you!! Mary, from Rockdale in Sydney! Navy shorts seem to be the item on highest rotation here. Just keep doing what you’re doing Nikki! Seems like there are some good suggestions here for future blog posts. Oh, and I want to thank you for introducing me to Sussan’s 5 years ago! When my daughter started school and my son was starting preschool I had that amazing thing called kid-free time and I could actually go beyond Target (which I love as well) and try clothes on. A post of yours about Sussan’s got me in there, and in my local-ish mall where there are many different shops!! Oh and Fox in Flats made me realise that lipstick and actual clothes (not trackies etc) fool all sorts of people into thinking that you’ve got it together. Together you two changed my outlook on my wardrobe!!

  11. 1. Bee 2. Sydney’s Northern Beaches 3. Black & navy Tshirts & pants pants pants ( i know that’s 5) 4. bigger bust makes it hard to find well fitting shirts. There is a current season style of shirt by Sportscraft that is fab otherwise it is hard to find them without the GAPE!

  12. Hi Nikki,
    Congratulations on your fab business, I’ve been a fan for quite awhile.
    I’m Ali, and I’m a Brit living in Sydney.
    The one thing I could never live without style wise is a Tank top. Irrespective of the season and whatever I’m wearing on top the long tank is my best friend and best foundation. I also have a love affair with scarves…….
    I’d love you to do a post about “Trending Up”. Showing how some really simple classic pieces can look “nana” until you add the fun/fashion additions. I have my own label Philosophy Australia, and I design simple yet stylish pieces and I find it really upsetting that so that so many ladies out there are making themselves less fashionable just by their combinations.

  13. Hi! Christine, New York City…I’m a SAHM so jeans are my staple, can’t live without them.
    Can you suggest ways to make button down shirts work for big boobs (the buttons always gape, double sided tape works)? I don’t think shirts suit me but feel I should have a couple.

  14. Ciao, I’m Dayle, I live in Central Qld, formally of Brisbane and longing to return!
    I can’t live without my blazers, they take jeans, dresses, shorts and pants to all sorts of places!
    The topic I’d love you to tackle is packing an overnight bag/carry on for a two night work trip (including gym gear) and toiletries that allow for hair washing!
    Thanks Nikki and congratulations on your success x

  15. Hi – I’m Alison and live in Brisbane (was worried when you moved to Brisbane in case you moved in round the corner as most of my wardrobe matches yours due to following your suggestions!) I love that your site does the editing of stuff for me. As a busy working mum and a high support special needs child I dont have time to wander around shops and web sites – you do the hard work for me. Upcoming ideas for me would be “How to rock the Nana shoe! ” After knee surgery and plantar fasciitis my current shoes are on sabbatical. I know you have covered Frankie4footwear but what else is there?

  16. Wow…amazing achievement with 2000 posts.
    My name is Tracey and I’m from Coleraine, western Victoria.
    I couldn’t live without my leopard print faux fur coat which I picked up in an op shop for about $30.
    I would like to read more about capsule wardrobes and putting the outfit combinations together. I’m in desperate need of a “mummy” capsule wardrobe, while my work one needs serious culling.

  17. I’m Barbara.
    Mascot Sydney.
    Love my dark blue denim jeans, dress up or down and go to pants so comfy to wear.
    I’d like to see on the blog more about lengths of jackets and styles for tall people to wear.

  18. WOW, 2000 is a very impressive number and I am pretty sure I have read most of them. Congratulations on your milestone, it’s been amazing to see you share your wisdom with women everywhere.
    Here are my answers:
    1. Sharon
    2. Brisbane but dreaming of the Sunny Coast
    3. I love my denim jacket – makes me feel good every time I pull it on. Probably wouldn’t have purchased it without your encouragement as I would have thought I was too old/fat for it.
    4. I am losing weight but find I keep trying on the same things I used to buy because I’m so used to baggy clothes that disguised my shape. I need some advice on how to drown out the old voice and help me have confidence in how things are meant to fit.

  19. Congrats Nikkii I have only recently discovered you on fb my fav item is push up bras since things have gone south .I would like to see more for the average 10-12 curvy woman I struggle to find clothes to suit my shape the market caters for slim 10-12 which doesn’t fit properly or the larger curvy sizes which are too big shopping is a nightmare.more often than not I go shopping for clothes only to return home with nothing

  20. Congratulations on 2000! Look at what great success you have achieved and how you have helped Style so many women! Every time I hear a woman complain about getting dressed I direct them here!
    My name is Jessica, I live in Sydney on the Northern Beaches. I can’t live without my jeans. And I need help with accessories! 🙂

  21. Congrats Nikki! 2000 is a big, fat, fab even number!
    My name is Fiona. I live on the NSW Central Coast. My current go-to is tunics which brings me to your last question.
    I’m struggling to find “me” now I’ve put on weight. I’m working hard to try to get it off but my body is conspiring with my fat cells and they’ve become best buddies. ..I too have a thyroid autoimmune disease and between that and peri menopause I need cool coverage that doesn’t make me feel or look older than my 49 years. I may be going to be a granny this year but I refuse to act or look like one!
    All advice gratefully received.

