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What to wear on Christmas Day recently came up in conversation on the Styling You Facebook page and one particular reader got me thinking.

This reader told me that she’d be trotting out her Christmas Camilla again this year for Christmas day.

That this prized piece had become her Christmas Day uniform of sorts. Albeit a fancy, sequinned and silk uniform.

This got me to thinking. Maybe others have a special outfit that they save and wear each year on Christmas Day?

I kind of like this Christmas tradition. Don’t you?

I must admit that my Christmas tradition around what to wear on the day has always involved a little self-administered retail therapy.

At the moment I’m keeping my options open. To self-gift or to pull out a fave?

These are tough first-world questions, I know, but they are questions I ask myself each year and they are questions that many of you ask of me.

Truth is, I like to feel fabulous every day in what I’m wearing but on Christmas Day that’s even more so.

It’s such a day of celebration. Who doesn’t want to feel a bit special?

I have been known to make like a Christmas tree and adorn myself in baubles – jewellery baubles.

I’ve also been known to embrace the colours of Christmas to the fullest extent.

And I’ve also been known to just wear something that feels comfortable and a teeny bit festive.

In my mind, when thinking about what to wear Christmas Day, a frock is the way to go.

A frock just simplifies the whole putting an outfit together scenario.

Frocks for me also mark a moment in time. If I’ve bought myself a new frock for Christmas Day then I very much remember that particular Christmas and associate that frock with a wonderful day.

Christmas Day style tips

1. Dress for the location. Will you be celebrating pool or beachside, on a deck, indoors in air-conditioning (or heater depending on which part of Australia you live), at a hotel or restaurant? This will determine how casual or dressed up your outfit needs to be.

2. Beach or poolside calls for loose garments you can easily take off and throw on over a swimsuit.  Make the swimsuit and your hat and sunnies part of the outfit.

3. In the backyard or on a deck or verandah? You’ll most probably be relying on nature’s air-conditioning system to keep you cool. Help that along and opt for natural fabrics in more flowing styles.

4. If lunch is a more formal home affair or you’re out at a restaurant or hotel, something a little more dressy is called for. We’re not talking cocktail, more an outfit you’d wear to the races (without a hat) or to a summer wedding.

5. Accessorise with shiny baubles.  Whatever colour you opt to wear, a little shimmer and shine will only add to the festive nature of your outfit.

20 Christmas Day frocks

Whatever your Christmas Day frock style, I’ve got you covered. Below are 20 options available to buy right now.

20 Christmas Day frocks 2015 | What to wear Christmas Day

1. Country Road dress $199 

2. Seed dress $119.95

3. Katies dress $59.95

4. Leela dress $94.95

5. Globetrotter by Ruby Yaya dress $149.95 @Birdsnest

6. Camilla kaftan $799 @ Zambezee Boutique

7. Vintage Earth dress $145 @ Reads Online

8. Surafina Kaftan $189

9. Bohemian Traders dress $139

10. Vigorella dress $139.95 

11. Sissy dress $99

12. Boom Shankar shift dress $99 @ Birdsnest

13. Bohemian Traders maxi $179

14. Motto dress $119.95

15. Surafina maxi $129

16. Fate dress $139.95 @Birdsnest

17. Ella and Sunday tunic $109.95

18. Fabrik dress $120

19. Kaftan Connection dress $159

20. Kalokeri maxi $159 @ Sequins and Sand

So tell me, what type of outfit do you like to wear on Christmas Day? Got your outfit sorted for 2015? Like to bring a wardrobe fave out to play?

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  1. When I was a little girl my mum would buy me a new dress to wear on Christmas Day. Now as a grown up my mum always sends me money and I use that to buy a new dress as my present for Xmas Day. This year it is a floral maxi from Country Road.

  2. I’m a white dress wearer every Christmas. I dress them up with different coloured jewels every year, but I have found my tradition, and I’m sticking to it!

  3. I love a new frock for Christmas Day, something special I save and plan a whole outfit around!! It’s become part of my festive season prep each year I love it xx

  4. Is there another Camilla Christmas Day outfit repeater like me!?! Oh that makes me happy! I adore my Serengeti kaftan, over the years I have bought other Camillas and beautiful outfits but this one is my favourite and always makes me feel like celebrating. The bonus is my family anticipate me wearing it and as I said before and it’s like anticipating the delicious turkey and ham once a year!
    I do like all your suggestions and I am partial to a few lovelyextra outfits for the easy entertaining days of Festive Season.

  5. I am tossing up between a maxi dress in a tribal print, or a shift dress with a digi print on the front of palm trees against sunset colours – both new additions to my wardrobe, though I’m sure I’ll wear them even before Christmas! Decisions, decisions 😉

  6. I love what you have picked Nikki,we will be having lunch at my house for just my children and their partners so I can rest before going to my Sister in laws for hubbys side of the family for dinner!
    I have a few new dresses waiting for me to wear my cream BT dreamer dress and 2 Country road dresses so it will depend on the weather and comfort.You will look amazing I’m sure Xx

  7. As I seem to spend the whole of Xmas cooking, I have been known to spend the day in old shorts and a tee (guests arrived early – damn them to hell – and I just never had time to get changed after that)! This year I’ve bought myself a dress (Metalicus) a necklace (Target) and sandals (Walnut) and I fully intend to actually put them on! Lovely snapshot of what’s around Nikki. x

  8. I tend to buy things I love when I see them rather than shopping for an occasion- with the odd exception for something very special!
    So I’ll be shopping my wardrobe for Christmas Day, as we alternate between spending the actual day with different sides of that family but it’s nearly always a casual BBQ on someone’s deck.

  9. I wore a Ruby yaya Gucci dress to Melbourne Cup this year and bought myself another one in the gold Istanbul print for Christmas. Such a versatile item. Works on the beach, in the backyard or out for lunch or dinner. Perfect dress!

  10. I had this very dilemma as I strolled around Carindale yesterday. Thanks for the snap shot of what is out there Nikki. I definitely prefer to buy something new….but what? First world problem yes, but I love the traditions this time of year.

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