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Clean Sheet Day in summer

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Slipping into a freshly made bed on Clean Sheet Day is up there with some of my most favourite things to do.

The feeling, the smell, the freshness. I love it all.

If you follow me along on Instagram, you’d know that Clean Sheet Day is honoured religiously on a Sunday in our home.

I might start the morning slowly (it’s usually the only day of the week where we don’t need to set an alarm) but once I’m up, the sheets are off and in the wash and I get thinking about what sheet combination I’m going to dress the bed with.

I do like to give the bed a bit of airing if time permits so usually put the new sheets on later in the day.

I treat the process a bit like how I like to plan out what I’m going to wear for the week. I like to mix things up and make the most of what I’ve got, occasionally adding a new purchase to the mix.

Dressing the bed, for me, is about prioritising myself (and my husband, who gets to share in the benefits … the clean sheet benefits, people.). I crave my sleep and by making it a bit of a sanctuary, it might seem superficial, but I do sleep better.

Controversially for some, I don’t iron my bed linen. Avert your eyes if you can’t stand wrinkled sheets.

Every week, without fail, I get asked how many sheet sets I own because all this mixing it up business makes it appear like I have A LOT.

I actually have four sets of sheets that fit our king-size bed. We’ve only had this size bed for about two years, so it’s been a process of building up that supply ever since.

Collected sheets | I Love Linen heart pillow case and cushion | Aura European pillowcase | Freedom spotty cushion

Collected sheets | I Love Linen heart pillow case and heart cushion | Aura European pillowcase | Freedom spotty cushion

I started with two sets because I can’t be bothered waiting for one to dry on the line but have built on that as I’ve been lured into the world of linen goodness.

Doing most of the luring and tempting me into the possibilities of a superior linen collection, is my good friend Beth from BabyMac.

I’ve witnessed in real life her bed-making abilities and she is The Bed Business.

She’s also the one who opened my eyes to pattern clashing bed linen – and how this simple (and relatively inexpensive) idea is a way to mix up your bed linen look. There’s an arty-science to how to do it. I’m but an apprentice so check out Beth’s post on how to do it.

She also opened my eyes to looking beyond my regular purveyors of fine sheets and hunting down independents doing amazing things with small businesses around Australia and New Zealand (I’ll share links to the ones I’ve shopped at below).

My friend Vanessa at Style and Shenanigans also has as much of an eye for bed linen as she does for her wardrobe style.

And when I post my weekly Clean Sheet Day photo on Facebook, so many from the Styling You Facebook community share their Clean Sheet Day looks too.

You can never have too much inspiration, I say.

Summer bed styling

Oh Mabel sheets and cushion #cleansheetday

Oh Mabel sheets and cushion (on left) | cushion on right is Cushionopoly

There comes a point in late spring/early summer in Queensland where I ditch the doona and keep summer bed styling to sheets and a throw rug, Kantha quilt (this is like a thick sheet) or linen doona cover without the quilt inside.

I know this isn’t for everyone, particularly if you live in the southern states and in summer can have 40 degrees one day, 18 the next, but it’s a bedding formula that works for me.

I also tend to keep the accent colours light and fresh. I was asked about the colours in my bedroom and how I worked those in with the sheets I use (here’s a look at the entire room). My answer is that they either complement or match.

Step 1: Choose the sheets. These are the foundation pieces. My current sets are: white linen, yellow and white pinwheels, a gorgeous plain mint/aqua and black and white spots.

Step 2: Choose your accent colours and patterns for the accompanying pillowcases and throws.

Step 3: Finish with a cushion, or two, or three … (I rotate my cushions around the house if you’re wondering where they’re all kept)

Peacocks and Paisleys Kantha quilt | Sheridan linen sheets | I Love Linen blue linen pillowcase | Village Stores cushion | Sheets on the Line cushion | Moochinside custion

Peacocks and Paisleys Kantha quilt | Sheridan linen sheets | I Love Linen blue linen pillowcase | Village Stores cushion | Sheets on the Line cushion | Moochinside cushion

Where to shop

This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of a fitted sheet imagination. It’s just a list of places from which I’ve bought linen since I became obsessed with mixing up my Clean Sheet Day.

If you like the look of any of these stores, it’s so worth signing up for their emails and following on Instagram as they all do special offers (sometimes I’ve scored 30-50% off) and let you know when new and important stuff (like pineapple print pillowcases) are coming in store.

Sheridan: The Abbotson Linen is the most dreamy of linen sheets. If you’ve not tried sleeping on linen sheets before, do yourself a Molly Meldrum. They’re cool in summer and warm in winter … and SO soft.

Cotton On: It’s not easy to find cool bed linen for tween or teenage boys that is not too baby-ish. Cotton On always has an option and they have washed extremely well too.

Aura: I love the bold colours and patterns that Tracie Ellis uses in her collections. My eldest son has an Aura doona – he needed a double size and options are quite limited in patterns and colours that young men would find cool.