  22. Hi Nikki love reading your posts, congratulations on such a milestone well done. Tracey here and I am from Ipswich Qld my favourite piece of clothing would have to be a black Sacha drake dress, I live in it for work especially. I would love some more inspiration for work wardrobes

  23. Hi – Cathy from Brisbane here. I have a pair of short black shorts that my life would not be complete without! And a blog on … so many things! But primarily style post baby when you are both time and financially challenged. And have an odd shaped bod so trying on is best! Congrats on 2k post!

  24. Hi Nikki, my name is Yvette and I live in Rosebery (in Sydney). My number one wardrobe piece: my black leather jacket from Marcs. I barely take it off in winter! In terms of a blog post, I’d love some tips for short curvy women – how to look taller, etc. Thanks! Love your blog!!

  25. Congrats Nikki – I enjoy your posts each day! My name is Kylie and I live in Sydney. I work full time and couldn’t function without my wedges. For play I have totally fallen for tops and dresses with some off the shoulder action. I’d love to see some posts around accessories that I can mix and match across outfits for work, play and evening – to make my wardrobe work harder – statement belts, scarves, jewellery, handbags, clutches.

  26. My name is Kellie. I live in Newcastle NSW. The one piece of clothing I couldn’t live without is probably my jeans. I’d like you to cover styles that suit short women- I am 4’11” (rounded up lol). Congrats on your 2000th post!

  27. Congratulations Nikki. 2000 posts is a huge realisation of your commitment to the style of the women of Australia.
    My name is Johanne but my friends call me Jo. I live in Sydney and the MVP in my wardrobe is jersey dresses for work and jeans for more casual outfits.

  28. Congrats Nikki, love your blog, I too found you through Nina Proudman ☺. I’m Alison from Maryborough Qld, love my skinny jeans for play and pencil skirts for work. I would also love a few more ideas on how to wear the many and varied scarves I have.

  29. Hi Nikki *waves*, Robyna here. Firstly, congrats on such a huge milestone. We’ve met a few times now. I live in Brisbane. I couldn’t live without my maxi dresses (SO easy and SO versatile). I’d love you to do a post on the process of a style make-over, I love a good before and after!

  30. Hi there, I’m Amanda from Country NSW.
    I can’t live without my jeans in winter and shorts in summer, black is my ‘go to’ colour, and I’ve just discovered the gorgeous Boom Shankar dresses.
    I love your Nina Proudman posts and look forward to more this year!
    Congrats on your 2000th blog x

  31. Hi Nikki, It’s Sara. Congrats on your milestone and the many that followed the decision to move on from that old place we once worked. So much more to smile about since those days.Style wise I can’t live without my white jeans and sterling silver chunky chains. I live in Caloundra still and I want to know what to wear to uni as a mature age student about to start my masters. It’s 30 years since I was at uni, help!

  32. Im Linda from Perth WA, I love reading and following your blog Nikki, esp the “model and me” section. I cant live without denim- jeans or shorts! Keep up the great work….

  33. Oh my gosh 2000! Congratulations! I’m Mardi (we met once upon a time when I was a million months pregnant) and I’m here in sunny Brissy. My one go to piece is my floaty black sleeveless Sportsgirl top with a funky zip in the back – fat days, hot days, dress up, dress down – it works for everything. I would love to see “what grown ups wear to festivals”. Almost all the festival fashion I see is teeny tiny teens in barely there outfits that would neither suit me, nor are practical for hot days / portaloos / mud / dancing. It surprises me considering how many people in the 30’s and beyond head to music festivals like Splendour and Bluesfest!

  34. Im Caitlin and I live in Adelaide. My can’t live without piece of clothing is my most favourite Namoi shift dress, or my black pleather jacket, I wear both religiously. I love your posts, especially the Model and Me and the Capsule posts for the SY Shop. My post suggestion is a little different, Id love to see an SY Shop and capsule-esc post for corporate/ work wear, (I know you do work mix and match posts regularly, so it may be kind of a double up) but I love seeing the mix and match of the pieces in real life photos on the different body shapes/sizes. Love your blog, its fab x

  35. Congrats nikki, well done on a great achievement. I’m Carly from melbourne. The piece I couldn’t live without would be my jewellery, I like to add jewellery to most outfits which helps me finish off my look. Love your model and me posts. For future posts, I would be interested in reading about some of your favourite designers, where they get their inspiration and behinds the scenes q and a.

