The Model and Me: Surafina

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the little black dress. Even in summer.

Effortlessly chic goals in one garment.

But I know that many of you do not carry the same cheerleading pom poms I do for black.

I get it. You may not like it so much against your skin tone. (BTW I poo-poo most fashion rules and if you’re dismissing black because the so-called fashion rules say it makes you look older, please think again. You know what I think about these rules 😉 )

So today I’m bringing you a little navy dress – the black dress alternative that is just as chic but perhaps more complementary to your skin tone.

This one is a genius dress from my friends at Surafina.

The model

Surafina Cold Shoulder dress in navy

Surafina navy cold-shoulder dress $89

and me

Surafina cold-shoulder dress | Salita Matthews necklace | Hunt + Kelly sandals

Surafina cold-shoulder dress* | Salita Matthews necklace* | Hunt + Kelly sandals*

Ok navy lovers – and I very much count me as one – this is a VERY dark navy. I had to put my glasses on and do a comparison with my black pieces … in the sunlight … because my eyes were playing tricks on me. But navy it is.

It’s also appealing to my summer obsession of getting my shoulders out at every available opportunity.

The big difference between the cold-shoulder and the off-the-shoulder dress is that you can wear a normal bra.

HELLO. I know this a deal-maker for so many.

The other fabulous qualities of this dress are in its adaptability. It’s a free-size garment but has cleverly been designed with a tie that can be tied on the outside or inside to make the dress as loose or as fitted as you’d like.

I’m more of a loose-dress kind of girl (especially in summer) but I appreciate that not everyone is the same.

The fabric is rayon which is also a summer winner.

It’s a dress that you can dress down with flats or dress up with heels or wedges like the model has done. It’s a garment that would work for my summer casual work-from-home wardrobe and it’s one that I’d also wear for lunch with the girls.

Doesn’t get more versatile than that.

The Model and Me: Surafina

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains affiliate sales links and I may receive a small commission from purchases sold through those links. You don’t pay any more. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Hi there. I’ve brought this dress but find it quite restricting with arm movements. But I wonder if I am tying it wrong? Also without a cami on under it, it’s rather revealing through the arm holes… Love the look but not sure it’s a goer for me..

  2. I, too, love black – in summer or winter, in fact any season at all! But it can be harsh in our mid-day sun on any age group. Just take a look at office workers scurrying down the footpath at lunch time in our hotter months. While bright colours might not be everyone’s idea of being fashion forward, they definitely look more cheerful against a backdrop of blues skies and sunshine. Black (or French navy) can be less than flattering for a number of reasons. We launder our clothes more in summer and these dark hues can fade, which can make them unintentionally drab looking. The dress is versatile and looks extremely cool and comfortable to wear, and something you might wear on high rotatation because it is so easy to wear. But it will be interesting to see if it keeps its colour. I can only speak for myself but I have purchased all price points of black clothing – some which retains its dark colour and others which do not.

    1. I’m all for what people feel comfortable and confident in – and if that’s black then fine by me. Those who love and embrace colour do it so well but it’s not for everyone. I agree re the the washing and retaining colour. Always a tricky one. We’re lucky our line is underneath and out of the sun so that helps.

    1. Yep I think it’s fine to wear black shoes with navy – or a nude or neutral shoe. I am such a ‘matchy matchy’ girl that I would instinctively want to wear navy shoes but I actually think that’s a ‘no no’ fashion faux pas. Over to you Nikki for the definitive advice…

    1. Yes I do Maz and I send them back to the designer. Just because something doesn’t look good on me, doesn’t mean it won’t look fabulous on someone else. So for a garment to even be featured here, it has to be good for me and something that I’d recommend someone else consider buying. That’s why it’s always positive.

  3. I bought this dress at the beginning of summer and every time I wear it I get a compliment on how nice it is. I often wear it with a tan belt and tan wedges or just loose. Its incredibly versatile, LOVE it! Also like the look of the cocoon dress for winter. Big fan of this brand

  4. This dress is gorgeous Nikki ,I also am a fan of the loose fitting dress,belts are not my friend!!
    I love that this dress could be worn for so many different occasions,I also prefer the cold shoulder dress than an off the shoulder frock,I still don’t like strapless bras,lovely Model and Me post Nikki,have a nice Australia Day tomorrow Xx

  5. good one nikki! … navy or black it’s a keeper hun!
    my opinion and if only one dress this could be it!
    it’s got the lot! perfect for our cooler weather! now it will be hot!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  6. So tempting! I’m a huge fan of the darkest navy I can get my hands on! I saw another dress that clips at the back like this and it looked stunning, really interesting design. Definitely like the bra-friendliness. I think I’m talking myself into this one!

  7. This post is one of the best Model and me yet, I think. I thought the model had a cape on, I was just looking at the photos, before reading the content. The dress looks totally different on you both. I really like it, big fan of navy here 🙂

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