7 autumn winter 2016 fashion trends you can wear now

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If you’ve been shopping of late to seek out some hard-core air-conditioning action as part of your heat-avoidance program, you may have been surprised to see your favourite stores trying to convince you that it’s nearly winter.

See, it doesn’t matter how much we’re sweating and how LITTLE clothing we’re wearing right now because it’s so hot and sticky, in Fashion Land, the summer kaftans have been packed away and it’s full steam (see what I did there) ahead into the season of boots and knits.

In a previous life, I would simply shake my head, walk away and come back when it was cold enough to wear such pieces.

The enlightened me knows that if I wait to go shopping for winter clothes when it’s actually winter, there will be nothing in store.

It will either all be on clearance (and therefore limited in sizing and choice) or the stores will only have high-winter stock available.

I find I get the most seasonal longevity out of the clothes that are available and for sale in the early autumn months.

They are pieces that reflect the trends of the new season (and that’s always fun to change up to after a long summer) but the fabrics are lighter in weight so you’re more likely to wear them for longer.

Many pieces also lend themselves to being worn now and layered up for later.

Below I’ve listed 7 autumn winter 2016 fashion trends to watch out for – plus pieces within those trends that you can embrace right now.

As with all trends, they are just that. There is absolutely no need to embrace all – or any – of them.

Fashion is fashion.

Style is confidence that comes from dressing to suit your personality and your lifestyle.

7 autumn winter 2016 fashion trends to wear now

Minimalist ’70s

Key pieces: turtleneck, blanket scarves, midi pencil skirts, feminine blouses, a-line skirts, flared trousers, longline coats, capes

Key colours: cream, muted grey

Wear now: Witchery Double Face Skirt $129.95

Witchery Double Face Skirt | autumn-winter 2016 fashion trends to wear now


Key pieces: floaty maxi dresses, sleek jumpsuits, details – sheer fabrics, pin tucks, fringing and tassels

Key colours: black, indigo, rust, tan, cream

Wear now: Katies kaftan dress $69.95

Katies kaftan dress | autumn winter 2016 fashion trends you can wear now


Key pieces: knitwear, skirts, dresses

Key colours: turquoise, rust, black, white

Wear now:  Sussan check knit duster cardigan $109.95

Sussan check knit duster cardigan | autumn winter 2016 trends to wear right now


Key pieces: soft, fluid tops and dresses, bell sleeves, high necklines

Key colours: rich terracotta, nude

Wear now: Belle Bird Belle Flute Sleeve Top $89.95

Birdsnest Belle Bird Belle Flute Sleeve top | autumn winter fashion 2016 trends you can wear now


Key pieces: soft knitwear, tied waists, flared hems, off-the-shoulder knits

Key colours: every shade of grey, rust

Wear now: Trenery merino knit t-shirt $99.95

Trenery merino knit t-shirt autumn winter 2016 fashion trends to wear now


Key pieces: a-line skirts, shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, anoraks, jackets, shirt dresses

Key colour: indigo denim

Wear now: Country Road Denim Bandeau Shirt $129

Country Road Denim Bandeau Shirt | 7 autumn winter 2016 fashion trends to wear now


Key pieces: trench, utility pant,

Key colours: khaki, white, black

Wear now: Target cargo pants $49

Target cargo pants | autumn winter 2016 fashion trends to wear now


So tell me, seen a taste of the new-season that might fit into your exisiting wardrobe?

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  1. Do you think denim pinafores will be in fashion in Australia this Winter? I’m coming over from England and want to be prepared!

  2. The only thing to look forward to about autumn/winter is the fashion! The only downside to that is that it’s more expensive then summer fashion. I have my eye on a grey cape/coat I spotted at witchery the other day. Have not stopped thinking about it since so I know I need to find a way to make it mine! Xx

  3. I saw a catolouge yesterday Nikki and I did see some lovely things,I especially like the boho look and love a blanket scarf/wrap but I have a few of those so they won’t be on my shopping list! Love the military pants ,but won’t be doing flared or bootleg jeans ever again.i also love knits but need to do a winter wardrobe edit before heading to the shops.Thank you for showing us the key trends of A/W Nikki I like grey and turquoise but I’m not sure about rust Xx

  4. If I shop my wardrobe I would have elements of all these trends already which is very good news. I think I’ll be tempted by the rust and rich terracotta colours you’ve noted a few times. I don’t really have anything in this colour but I have been eyeing off a pair of cognac ankle boots that I will probably succumb to while my size is available.

  5. I love the look of boho but it just doesn’t seem to work on my 157cm curvy frame. So I admire it on others 🙂 I’m loving the versatility of my mostly black, white and grey wardrobe – yes even through the warmer months – and will continue that into AW16. I’m enjoying seeing more grey and navy coming into stores as this fits into my colour-way perfectly – I’m trying to work some navy basics in for a change.

    For me, the knits and military/cargo style are striking a cord. Think I’ll check out those offerings.

    Thanks as always for a heads up on what’s coming our way Nikki, and for offering a choice of styles.

  6. they all look great thanks nikki!
    I will top up my wardrobe i’m sure as the seasons change!
    it is soo changeable here anyway! … drives me nuts!
    oh well! mustn’t grumble! ;))
    enjoy your day hun! love m:)X

  7. I bought a new denim jacket two weeks ago (ripped my other one last year – don’t ask!!) I saw this great colour, lighter weight jacket (Diana Ferrari) and it will be perfect for layer in cooler months and also to wear over a cami or light t-shirt. Winner! I do agree with you – if you leave shopping for winter clothes until winter most of the lighter weight garment have gone – I’ve learnt that the hard way!!

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