35 ways to shake up your style in 2016

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Shaking up – or unlocking – your style is a way to help you feel good about yourself.

It’s an outside-in mentality for me. If I’m feeling good about what I’ve dressed myself in, then my mood in generally better and I’m more motivated to do whatever the day has planned for me.

This philosophy is not for everyone but, having worked with more than 150 women one-on-one, answered so many style questions on the blog and received hundreds of emails from women who have been helped by this way of thinking, I say it’s worth trying.

You don’t have to do all – or any – of the 35 ways to shake up your style in 2016 below but my suggestion to you is that you pick the five things that really “speak” to you right now and make small steps to freshen up your style in 2016.

35 ways to shake up your style

35 ways to shake up your style in 2016

1. Get a new hairstyle.

2. Switch up your hair colour.                       .

3. Learn a new way to do your hair.

4. Switch out your hair products if they no longer work on your hair.

5. Clean out your makeup kit and create an edited kit of the things you use every day.

6. Get a makeup tutorial and learn a new way to apply your eye makeup.

7. Book in for a brow shape up.

8. Treat yourself to a new lip colour.

9. Get colour matched for your foundation.

10. Find a new signature fragrance.

11. Commit to regular facials if your budget allows.

12. Be consistent with your home skin care routine.

13. Always wear sunscreen. The pay off will come over time.

14. Edit your wardrobe – only leave hanging what makes you feel fabulous.

15. Plan what you’re going to wear each day.

16. Take daily photos of your outfits and save to a folder on your phone.

17. Take note of how you feel wearing each of those outfits.

18. Take time to browse your favourite stores – online or in person.

19. Buy or try something on you normally wouldn’t.

20. Rediscover your accessory collection. Wear at least one piece each day.

21. Buy one new bold accessory.

22. Buy one new fine accessory.

23. Change up your everyday bag.

24. Commit to spending more on the types of shoes you wear more often.

25. Buy at least one pair of shoes that makes you smile just by looking at them.

26. Embrace minimalism in fashion.

27. Embrace a riot of colour and pattern.

28. Surprise by mixing up what you embrace.

29. Break the so-called fashion rules.

30. Wear sequins during the day.

31. Wear horizontal stripes.

32. Wear black in summer.

33. Be inspired by the real women of #everydaystyle.

34. Dress for yourself.

35. Dress to feel nothing short of fabulous.

Ok, so spill … which five things have you chosen to concentrate on? What small changes will you make in 2016?

Want to start from the beginning? My book – Unlock Your Style – is just the place. Shameless but helpful plug!

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  1. Hi Nikki, I love the white off the shoulder dress you are wearing. Could you please tell me where you purchased it from? Off the shoulder dresses are my current fav too!!

  2. In 2016 I’ve let my curly hair go natural and not blow drying it straight. I’ve got some (non-80s) mousse to encourage the curl without the frizz and everyone comments on the new style. Someone thought I’d had a perm! It’s saving my hair from a bit of damage as well as quite a bit of time and effort. I’ll be working my way through your list for more ideas. Thanks, Nikki. 🙂

  3. In the words of that eternally youthful beauty Christie Brinkley, “it’s easier to change the world on a good hair day!” Ditto to when you are feeling your stylish best. Confidence is key!

  4. I LOVE your list Nikki, and even though I could do all the above, since I’ve let things slide a bit lately, I will be mainly concentrating on culling the wardrobe and old make up and thinking of something new to do with my hair. But please keep these lists and tips on coming, they are useful reminders too!

  5. I need to get my hair done and chronically change it up! Probably need to leave the colour alone for awhile and go for a new cut. Also I love getting rid of stuff so editing will also be happening. Out with the old!

  6. Oh dear, I think I could do nearly all of these. Need a haircut badly, and colour. My skin took an absolute hammering while I was sick, so concentrating on skincare and drinking more water. May just print this off and put it on the fridge 🙂

  7. I am in the process of culling my whole house, so my wardrobe will be getting a major overhaul. This post, your book and your blog will be read over and over x

  8. Love all these ideas. I recently did a big wardrobe overhaul and am concentrating on black, white, navy and grey/silver. I also need to work on my weekend game – I’m pretty happy with how I look at work but on the weekends I think it’s a bit grim – old jeans and t-shirts. Not good!! I definitely feel better when I dress better.

      1. Thanks Nikki – that was a great story. I’m slowly getting there with my clothes. I’m 44 FFS surely I can find my style soon!?! 🙂

  9. After months of major shoe envy with every one of your posts, I bought my first pair of Frankie4 shoes (Margie in walnut and Black) They walked the length and breadth of Melbourne with me last week and I felt like I was wearing sneakers but I was looking stylish! (very important in Melbs!) so big tick to number 24. Now just to buy the rest of the Frankie range……..

  10. Great tips Nikki, I agree with most if not all of these shake it up tips,I know if I look nice I actually feel a bit better even if I don’t actually feel that good.I wear my nice clothes for me and no one else!
    Thank you for reminding us,I am going to re edit my wardrobe again today,try and book in for a hair colour my hairdresser has been on holidays and I’ve already thrown out or given away any uncomfortable shoes and replaced them with ones I can wear And wear my Camilla more often just because Xx

  11. Knee surgery and plantar fasciitis has rendered 95% of my shoes unwearable! A forced style shakeup as I have to rethink the outfits that work with “sensible” shoes…

    1. I have had a lot of ops on my knee Alison and also have planta fasciitis in both feet! I agree with Nikki Frankie 4s are comfortable and stylish,I own 3 pairs now!

  12. I’ve just finished reorganising my every day makeup so everything is all together, I loved that post Nikki. Also, as I work part time from home, I’m going to embrace planning and laying out my clothes the night before, have been too fond of the trakkies and T shirt look! The other (scary) thing is the biggest wardrobe de-clutter ever, it’s finally sunk in! I have offered to donate anything suitable to the fashion course at my local TAFE, so this will make me do it But it is really hard to let go of treasured pieces that just don’t fit my lifestyle and age anymore. So thanks Nikki for the inspiration.

  13. No. 17 maybe I need to plan the night before what I am going to wear to work. At the moment I check in the morning what the weather is doing then decide but this then leaves me less time which is precious in the morning!

  14. all good tips here thankyou nikki!
    my wardrobe edit! well my culling is a work in progress always! … seriously too many clothes! … living in linens!
    i’m in need of a cut and colour this week!
    btw i’m always up for no 25!;))
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  15. I am slowly coming to accept that when I can’t remember when I last saw a hairdresser, that is too long ago. Now I just need to get over the fact I don’t like going to them!

    1. Hah! Yes. I think the relationship with a hairdresser can be a good one but you need to find one who understands you and your hair needs as well as your lifestyle (ie, how much time you want/have to spend styling it).

  16. Morning Nikki – great list! I’ve just changed up my hair a bit, so new products are a good idea. I started a wardrobe edit yesterday; like the idea of planning what I wear each day; and am toying with the idea of a more practical work wardrobe. I read an article recently about Sheryl Sandberg’s no-nonsense dress sense for work, where she mostly wears clothes on the blue-red colour spectrum. I think that would work for me. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m ready for more change!

  17. I’m going to remember to wear sunscreen, I even bought some to carry around in my everyday bag (which I will change up too) and I see a wardrobe edit in my future. Changes are good, no matter how small they are, right?!

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