9 Instagrammers to follow for everyday style inspiration

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“Who is your style icon?” is a question I’m most asked in interviews.

Truth is, I don’t have a style icon, a current or former celebrity whose style influences what I wear.

I’m more influenced by what the people around me are wearing – my girlfriends and the everyday women I follow through the #everydaystyle hashtag on Instagram.

{If you’re new here, this post will help you understand how the #everydaystyle community started and why we post our outfits every day. This post – Get up, Get Dressed – from Jan at @retiring_not_shy will also help you understand a bit more about the “why” behind our posts}

The below list of nine Instagrammers to follow for everyday style inspiration is by no means an exhaustive list (it’s like choosing a favourite child – you just shouldn’t do it!). I’ve chosen these women for today’s post because they each offer something a little different from the other.

In coming months, I’ll also feature more of the real women from #everydaystyle (read on for how you could be featured … and win just by sharing your outfits).

9 Instagrammers to follow for everyday style inspiration

9 Instagrammers to follow for everyday style inspiration

Check out each of these women, click on their Instagram handle to follow for daily everyday style inspiration.


@redcliffestyleRachel is pioneering #carparkchic with her office wear style shots photographed on location before she heads to the office. She rocks a heel and isn’t afraid to shake up our notion of traditional work wear.


@twocorporategirls: Fresh to the #everydaystyle feed and into the corporate world is the gorgeous duo of Sophie (pictured) and Beckie (daughter of @irismaystyle). If your 9-5 is all about the corporate, then you’ll be inspired by their stunning minimalist styling.


@styleandshenanigans: Vanessa is a super stylish mum of three who openly poo poos the myth that all Melbournites wear only black. She LOVES and embraces colour and pattern and is always in the know when there is a new offering or sale at Gorman.


@sugercoatit: Melissa is a talented chick from regional Queensland. She’s oozes confidence in her personal style and inspires others to feel the same. Whether it’s a casual or office look, she dispels the notion that plus-size clothing options shouldn’t be fitted.


@ilovethatskirt: Bec is a health professional by day with an enviable wardrobe that this year she’s in the process of re-discovering in the attempt to break a self-confessed shopping addiction. She does rock a skirt but she also rocks a dress and pants outfit. Every time.


@prettychuffed: Jasmine is a young mum who defies sleep deprivation, gets up, gets dressed and throws on a pair of sunnies and shares her style with a smile. At the moment it’s all about breastfeeding friendly outfits.


@robynamummyandminx: Robyna is an incredibly talented sewer, making many of the pieces she features in her everyday style. As someone who hasn’t touched a sewing machine in 30 years, this blows me away.


@colourmeanna: Anna always makes me smile with her style. Whether it’s a date night or a morning at kids’ sport, she gives us a wonderful glimpse into her “classic with a twist” wardrobe.


@theillusivefemme: Perth blogger Em has budget and op shop fashion style nailed. My favourites come from her fabulous collection of cute, waisted frocks.

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Each month, I’ll propose a different wardrobe theme for you to consider incorporating into your #everydaystyle outfit planning.

Each day that you incorporate that theme, simply upload your photo as you would normally, using the #everydaystyle hashtag. To be in the running for the prize, you just need to add the specific hashtag for each month’s theme. You can enter as many times as you like.

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#everydaystyle email list

If you’re reading this and you join in with the #everydaystyle hashtag on Instagram, then I’d love you to please sign up to this email list. I’m so grateful for your participation in this community which I started just over two years ago, that I’d love to be able to share exclusive events, prizes and offers with you. I promise you won’t be spammed. You’ll only receive information for the #everydaystyle community. For possible event invites, it’s also important that you indicate your nearest capital city.


Who inspires your style and why? Keen to join in #everydaystyle and offer your inspiration to the world? 

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  1. Love this post so much!! Totally agree about being inspired by other real women doing their everyday style thing. Love all these ladies and can’t wait to play along with the monthly challenge. P.S. Signed up to the everydaystyle newsletter too! xox

  2. Thank you ever so much for including me Nikki. I am already following all of these gorgeous ladies and I have to agree, the people of #everydaystyle are also a great inspiration for me, so much outfit inspo! Also can’t wait to join in with #syheat, fab idea! X

  3. I follow them all already! Everyone who joins in #everydaystyle has their own specific look/style & I always enjoy following and joining with a snap on Instagram whenever I can. Love the idea of a monthly challenge x

  4. Girl, thanks so much for including me! I was wondering why I gained so many new IG followers – I thought it was spam Hahaah. Thanks for creating a fabulous hashtag to bring the fashion and every day style lovers together. Xx

  5. Nikki I follow all these women,there is so many stylish ladies,love the #everydaystyle community they are all supportive and kind especially when you don’t think you look that good a lovely comment can make your day and of course I will hashtag my outfits #syheat Xx

  6. Love this Nikki. My wardrobe is super casual because: paint, play dough, dribble, snot. But Anna’s ‘classic with a twist’ style might just give me the inspiration I need to dress it up a bit. Also, I would love to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine. It’s one thing I really miss from my life before kids. I already follow Robyna but not on IG so need to fix that! Thanks for these great links x

  7. I already follow a number of these ladies. I’m inspired by YOU and all of them, as well as a lady who buys coffee in my building and has a great way with scarves, and all the residents of Sodermalm in Stockholm who seemed to master understated style while rocking flats that enabled them to stride out or ride with ease.
    Given I change up my style from one day to the next I really do need inspiration from all the real women leading real lives (getting to work, fitting in exercise, travelling for work), rather than someone travelling by taxi and limo to attend red carpet events.If only….

  8. lovely everyday stylers! … it’s a good community here! … thankyou nikki!
    everyone is looking good!
    I am inspired from anywhere and everywhere!
    have a good one hun! love m:)X

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