  36. Congratulations Nikki on your 2,000 posts. I’m Chris, 56 living in Sydney. I read your posts every morning eating my breakfast still in my active wear as have normally just walked by dog. I love all your suggestions on fashion and beauty. I love a classic look with a bit of colour and my favourite purchase is my black leather biker jacket bought a few years ago. I love your posts on culling your wardrobe which I’d still not that good at despite only wearing a proportion of my clothes. Since reading your blog I do think about what I buy a lot more than just impulsively buying random pieces and I wear more dresses in the summer. Due to my age my thermostat doesn’t work as good as it used too! Keep up the good work.

  37. Hi Nikki, 2000 posts is amazing, I think I have read them all! Love having a coffee with you each morning. Your blog has made a massive difference to my wardrobe, thank you! My name is Kathryn, I live on the Sunshine Coast, and my favourite thing to wear is dresses. Congratulations, Kathryn x

  38. Congratulations Nikki on your 2000th post. I’ve been reading religiously since I gave birth to Maggie back in February 2013 and I couldn’t get enough of your blog. It was great to read all your old posts while I breastfed on the couch. Gave me motivation to work on my plumbing blog. Styling You is Still one of my favourite blogs to read. X

  39. Congrats on your 2000th blog post! I’ve been reading since your stylist days and it’s been amazing to see your hard work evolve into such well deserved success. I’m Kirsten and I live in Brisbane. I can’t live without denim (jeans, shorts, dresses). I love the Model and Me blog posts as they always answer the question, “But what would it look like on me?” so thank you for tackling that one each week! x

  40. Holy smokes 2000 blog posts!! That is amazing. Congrats on such a fantastic achievement! My name is Kelly and I am from Brisbane. One wardrobe piece I couldn’t live with out – that is very hard to choose. I was going to say jeans but I think high heel points. Obviously jeans and high heel points = heaven!! A top might be good too 😉 Future topic … maybe #everydaystyle wraps on a theme – active wear, corporate, casual etc. Nice to see how different people dress differently to do the same thing.

  41. What a milestone : )

    You know me but other commenters may not …

    I’m Peta and I live on the Sunshine Coast.

    My wardrobe could not be complete without a selection of denim shorts, multiple pairs of sunnies and of course my active wear.

    I love that Styling You covers a range of topics and my fave is probably Model and Me.

    Keep rockin xx

  42. Congrats on your 2000th blogpost, you have created a really informative and friendly place for style advice and I read your posts every day. So glad I found you as it has revolutionised my wardrobe! My name is Sue and I live in Barcaldine, a bush town in Queensland’s Central west (pop. 1400). Jeans are my no. 1 wardrobe choice but it’s too hot to wear them out here for half the year sadly… I’ve started wearing dresses a lot more since following your blog and I love them too. Reading your blog each day has given me the confidence to try things that I thought wouldn’t look good, but to my surprise they actually do! So thank you 1000 times!! As I’m in my mid-50s I really appreciate style tips that keep me up to date without looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” (a phrase I don’t like but it does describe the look I want to avoid!).

  43. Hi Nikki, Congrats on your 2000th post – that is very impressive! My name is Marie & i live in Dingley (south east of melbourne). Not just one piece but active wear in general is/are my essential wardrobe item(s) as I am a bit of a gym junkie & participate in classes almost every day. I can’t think of anything specific that I would like you to tackle, as I usually get something useful out of all of your blogs & posts so I would say, just keep up the great work! It always amazes me that creative people like yourself can keep coming up with something new, exciting & entertaining every week! I would find it exhausting!

  44. Congratulations Nikki on achieving this major milestone. It’s certainly worthy of pausing and celebrating. Nicknamed Charlie by my rugby girls and real name Christine. Live for work purposes in Canberra during the week and Sydney on weekends with my family. Weekdays are uniforms and weekend is play time. Can’t live without my Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit. Great backup for unplanned events when travelling for work – always in the bottom of the suitcase ready to go!! I agree with Linda about a post on stylish dressing for the 50+ ladies – I’m not ready for the twinset and pearls just yet!!!

  45. Congratulations Nikki! That’s an incredible achievement and a milestone very worthy of celebrating. My name is Vanessa, I’m from Melbourne and I couldn’t live without my favourite bags (finding it hard to choose a fave!). x

  46. Good morning Nikki and congratulations on your 2000th post that is quite and achievement ! My name is Lisa and I live in Newcastle and I was lucky enough to meet you on Valentines Day last year at the Unlock Your Style event. I didn’t even know what a blog was until one day I was googling “dressing like Nina Proudman” and up pops your blog, now I read yours plus a number of others each day. It even helped when my teenage daughter told me she wanted to start a blog on her favourite topic – books. By going back through your previous posts she has got lots of tips and tricks. The one wardrobe item I couldn’t live without is my jeans, love them all !