Sheets On The Line: This store is in my ‘hood and is particularly dangerous for me to walk into. I usually want ALL THE THINGS. I’m seriously a marketer and merchandiser’s dream. Plus, the store has an emphasis on quality, organic cotton and linen bed sheets. Don’t panic, they’re also available online.

Oh Mabel: BabyMac put me on to this beautiful, small company producing vintage-inspired linen using certified organic cotton. When Beth first sent me over to the Oh Mabel site, I couldn’t get the Ziggy Zaggy quilt out of my head. I had to wait very patiently for it to be re-stocked but it’s been worth the wait. I love that you can use it as a light quilt in autumn or spring as is but come winter, you can add another quilt into the doona for extra warmth.

Peacocks and Paisleys: I first started buying table linen from Peacocks and Paisleys but fell also for their pillow cases, cushions and quilts. The colours and patterns are up for more than a bit of clashing or being the statement on your bed.

I Love Linen: I think my first purchase from I Love Linen was a cushion. OF COURSE! I’ve since purchased mattress toppers, Kantha quilts, quilt covers and lots of statement pillowcases.

Collected: This New Zealand store was an Instagram find and led to the spotty sheet and then mint/aqua sheet purchase. I first made the mistake of not ordering Super King to fit an Australian king-size bed, so those fitted sheets now get a work out on the Queen bed in the guest room. Sadly, both styles no longer seem to be available. The quality is incredible and all sheets have washed very well.

Feliz Home: I first found out about Feliz Home when writing my Nina Proudman/Offspring posts for Series 6. Some of their linen was used on set in the show. I’m now the very happy owner of this doona cover and these pillowcases (thanks Feliz Home!) and will be adding a few more additions from this great independent linen store very soon.

Feliz Home doona cover and pillow cases

Feliz Home doona and pillowcases (links above) | Cabin Co cushion

Collected mint sheets | Sheets on the Line linen doona cover (without doona); Aura European pillowcase | I Love Linen leaf pillowcase | Pony Rider cushion

Collected sheets | Sheets on the Line linen doona cover (without doona) | Aura European pillowcase | I Love Linen leaf pillowcase | Pony Rider cushion

So tell me, when is your Clean Sheet Day. What colours and patterns are on your bed right now (feel free to add a photo to the comments to show us!)

Clean Sheet Day in summer

PS. New linen may or may not have been purchased during the writing of this post. Oops.

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  1. I’ve been lusting after Miss Molly French linen sheets for quite a while. I love the luxe but undone look that soft flax gives, as well as the feel of it against my skin. Check it out – great for QLD weather!

  2. I love clean sheet day too Nikki,here it’s Wednesday I had to change the day for my neck,I can’t do too much lifting on one day so I’ve moved it to the middle of the week,I’d love to have clean sheets everyday! Love your quilt covers,cushions and sheets Nikki,all ours mix and match too it just makes everything easier.
    Have a lovely weekend Nikki,I hope you don’t have anymore tech issues Xx

  3. I was trying to make a comment yesterday but your site was down hun!
    I always love your fresh sheets day! love the mixes!
    I must try bamboo sheets as love other items in it!
    love m:)X

  4. My clean sheet day is every week too but it depends on which day. I love your clean sheet posts and thought you must have a linen cupboard FULL of sheets, but you don’t. That’s the illusion of mixing and matching. Love this post.

  5. Loves this post. Thanks for sharing. Must check out those linen links! Making your home beautiful and restful is important I think, so that you breathe a bit easier when you walk in the door at the end of a busy day.

  6. I always love your clean sheet day pictures Nikki, your bed looks so stylish! Another find for beds (and bathrooms) from NZ is Wallace Cotton – lovely quality sheets and towels and dreamy catalogues…and if you are a sewer, Tessuti Fabrics in Sydney sell linen to make your own sheets online.

      1. Hi Nikki
        totally unrelated to clean sheets (tho I am a devotee, its sat for us – my poor partner spends at least an hour de-furring our linen before I can wash it (dogs)!) I purchased this light at Freedom after seeing it in your posts, I completely adore it & its in my living room but I don’t find it bright enough to read by. So, apart from perhaps visiting a optometrist soon, can you tell me where you got said replacement bulb & what “wattage” it is?
        thanks heaps

  7. I am on the hunt for some linen sheets. Most sheets I look at are sateen finish, which I do not like. So I will check out some of your recommendations. My mum used to iron sheets and pillowcases. Back in the day I also ironed pillowcases, but not any more. I can’t imagine trying to iron sheets, who has a big enough ironing board! xx

  8. I love Manchester, and my sheets have to be 1000 thread count. I’m boring though, as much as I love how you dress your bed mine is plain. At the moment, I’ve got Sheridan white sheets, a plain white doona cover from KMart (bargain for $20) and a

      1. I have two sets of bamboo sheets. Mint green and white. I love them . They are so cool in summer which is great for menopausal hot flushes but they are not too cold for winter for me either. My daughter has 1000 thread count but I prefer bamboo ( or linen )

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