What to wear New Year's Eve - the frock

What to wear New Year’s Eve

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The last evening of the year seems to be something that we spend a lot of time anticipating but that doesn’t necessarily pan out to be a GREAT night.

If you have kids and don’t have a selfless babysitter on tap then the reality is a night in hoping that you’ll stay awake past the kids’ fireworks; if you have teenagers then you’ll most probably fall asleep sober and have an alarm set ready to do a pick-up; if you are free of all such handbrakes on a night out or you’re hosting one at home, then this post is for you. Good luck with the taxis!

We’ve already ticked off what to wear on Christmas Day … but, like that day, what to wear New Year’s Eve will depend on if and how you’re celebrating.

Staying in and not seeing anyone, nothing wrong with some pyjamas, I say.

Having friends over or heading out? Then think about the level of dress required and go from there.

The below examples will also work for any party invite or gathering through the summer holidays.

I’ve covered off on a pants outfit – with bling of course; a short frock and a maxi dress.

All three base outfits could be dressed up or down depending on the shoes or accessories you chose to work with them.

If you are heading out, then don’t hold back on the glam factor. If there ever was a night of the year to do it, it’s this one.

Use these ideas for inspiration when shopping from your existing wardrobe too.

You might just find that you have a piece or two that hasn’t been out to party in a while and certainly deserve to do so.

What to wear New Years Eve - pants outfit

1. Seed tee $49.95 | 2. Katies pants $49.95 | 3. I Love Billy heels $89.95 @ Styletread | 4. Seed bracelet $9.95 | 5. Sashenka clutch $69.95 @ Birdnest

What to wear New Year's Eve - the frock

1. Emerson @ Big W dress $29 | 2. Katies cuff $19.95 | 3. Seed clutch $69.95 | 4. Nicole Fendel earrings $149 @ Birdsnest | 5. Verali heels $89.95 @ Styletread

What to wear New Year's Eve - the maxi dress1. Surafina maxi dress $249 | 2. Polka Luka bangle set $45 @ Birdsnest | 3. Seed sunglasses $49.95 | 4. Ruby Yaya clutch $89.95 | 5. FRANKiE4 Footwear sandals $209.95

So tell me, any of these outfits appeal? Have you got any plans for December 31? What will you be wearing? 

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  1. Roadtrip to Sydney with friends for 5 days and dinner at Doyle’s booked for NYE wearing a Ruby Yaya Istanbul dress. All we have to do is get the singalong soundtrack for the car sorted.

  2. All the outfits are gorgeous Nikki,I’m not sure what we will be doing yet,it won’t be anything very exciting this year….maybe dinner out and then pjs sounds good to me,thank you for the edit Xx

  3. all lovely outfits thankyou nikki!
    we r staying in and i’ll be lucky to be awake!
    maybe we’ll have dinner on the deck! a loose number I think! … a long dress!
    could be black! ;))
    have fun hun! … love m:)X

  4. We’re staying in on New Year’s Eve, as we have a few other nights out planned during this week. So on the 31st I’ll most likely be in a floaty dress, but I’d love the details of the number 4 and 5 items in the pants outfit.

  5. We will be in Mackay visiting my son and his family. No doubt he will cook up a storm and my daughter-in-law is the dessert queen of the family, so something loose and flowy for me!

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