The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders denim

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This blogging world is a pretty special one.

Not only has it allowed me to *meet* you but it’s also given me the opportunity to meet some incredible men and women, each with a different voice and each forging a different pathway with their blogging-based businesses.

One such voice is Emily Berlach. Emily is a beautiful, young mum of three children, who built a community at her blog, The Beetleshack.

I loved seeing Em’s outfit posts on her blog. Her whimsical, bohemian style was/is captivating.

The former art teacher has the knack of putting together an outfit – and owning it – in a way that seems beyond effortless.

It was her individual take on personal style that led her in late 2013 to “accidentally” start an online boutique.

That accidental boutique is a store that, if you’re a regular around these parts, you would have heard me talk rave about since the beginning.

Bohemian Traders.

Bohemian Traders launched with 10 kantha jackets for sale (they sold out within two hours) and continues to organically grow.

This autumn-winter, the range has expanded again to include a collection of premium denim.

I’m featuring here the trans-seasonal denim offering from the collection – distressed skinny jeans.

The model

Bohemian Traders distressed skinny jeans

Bohemian Traders distressed skinny jeans $129

and me

Bohemian Traders lace trim blouse Bohemian Traders distressed skinny jeans Mollini heels A'levon bracelet

Bohemian Traders lace trim blouse | Bohemian Traders distressed skinny jeans* (I’m 166cm and wearing size 34/16) | Mollini heels @ Styletread | A’levon bracelet*

I’m fussy when it comes to my denim. I’ve had to become so as not all denim works for my shape.

I’ve got a flat, wide behind, a tummy that runs low between my hips, decent legs and a short waist.

The best denim for me is a true skinny style that hugs the ankle, has a good amount of stretch and a mid waist.

I want comfort AND style. {Not too much to ask for, is it?}

The last thing I want in a pair of jeans is to dread putting them on because they don’t allow for life’s essential activities … like breathing.

Having said that, you do need to buy jeans on the firm-fitting side. Even denim without stretch will “give” after wearing. The more the stretch, the more important it is to buy firm.

So, how does Bohemian Traders denim stack up?


From the moment I slipped these babies on, it was wardrobe love at first sight and feel.

All that I seek in a pair of jeans was there.

The waist comes to my belly button – so slightly lower than the model. The stretch provides superior comfort while pulling things in and up. And yes, it’s a true skinny, no extra fabric flapping around the ankles. {I stand by this post in terms of skinnies being the most flattering shape.}

I know the distressed look is not everyone’s cup of jeans tea but I love it for an edgy, relaxed look suited for the warmer months. You might prefer the indigo or black offerings.

Personally, I love all three denim options as foundations for your autumn-winter wardrobe.

The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders denim 2016

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains affiliate sales links and I may receive a small commission from purchases sold through those links. You don’t pay any more. Full disclosure policy here.

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Comments 36

  1. I am wearing a black Bohemian Traders skirt at work today! And I have the same one in cream, too.
    I love that the model looks really curvy in these jeans, and the higher waist is more comfortable on me than a mid rise. However, I won’t buy jeans on-line as I really like to be able to try and compare multiple sizes and cuts to ensure comfort and that everything is just the right cut and and colour.

  2. Hi NIkki, can you recommend any jeans with all the same benefits you describe except dont have the distressed bit ? (is that what you mean by the torn/frayed bits). I can never get my head around this look but am desperate to find a pair of jeans that i dont want to take off about 30secs after i put them on!!

  3. I’d love-love-love to try these but I’m unsure about sizing and with a no refund policy I just don’t think I can take the risk. Uugggghhhh! Back to pounding the pavement in search of the perfect denim. (That and bra’s are my nemesis!)

    1. Hey Meryl, Great feedback on Bohemian Traders policy, thats so much for that. Bohemian Traders does offer Store Credits for the amount paid which are valid indefinitely, which is such a great option! Please do feel free to call our customer service team, we are SO very happy to discuss sizing, fit, cut, fabric and so on over the phone to streamline your shopping experience! Hopefully we can pack some treasures up for you soon!

  4. Those jeans look fabulous on Nikki and I couldn’t agree more about the lovely Emily I own quite a few peices of her Bohemian traders range and love them all!
    I only wear skinny jeans as I’m short and petite and hate uncomfortable clothing,especially jeans,what is the sizing like Nikki ? I’m an XS in her dresses and tops and an 8 in most jeans and a 2 or 4 in NYDJ jeans. Great post Nikki I’m looking forward to some cooler weather Xx

  5. You look great Nikki, love denim with white. Quite a few BT items in my wardrobe too, I would happily order one of everything if I could 🙂

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