  47. hi Nikki, congrats. Seven and a half years is a big effort in the internet world! I enjoy dipping in and out of your adventures and stories – thanks for sharing them with us. I’m Kathryn and I’m from Wynnum (Brisbane). It’s hard to identify one thing I couldn’t live without, so I’ll cheat a bit and say jersey dresses for work. No ironing, and very little thinking with just one piece of clothing. I love that. Enjoy the celebrations today. Cheers!

  48. well done and thankyou nikki! … good on you for keeping it interesting too!
    you are an excellent communicator and you’re very personable! … also, you look after your readers beautifully! even if we don’t answer the questions!;))
    what was the question hun? lol! …
    much love m:)X

  49. Congratulations Nikki. It was so lovely meeting you in Brisbane last year at the Dymocks book signing. My name is Linda and I live in Melbourne. One thing in my wardrobe I wear alot because it is so versatile and I can wear it for work and everything else is a simple Black jersey sleeveless dress from Blue Illusion. Blog post – style in your 50’s also – no longer doing school runs and chasing toddlers but don’t want to look frumpy !

  50. Wow, 2000 posts, huge congrats! I check in here every week day and always love it.
    Jeans – love you can dress them up and down etc
    Blog topic, hmmm, would LOVE more Model and Me posts from labels that are also available here in NZ. Most of the stores/boutiques you feature ship here but their shipping costs are crazy and often times make the purchase uneconomic.
    Looking forward to the next 2000! Xx

  51. Congratulations Nikki, you are a true inspiration to us 40 plus women to get out of our comfort zones and wear clothes we want to wear, not what some of the shops around think we should be wearing. I don’t often comment, but do follow you everyday, here and on FB and Instagram and I am always inspired by yourself and some of the other Instagram everyday stylers as well.
    I am Jennifer, from Victoria Point and being a born and bred Queensland girl, I couldn’t live without my togs or swimsuits as some of you may call them 🙂 I would love to see you do a post on how you fit everything in your day in a normal day to day scenario ( and look amazing all the time while you go about it) as I know I struggle to work full time from home, fit in my exercise, plan and cook healthy meals most days, make room for family time every day and find time to work on my other hobbies and creative interests and catch up with friends, its all such a juggle and then add in putting on some makeup and dressing nice each day.. eeekss! Are there any secret shortcuts? … Thanks Nikki.

  52. Love your work Nikki 🙂
    My name is Janice.
    I live in Brisbane.
    Could not live without my jeans.
    Blog post…looking/feeling good in your 50’s.

  53. What’s your first name? Tracey

    Where do you live? Melbourne

    What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without? My Leona Edmiston dresses and please don’t make me choose just one of them

    What’s the number one topic you’d like tackled in a future Styling You blog post? I don’t know, I love all the stuff you cover and I think if I had questions I’d find the answers in your archives!

    Congratulations on 2,000 posts Nikki!

  54. Wow. A role model in so many fronts. Felicitations. To celebrate I’m going home (after my sneaky post-early-school-run coffee) to edit my wardrobe, because this is the most valuable mantra you’ve added to my noisy in-the-line feed. Also, I’m going to play your game today:

    Birkenstocks (now try making those stylish!)

  55. Congratulations Nikki. Another great achievement. I confess, I didn’t really know what blogging was. I vaguely thought it was just an online account of someone’s day to day life. Boring – like big brother, online. Then, one winter a few years ago,I was searching the Internet for advice about wearing ankle boots and your blog popped up and opened up a whole new world for me. I now read several other blogs every day, as well as yours. But yours was the first! xx

  56. Hi Nikki, I love your blog it was the first blog I followed :-), my name is Narelle from Central Victoria, I couldn’t live without jeans. I would love to see an accessories post on how to change up your look. Wishing you every success & I look forward to reading the next 2000 post’s. X

  57. What a great achievement !! You have inspired so many women along the way !
    I’m Yvonne from Brisbane’s southern suburbs. I could not live without a white shirt – I wear it not just as a shirt, but a jacket, a crisp white shirt is an essential ! I love to see the model and me features, but I also like to see what’s in other people’s wardrobes. What about a feature on rediscovering what you already own ?? X

  58. I am Kate, I live on a property in Western QLD. I can’t narrow it down to one item but denim. I just could not live with out it, so versatile skirts, jeans, vest. I would love to see some posts on one item 5 looks etc. Congratulations.

  59. Congratulations Nikki, 2000 posts is huge! I’ve done a little over 200 (after accidentally falling into blogging). Blogging is a great conversation and the connections are just the best. I love how portable it is and personal and that people show up everyday! Here’s to many more posts Nikki X

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